Title: Bedroom Window 2/2

Author: D "The Fablespinner"

Pairings: 3x4

Rating: PG-13

Genre: AU/ Romance/slight angst/humor

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Quatre walked Trowa to the front door before turning toward the staircase. "See you in a minute." Quatre said and Trowa smiled.

"Not if I close my blinds." Trowa said ducking out the door with a small laugh as Quatre swatted at him.

"DON'T TEASE!" Quatre hollered out the door before dashing up the steps to his room to change.

He was waiting for Trowa by his window, arms folded across his chest. Trowa chuckled as he moved toward his window. "You're cute when you pout." Trowa said with a wink reaching for the button on his cut offs. Quatre's eyes went wide.

"I wasn't kidding!" Quatre said gasping but not able, nor willing to tear his eyes away. "Don't tease." Quatre said almost drooling. Scratch that, he WAS drooling as Trowa lowered the zipper still within eyeshot.

"Who said I'm teasing? It's not like you didn't see most of me already today." Trowa said flinging his cut offs into his hamper across the room, as he stood clad only in his Speedos.

"Not the same." Quatre said in a whimper as he chewed his bottom lip.

Trowa chuckled. "If you say so." He said tucking his thumbs into the sides of his trunks.

The size of Quatre's eyes at this point was beyond description, and Trowa couldn't help but bust out in a fit of laughter. "Oh man what I wouldn't give for a snapshot of that look!" Trowa howled in a fit of laughter.

"You are a rotten human being Trowa Barton." Quatre said glowering.

"I never said I wasn't." Trowa returned, turning his back to Quatre as he shed his swimwear. The gurgled moan and whimper that escaped Quatre's throat was priceless.

"Oh my god." Quatre hissed, gripping the window frame for support. Trowa had the sexiest posterior he'd ever laid eyes on. The skin of his rear standing out white in contrast from bronzed tan lines, Trowa obviously saw a lot of sun wearing only his Speedos.

Quatre began to thank the heavens in every language he knew, and a few Quatre spontaneously made up just for the hell of it. He'd heard of people speaking in tongues. Now he knew why. He just stared as Trowa wriggled into more cut offs that were cut a little less provocatively, but no less sexy, and pulled a tank top over his shoulders before turning back to Quatre who had yet to move from the window.

"My turn." Trowa said crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against the window frame. His eyes meeting Quatre's expectantly.

"Nothing as good to look at I'm afraid." Quatre sighed, his joints like butter as his eyes still traversed all over Trowa's frame.

"I'll be the judge of that. I've had to drool all day too you know." Trowa said crawling into the tree and making his way into Quatre's window.

"Hardly. I'm not exactly Mr. Athlete over here. Not like you." Quatre said as Trowa climbed in the open window.

"I swim, big deal. I'm not Mr. Universe here either Quatre." Trowa said moving to sit on the edge of the bed.

"Then why am I seeing stars?" Quatre asked, a sly suggestive smile tugging at his lips.

"Flatterer. But you're stalling. You got your eye full, it's my turn." Trowa said lazing back on his elbows on Quatre's bed.

"I'm not stalling." Quatre said… stalling.

Trowa only smirked. "Need help?"

Quatre's jaw dropped. "NO!" He stammered pulling a shirt out of his closet and a pair of underwear and shorts from his dresser.

"Okay, you asked for it." Quatre said turning his back on Trowa as he changed.

"Mother Mary and Joseph." Trowa mumbled and Quatre flushed as he slid his shorts up.

"Damn it. There should be a law making it illegal to be so beautiful." Trowa groaned as Quatre walked over smiling.

"Funny, I thought that a few times today myself." Quatre said sitting next to Trowa on his bed.

"This is so… weird. But a good weird, it's hard to put into words. But I never knew anyone like me before. Let alone…" Trowa began as Quatre scooted closer taking his hand.

"Let alone have a boyfriend?" Quatre asked and Trowa nodded smiling as Quatre straddled his lap.

"Yes. I feel like I'm dreaming and if someone pinches me and wakes me up I might have to kill that person." Trowa said as Quatre's arms wound around his neck.

