AN: This is the sequel to Shopping: The Horror. I left the last story off with the Cullens (except for Carlisle and Esme) about to head to Walmart and steal waffles, and that is where this story begins. My fans from the previous story know how I update, but for those of you who don't, I write short chapters but update quickly.

Disclaimer: Do I own Twilight?

*Crowd echoes a loud no.*

Boo all you people.

Bella POV

I crept along the aisles, hugging closely to the shelves. Alice gave me a nod and we rushed forward, nearly attacking the long row of freezers.

"Grab the blueberry ones!" Alice shouted, tearing open the freezer door and accidently ripping it off its hinges. "Oops!"

"Take the door too!" I responded.

Alice gave me a stern look and a salute, holding up a package of chocolate waffles. "How many?"

"As many as you can carry, so all of them," I replied.

"He he he," giggled Alice. "Where are the others?"

"I really don't know…" I trailed off, thinking.

"Waffles!" Alice exclaimed.

She and I now had at least a hundred boxes of waffles each, nearly tripping over our feet that we couldn't see, and that's saying something because we're vampires. Vampires aren't clumsy and they don't trip, so really, I repeat, that's saying something.

I again thought of our lost siblings. Well technically, they were just MIA. But still…Where are they?