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Epilogue: (BPOV)

Twenty years have past since I jumped off that cliff. Although Edward would think I was crazy to think it, I was glad that I did jumped that day. The action, though foolish, brought me back my family, which in turn, got me my Edward back.

Edward stayed true to his word. We visited places all over the world together. Sometimes it was just us, and other times it was the whole family. I finished college with a literary degree and high school twice.

We were now living in Prince Albert, British Columbia. Some things over the years have not changed either. It was a month to the holiday dance at the school and Alice was determined to play Bella Barbie.

"BELLA!" She was calling throughout the house. She was searching room to room. "I hate it when you hide from me. You're not getting out of this." I was currently invisible hiding under my shield in the living room. Rose and Emmett were in the garage. Edward was at his piano and Jasper was sitting on the couch trying to order a Christmas present on-line for Alice for Christmas.

"Not that one, Jazzy, the other one," Alice called. Jasper grumbled about never being able to surprise her. I suddenly got an idea. I silently wrapped him in my shield. There is an ear-piercing shriek from upstairs. Jasper looked up than at me confused.

"I thought you wanted to surprise her for Christmas. Come with me, but be very silent."

"Edward, distract Alice for a moment," I went over to whisper in his ear. He nodded as Alice came down the stairs.

"Where is she? Why did she take my Jazzy hostage?" I stifled my giggles as I walked back to Jasper. He has wisely moved towards the door.

"Alice, you should know by now, Bella hates you using her as a Barbie Doll." Edward doesn't look up from playing. Alice was looking around frantically.

"So she takes my Jazzy," she whined. I bit my lip to control myself.

"Who said he didn't go willingly. I think he wanted get some Christmas shopping done." Edward shrugged his shoulders, but he has a smirk on his face.

"But, if he does it under her shield, I can't see it. I can't approve it before they ship it." Jasper rolled his eyes.

"Well, you can try to see if they left yet. Sounded like they headed to the garage." Alice bolted through the kitchen.

"Quick to the attic." Jasper nodded and we headed upstairs before she could hear us.

We speak in whispers, incase Alice came back to the house.

"I still don't know how this is going to be a surprise. She will see the box coming here. You can't keep it in your shield until Christmas." Jasper searched a site with jewelry.

"That is why you are going to have it delivered to Charlie in La Push. Seth still lives at home. I think he will be coming with Sue and Charlie for Christmas. She will never see it coming." I gave him an evil smile; he gave me a similar smile back.

I was luckily to stay in touch with Charlie over the years. It was mostly phone calls and a few e-mails that Jasper made sure could not be traced. I also made sure to leave any incriminating details out in any e-mails. I had seen him only a handle full of times; those times he came to us. We didn't need stories of the chief's dead daughter visiting him.

Charlie was now retired, living in La Push. A year after I left, his friend, Harry Clearwater passed away. Afterwards, he got close to Sue. They married about fifteen years ago. Seth is still in La Push. He was one of two wolves that remained active, the other was Quil.

"You're so devious. Remind me to stay on your good side." Jasper snickered as he selected a beautiful diamond necklace and earring set.

"You can thank me by convincing your wife that I'm old enough to dress myself."

"Why don't you just ask me to change the earth's gravitational pull, instead? It would be easier." Jasper snickered. I scowled and gave him a playful shove. I stole the lap top from him.

I looked up my own idea for her.

"Life-size Barbie? I hate to break it to you, but that will only buy you time, not solve the complete problem." Jasper teased.

"I know, I know." I muttered as I complete the form and I hit send. I then sent a quick e-mail to Seth to give him a heads up.

"Letting my shield down." I warned him as I stood. Not a second later Alice appeared in the doorway scowling at me.

"Jazzy, are you okay?" Alice dove into his arms.

"I'm fine darlin'." He chuckled, giving me a wink over her head.

Over the next few days, everyone else eventually used my system to buy Alice's Christmas gifts. Alice didn't pick up on it at first. She thought everyone was waiting until the last moment, to throw her off. She was growing increasingly agitated.

We are sitting in the lunch room at our most recent high school when Alice started passing out a thick list.

"This is my Christmas list. Apparently, you all need one. Come on, there is only seven shopping days left. Bella, I know you hate shopping, but I thought even you would be done by now." She retook her seat in a huff.

"I have." I tossed my list back at her.

"Me too," chorused the others as they hand their lists back. Poor Alice's face fell, she looked like a stricken puppy.

"No one is buying me anything this year? What did I do?" She sounded so sad.

"No one said that darlin'. Everyone bought you something." Jasper drawled as he wrapped an arm around her.

"Then why can't I see it," she pouted, Edward chuckled.

"Because we all bought your gifts while under Bella's shield. Then, we had them delivered to La Push. Charlie will be bringing them." Edward told her.

"Looks like this year, we are finally able to surprise you." Emmett glinted evilly.

"But I hate surprises," Alice whined.

"Yeah, that excuse never works for me. Let me know how it works for you," I told her with a smirk, the others start laughing.

That night was the Christmas dance. Feeling guilty after hiding the gifts, I let Alice dress me.

My dress was black and sparkly, ending mid-thigh. The straps on the back criss-crossed a few times. At every cross was a sparkly jewel. With it I was wearing four inches heels. I stopped fighting Alice on heels, now that I have my balance. The good thing about them is that they brought me closer to Edward height, so I didn't have to stretch to kiss him.

Walking down the steps to where the boys were waiting, I saw Edward's face light up upon seeing me.

