Yeah, I "borrowed" the smoothie shop from iCarly. But to avoid any potential lawsuits (be they real or imaginary), I just call it a smoothie shop without using its real name. I think I might have borrowed other stuff from other shows (or movies) too, but I don't know off the top of my head. I know I've used a lot of Victorious references.

I had no idea how long this fanfic would be, nor how much people would like this (thank you for the compliments). I also didn't think I was going to have original characters. Truth be told I wasn't planning on it…until I brought up Vinny (which no one surprisingly mentioned after I did). I suggest we meet Vinny soon.

But for now, let's deal with other issues.

Tori ran into the emergency room where Sinjin, Rex, and for some reason Trina were waiting. "What happened? Is Jade okay?"

"She's cool," Sinjin answered. "She just broke her leg and fractured her arm. She and Beck need a few stitches, but they'll both be okay."

"Was this just an accident or what? Who hit her?"

"Now I don't wanna point any fingers," Rex began, "but..." Rex pointed to Trina. "It was her!"


"I wouldn't have hit her if Rick didn't jump on top of my car!" Trina defended.

"Who's Rick?"

Rex did his trademark chuckle. "She keeps calling me Rick; I don't have the heart to correct her."

"And I don't like being wrong because I'm never wrong," Trina smiled.

"Hey, should we let Robbie know?" Sinjin pulled out his phone.

"Guys, Robbie…" Tori couldn't tell them. "Yeah, let him know."

Robbie sat at a desk in his room with a dilemma. He loved the Misfits, but he also loved Cat. If he stayed with the Misfits, they didn't want him to be with Cat. However, if he chose Cat, he wouldn't be a part of the misfits. Plus there was the show. If he stayed with the misfits, he would tour the show for two weeks throughout California. But if he did the show at Hollywood Arts he would get to act alongside Cat (while at the same time angering Trina).

He looked up at his poster of Captain Kirk. "What would you do, Captain Kirk?" The poster stared back at him. "Well, yeah but…" Robbie's phone interrupted him talking to a poster. He read the text and was immediately out the door.

A tough looking guy knocked on Joey Ferguson's door. Hayley answered. "Oh, hi Vinny."

"Good to see ya, Hayley," he greeted.

"How was Sicily?"

"Eh, no complaints." Vinny shrugged. "Your Dad home?"

"He's in his office." She moved for Vinny to enter.

Vinny looked at her. "Tony DeVito would like to know if you are engaged."

"Not this again."

"If you are looking for an engagement, my son Louie is available."


"How long do we have to wait?"


"Just sayin'."

"Vinny," Joey met Vinny in his living room, "so nice to see you. How was Sicily?"

"Eh, no complaints."

"I assume Frankie's set everything up in your absence."

"We've got a minor setback."

"What?" Hayley snarled.

"Now, now, pumpkin," Joey attempted to calm his daughter down. "I'm sure whatever the problem is, it can be settled with money. Vinny, step into my office."

Robbie met with the others in the waiting room. "Are they okay?"

"They're fine," Tori assured.

Andre looked at him. "What are you doing here?"

"My friends were in trouble," Robbie protested. "I may not be in your group, but I still care about you guys."

"Not in the group?" Rex exchanged a glance with Sinjin. Sinjin merely shrugged. "What'choo talkin' bout Robbie?"

"It's my fault!" Tori admitted. "I sort of betrayed his trust and I'm the reason he left."

"No you're not," Robbie tried to assure.

"I am. I was the one who said we would respect you and your decisions; and we didn't. Then I was the one who forced you into a critical decision. I'm sorry. Can you forgive me and come back to us?"

Robbie smiled. "Of course I'll come back."

Tori gave him a quick hug. "And hey, who knows; with Jade injured, the guy might postpone the touring so you can be Flit for Hollywood Arts' show."

"WHAT!" Trina yelled.

"Hypothetically speaking."

"You better be."

Beck entered the waiting room. "Hey guys," he waved. "Good news, bad news. Good news is Jade's doing okay, but they want to keep her here for at least another night."

"How's that good news?" Sinjin asked.

"What's the bad news?" Andre inquired.

"Sikowitz tried to ask the guy to reschedule the meeting, but the guy said he couldn't. If we don't meet him tomorrow, we don't get the gig."

"Gig?" Trina inquisitively raised an eyebrow.

"Maybe a few of us could go down there and talk him into reconsidering," Tori suggested.

"I'll go!" Robbie volunteered.

Andre raised his hand. "Me too."

"I gotta stay here for Jade," Beck informed.

"Me too," Sinjin stood up and walked to Beck's side.

Beck backed away. "Could you please stalk somebody else tonight?"

"Can I stalk you?"

