Title: Bedroom Window ½ ? (I hope)

Author: D "The Fablespinner"

Pairings: 3x4

Rating: PG

Genre: AU/ Romance (I don't know why I bother putting this down anymore.)

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Dear Quatre,

How's Music Camp going? What was it you said you we're building again? A Theremin? (1) Is that right? I looked it up on the web, and if it's what I think it is, I do not want you to wake me up in the middle of the night with bad fifties B-movie sci-fi music! Don't you have enough musical instruments without building more?

I know that was stupid to ask. Silly me.

Anyway, I figured I'd write off a quick note to let you know the house next door finally sold and we have new neighbors. Mr. Barton is really nice, if kind of moody looking. He works in one of Dad's companies. He's a botanist I think. He's widowed like Dad, and he's got two kids, gee, like dad.

Wait, it gets freakier! He has a daughter MY AGE, her name is Catherine. I met her the other day, she's really fun, you'll like her, I'm taking her out to show her around all the hot spots this weekend in a girl's night out. Introduce her to my friends and stuff. Her brother is your age; I haven't met him really yet. I saw him going in the place and that's the last I saw him.

Catherine says he's gloomy and not very sociable. But he's cute, that much I did see. I think Mr. Barton and Dad are clones of each other. Our families are just too similar. We'll almost. You are a social butterfly in comparison to Trowa, that's his name by the way, and you tend to spend far too much time in your room than is healthy for you.

Well, I won't preach. Dad says hello and he misses you. I miss you too. But we'll see you in a week. Hope you're having fun, it is your last summer vacation after all. Next year it's college.


Sorry, had to stick it to you baby bro!

Love you,



Quatre chuckled and tucked his letter away in his pocket. "I am not a social butterfly!" He added with a grin as he finished packing up his things. The letter from Iria arrived just the day before Quatre was scheduled to head back home from his three-week music camp.

He looked over to the amplifier box beside him with the two antenna sticking out of it. "And yes sister dear, a Theremin is exactly what you think it is!" He added with a cackle before boxing up his "electronic sister torture device", more commonly known as a Theremin.

As Quatre sat on his case to close it he pondered his new neighbors. "I'm sure they are exaggerating. I don't see anything wrong with wanting to be alone sometimes, especially after a move. He probably had to leave behind a lot of friends. I know I'd be gloomy too if I had to leave mine." Quatre thought out loud. "I'm sure all he needs is some time to adjust." He added moving his case beside the door.

"Trowa, that's a cool name though. Better than Quatre at any rate." Quatre said chuckling, flopping down on the bed to wait for his father to come pick him up.


"Trowa, you'll fall, get down." Catherine hollered from the ground looking up to where her brother was perched on a large tree limb. In-between his bedroom window and the Winner's house stood a large oak that brushed up against both houses. Trowa had taken to crawling out of his new room's bedroom window and either sitting on the ledge of his window or in the tree proper.

"I won't fall Cathy. I like it here." He said lazily stretching while lying like a panther along the large branch.

"Fine! Go break your leg, see if I care. You need to go out! Make some friends!" She said and Trowa rolled his eyes.

"It's summer vacation, I have every right to be lazy if I want to. I don't feel like going out. Leave me alone already." Trowa grumbled flinging an acorn at his sister.

"God, you're impossible! Well I'm going out with Iria and Dad's out playing golf today. So you're on your own. Brood away." Catherine said storming off next door then getting in Iria's car and driving off.

"You just don't understand Cathy." Trowa replied then sighed, leaning back against the trunk of the tree. "I can't open myself up, I can't afford the risk." He added as he heard Mr. Winner's car pull up next door.

"Quatre, I'm off to Meet Mr. Barton for a round of golf. I think Iria's out with the girl next door so fend for yourself for lunch." Mr. Winner said before Trowa heard one car door shut.

"No problem Dad. See you later!" Trowa heard a new voice call out. A bright merry tenor, that sent involuntary shivers down Trowa's spine. He always loved a good sounding tenor, the timbre of the voice always made the hairs on Trowa's arms stand on end. And curiosity got the better of the cat and Trowa crawled out on the limb in order to look in the neighbor's driveway. Only in time to see the front door close.

"Damn." Trowa muttered moving back into the tree. Only to hear the nearby window that was directly across from his bedroom window open. Craning his neck, Trowa saw a flash of blond hair before it disappeared away from the window. "Damn."