"I know exactly how you feel. I've never had a boyfriend either Trowa. I was just a three-week fling to someone once. It's nice to feel like I mean something to somebody else for a change." Quatre said as Trowa's hands came up to rest on his hips. A soft smile spreading across the brunette's lips. "Being open about who you are doesn't guarantee anything but piece of mind. I was still alone after all." He added and Trowa reached up and pulled Quatre down for a kiss.

"Not anymore." He said as their foreheads touched and the just looked into each other's eyes.

"No, not anymore." Quatre said smiling as a voice from beneath the window spoke.

"BURGERS ARE READY! COME EAT!" Catherine yelled and Quatre slid off Trowa's lap and leaned out of the window.

"We'll be right down!" He called back turning and running into Trowa who had stepped up behind him.

He stole one more kiss from Quatre before both boys headed back out to the patio for supper.


Everyone was seated at the resin table and chairs in the Winner back yard, happily chatting and devouring the burgers as fast as Nate Barton and Edward Winner could cook them on the grill. "My son has a hollow leg." Nate said as a third burger ended up on Trowa's plate.

"I've been swimming all day, I'm hungry." Trowa said grabbing the ketchup to drown his burger under.

"Mine you have to remind to eat. He'll forget if you let him." Edward said chuckling. "He has intense tunnel vision. Once he's immersed in a project he's relentless and single minded. He'd die of starvation if I let him." He said as Quatre still lingered over his first burger. Chatting with Catherine and forgetting to eat in the process.

As usual, Edward thought as he slapped the back of Quatre's head. "Talk later, eat now." He said and Quatre grinned.

"Oh, sorry dad. Thanks." Quatre said turning back to his cold burger. Trowa chuckled, but deigned to tease. He was interested in the conversation Quatre was having with his sister, and was quite content to just shovel food in his face and listen.

As everyone sat around bloated with dinner, Nate cracked open a beer with Edward. "I was taking the boat out tomorrow, you're all welcome to join us if you'd like." Nate offered to the Winner family and Iria squealed.

"You have a boat?" Quatre asked, just as enthusiastic about the outing as his sister it seemed.

Trowa nodded and smiled. "Yup, we go water skiing up at the lake all the time. Dad's boat is great." Trowa said as he mentally thanked his father for inviting them to come tomorrow.

"Oh Dad can we?" Iria asked and Edward smiled.

"Only if I don't have to strap on ski's I don't care." Edward said and Iria squeezed his neck.

"Thanks Daddy!" She said and Edward rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, whatever." Was all he said, shooing his daughter away from him so he could drink his beer in peace.

It was then Duo suddenly materialized in the backyard "Oi! I've been ringing the door bell for five minutes already." He said grinning at everyone.

"Sorry." Quatre said turning to his friend, whose hand was already in the bowl of chips.

"No prob." Duo said winking as he ate a couple of chips. "Wisten, me mer goin to get mum ice cream. Wanna come?" Duo asked around a mouthful.

"Want to try that in English?" Mr. Winner asked eyeing Duo, that boy hadn't changed since he was five years old. Edward thought chuckling as he shook his head at the gregarious teenager.

Duo swallowed. "We were all gonna meet over at Foster's Freeze for Ice cream. Wanna come?" Duo asked Quatre and Trowa.

"Ice Cream sounds good. Do you mind if I go out Dad?" Quatre asked and Ed shook his head.

"Nope, just be home by midnight." Edward said standing up and fishing for his wallet. "Here, go have a good time." He said handing his son a twenty. Quatre beamed.

"Thanks dad!" He said standing and looking at Trowa.

Trowa turned to his father. "Dad?"

Nate looked about to have a seizure. "Like I'm going to say no? I've been telling you to go out for two weeks now. Go, get, have fun, just be home at midnight like Quatre." Nate said also delving into a wallet to bestow some fun money on his son.

"COOL!" Duo chirped gaily, spinning around, his braid acting like a whip as he spun on his heels.

All three boys walking out to the front door to see Heero waiting in the driveway, his car packed with teenagers. His car was a well-kept, and insanely clean, cherry red 1965 mustang. Trowa whistled low. "Niiiice car." Trowa breathed and Heero smiled.

"Thanks." Heero said as Trowa inspected the car from trunk to tires.

"I love old muscle cars. This got a 289 cubic inch high performance engine in it?" Trowa asked, his grin widening. Heero nodded smug.

"271 horse power." Heero said proudly. Quatre mused they'd both be grunting like cavemen in a minute.

