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I'm borrowing just a bit from Final Fantasy, so there's very little need to know anything about it.

Watching Hagrid grab whatever it was out of the vault, it dawned on Harry something that Uncle Vernon had at his bank that might be here as well.

"Umm…" he started, and both Griphook and Hagrid turned to look at him. "Did my parents have a safe deposit box… I mean vault here? With stuff other than money, like this one had something?" He looked down, quiet.

Griphook looked puzzled for a moment, before nodding. "There is the Potter Family Vault, yes. It has heirlooms and family things. You wish to go there as well?"

"We've gotta lotta things ta do 'Arry, don think we've got time. Gotta get yer supplies and then I gotta get this ter Dumbledore." Hagrid said, patting the pocket where he had put the object from this vault.

Harry drooped. "Please, Hagrid. Just a few minutes?"

"Ahright, ahright. Still in Gringotts, so not like it isn't safe 'ere."

Griphook growled. "I would dare say so. Back in the cart and we will go to Vault Twenty-Seven."

The cartridge was again fast, insane, and seemed to dive deeper and deeper into the earth as they whizzed through. Several times, Harry heard thunderous roars that seemed entirely too close by for comfort.

Eventually though, the cart came to a jarring halt at a larger platform stop and the three riders got out. "The Potter Family Vault, Vault Twenty-Seven." Griphook said, then looked to Hagrid. "Potter blood only, past the door. I'm not interested in dragging your corpse out of here, so don't go in."

Hagrid's face paled and he shook his head. "I think I'll sit in the cart. 'Arry, don't spend too long in there, ahright?"

Harry nodded to the big man, looking at the huge door curiously. It looked pretty much the same as the doors at the other two vaults, but a bit wider. Maybe a double door? He looked at Griphook. "How do I open it, Mr. Griphook?"

The goblin sighed. "Touch the left side of the door, run you finger down it. I'll do the same afterwards if you're not absorbed by the door for not being a Potter. It will open afterwards."

Gulping, Harry looked at the door remembering what Griphook had said. They checked for people once a decade. Nervously, he walked up to the door and reached out, watching his shaking hand. Touching the door, he ran his finger down it, dust coming off the door and sticking to his finger, though he didn't stick to the door.

Breathing a sigh of relief, he stepped back to let Griphook move up.

The goblin said nothing as he traced the exact same path Harry had taken, and the metal groaned as it split down the center, double doors opening. Harry gasped, looking in.

"Step in, Mr. Potter. The doors will close again once you step out. Otherwise, I am required to wait for you here."

"Thank you very much." Harry said absently, stepping in. Would he find pictures of his parents? A home movie maybe? Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia had plenty of those of Dudley, so maybe something like that would be here from his parents.

But as he stepped in, he realized it might be a long while finding something like that. It seemed to be huge in here, and filled with old furniture, and covered paintings, and enough stuff to fill the Dursley house a dozen times over, with more even beyond.

Turning back and looking out the door, he voiced a question. "Umm, is there a list or something of everything in here?"

"No." Griphook shook his head. "But if you're looking for curiosities…" he pointed a long finger in, behind Harry. "Potter's Folly is behind you a bit."

"Potter's Folly?"

"A mithril armlet." Griphook snorted.

Hagrid's voice jumped in, as the cart shook as the giant man jumped in it. "Mithril!"

Harry looked confused. "What is mithril? And why is it a Folly?"

"Mithril is an exotically rare metal that can only be mined from the mantle of the earth, and requires heat in excess of dragonfire to forge. It is so magically reactive that it is one of the primary components of wardstones for megalith constructions such as the castle of Hogwarts and the entirety of Diagon Alley. That armlet is Potter's Folly because there is enough mithril in it to re-ward approximately half of the British Isles. And it is currently in your vault fused onto a pedestal. The past twenty generations of Potters have not been able to remove it, though at least one died trying. No one knows who put it there or why."

Eyes unblinking and wide, Harry turned and saw the pedestal. It sat a little higher than his stomach and a circle of silvery metal was half sunk into it. The armlet was unadorned save a single red gem embedded into it. The gem itself was a bit larger than his thumbnail and seemed to glow with a flickering, inner light. He got closer to the pedestal, looking at it.

"No, I do not know what the gem is." Griphook offered, before Harry could ask. "Although it sent two Potter men into gemwork, and three into Alchemy to try to discover what it was, in an attempt to get the armlet."

Harry nodded, looking at the gem. "She's pretty."

"Excuse me?" Griphook asked, the question not making any sense to the goblin.

Harry's breath was visible as he breathed out, the temperature dropping rapidly. Ice crystals seemed to be forming on the pedestal, hanging off of it as Harry reached out to touch the gem.

