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A/N: This scene actually was formed in my head a little more than a month ago. Since then, I've tried to get it out by many, many different means. I actually wanted to write an epic story of Twilight and Princess Celestia's adventures before FiM, how Twilight went from "student" to "most faithful student," but after writing like a dozen different starts where I couldn't set an even pace or tone, I decided to instead show the evolution of their relationship in a series of vignettes. I think this way is the way I'll keep most faithful to the original tone of the story when I first thought of this scene. I sincerely hope you enjoy them.


Twilight Sparkle's first lesson in magic went well.

She was led to a small room in the farthest ends of the castle. The room was gray; the only thing it contained was a single, tall pedestal that supported a very beautiful vase. Princess Celestia trotted over to it, and stood behind.

She had a dazzling smile on her face.

"This," Princess Celestia started, pointing with a hoof, "is an extremely expensive vase."

The Princess said this so brightly, Twilight could not help but feel a little dread.

"Your job is to clean it," she said, "with this." The Princess produced a single, bleached cloth that had probably seen one too many generations of housekeepers. "Using your magic, of course."

She aimed that thousand-watt smile to Twilight. "Well?"

Twilight's eyes shifted from the vase, to the cloth, to her newest mentor's smiling face. She gulped.

She closed her eyes and felt for the telltale signs of magic. A very tiny spark pulsed within and rose to the surface. Gingerly, she grabbed the cloth with it.

The cloth levitated, slowly, surely, towards its target…


…and pushed the extremely expensive vase to the floor.


Twilight's eyes widened in surprise, and a gasp died in her throat.



The cloth followed the vase to the floor in her panic. It pounded on it, pummeled it, smacked it… Smacked it until it was little more than dust and the crashing sounds filled the air with each strike.

It was very impressive, considering it was done by a little piece of cloth.


A final clout resounded within the area; it settled with a little cloud of dust that sprouted from the beating.

Twilight stood still; the little cloth fell from her grasp.


Princess Celestia's eyes were as widened as her own.

"Well," the Princess breathed, "you're certainly enthusiastic."

She gingerly approached the rubble and poked it with her hoof.

She smiled.

"You missed a spot, though."

Twilight Sparkle's first lesson in magic, indeed, went well.

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