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Running To You!

Synopsis: Bella reached a breaking point. She decides to jump not for fun, but to end it. She thinks since Edward is gone that jumping would save everyone from Victoria. She's rescued by Alice then discovers Edward might really love her so she runs of to Brazil to get him back. But will everything be that easy? Of course not, it's Bella.

***Warning this first chapter deals with potential suicide. I don't support suicide. If make you uncomfortable I suggest you don't read it.

Ch. 1: Jump! (BPOV)

I stood at the edge of the cliff, preparing to jump. I couldn't take the pain any longer. I know that I would never be the same now that he's gone. I tried to ignore the pain and to fill the void, but nothing worked, only temporary solutions, like Jacob. Poor Jacob. I had used his friendship as a distraction and now he claimed he was in love with me. I knew deep down I couldn't love him, because my heart still belonged to Edward. Jacob deserves to be loved fully by someone who could love him back. However, when I refused him, he got angry; now he was ignoring me.

Yet, he and the rest of the wolves were still out there risking there lives to kill Victoria, because of me. She wanted me dead since Edward killed James, mate for mate. Unfortunately for her I was nothing to Edward so she was wasting her time.

I know since that Edward doesn't want me, then I didn't have a place in this world any longer. I couldn't keep hurting others with my pain, and I knew I couldn't move on. I move closer to the edge. Maybe if I was gone, Victoria would leave before killing someone else to get to me again.

Bella, please don't do this. Edward's velvety voice came to me.

"I have to it. It's the only way you will stay with me. If you don't want me, then my place in the world no longer exists."

Bella, you promised! Go back to Charlie!

"No! I can't go back." I started to cry. I have to save them.

"Bella! Stop don't do this, back away from the edge," a new voice yelled from far away. It's Alice's voice her bell like voice sound alarmed with worry. So, now I wasn't just hearing Edward. How odd I should start to hear her now.

"I can't, Alice," I cried my chest heaving with a sob. I shifted on the ledge sending a tiny cascade of dirt in the ocean swells.

"Yes, you can. Please don't do this!" her voice begged me, she sounded farther away than Edward's voice.

Listen to her, Bella. Please! Edward started pleading with me, I shook my head and started to rise to my tippy toes.

"Bells, STOP!" Emmett was shouting now. I was surprised to hear his voice. I paused briefly in confusion.

"Why now? Why would you come now, do you want me to live in pain? I want it to end!" I jumped. I felt my body fall, hurtling to the ocean. I closed my eyes to await death.

My body plunged into the cold water, shocking my system; I didn't fight it. I let the current take me. Good bye, Edward. I love you!

I felt a solid cold weight drag me to what I could only assume to be the bottom and then I blacked out.


I was standing on the deck of the boat, knowing she was going to appear on the cliff soon. Two days ago I got a scary vision. I had promised not to look, but this one came to me anyways. Bella was going to jump to her death. We would first lose our sister and then our brother will soon follow after from heartbreak.

"I don't know why we are involving ourselves. She's a mere human. We are wasting our time," Rose huffed from the other side of the boat. She flipped through a magazine looking bored.

"She's Edward's mate. We won't just lose her, but him as well. Not too mention most of us love her too," I told her, my eyes not leaving the cliff's ledge.

"Why is she killing herself?" Jasper asked in concern. My husband still felt guilty for the events on Bella's birthday. I knew he partly blamed himself for the aftermath that was why he agreed to come with me. If Bella succeed his guilt would only increase.

"I'm not sure. I think it has something to do with Edward," I whispered softy. I saw a figure slowly walking up to the top of the cliffs. I knew it was Bella. I dove into the water and quickly swam out 300yrds. The cliff was still another hundred away. I tread water with Jazzy and Emmett beside me. Rose refused to get in the water; she didn't even want to be here. Emmett wanted to be here though since he cared for Bella like a little sister, so Rose followed him.

"Jeez, she looks like shit. What the hell is wrong with her?" Emmett looked up at Bella on the edge of the cliff. I took a closer look as well. Her clothes hung loosely like she lost a lot of weight. She had dark circles around her eyes, as if she hasn't slept in months. She was almost as pale as we were. Her once beautiful brown hair lay flat and dull. She gripped her chest tightly as if it was hurting her.

Jazz winced. "She's in so much pain… heartbreak, I think. I don't see how she's functioning at all,"

"Edward did this," Emmett demanded. Bella started talking to someone above us.

"I have to; it's the only way you will stay with me. If you don't want me, then my place in the world no longer exists." Bella whispered in tears.

"I'm not seeing anyone else up there, who is she talking to?" I look around.

"I think she's talking to Edward. But obviously he's not here," Jasper answered frowning.

"No! I can't go back." she started to cry.

"Bella! Stop, don't do this back away from the edge." I yelled. She looked confused.