"Mr. Potter!" "'Arry!" two voices called out, perturbed over the ice that was creeping out of the vault.

"But how is she in the gem?" Harry asked, before touching it.

The flicker died out for a moment, before blazing forth, energy encircling the boy before he felt something latch on inside of him, drawing heavily. Ice crystals slammed into the ground from nowhere, before a reflection appeared in it. A young woman of maybe nineteen or twenty with blue tinged skin and long darker blue hair was visible in each facet of the ice crystal. And then the crystals shattered and melted away, leaving just her.

Harry blushed a bit, seeing as how she was only in what looked like a blue bikini.

The young woman looked around, frowning. "I am not summoned to attack." She then looked to Harry curiously. "You are the anchor for my summoning?"

"Maybe? I…I…I just touched the gem." Harry looked bewildered, pointing to the pedestal. The woman bent slightly, looking at the gem.

"'Arry! What happened!" Hagrid yelled from the cart, while Griphook stared, his eyes nearly able to fall out of his head.

"Materia. And you're holding the summon open to give me an Esper form? Powerful boy, aren't you?" She turned to Harry, who stood there stunned. "I am the Empress of Ice and Snow, Shiva. And you are the first person to use any method to summon me, much less one such as this, in an extraordinarily long time. What purpose made you do so?" She put the question to Harry.

"I could see you in the gem and you looked pretty. I touched the gem and… uh… you appeared?" Harry tried to answer.

Caught offguard, Shiva laughed. "I looked pretty, and that was your entire reason? You're a very interesting person. I can see what a strain on you keeping me here is though." Harry did feel like he'd been chased by Dudley for a couple of hours, actually. "If you'll just wear the armlet, we can talk and I can appear to you at a much reduced energy requirement, though only you will be able to converse with me. You'll need a lot more power to keep me Esper bound for any length of time."

"Mr. Griphook said the armlet can't be removed." Harry pointed to the goblin.

Said goblin was still attempting to figure out something to say as Shiva turned to him. "Empress Shiva?" the goblin asked, finally managed to regain his wits, even as Hagrid had finally lumbered back out of the cart and onto the vault platform, his own eyes wide and blushing.

"Yes." She turned back to Harry, nodding to the armlet. "Have you tried?"

Harry shook his head, then reached out to the armlet. Thinking about the story of King Arthur, Harry almost wasn't shocked when the armlet lifted out of the indention with ease.

"Perfect!" Shiva smiled. "Now, hold out your offhand arm please."

Harry shrugged, finally deciding to just go with the flow now. Holding out his left arm, the Ice Empress took the armlet from Harry and it opened at her touch. She circled it around his upper arm, and locked in back on. The seam sealed back into nothing, leaving a piece of magical metal around his arm that appeared to have no way to remove it, save taking the arm.

"Now, I'm going to let go of the pull from my end. I'll keep just enough to speak with you if you want." Shiva offered.

Still confused about the entire thing, Harry nodded. And then Shiva shimmered, her body falling into snowflakes. Harry immediately felt better, though he could almost feel the gem on his arm now, a red gem that seemed to have a little red thread running from it into him. Following the thread in his mind, Harry found another red gem it was attached to. This gem was much more translucent and seemed to actually be a deeper red at the edges. It felt like it was sitting over his heart. As he thought about it, the gem actually seemed to darken ever so slightly, while the thread pulled a bit of the color away into the gem on the armlet.

Confused but accepting, Harry shrugged.

Much better. Shiva's voice seemed to ghost in his head. I don't have to worry about hurting you this way. We'll speak more about us later. Just let me get my center again, ok?

"Uh, alright." Harry said to empty air.

Looking around the vault, Harry winced as he saw the ice had broken a few pieces of the nearby furniture. Sighing, Harry walked out. "I guess I'm done in here now, right?"

Griphook, having gotten control of himself now that Shiva wasn't visible, responded with a sharp nod. "Yes. Would you mind speaking with my manager about what happened here?"

Hagrid interrupted as Harry was beginning to speak, however. "We gotta finish 'Arry's school shopping, and I hafta take Dumbledore his package. 'Sides, Dumbledore will know what to do about this. I'll let him know about it."

Griphook sighed. "Very well. Any more side trips, or will we be returning to the lobby now?"

Hagrid gave a green look at the cart. "Back to the lobby."

The minecart ride back to the surface was quiet, or at least as quiet as it could be with Hagrid holding on for dear life and muttering prayers and oaths about the breakneck speeds the cart was going. Harry just grinned at it all, while Griphook was unaffected.