"I bet mine is faster though." Trowa added and Heero quirked an eyebrow.

"Oh? Let's see it hot shot." Heero said following Trowa who started walking to his garage. Quatre and Duo intrigued by the gear head exchange only followed silently behind them.

Trowa opened up his garage to reveal a 1968, metallic electric blue, Pontiac GTO. Heero's jaw hit the floor.

"Oh SWEET!" Duo said an Heero nodded.

"I'll say. Man, no doubt, you'll blow me away. Which engine you got in there?" Heero asked as Trowa popped the hood.

"Is there any other? 421 cubic inch 385 horsepower V8 of course." Trowa smiled proudly as Heero crawled into the engine.

"Can you get dirty later?" Relena asked from the door and Heero grunted.

"I have to drive this baby at least once." Heero said and Trowa smiled.

"Sure, I'll follow you to where we're going and let you take her for a spin." Trowa said going back inside to grab his keys and his wallet.

Quatre was waiting for Trowa in the garage while Duo, Hilde, Relena and Heero waited in the driveway for Trowa to follow them to meet Wufei and Sally at their destination.

Quatre climbed into the passenger seat and beamed at Trowa behind the wheel. "A sexy boyfriend complete with sexy car. All I need now is a camera so I can take pictures and make myself a calendar to drool on." Quatre said and Trowa laughed.

"That can be arranged ya know." He said with a wink. "So long as I can drape you over the hood to make myself one too." He continued and Quatre grinned.

"So long as I don't have to wear a thong, you got a deal." Quatre chuckled as they pulled out and headed for Ice cream.


"Not on your life Trowa. Drive." Quatre admonished as Trowa chuckled in his seat.


Dorothy, Wufei and Sally were saving seats when the rest of the horde descended en masse. Wufei instantly going outside to drool with Heero over Trowa's car. Both teenagers taking turn's driving the GTO around the mall parking lot across the street.

When male bonding over muscle cars closed and they returned inside to order ice cream, everyone crammed into a circular booth in the back to eat their rapidly melting treats.

Dorothy smirked as she handed Quatre the cherry off her sundae. "Why don't you show Trowa what you can do." She said with a wink. Quatre's grin turning incredibly evil as he took the long stemmed Cherry from her to pop it into his mouth. Trowa sat wondering just what the hell Quatre was doing as he looked to be mauling the cherry like a camel chewing his cud.

However, a few moments later Trowa had his answer. Quatre stuck out his tongue, and perched on it was the cherry stem; a tidy knot had been tied into it, using only his tongue.

Seven teenagers burst into hysterical laughter as Trowa groaned and began banging his forehead against the table top, muttering a string of curses and ranting how life was not fair.

Quatre grinned and just finished his ice cream looking like a completely innocent little angel. Sometimes he really liked the fact he had such a countenance. It came in handy when he felt like being a demon. He may have looked like an angel but he was indeed far from it. He had a mean streak a mile long and he currently loved the fact he had Trowa to torment. One good tease deserved another after all.


The teens lingered in their booth, chitchatting until the restaurant closed at ten. From there they went their separate ways.

Quatre from the passenger seat showed Trowa around town as they drove up and down the streets. When they reached the abandoned park, Trowa pulled over and parked.

Hand in hand they walked through damp grass quiet and lost in each other's company. The new realization that they had each other slowly sinking in, and delighting them. They sat on the swings; hands still locked together when Trowa broke the silence.

"I still can't get over this. You make me feel so comfortable and I just don't get it. No one makes me feel like this. What is it about you Quatre?" Trowa asked and Quatre smiled and shrugged.

"If I could answer that, I'd have the answer to my own questions about you." Quatre replied a soft smile and shining eyes turning toward Trowa.

"God you're beautiful." Trowa sighed lost in huge blue eyes as he pulled on the chains of Quatre's swing to pull him closer.

"I never thought so. But I sure do feel like it with you around." Quatre said leaning closer.

"Good." Trowa said as Quatre came into range and dipping his head, Trowa claimed those lips again with his own, a deeper, soul searching kiss ensued and both young men fell headlong into the sensation, the world around them melting away, leaving only the touch of lips pressed against one another.