Trowa slowly moved; he felt like a heel, but he wanted to see his neighbor without the boring and awkward task of introductions and actually having to talk to him. Trowa wasn't shy; he just had a few secrets that he wanted to remain secrets. He'd known for a long time that he was different than most other boys his age; he wasn't interested in dating.

Well that wasn't true; he wasn't interested in dating girls. He preferred boys. And it never failed; he'd get a crush on someone, only to realize that his crush had a girlfriend already. So rather than face the embarrassment, he just never said anything to anyone.

If he never opened up, he couldn't get hurt. But that didn't mean he couldn't still harbor a crush in secret. Looking never hurt anyone after all. He thought to himself as the elusive neighbor boy came into view.

Trowa nearly fell out of the damn tree.

He wasn't overly tall, but he wasn't that short either. He was slim, and every movement a study in grace. Unconscious, fluid grace, as if the boy was dancing to some internal music as he moved around his room unpacking.

Trowa in short was enthralled. He felt giddy, like a peeping tom, like he was doing something forbidden. It made him feel ill, but at the same time he couldn't stop looking. The boy was just too beautiful and Trowa couldn't tear his gaze away if he tried.

That full head of sunshine gold, bouncing as the boy ran about his room. Those big blue eyes aglow with natural joy in life; the ever present smile that twisted Trowa's heart with its radiance. It took all of a minute for Trowa to fall headlong into another crush.

And he was already wooing the blonde in his imagination; his eyes shut as he pictured what a kiss from those lips would feel like when he heard that tenor again.


Trowa opened his eyes with a start and almost fell from his perch.


"Oh Jesus Christ you scared the fuck out of me." Trowa stammered, his heart hammering in his chest. The boy laughed at him! Trowa wanted to melt into the bark under him; Quatre's laugh was divine.

"Well, don't daydream in trees and I won't scare you. You did however scare the life out of me when I saw you there. You must be Trowa." Quatre said climbing out of his window to join Trowa in the Tree.

Trowa was a nervous wreck, too close, too close. He was far too close; nothing good ever came out of this scenario. Trowa only managed a nod in answer to Quatre's question.

"I'm Quatre." The youth introduced himself settling next to Trowa and dangling his legs from the limb. "This tree is great isn't it? Iria has a cow every time she catches me in it." Quatre laughed again and Trowa couldn't help but smile.

"You missed my sister Cathy, same here." Trowa said with a shy smile as Quatre turned to beam at him.

"I think it's in a sister's job description to be a worry wart." Quatre said, his eyes crinkling when he smiled. Trowa knew he must have been drooling down the front of his shirt. Quatre was handsome one minute, cute the next, adorable beyond description the next, and if you looked up "Charming" in the dictionary, his picture would be beside it.

"Must be." Trowa muttered, shifting his weight. Quatre's proximity was disturbing.

"Don't talk much do you?" Quatre asked, an impish smile tugging on his lips.


"So Iria said in her letter. But know if you want to talk, or if you want me to show you around town or something all you have to do is ask. I know it's got to suck leaving all your friends behind." Quatre said, a smile of compassion and the light of empathy in his eyes.

"I didn't have any friends." Trowa grumbled tearing his gaze away from Quatre.

"I see. Well, I won't bother you then if you'd rather be alone. Just thought I'd say hello." Quatre said sounding rather dejected and Trowa wanted to cry now, he'd hurt his feelings.

"It's all right. I'm sorry for snapping. It's just I don't get along well with others." Trowa gave an apologetic smile. Quatre visibly brightened.

"I understand. Just know I'm only a window away if you do feel the urge to talk to someone other than a bossy older sister." Quatre said patting Trowa's hand in a friendly gesture before climbing back into his window.

"Wait." Trowa called out and moved closer to Quatre's window. Quatre turned around and smiled, waiting for Trowa to speak again.


"Anytime Trowa."


Quatre was almost hyperventilating by the time he escaped to his bathroom. "Oh my God, he is so HOT!" He said to himself in the bathroom mirror. "Cute nothing Iria, he's a GOD!" Quatre added sinking to the cool tiles on the floor.

"Trowa, you can peep in my window anytime you feel like it." Quatre was beside himself, in the throws of a crush.

"Just don't blow it Quatre. You know what happened the last time you crushed on someone; you don't need another heartbreak. It took Duo, Heero, and Wufei to cheer you up again." Quatre reminded his reflection before going back to his room and a small sigh of disappointment escaped his lips upon finding the tree empty of its inhabitant.

So Quatre went about finishing unpacking and setting up his Theremin on his desk. Giving it a few tests before turning it off and heading downstairs for a snack.