It was ten minutes before the three returned back to the lobby. Griphook nodded to the two. "If you will not speak with a manager, I must be off to make my own report. Mr. Hagrid, do be aware that someone will be contacting the Supreme Mugwump about this. Mr. Potter is carrying an immeasurable fortune on his arm."

Hagrid winced at the reminder. "Yeah. I'll let 'im know." He put a hand on Harry's shoulder, guiding him forward. "Come on 'Arry, let's go to Olivander's next."

A fortune? I wonder, does the goblin mean the armlet, or my Materia? Shiva's voice echoed in Harry's head once more, followed by a giggle.

"Probably the armlet." Harry answered aloud.

Hagrid looked at him, and Harry tapped his arm. Hagrid sighed, the breath blowing out from him knocking a hat off a passing wizard as they stepped out of the bank.

Think the words, and I will hear them as well.

Harry nodded. At least I won't be thought of as crazy then, I guess.

Hagrid led the Boy-Who-Lived through the crowded streets towards a shop, where Harry read the sign for Olivanders.

Makers of Fine Wands? Shiva's voice asked him.

Harry shrugged, his weird, crazy, and insane meters having pegged out and broken about the time Shiva had appeared in ice crystals. My first day here. I have absolutely no clue, Empress Shiva.

Just call me Shiva, please. I'd rather be on speaking terms with a summoner.

Yes ma'am.

Harry could feel the eyeroll.

Hagrid opened the door, pushing Harry inside. The man's eyes were still a touch unnerved from what had happened at the bank.

Harry looked around the shop with a fair bit of interest, seeing thousands of little boxes lining the walls and shelves.

"Ah, Mr. Potter. I had expected to see you soon."

Harry jumped, turning around to find a strange older man looking at him with his own curious look.

"I am Olivander. Welcome to my shop. I remember your parents when they first arrived…" he trailed off, looking at Hagrid's face. "Is there something wrong?"

Hagrid gave the wandmaker an uneasy look. "Kin we hurry? 'Arry's had a bit of an issue, and I needta tell Dumbledore about it when we're done shopping."

Olivander harrumphed. "Oh, if we must. But remember Rubeus, the wand chooses the wizard. It may take us a while." With that, he held up a tape measure and let it go. The measure floated through the air and began measuring Harry, as Olivander started walking through the shelves.

Harry had a slight grin on his face as the tape measure went after the armlet almost immediately, measuring it in detail. As it did so, Olivander walked through the shelves of boxes and grabbed one. "Hawthorn and unicorn, ten and a half inches. Let's see how this one does for you, Mr. Potter."

Walking back, he handed the wand over to Harry. "Well, give it a swish." He encouraged.

Bringing it up, he only got half way through making any motion with it before it was snatched out of his hand. "No, not that. Let's continue."

Olivander set the wand aside and went for another box. Pulling it out, he offered it up. "Ash and Ukrainian Ironbelly heartstring. Fourteen inches."

Again, Harry barely managed to bring the longer stick up, before having it taken again.

"Nope. Not that either." Olivander smiled, moving away once more.

Long minutes stretched out as Harry tried wand after wand, none of them doing a single thing. Hagrid shifted as he stood there watching as dozens, and then over a hundred boxes littered the counter and spilled backwards.

Olivander looked at Harry questioningly. "Perhaps?" He walked further back into the shop, returning with another box. Offering the wand inside, he spoke. "Holly, eleven inches with a phoenix tail core."

Shrugging at yet another wand, Harry took it and was surprised when Olivander allowed him a full swish. However, he wasn't surprised when yet again nothing happened.

"Curiouser and curiouser." Olivander nodded, taking the wand back. "I had almost thought that one would be the one. Well, we shall continue." He walked back once more among the shelves, mumbling to himself.

This is quite boring. Shiva's voice echoed in Harry's head, making him start, still unused to hearing such a thing. Do you mind if I draw a bit of your magic? While I may be able to see from your eyes currently, I would prefer to be able to look about a bit more than that.

Uh, go ahead? Harry thought back into his head.

Harry felt the gem over his heart spark, for lack of a better word, and some of the color that had come back to the gem faded, drawn along the connecting string. As it touched the gem on the armlet, much of the color in that gem faded as well.

The air shimmered in front of Harry's eyes, and Shiva's form appeared once more. Neither Hagrid nor Olivander seemed to notice.

"This is a metaphysical form, not the flesh one from earlier. Much less of a burden on the both of us." Shiva spoke, but her voice still only echoed in his mind. "In this manner, I may move within your own eyesight and see things for myself, though I cannot touch them."

As she stepped away, the tape measure jumped away from the armlet, and began circling Shiva. Harry snickered as it began measuring her.