Catherine was out walking the dog one last time for the night down to the park at the end of the block. It was just after eleven and she wasn't tired so she figured a nice long walk would get her sleepy enough for bed and give the dog a bit of exercise. As she reached the park, she cocked her head when she spied Trowa's car.

"What on earth is Trowa doing here?" She muttered as she began a circuit of the park. She chuckled when she spied two silhouettes engaged in a heated kiss on the swings. "Awwww how cute." He giggled as she continued her walk, however the dog started to whine. He wanted to go over to where the lovers were having their little tryst.

"No, come on." Catherine said tugging, but the dog wouldn't budge. Curious why the dog was reacting so strangely, Catherine narrowed her eyes and tried to see through the darkness at just who it was that the dog wanted to get to.

She froze.

"Oh my God!" Catherine gasped her eyes wide. It was Trowa and Quatre, giving each other tonsil exploratory surgery. "So that's it, that's your secret." Catherine muttered, her shock fading as a warm feeling encased her.

"I thought as much." She added smiling at her brother. "Trowa, when will you learn we only want you happy. If this makes you happy, then who are we to say no?" Catherine added letting the dog go. Who raced to Trowa and knocked him out of the swing.

"Van Gogh? What are you doing here?" Trowa asked picking himself up off the ground, trying to fend off a rather large dog whom only wanted to cover Trowa in affectionate, sloppy kisses.

Quatre was laughing. "Your dog?" Quatre asked and Trowa nodded as he subdued the dog enough to right himself.

"Yes. Get off!" Trowa growled as the dog flopped down at his feet.

It was a hideous dog, a mutt with the fur of a sheep dog, the face of a St. Bernard, and only one ear. Quatre just stared at it, not sure if the dog was so ugly it was cute, or if it was just plain ugly. Trowa laughed. "I know, he's butt ugly." Trowa chuckled scratching the dog behind its one ear.

"Did it get hit by a bus?" Quatre asked and Trowa smiled.

"Nope, he looked this way when we found him. Or rather he found us. Hence his name. Van Gogh… one ear. Get it?" Trowa asked with a smirk and Quatre laughed.

"I got it before. Poor thing." Quatre said moving down to scratch the bared belly, receiving several sloppy licks in the process.

"Trowa spoils him rotten, not 'poor thing' at all." Catherine said and Trowa tipped out of his swing again.

"Cathy!?!? Wha-a-wh-what are you doing here?" Trowa asked visibly shaken. Catherine frowned.

"Well I was out walking the dog, until he found you. Trowa honey, don't look so panicked. I saw." Catherine said and Trowa turned white as a sheet.

"Saw what?" Trowa asked hoping and praying it wasn't what he thought it was.

"That was one hell of a kiss. It curled MY toes." Catherine said grinning at Quatre.

Quatre offered her a tender smile before standing and taking Trowa's hand that was trembling. "Trowa, calm down. Just tell her, trust her." Quatre urged interlacing his fingers with Trowa's to lend him support.

"I'm gay Cathy." Trowa said just blurting it out and looking at shoes, shorts, anywhere but Catherine's face.

"No, really? Tell me something I couldn't already figure out Trowa." Catherine teased walking over to lift her brother's chin. "Are you happy?"

Trowa nodded.

"Then that's all I care about Trowa." Catherine said as Trowa broke down in tears again with relief. Catherine immediately pulled him into her embrace. Quatre stepped back slightly only to have Catherine shoot her arm out and grab him by his shirt collar.

"Oh no you don't come here too you!" Catherine ordered dragging Quatre into the hug. "You've made him happy, you've made him smile. And I haven't seen him this way in years. Thank you." Catherine said in tears of her own now. It didn't take long for Quatre to follow suit, swept into the emotions around him.

Van Gogh just sat there curious why his humans were acting so funny. That was until his own butt turned out to be more interesting and he proceeded to make disgusting slurping sounds. Breaking the trio into a fit of laughter before they all decided to finish the Dog's walk and head home.


"Oh no way, nuh-uh, no how!" Quatre protested, clinging desperately to the boat's railing. Everyone was piled into Nate Barton's boat and Catherine was trying to urge Quatre into water skiing.

He wasn't having any of her sweet-talking; he wanted to live till the end of the day, thank you very much. Trowa's snickering wasn't helping matters. Quatre glared at him. "Keep laughing Trowa, go right ahead, you'll pay later." Quatre muttered as Catherine tugged at him.