Quatre's mouth was stuffed full of chips when the phone went. "memmo?" He mumbled as he answered.

"Q! You're home!" Duo's voice on the other end gaily cried. Quatre swallowed.

"You knew I was coming home today." Quatre said flopping onto the couch. Ruffles bag in one hand a can of Pepsi in the other and the cordless pinned to his shoulder with his ear.

"It's hooooooot." Duo whined and Quatre chuckled.

"Duo do you want to use the pool?" Quatre asked smiling.

"Pleeeease?" Duo was a master at whining.

"Come over then. Are Heero and Wufei behind you pestering you to call and beg me?" Quatre asked and Duo laughed.

"It's Wufei's idea really. We just finished a game of softball." Duo said and Quatre chuckled.

"I'll be out there waiting for you, just come on back when you get here. I'll leave the front door unlocked." Quatre said and hung up the phone. Here was a good chance to try and spark something with Trowa. At least he could be friendly and offer right? The worst Trowa could say was "buzz off". So Quatre dashed upstairs to his bedroom, shimmed out onto the branch and made his way over to Trowa's bedroom window and knocked on the glass. He could see Trowa lazing on his bed with a magazine.

Trowa sat up and his jaw dropped, not expecting a visitor via the window. He went over and opened it.

"You could have came to the front door you know." Trowa said, finding it rather funny Quatre would come to the window.

"I know, but I figured you were still up here. Some friends of mine from school are coming over for a swim, I figured I'd invite you over to join us if you want too. It is hot today, and well…" Quatre began well enough, and the farther along he got the more shy he became.

Trowa smiled. "Thanks, I didn't know you had a pool." Trowa said and Quatre nodded.

"Yup, so you want to come over?" Quatre asked praying Trowa said yes.

"A swim does sound nice. I was on the swim team back at my old high school." Trowa said and Quatre beamed.

"Cool. So I'll see you in a few minutes then?" Quatre asked and Trowa nodded.

"Sure, Thanks Quatre."

"Any time." Quatre answered turning and climbing his way back to his window. Once inside it was a mad dash to change into his swim trunks and beat Trowa to the front door.


"I hope I don't regret this." Trowa said to himself as he changed into his Speedos and a pair of cut off jeans. He didn't have anything else to use for swimwear other than his swim meet attire. And Speedos were notorious for leaving NOTHING to the imagination.

"I can't believe I'm doing this. What is it with you Quatre where I can't seem to say no?" He asked himself once again as he grabbed a towel, his flip-flops, and headed next door.

Quatre nearly jumped for the door as the bell rang. He threw it open hard enough to make Trowa jump.

"HI!" Quatre said brightly, pausing only a nanosecond to thoroughly digest the God before him on the front stoop. Shirtless, bronzed, lean swimmer's physique, in sinfully high cut off shorts. Man Trowa was so hot he was on fire.

"Hi." Trowa said, taking note of his host. Quatre stood to just under his chin, and he was wearing a pair of bright blue shorts. The rest of him, pale, creamy, firm and gorgeous, Trowa wanted to weep with the sight of him.

"Come in, I'll take you out back, then I have to find my sunblock. Or else I'll be red as lobster in about five minutes." Quatre said as Trowa stepped inside and Quatre shut the door behind him.

"I can believe it. My sister's a red head and about as pale as you. She burns about as fast too." Trowa said as he followed Quatre through the house (That was laid out pretty much the same as his, only a mirrored version floor plan. The joys of Track housing quite evident.) And out through the back door where a large in-ground pool was beckoning. The sun casting bright patterns on the blue tile as the water reflected the rays.

"That sucks, I hate being so fair. I love the sun, it just does not love me." Quatre said showing Trowa to a chair. "Just dive on in, I'll be back in a minute." Quatre said dashing back inside to find his sun block.

Trowa was already doing laps around the pool when Quatre came back out and stared smearing the white lotion on his arms, face, legs, everywhere he could conceivably reach. Trowa by this time had climbed out of the water and Quatre dropped his lotion as he got a good look. All manner of sinful thoughts began to play in Quatre's mind as his eyes visually raped the youth walking toward him. "Oh my." Quatre gasped and Trowa quirked an eyebrow.

"What? I'm sorry I didn't hear you." Trowa asked grabbing his towel to dry his hair.

Quatre paled. "Ugh, nothing. I was cursing cause I can never reach my back when I'm putting this stuff on. Ignore me. I mumble a lot. I think out loud." Quatre said reaching for the lotion just as Trowa grabbed it.

