Title: Wally Not Wallace [3]

Characters: Artemis, Wally

Necessary Warnings: language

No I'm not dead and I haven't given up this is proof. So yeah enjoy please, and yes incase fyi I am a trekkie and no it's not weird so shut-up. Also this was a necessary chapter of Artemis and Wally becoming friends so sorry not much plot more like some fluff that needed to be done. And no I don't know why they're sleeping over at Mount Justice except for that in my head cannon they all totally spend all their free time there because they don't have lives of their own.

"Megan thinks I have a crush on you." Is how Artemis is greeted when she's sick of training and goes back to her room. She looks over to her bed and there's Wally already sitting there like she owns the damn place. Artemis would say something about it, but there's no point and she knows it.

"Yeah, well Dick thinks we're dating." She responds without missing a beat. This catches Wally of guard as her eyes bulge slightly and she chokes on air.

"Seriously?" she squeaks and she sounds so alarmed. Artemis smirks at this and finds it almost impossible to believe that anyone could possibly have believed Wally was a girl. She conveniently forgets that she believed that to once upon a time too.

"Yeah," Artemis says setting her bow aside "It might have something to do with the amount of time we spend together." And she's pointedly not looking in Wally's direction because she doesn't want to see that sad look she knows is there. Wally was a bleeding heart like that. But it doesn't mean she can't hear the soft disappointed 'Oh' that Wally breathes out quietly.

"I probably shouldn't be here then." Wally says softly and crap she sounds so sad. And would it kill Artemis to be a little nicer when Wally's life sucks so much?

"Dick thinks your delicate," Artemis teases because she hates feeling guilty. Guilty about pushing Wally away, guilty that Wally has to be a girl, guilty that her father ruined so many people's life. Guilty for a lot of shit that wasn't her fault.

Wally flushes predictably and tells Artemis to shut-up. Only Artemis won't because Wally's shoulders aren't slumped anymore and she's looking relaxed again.

"One wrong word could crush you." She taunts and Wally flushes deeper. "No really Wally, I have to be careful with you, you're so fragile." She dodges the pillow Wally throws at her head, and manages to throw it back; she gets Wally right in the gut and let's herself have a smirk of triumph.

"Did he seriously say all that?" Wally asks when Artemis takes a seat down on the opposite end of the bed. She groans in frustration when Artemis nods. "God's he's so annoying, and short." She mumbles irritably.

"Heh, kind of makes you wonder what's he's gonna be like when you introduce him to your first boyfriend." It's meant as a joke, that's all it was just supposed to be a joke. But Artemis can see Wally's face contort into something almost painful for a second.

And she's feeling guilty again she needs to change the subject, needs to take it back, needs to do something. Because even if they weren't friends, which they weren't, she can't just let Wally sit there looking so sad and lost and well pathetic. Knowing it's at least partly her fault.

"Wanna watch a movie?" she asks after a tense moment of silence and Wally almost immediately perks up at the suggestions. (Artemis wonders if maybe the kid's on something because no one goes from upset to happy as fast as Wally can).

"What kind of movie?" Wally asks, and Artemis kind of wants to slap herself because she doesn't have any movies. Sure she has the DVD player but it's not like she uses it. But Wally gets it, and is maybe a little flattered that Artemis was trying to make her feel better. "I have a few movies in my room we could watch." Wally suggests and she's kind of nervous because she's not sure how Artemis feels towards 'The Wrath of Kahn' or 'The Search for Spock'.

"You're kidding me, right?" Artemis deadpans upon Wally's return. She stares at the movies Wally holds out in front of her and doesn't really know what to say except; "You're a trekkie?" Wally flushes and she can't hold it back anymore. She laughs hard and loud and can't remember the last time she just laughed before. It felt good and the blush Wally is sporting just adds to the hilarity of the moment. A moment that's so perfect and genuine and simple it's almost stupid.

"We don't have to watch it." Wally grumbles defensively more than a little annoyed because these just happened to be two of her favorite movies ever.

"No, no, it's fine. Let's watch them." Artemis says when she can finally speak again, and she's smiling, not smirking or grinning or anything except smiling. And Wally thinks Artemis actually looks kind of pretty like that. Wally hands the movie over and Artemis pops it in, they both manage to fit in the bed comfortably and it's not long before they're caught up in one of the greatest movies ever made.

Artemis is a trooper and manages to make it all the way through 'The wrath of Kahn' and halfway through 'The Search for Spock' before she passes out. She tries hard to keep her eyes open because, while this definitely wasn't her favorite movie in the entire world, it's still actually pretty good and she honestly does want to find out what happened next. Unfortunately she is lulled to sleep as a de-aged Spock painfully makes his way through his very first Pon-Farr as Genesis comes crashing down around him and Saavik.

"Pfft Amateur," Wally mumbles at the sight of Artemis' sleeping form. She manages to make it nearly to the end of the movie before she becomes a victim to her own hypocrisy and falls asleep just before the fal-tor-pan can be completed. Which just plain sucks because that's her favorite part.

Artemis wakes up hours later to the back of Wally's head, and she glares at it like it's the source of all her problems because as she laid there she realized something. They were friends. Somewhere along the way Wally had somehow managed to drag her kicking and screaming into a 'friendship' that Artemis most definitely didn't ask for. She had known for a long time that you couldn't choose your family, but she figured at least she could choose her own friends.

But she was wrong, so very wrong. Because here she was having a sleepover with Kid Mouth and it wasn't absolutely positively the most horrifying thing ever. It was actually sort of fun she liked it and she wouldn't mind doing it again.

"I didn't ask for this." She tells Wally who can't hear her, "I never wanted to be friends." She mutters but the only response she gets is a soft snort and more snoring. So Artemis just rolls her eyes, burrows deeper into the covers and goes back to sleep.