The Ice Empress looked at the thing, raising a single blue eyebrow. Before she could speak however, Olivander returned with another box.

"Oak, and the tear of a Unicorn. Seven inches." Olivander stopped for a moment, looking towards his tape measure, and then back to Harry. "Why is it measuring empty air? It should specifically be measuring you for magic output."

Harry laughed just a bit as the wandmaker poked the air it was measuring, his finger actually going through Shiva's arm and into her side.

He then turned to Harry once more. "Mr. Potter. We have gone through nigh on two hundred wands. While I fully expect to find you a working wand, I had also expected some sort of reaction from you, from at least a few of the others. It would give me a better idea on your leanings in a wand." He stepped forward. "However, I have had zero reactions in your magic. For Merlin's sake, I've seen more reactions in Squibs than from you. Heaven above, we've been through enough wands already that the dormant magic that is the soul would have at least caused a Muggle to react to one wand, even if it was badly."

"But you. You've had no reaction. Nothing. And now my measure is measuring a random bit of air. Which makes me think that somehow, you have a bit of magic sitting there."

Harry smiled at the measure and Shiva, as she had unlooped one strand of her hair, allowing it to fully measure how long it was.

"There is something there, but I do not know what. Nothing is hidden from me in my shop, Mr. Potter, or at least it should not be."

Olivander pulled a wand of his own, swishing it over the counter. Several hundred wands jumped at his silent command, sliding back into boxes and lids back over them. Each box rose into the air, and flew back onto the shelves.

"What is different about that spot, Mr. Potter?" Olivander asked, putting his wand away once more.

"Oh, that was a very interesting use of a Float. I had no idea it was versatile enough to tag multiple objects and move them under someone's control." Shiva said, finally looking interested.

Harry looked at Shiva, and the over to all the boxes. "Float?"

At Harry's questioning word, every box on the shelves, the shelves themselves, and a rather large chunk of the floor ripped free and began floating. Each box separately floating from the shelf it had been on, and shelves not touching the floating floorboards anymore.

Again, the gem on his heart dimmed, but nowhere near the same level as when Shiva had appeared.

"Morgana 'n Merlin!" Hagrid bellowed, backing up, and Olivander's eyes appeared ready to pop.

"A spell. And I think you need to not use it, until you have a bit of control. I have not seen this level of usage before, in a mortal. You used it as a Command." Shiva answered, her own eyes widened ever so slightly in surprise as she looked at Harry's work.

"Mr. Potter, exactly what did you just do?" Olivander asked. The wandmaker sighed and pulled his own wand once more, and began flicking it around, trying to ground everything. "And praytell, how did you manage it?"

"You put the boxes away, and Shiva said it was an interesting use of Float. I asked her what it was and that happened." Harry waved a hand to the shop that Olivander was only slowly getting back under control.

"Shiva?" Olivander asked.

Hagrid just sighed, trying to explain. "He managed ta get tha Folly. E's wearing it, Ollervander. Shiva's got somethin ta do with it."

Olivander sunk to the floor, his work trying to ground his shop forgotten. He gave an almost blank look at Harry. "You are wearing Potter's Folly?"

"Yes?" Harry answered back, pulling his overly large sleeve up to reveal the silvery metal armlet clasped on him.

Olivander looked at it for only a few seconds, before jumping up and rounding on Hagrid. "And you didn't immediately take him to St. Mungo's, or to Dumbledore, or ANYTHING!"

"We hadta finish his shopping. Then I was gonna let Dumbledore know." Hagrid answered, looking confused.

Olivander flipped the sign on his shop to closed. "Come, Mr. Potter, Hagrid. We're going to go to Hogwarts and figure this out. I cannot give you a wand that would better match magic than mithril, and something of this nature needs to be brought up to Dumbledore immediately." He glared at Hagrid.

"Goblins said that too. And I told ya when we came in 'Arry had a problem." Hagrid tried to defend himself.

"It's not hurting me." Harry shrugged. "So I'm fine."

A ghostly laugh came from Shiva. Oh, you are going to be an interesting one, Harry. She disappeared from his sight, her laugh still echoing in his mind.

The tape measure, now having nothing of Shiva to measure, immediately tried to return to Harry. Olivander just grabbed it from the air and it stopped moving. "Let's just go to the Leaky Cauldron. We'll need to Floo into the castle. This is a most unexpected day."

You can say that again. Harry thought to himself. And Shiva, apparently when her voice began laughing again.

Shiva's particular look comes from the FFX summoning of her. Just search youtube for Shiva FF10 to see her. I'll introduce her more at a later point.