"Well turn around, I can reach your back." Trowa said as he dispensed some into his hand and began smearing it on Quatre's back. The sirens, bells, whistles, and all the other loud explosions of emotion that take place in these moments going wild in Quatre's head as he tried to not lean into the touch.

But it felt soooooo Good. "God you have 24 hours to stop that." Quatre almost purred then bit his lip before he said too much.

Trowa chuckled. "Don't I know it. It's like when you get your hair cut and you want the barber to wash your hair for about an hour cause it just feels so much better when someone else does it." Trowa replied and Quatre chuckled.

"That's the best part of a hair cut." Quatre said grinning as he took the bottle from Trowa, as he wiped the excess lotion onto his towel and Quatre settled down into his chair. Trowa sitting and occupying the chair beside him.

An awkward silence fell as both boys tried to think of something to say. Thankfully the silence didn't last long.

"HONEY I'M HOME!" Came the voice of Duo as he sauntered outside. Heero, Wufei, Relena, Sally, and Hilde in tow behind him as they walked out onto the patio, Duo dropping everything as he broke out into a run and 'cannon-balled' himself into the pool, splashing everyone in the process.

"Damn it DUO! I didn't want to get my hair wet!" Hilde scolded as Duo came up sputtering.

"Sorry babe!" he said and Hilde flipped him off.

"No you're not ass hole." She muttered spreading out her now wet towel to dry on the concrete. "Thanks for letting us come over Quatre… Oh who's this?" She asked as she noticed the boy beside her childhood friend.

"Everyone, this is Trowa, he just moved in next door." Quatre began the introductions as everyone got settled beside the pool. "Trowa, the jerk in the braid is Duo, this is his girlfriend Hilde. That's Heero and his girlfriend Relena, and this is Wufei and Sally. They break up and get back together all the time so I'm not sure if I should say girlfriend this week or not." Quatre said and Sally laughed.

"On this week." Sally said holding out her hand to Trowa. "Nice to meet you." She said with a firm shake.

Trowa a little stunned only smiled slightly and offered a small "Pleasure". He was beginning to wonder where Quatre's girlfriend was; he was just waiting for the blow now.

"So Q-man. How was camp?" Duo asked flopping soaking wet onto the towel next to Hilde.

"Fine. They had some cool workshops this year. I'll show you the Theremin I built, it's really freaky." Quatre beamed and Trowa seemed to brighten.

"What's a Theremin?" Hilde asked and before Quatre could speak Trowa actually spoke.

"An electronic instrument. You play it by just moving your hands around in thin air. It's a force field of electronic waves that you disrupt and bend pitch by just moving your hands through the energy field. They used them a lot in old science fiction movies. You built one?" Trowa asked and Quatre nodded enthusiastically.

"Yeah! I can't believe you know what one even is, no one does." Quatre said and Trowa smiled.

"I like old science fiction movies. "The Day the Earth Stood Still" is one of my favorites and they use a Theremin EVERYWHERE in that for effect." Trowa said smiling and Quatre laughed.

"I show it to you later then. I still have to fiddle with it so I can play it right. I have to learn where to hold my hands yet." Quatre said as one more person sauntered outside. She was tall, blonde, and beautiful.

"Sorry I'm late." She said sitting down on Quatre. Not beside him, but ON him. "Miss me while you were away?" She asked and Trowa felt his heart slip somewhere down into his stomach making him feel ill. The obligatory girlfriend, he knew it. Someone as good as Quatre it was silly to think that he even stood half a chance.

"God, Dorothy get off!" Quatre moaned Dorothy laughed and oozed into the chair beside him.

"I'll take that as a no." She cackled as Quatre wiggled to try and get comfortable next to the chair hog.

"Oh, who's this?" Dorothy asked seeing the new comer. Trowa just wanted to go home now.

"Trowa. Jeez move your butt will ya?" Quatre said finally getting up and flopping onto the ground beside Trowa's chair.

"Trowa, this is Dorothy, a royal pain in the ass." Quatre said and Dorothy blew Quatre a kiss.

"Just because you are so easy to annoy and I've had to go three weeks without tormenting you." Dorothy said picking up the lotion that Quatre had outside. "Can I use some Quatre?" She asked and Quatre nodded.

"Sure." He said as Trowa stood.

"I should go." He said softly and Quatre hastily stood up.


