Tony woke to a warm breeze and the smell of the sea, he didn't open his eyes right away because if this was a dream, he never wanted to wake, but the ache in his body caused him to open his eyes and as he stretched to relieve the stiffness, he caught a glimpse of the platinum band circling his left ring finger, his heart quickened as he turned his head and saw her sleeping next to him.

He quickly checked her left hand and found a matching band, he smiled and snuggled into the mass of hair inhaling its fragrance while pulling her body into a warm embrace as he whispered I love you Ziva.

As she snored softly next to him, his mind traced the path that brought them here. He remembered the night that she had come to his apartment with a ring box and the feeling of despair he had felt in the pit of his stomach when he realized that he had tarried too long and lost her forever - and then the wild swing to sheer exhilaration when she had opened the box revealing that it was empty and she wore no ring.

He knew when she left that evening leaving the box behind that he would not squander the opportunity and he began in earnest to win her heart. Being Ziva - she at first had resisted, but with love and patience he had convinced her (and everyone else) that he was sincere.

Yesterday, when Gibbs and Ducky walked her down the aisle he thought his heart would burst with love and happiness, but were no words to describe what he felt the first time he made love to her – last night - on their wedding night.

Tony DiNozzo had finally gotten his happily ever after and he had an empty box and an empty promise from another man to thank for it, and as it was now precious to him, he kept that box stored with the rest of his valuables and keepsakes – because at one time it represented an empty promise, but now it represented a promise realized.