"Come on chicken." Catherine teased and Quatre shook his head.

"Cock-a-doodle-doo. Let go." Quatre said as Iria brushed past.

"I'll try it." She said fitting herself into the skis and jumping overboard to grab hold of the pull rope.

Edward just chuckled at his son. Truth be told... the son took after the father. There was no way in hell he'd put those damn things on either. Iria was much more like their mother; Quatrine would try anything at least once.

Edward sighed wistfully at her memory, she'd been gone for years, yet she was alive and well in her children. Quatre was almost her mirror image in feature, and Edward thought of her every time Quatre smiled.

The smiles were identical, and Quatre seemed to be smiling a lot these past few days. He followed his son's gaze, and the penny dropped. He was smiling a lot because of Trowa.

Edward pondered the situation. He knew his son was gay, but he'd never brought anyone home before, he began to wonder if this new friendship was more than it seemed. He was pondering this as he settled himself next to Nate as they sped across the water. Towing a whooping and hollering Iria in the boat's wake.

"Thanks for bringing us out today Nate. The kids are having a ball." Edward said enjoying the motion of the boat as it clipped along the lake surface.

"I thank your son. I've not seen Trowa so animated in I can't tell you how long. Since he was about thirteen, Trowa has been so withdrawn and moody. I was considering getting him some help actually. It seems I don't need to now." Nate said smiling back at the boys who were cheering Iria on from the stern of the boat.

"Quatre's always been one to bring out the best in people. If you look up Charming in the dictionary, you'll see his picture, right next to his mother's." Edward chuckled propping his feet up on the prow.

"I can believe it." Nate said as he slowed the boat down, Iria had wiped out at last and he circled back to pick her up from where she bobbed up and down, laughing in the water.

Nate turned around to watch the kids drag Iria back into the boat, and Catherine dove in, taking her turn with the skis. Something caught his eye and he tipped his head in query for a moment. Trowa hand was resting on Quatre's shoulder momentarily. A simple enough gesture where they were leaning on the railing for balance as the boat bobbed up and down. However, Trowa's hand was gently kneading the shoulder in the process, a more than familiar gesture, it was an unconscious affectionate gesture. "What the?" Nate muttered to himself and Edward sighed, following Nate's line of sight.

"I think they dating each other." Edward said and Nate spun to face him.


"I said I think they are more than friends." Edward said and Nate looked like a stunned deer.

"You mean you think my son is GAY?" Nate asked and Edward sighed.

"I know mine is, I can only guess. I know how you feel. I was shocked when Quatre told me last year he was." Edward began and Nate looked angry.

"My son is not GAY." Nate sputtered; this wasn't looking good at all now. Edward cursed himself for opening this can of worms in the first place.

"Trowa BARTON!" Nate hollered and Trowa spun around on his heels.

"Dad? What's wrong?" Trowa asked knowing his father was pissed when he used that tone of voice.

"Just what the hell is going on between you two?" Nate asked and Trowa looked gutted. Edward shot his own son an extremely apologetic look. Quatre was now mortified; he knew what was about to happen.

Trowa was tongue tied, cowed into silence by the glare in his father's eye. Quatre knew it was now or never and stepped up to take Trowa's hand.

Nate looked livid, but Quatre held firm, and only squeezed Trowa's hand for reassurance.

"Well? Trowa? What is… is this?" Nate said pointing at their entwined hands.

"Quatre is… Quatre is my… my boyfriend. I'm gay Dad." Trowa said shaking in his sandals as Catherine, seeing the commotion, scrambled back into the boat just as Trowa confessed.

"He's WHAT?!" Nate blurted out, and Catherine dove in front of Trowa.

"His boyfriend Dad are you deaf?" Catherine said and Nate turned red glaring at his daughter now.

"You knew?!" Nate demanded and Cathy shrugged.

"Since yesterday. So what?" She said and Nate sputtered.

"It's ... It's…" Nate began and Catherine glowered at him.

"If you say 'Wrong' Daddy I swear I'll hit something. Trowa's HAPPY! Look at him! How can something wrong work such wonders? Answer THAT before you fly off the handle!" Catherine blurted out as Trowa's knees grew week and he flopped onto the seat, Quatre still clinging to his hand.