"Go away, Sinjin!" Sinjin slumped away.

"What is this gig thing?" Trina repeated. Again, the gang seemed to ignore her.

Sikowitz entered the waiting room. "Greetings Misfits, and…you," he pointed to Trina. "I'm sure Beck informed you of our bad news." They nodded.

"There is good news," Tori pushed Robbie forward. "Robbie's back in our group."

"Back?" Beck still wasn't aware that Robbie had quit the group.

"Excellent," Sikowitz put his arm around Robbie's shoulder. "You're going to help get Joey Ferguson off of our backs...mostly mine, but still."

"Joey Ferguson?" Andre raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

"You didn't mention him to me when you told me the other thing," Beck reminded Sikowitz.

"This was after the other thing," Sikowitz told him. "Now, Joey Ferguson had agreed to close our account if I agree to hand Robbie over to Hollywood Arts."

"What?" Everyone was shocked by this announcement.

"Why are things happening because of me?" Robbie asked.

"I have no idea," Sikowitz answered. "Anywho, I told them we would gladly hand you over to Hollywood Arts."

"Excuse you?"

"Sikowitz!" Tori objected.

"Let me continue," Sikowitz smiled, "you will agree to do their show, then Joey closes our account, and we won't be able to perform at his establishment again unless I require his services again."

"You basically told us that."

"Then after Joey and I officially close our account, we stage a kidnapping."

"Stage a kidnapping?"

"Isn't that supposed to be one of the bad events?" Beck reminded.

"Putting the kidnapping before the revelation-"

"-or two."

"- will thus stop the chain of bad events; allowing Robbie to continue pursuing a relationship with his mate."

"Mate?" Robbie gave him a disgusted look. "I hope you're talking about my girlfriend."

"If that's what you kids call it these days. So after Joey officially closes our account around noon, we'll kidnap you, ask for ransom, and get you to the meeting to try and convince the producer to reschedule for Jade's sake by two o'clock."

"Ask for ransom?" Andre inquired with suspicion in his tone.

"I have bills to pay you know."

"How much ransom?" Rex asked.

"Everything I paid Joey, plus interest and a bonus."

"And you're using me as ransom?" Robbie questioned.

"They want you don't they?"

"Wow, I've always wanted to know what it was like to be wanted…in this context it sucks."

"Yes. Yes it does."

"But if this will solve everyone's problems then-"

"WONDERFUL! I'll escort you to the Black Box Theatre myself, officially close my account with Joey Ferguson, and then Tori, Andre, and Sinjin wearing disguises will kidnap you and bring you back here."

Trina raised her hand. "Does this mean that Robbie will play Flit for Hollywood Arts?"

"And he will do a spectacular job."

Trina stood up and lunged for Robbie. Rex, Tori, Andre and Beck held her back. "I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!"

"You frighten me!" Robbie squeaked to her.

As it got late and everyone headed home, Robbie drove to Cat's house. Noticing a window with pink curtains and a redhead sitting at the window, he began to throw rocks at it assuming it was Cat's room. After a third rock hit the window, Cat's brother opened the window and mooed. "Oops, sorry about that!" Robbie apologized. Cat's brother spoke in some strange language after that. "I didn't know you spoke Klingon." Her brother continued to speak. "The next room over?" He nodded. "Thanks a lot…Cat's brother." He went to the next window and when he threw a rock, he accidentally broke the window.

Cat came over to the window and waved at him. "Hi, Robbie!"

"Hey Cat, I was in the neighborhood."

"Me too!"

"I was wondering if you want to get breakfast tomorrow before we go to the Black Box Theatre."

Cat squealed. "You're doing the show with me!"

"Actually, I wanted to-"

One of Cat's neighbors came outside with a baseball bat. He hit Robbie once, knocking him on the ground. "Is it too much to ask to let a hard working guy watch Desperate Housewives at 11:30 at night without anyone bothering him?"

"Hi Mr. Schneider," Cat waved. Her neighbor waved back and went back into his house. Cat came outside a few seconds later with a pillow and a blanket. She put the pillow under Robbie's head and wrapped him in her pink blanket. "I'll keep the sprinklers off." She gave him a goodnight kiss before going back inside.

After spending a night on Cat's lawn, Robbie was invited to clean himself off and wait for Cat to get ready to go to breakfast with him.

"So Robbie," Mr. Valentine gave him some orange juice. "The Mrs. and I spent some time with the Vegas last night." Robbie drank his juice. "Is it normal to laugh at Terms of Endearment; especially at the part where Debra Winger's dying?"

"Yeah," Robbie responded.

"You're a good lad, Robbie. I can see why Cat likes you. Now, I want your honest answer; Kirk or Picard?"