"I don't want to intrude. I'm sure you want to spend time with your girlfriend. I don't want you to feel like you have to play host." Trowa said stooping to pick up his towel. Quatre began to howl with laughter however. Trowa stopped mid-stoop.

"Girlfriend? Ha ha ha ha ha ha Dorothy? Ha ha ha ha ha" Quatre gasped and the rest of the group began to break down into giggles. Trowa just looked confused.

Even Dorothy was clutching her sides with laughter. "He doesn't know does he Q?" Duo asked and Quatre shook his head still laughing.

"Know what?" Trowa asked and Quatre wiped his eyes.

"Sorry, we're not laughing at you Trowa. It's just everybody in town knows about me, so it's not something I ever think to say. I mean it's not something anybody says in a standard introduction. Hi my name is Quatre and I'm gay, nice to meet you." Quatre said and Trowa almost had a heart attack.

"You're gay?" Trowa asked, dumbfounded at Quatre's openness.

"FLAMING!" Duo hollered still in a fit of giggles.

"Not flaming thank you. Obviously Trowa didn't know." Dorothy said hitting Duo with the bottle of lotion.

"Yes idiot, it's not like Quatre wears a sign or anything. God how awful would THAT be? I mean so what if he's gay right? Why do people think because he is he needs to go around telling perfect strangers what he prefers to cuddle with?" Relena said as Trowa still tried to grasp what was going on here, from where he came from people did not do this, no one here cared, in fact they were defending their friend with their utter loyalty to him for who he was, not what he was.

"I need to wear a sign I think. It would be easier for me to find a boyfriend let me tell you." Quatre said as Trowa began to break out into a grin.

"I don't think that's necessary." Trowa said, the grin getting bigger as it spread across his face in delight; no need to hide who he was, no need to be ashamed, no need to fear. Trowa was about to come out of the closet for the first time.

"What?" Quatre asked turning to look up at Trowa.

"What I mean is, boy this is hard to say. I've never said it before." Trowa began, stammering slightly. Finding it difficult to actually spit it out. Quatre smiled and took his hand.

"It's okay Trowa. I think I can guess. But say it, trust me, you'll feel better if you do. Don't bottle it up inside. It hurts too much, believe me, I know." Quatre encouraged and Trowa found strength in compassionate blue eyes that urged him to utter the truth.

"I'm gay too." Trowa said and it felt like the weight of the world had just been lifted off his shoulders and he let go of the breath he didn't realize he'd been holding as he sank back down to the chair deflated. He hadn't even realized he'd started to cry with relief until Quatre was there, letting him purge on his shoulder. Dorothy on Trowa's other side with a box of Kleenex ready for him when he was through.

"Man this takes me back Quatre. I remember when you confessed to me last year." Dorothy said patting Trowa's shoulder.

"I know, coming out is hard. You have no idea how people are going to react and it's terrifying." Quatre said passing Trowa a tissue from the box.

"God, I feel like I passed a kidney stone." Trowa muttered taking the Kleenex to wipe his drying eyes and Quatre chuckled.

"Oh Don't I know it! But you feel better now don't you?" Quatre asked and Trowa smiled.

"Much. Thank you." Trowa said and Quatre grinned.

"Any time." Quatre said squeezing his hand reassuringly, Trowa squeezed back and held on.

"Trowa and Quatre sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G… ACK!" Duo began before he was attacked by Wufei and Heero who picked him up and bodily flung him into the pool where he came up hacking and choking to the sounds of laughter around the pool.

Trowa still had not let go of Quatre's hand as they all laughed at the flailing teenager who was swearing as he came up for air.

"Quatre?" Trowa almost whispered the name and Quatre turned and smiled at Trowa.

"Don't ask, I'd kill to go out with you sometime." Quatre said and Trowa smiled.

"How did you know what I was going to ask?"

"I didn't. Just hoping and letting you know how I feel in the process." Quatre said with a wink and Trowa chuckled.

"So I guess you realize now what I was daydreaming about in the tree earlier then." Trowa said as Duo crawled out of the pool.

"Oh I didn't. But glad I know now." Quatre said with a rather devilish grin as he stood and grabbed Trowa's hand tugging him towards the pool where they tumbled in and began to splash each other wildly. The rest of the teenagers running and diving in to join the horseplay eagerly.


They were in the midst of a game of chicken; Quatre on Trowa's shoulders trying to dump Sally of Wufei's shoulders when Iria and Cathy stepped onto the patio. "Trowa?" Catherine asked and all you could hear was Quatre's mortifying squeal as he tumbled off Trowa's shoulders into the pool. Trowa's concentration lost in the game instantly.