"I can't, Alice," she sobbed. We watched as the ledge crumbled slightly under her feet.

"I'm not able to calm her down! This is not good," Jasper looked worried.

"Yes, you can, please don't do this!" I begged trying again.

She shook her head and started to rise to her tippy toes.

"Shit. She's going to jump!" Emmett murmured from beside me. "Bells, STOP!" Emmett was now shouting. She stopped briefly and she looked very confused.

"Why now? Why would you come now, you want me to live in pain? I want it to end!" Bella shouted before she jumped. My breath caught in my throat as I watched her fall.

"Let her hit the water and then we can get her before she drowns," Jasper ordered. I cringed when she hit the water hard and went under.

Quickly the three of us dove underwater to her. Emmett reached her first and wrapped one arm around her and pulled her back above surface. Keeping one arm around her torso and her head above water, he pulled her along back to the boat, as quickly as possible.

Once there, Jasper jumped back onto the boat and Emmett lifted Bella to him. Thankfully she wasn't bleeding so that added no complication. Emmett and I climbed aboard next. It started to rain and the wind picked up, we got to her before the storm hit. Bella was now lying on the deck of the ship, she appeared near lifeless, but I could hear heart and breathing still.

"She's breathing, but she's unconscious." Jasper was able to get close enough to assess her. I quickly checked my visions for an outcome. She would live, but we would still have uphill battle on our hands.

"She will survive, my vision shows her waking up. "I'm going to change her out of her wet clothes and get her warm. Edward, will kill us if we get her sick." I explained to the others kneeling beside my sister.

"Edward, also told us to leave her alone and not to bother any more, yet here we are." Rose called from inside the cabin. My temper flared at her lack of compassion. Bella was having hard enough time as it is, she didn't need Rose's bitchy attitude. I had hoped that if Rose saw Bella's condition, she would realize how much Bella and Edward meant for each other.

"Well, I shouldn't have ever promised that. He can blame me for interfering, if he must. But she would be dead right now if we didn't come." I picked up Bella and frowned; she felt a good 20lbs lighter then when I last had to pick her up. I carried her down below and immediately started to change her on the rug in the center of the floor. Rose ignored me as she read her magazine.

When I remove Bella's shirt I hissed in surprise, I covered my mouth with my hand in shock. Bella's ribs could be clearly seen thought her skin, she looked so sickly.

"Oh my God! What has she done to herself?" Rose was staring at Bella, looking horrified. Finally, some sort of reaction of concern.

"She misses Edward. I tried telling him, but he wouldn't listen. He thought leaving would save her," I whispered as I start to get her redressed.

"Here," Rose got up from the bed, so I could place Bella in it. "Now, what?"

"We wait until she wakes up." I sighed as I covered her with a blanket. I was actually surprised when Rose brought me a second one. I spread that one out too.

"Edward's leaving did this to her?" Rose asked with furrowed brows.

"Yes, Rose, they are mates. What do think would happen to you if Emmett left?" I told her scornfully.

"But she's human?" Rose looked bewildered, her eyes didn't leave Bella's still form.

"So you think that means she's unable to love Edward? I can tell you for a fact that those two love each other very much. They are mates. Just because she's human, I think that too many of us underestimated the strength of her love, Edward included," Jasper spoke up through the doorway. He poked his head in, then came in the rest of the way with Emmett behind him.

"I say we go drag Edward home so he can see what he has done to her," Emmett hissed.

"He's hurting too. All my visions have him in the same attic in Rio. He has curled up into a ball and is barley functioning. If we didn't save Bella and she died, he would've gone off to the Volturi and asked them to kill him." I whispered as I brushed Bella's hair back from her face. After seeing his suffering I couldn't be mad at him. Edward would punish himself enough for everyone.

"We should never have let him leave," Emmett grumbled.

"I don't think any of us thought he would stay away. He had himself convinced he was saving her. Most of us were willing to let him leave, to save her." Jasper grimaced as he glanced at Bella's still form.

"I never hated her. I just thought she should live a normal human life. She wanted to be a vampire and that is so wrong." Rose spoke softly. I rolled my eyes as I search for a vision to when Bella would wake up.

"She's going to wake up in 30 seconds. Em, block the door. She's going to try and make another attempt. Fair warning, she's not going to be happy with us." I braced myself as I watched her eye lids flutter.

A/N: They are factors that lead up to this jump that will come up later. My version just has a desperate Bella right now. Be aware she not going to be so welcoming back to the Cullens right away. So I was curious what if Alice was in time. I thought them being on a boat would be smart since they technically wouldn't break the treaty.

Note on Jacob I'm not going to make him the bad guy in this. He was hurt Bella didn't chose him and Bella did the right thing by backing away to not hurt him further, so their relationship is strained.