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Just A Kiss

"Did you erase me from your memory? DID YOU EVER LOVE ME AT ALL?"

The words blasted out slapping Eli in the face and stinging his heart. Everyone in the place grew instantaneously quiet, and turned all their eyes on the two people who were standing a few feet a part. Eli stood his back facing her. Everything felt like it was closing in. His voice failed him suddenly, and a silent tear descend down his cheek. He heard the girl choke out a sob that she had been holding in.

Eli was extremely torn. On one hand he wanted to run to the girl and comfort her, but another part of him wanted to just scream. She had broken up with him! It was not the other way around. Yet here she was saying what he should have been saying to her. He had thought that she had moved on, and so he tried to do the same. No matter how much it had hurt him, and even though he did not like Imogen the way Imogen liked him, he had tried. Everyone has to move on at some point, right? Yet here she was. Suddenly he could not stand it anymore. He turned around quickly, feeling more tears cascade down with the movement, and half glared brokenly at the blue eyed girl.

"HOW COULD YOU EVEN THINK THAT? That I erased you from my memory? That I never loved you? You broke up with me, remember? You left me during my worst moment. A moment when I needed you the most. You left me!" He screamed back breaking down in front of everyone. His eyes were ablaze with straggled intensity.

"I live with that pain every day! I SHOULD BE ASKING YOU THAT, CLARE! I loved you so much and y- you smashed my heart." He lashed out every bit of his anger coating it into each word.

"I see you live your life, moving on, so that's what I've been trying to do." Eli stated simply.

"When in truth I can't move on! As much as it hurts me to linger on this love I have for you I can't seem to make myself move on." Eli stepped forward unconsciously bringing himself closer to Clare.

"I love you so much that it hurts! And I-" He had been about to say 'And I don't know how to make it go away.' when Clare jumped on him and silenced him with a kiss.

It wasn't your normal everyday kiss either. It was a kiss that burst out of a full blown fire. It held every speck of feeling the two had. The longing, undying love, anger, frustration, and their passion. It was the kind of kiss you only see in movies, and even though every person in the place was watching them in that moment neither Eli nor Clare cared.

Clare pulled back breathlessly a smile playing at her lips, tears also cascading down her cheeks, and whispered, "I love you too-"

Suddenly Eli's lips were on hers again, cutting her off in mid sentence, and the world felt whole once more.

Sure there was a lot that they needed to talk about, but that could wait until later. At that moment all that matter was the feeling of their lips on each others.

A/n: Well the ending was kinda of sucky, but I hope you guys liked it. I didn't add very much detail of movements and such, but only because I wanted the emotions to be the strongest point of the oneshot. If only this can really in Season 11!

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