"Oh my God. Who are you and what have you done with my brother?" She asked as Trowa scrambled out of the pool.

Quatre sputtering as he came up for air a concerned frown on his face as he watched Trowa shift nervously from foot to foot. He sighed and crawled out of the pool and walked over to save the moment. "Hi, you must be Cathy! I'm Quatre." He introduced genially. And Catherine smiled and shook his hand.

"Ah, the infamous little brother, I heard all about you." Catherine said grinning as Quatre grinned at her.

"I'm not as evil as Iria paints me, honest." Quatre said and Catherine laughed.

"I'd call you a saint actually. I haven't seen Trowa smile like that in years. And it took you an afternoon. What's your secret?" Catherine asked and Quatre shrugged.

"No secrets, that's all." Quatre said giving a knowing look at Trowa, then to Iria. Her eyes widened for a second before she nodded subtly.

Catherine missed the innuendo and Trowa still seemed nervous. Quatre wanted so badly to take his hand and reassure him. But he knew how difficult coming out to his family was going to be. So Quatre would only help lay the groundwork and support Trowa as best he could. Trowa had to do this on his own, in his own time. But he would let Trowa know with his subtle innuendo, that he would be there to lean on, and Trowa caught the look and sheepishly smiled his thanks.

"Any time" Quatre mouthed silently with a wink before heading back to the pool.


Everyone had gone home as the sun began to set, as Trowa and Quatre lingered poolside. "Thanks for earlier by the way." Trowa said as they sat dangling their feet in the water.

"Don't thank me Trowa. It's not going to be easy, and I didn't have anyone to lean on. I know how bad it is. But I'll hold your hand through it, I promise. I hated feeling what I know you're feeling right now. I want to help you, I remember all too well." Quatre said taking Trowa's hand, Trowa's fingers interlocking with his own shyly.

"How did you do it?" Trowa asked, gazing into the water. Finding comfort in holding Quatre's hand and feeling Quatre lazily rubbing the back of Trowa's hand with his thumb.

"I just couldn't take the pain anymore. I felt like I was dying inside and I was going to burst if I held it in anymore. So I just blurted it out. First to Dorothy, she was my trial run as it were. And after I stopped blubbering like a baby. I came home and just told them both. It took Dad a bit to get over the shock, but he did eventually." Quatre began and Trowa lost himself in the tale. "What sent me over the edge though was last year's Music Camp. I met someone there, and I thought I was in love. I was so wrong. He turned out to be a real jerk. He had a boyfriend already I was just convenient for three weeks. I never heard from him again. I'm just glad I didn't sleep with him, cause I almost did and I would have regretted it even more I think." Quatre said and Trowa squeezed his hand.

"I always fell for the wrong ones too. But not like you, I mean mine usually we're straight as a board. Complete with girlfriends. Man I thought I was going to be sick earlier when Dorothy showed up. I thought I'd done it again." Trowa said looking up to smile at Quatre.

"Done what again?" Quatre asked coyly.

"I thought I'd fallen for another one that was already taken. I can't tell you how relieved I felt when you told me Dorothy wasn't your girlfriend." Trowa said chuckling and Quatre smiled.

"Nope, not taken." Quatre quipped, crinkling his eyes again as he smiled.

"You sure?" Trowa asked leaning closer.

"I'm sure."

"Do you want to be?"

"Depends on who's asking."

"I'm asking."

"Then it looks like I'm taken." Quatre said smiling as Trowa laid a tentative, chaste kiss on his lips.

"Mmmmmm." Quatre purred just as the patio lights came on, breaking them apart rather quickly.

"Sorry to interrupt. Dad and Mr. Barton want to barbecue. So I figured I'd come and warn you." Iria said and Quatre smiled.

"Thanks Iria." Quatre said standing and stretching.

"No problem. And for what it's worth, I think it's really cute. The boy next door sort of thing." She teased winking at Trowa who blushed slightly. "And no worries, I won't breathe a word." She added before heading back inside.

"Your sister is nice." Trowa said standing as well and grabbing his towel.

"She is. So is yours. Trust her Trowa." Quatre said as both boys went inside to change.



A Theremin is REAL… To learn more about his ODD Instrument that you NEVER touch to play go here: http://www.thereminworld.com/default.asp

Author's Note: I always see Quatre in the angsty role here in this scenario. I figured I'd flip flop the scene and see it in reverse with Trowa being the one who has to come to grips with his sexuality.