"I hate to butt in Nate. But I have a little stake in this too. It's my son in this as well. I know you're confused at hearing this, and some sick part of your brain feels that you failed as a man cause your son is gay. I know, I felt it too. And I feel sicker now knowing that I ever thought that in the first place." Edward began smiling at his son.

"I said some horrible things that I regret every single day. Quatre never changed. He was still the son I loved; it was my attitude that needed changing. Me knowing he was gay didn't suddenly change him, he'd been gay the day before he was going to be gay the day after. The only thing that changed was I knew the truth, and it took my old ingrained prejudices a while to let go and allow me to see that." Edward continued smiling at his son, who smiled back.

"Don't let your anger eat you Nate. You and I were raised in a different world, and sadly it's hard to change a mindset. But think rationally. Is Trowa any different today than he was last week in reality? Yes he is, you said so yourself. He's happy. So let him be happy." Edward said turning to Nate who seemed to have calmed down.

"I guess you're right." Nate said looking over to his son. "Are you truly happy this way?" He asked and Trowa swallowed.

"It's not that I chose it dad. I was born this way, and yes, I am very happy for a change." Trowa answered and Nate nodded closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

"I'm going to have to come to terms with this son. Like Ed said, I have some preconceived notions here that are demanding me to scream to high heaven. But I tried raising you to be more tolerant; it's time I take my own advice there. Give me time to accept this, I'll try I promise." Nate said and Trowa nodded.

"Understandable Dad. I wasn't very forthcoming either. I was scared to tell you too." Trowa said and Nate smiled ruefully at his son.

"For that I'm sorry. I know it has to be just as hard for you. You're going to face a lot more shit in this world being who you are to start with. I won't add to your problems." Nate said turning to look at Quatre.

"You're a wonderful young man Quatre, I'd be a fool not to notice the positive influence you have on my son. Thank you." Nate said and Quatre shook his head.

"Don't thank me, I didn't do anything." Quatre began and Nate shook his head.

"No, you loved my son enough to help him out of his shell. I charge you with keeping him out of it. I much prefer my Trowa smiling. I couldn't make him smile. You can." Nate said and Quatre smiled shyly and blushed only a little.

"I really didn't do anything. But thank you anyway." Quatre said as Trowa stood behind him to hold him.

Nate smiled. "Maybe this won't be too hard after all. That does make for an awfully nice picture there." Nate said and Quatre did blush this time and Edward laughed.

"You need more sun block Quatre, you're getting pick around the edges." Edward teased slapping Nate's shoulder. "You look like you need a beer. I'll drive for a while." Edward said taking the wheel as Nate raided the cooler.

"Read my mind." Nate said as Catherine jumped back into the water ready to ski.

Iria grinning at Trowa and Quatre before turning to watch Catherine.

Trowa sighed and sat down, pulling Quatre down in his lap. "Feel better now?" Quatre asked and Trowa nodded.

"Now, yes. Five minutes ago I felt like being sick and then some." Trowa said and Quatre smiled.

"Me too. My dad sometimes talks before he thinks. I didn't tell him, but he's always been good at putting two and two together. But I'm glad he was here, It could have been worse had he not been." Quatre said and Trowa nodded.

"Remind me to thank him later." Trowa said and Quatre smiled.

"He won't let you. You can try, but he won't let you." Quatre said and Trowa grinned.

"That sounds familiar. You get that from your dad." Trowa chuckled and Quatre beamed.

"I get a lot of things from him." Quatre said smirking. "Like you won't see him out there on skis either! We both know better." Quatre said chuckling and Trowa rolled his eyes.

"I'll convince you yet." Trowa said and Quatre shook his head.

"No you won't"

"Yes, I will"

"No you won't"

"I will"

"No you wo-mmmmpppfffhhhh" Quatre was silenced with a firm kiss.

"Okay maybe I'll give it a try once." Quatre seemed to melt into the cushions.

"I thought as much." Trowa said smugly as they watched Catherine bounce along the waves curled up together on the bench-like seat.

Officially open and together, it was a liberating freedom in a sense. At least where family was concerned they would never have to hide who they were again.



(Sappy I know. I was gonna make this REALLY angsty, but I was so not in the mood for it. Gomen for the anti-climactic ending, I just couldn't see Nate (Yes, the same Nate from Paraffin and Peonies) get too bent out of shape once I got to that part.)