No Ending

Once, Twilight Sparkle discovered a book.

It had no ending.

"What! Where is it? It can't end like that!"

She searched everywhere. In every single corner, in every single book. She searched throughout all the library and when she was done with that she went through the castle.

But still no ending.

The pages… were just blank.

It was terrible.

Now she would not know the end of the tale.

She cried.

It was by chance that Celestia seemed to pass by.

With a small tickle on her ear, she heard the filly crying around the corner.

"Oh," she exhaled. "What do we have here?"

She went over; knelt beside trouble filly; covered her with a wing.

Her gaze like gentle sea.

"What troubles you so, my little pony?"

But Twilight could not respond. She could only sob.

Something stole Celestia's glance.

"Ah!" she exclaimed, drawing Twilight's gaze. "You found it!"

Twilight blinked her huge watery eyes. "What-?"

"My favorite book. You have found it, Twilight Sparkle. Thank you!"

But Twilight was aghast. "B-but… how can this be your favorite book? It doesn't have an ending!"

The Princess smiled.

"Ah. But you assume that it has no ending because its last pages are blank. You assume that it was not finished… But what if its pages were meant to be blank? What if they were left blank on purpose?"


"I prefer to think, my dear Twilight, that I can create my own ending every time I read the book. That every time I can make it much sweeter. Or maybe, never ever end it." She leaned close and winked. "The Journey has just started…"

Twilight Sparkle's eyes never shined any brighter.