"If you weren't in a relationship with my daughter, I'd marry you myself."

"Um…thank you."

Cat came downstairs. "Hi Daddy! Hi Robbie!"

"Hello Cat," her father greeted. "I trust you will be out for the majority of the day?"


"Your new mate is quite a catch."

"Mate?" Robbie's expression was of both confusion and slight disgust.

Cat nodded. "Ready to go, Robbie?"

"One sec," Robbie hurriedly finished his orange juice and held his arm out for Cat. "Shall we?"

She smiled as she linked her arm in his. "I didn't know you could finish orange juice in a whole second."

As noon drew nearer, Tori and Andre were waiting in his car in the Black Box Theatre Parking Lot dressed as ninjas. The car was encompassed with low music and no conversation.

"So," Tori was the first to speak.

Andre took a deep breath. "So."

"Last night, huh?"


"Pret-ty crazy," Tori spoke out the different syallables for the word 'pretty'.

"Oh yeah, especially when that clown made that one balloon…well you can't exactly call it an animal can you."



"Andre, I meant with Jade, and Sikowitz, and Robbie."

"Oh. Oh yeah, yeah. I knew that."

"Where is Sinjin?"

"I have no idea."

A giant panda tapped on the driver's side, terrifying Tori and Andre so much that Tori jumped into Andre's arms. The panda took his mask off. "Guys, it's me."


"I didn't have a ninja costume."

"So you're dressed like a panda?" Tori asked.

Sinjin smiled as he noticed Tori in Andre's arms. "Am I interrupting something between you two?"

Tori quickly sat back in the passenger seat as Andre sat straight up in the driver's seat. "Just get in the car."

"Check it out," Andre pointed to Robbie's car. "He's here early." The three of them watched as Robbie got out and opened the passenger side. "With Cat."

"Cat's here?"

"We don't have to kidnap her too, do we?" Sinjin inquired.

Robbie and Cat were sitting together at the Asphalt Cafeteria when Sikowitz tapped Robbie on his shoulder. "Robbie, it's time."

"Time for what?" Cat asked.

"Cat, I forgot to tell you that-"

"Come along," Sikowitz pulled Robbie away before Robbie got to finish telling Cat what he had to tell her.

"Sikowitz! I was about to tell her what you guys were planning to do so she could meet up with me."

"I'm sure she'll figure it out." Sikowitz stood in the theater parking lot. "Here he comes."

Joey Ferguson and his associate stepped out of a black town car. "Hello, Erwin."

"Joey," Sikowitz greeted. "I brought the boy."

"I'm the boy," Robbie waved.

Joey held up an appointment book. He opened it and crossed something out. "Alright, our account is now closed; pleasure doing business with you." He snapped his fingers and Vinny followed him into the town car as Hayley and Tara exited the car. Joey pulled out. Sikowitz took this as his cue to leave as well.

"Robbie," Hayley (and Tara) started leading Robbie toward the theater entrance. "Let's go discuss this casting deal with Lane so-"

"Sorry, Hayley is it?" She nodded. "I need to tell my girlfriend something real quick."

"Make it quick."

Robbie began heading toward Cat. "HEY CAT!" He called.

Cat perked up and headed toward Robbie. "ROBBIE LOOK OUT!"

Robbie turned around to find a giant panda behind him. "Sinjin?" Sinjin grabbed Robbie. "Whoa, Sinjin!"

"Pretend to struggle," Sinjin suggested.

Robbie tried to break free. "I have to tell Cat-"

"Good pretending; you're a good actor." Robbie managed to break free. "What are you doing? This is part of the thing, remember."

"Sinjin, I have to tell Cat that-"

Tori and Andre then dragged Robbie into the car. The other three hurried into the car and drove off.

In a panic, Cat pulled out her phone and dialed 911. "Hello, 911, my name's Cat…well my boyfriend was kidnapped by two ninjas and a giant panda…yes, I'm his sister. Hello? Hello?" Cat squealed in upset. "Trina!" She ran over to Trina, who had just pulled in. "Trina, I need you to follow that car." Cat pointed to the speeding car.

"I think I know that car," Trina tried to get a better look.

Cat pulled Trina to her car. "FOLLOW THAT CAR!"

"Since when do you tell me what to do?"

Cat screamed and grabbed Trina's car keys. Without any warning, she drove out of the parking lot like a bat out of Hell.

Hayley and Tara ran over to Trina. "Trina! Do you have any idea what's going on?"

"Yes!" Trina was furious. "Yeah, I do!"

Gasp, Oh no! What's going to happen next? If you read the chapter name, you know this chapter has a part two. Stay on the edge of your seat til then.