"You look beautiful, angel." Edward was to my side in an instant. His eyes were all a glow as he pinned flowers to my dress. I briefly wondered if he would still look at me the same way in a hundred years. I certainly hoped so. Edward kissed the tip of my nose, so he wouldn't get Alice on his case about ruining anything.

"Shall we, my love." He gestured me in front of him. I headed out towards the car. I heard Jasper clear his throat loudly and I turn to catch Edward staring, either at my butt or my legs. His eyes shot up to meet mine and he looked sheepish. I heard the other girls giggle.

"Can I help you?" I raised an eyebrow to tease him.

"Maybe later," Edward pulled me into a kiss.

"Edward!" Alice scolded; smacking him, in the back of the head.

"Oww! Alice it isn't my fault that you made her irresistible," he pouted. I rubbed my hands up and down his chest and get a strong purr from him.

"Well, we could just skip the dance part and go to the make-out session in the back of the car part. I've never been one for dances." I played with his tie and start kissing his neck.

"You're going to the dance. Honestly, you two are worse than Rose and Emmett." Alice pulled me away from Edward.

"Hear that Rosie, we need to step up our game. Maybe we should skip to the after part." Emmett smirked, pulling Rose to his side. She started to giggle. She looked stunning in her red dress.

"That isn't what I meant. Jasper." She turned, making her dark green dress flounce as she looks for support.

"I could skip to the after part." He gave her a smile that makes her eyes glazed over. She shook her head to clear it.

"We are going. Apparently, it is going to be girls in one car. Boys in another." Alice grabbed mine and Rose's hands and dragged us to Rose's newest BMW. The boys sighed, then go to Edward's Volvo.

A short while later we are in the school gym. Much like Fork's prom there is crepe paper and balloons everywhere. The kids turned to gawked at us. I felt two arms snake around my waist and hear the low rumble of a growl from Edward's chest.

"Are you still opposed to locking the doors?" I whispered and his growl turned to a chuckle.

"No, Bella. Behave." He spun me until I face him. "I would like to dance with you, please?" He dazzled me with his eyes.

"Well, I guess that is the next best thing to do at a dance." He rolled his eyes and pulled me to the dance floor.

We danced close as we dared, because Edward is still conservative about the way he treats me in public. We stared into one another's eyes. I realized my earlier worries were for nothing. The way he looked at me with so much love, I knew it would never get old or stale. He has made good on his offer that he made that day in Rio. He has taking me all over the world. We even visited the pyramids, although that was a night time adventure. He still tried to spoil me whenever, possible.

Edward sighed and broke eye contact. He glared at someone over my shoulder.

"Edward, ignore them."

"It's hard too, when they are practically shouting with their minds."

"Well, I will just have to distract you." I rose up slightly and kissed him. While still kissing, I moved onto his feet. He pulled back from the kiss and gave me a little smirk.

"It has been a while since you did this? And for the record, you still don't look five." I giggled and then rest my head on shoulder. Just before I close my eyes I see Jasper and Alice whirl by. Jasper had picked her up at some point and her feet were no longer on the ground.

I closed my eyes and focus on lowering my shield. It was still tricky for me to do. I concentrated on my memories with Edward. I felt him stiffen and then pulled me tighter. I felt him lean his head on top of mine. The first memory, I showed him was dancing at prom. When I come to the memory of our wedding, it was crystal clear, unlike my human ones.

"You know I'm glad we got married when we did. That way the memories of our wedding day will always stay crystal clear in my mind." I whispered softly.

Edward hand slipped under my chin pulled me into a deep kiss.

Another 30 years later:

I have my shield wrapped around myself and Edward. We were standing a few feet away as we watch them bury Charlie. He lived a long life and finally died in his sleep at the age of ninety-two.

"Are you alright, Love?" Edward had his arms around me, tightly.

"I'm fine. I have been preparing for this day for years now. I never thought he would make it this long with all the beer, steak and doughnuts, he ate." I shook my head.

"Maybe, fishing and eating fish was countered productive, then?" Edward chuckled.

We watched as the spectators start to depart. Sue had past away a few years ago and was buried in the Quileute lands next to her first husband. Charlie was being buried next to his parents and to me. This is the first time seeing my stone. Seth has to stay away because he still looked young for his age. He stopped phasing only ten years ago. Jake was there, though. Plus, another older couple that looks familiar. I watched them closely. The older gentleman had white hair that barley covered his scalp; he was also about a hundred pounds overweight. He bent down and placed flowers on my grave.

The older woman slapped his arm. She was even more overweight than him with grey frizzy hair. I felt like I should know them.

"Michael, she has been dead for fifty years; you still can't be hung up on her." The older woman whined.

"Shut your pie-hole, old women. Let's get out of here." He started to walk away. She waddled after him.

"We need to stop for Ho-Hos. We are out," she whined. Jacob was watching them, looking disgusted.

"Who are they? They seem familiar." Just about all my human memories that didn't include Edward were gone now.

"Mike Newton and Jessica Stanley Newton," Edward whispered.

"No!" My mouth dropped open. Edward grimaced and nodded.

"Bells?" Jacob was looking around suspiciously. I looked at Edward and he nodded. I lifted up the shield and both of us appear.

"I thought I heard something," Jacob chuckled.

"You're looking old, Jacob," I teased.

"Yeah, well my age finally caught up with me. Edward." He nodded.

"Jacob," Edward nodded back.

"Is your family coming back here, so soon?" Jacob looked worried; probably for all the young boys in La Push.

"No, just to say good-bye to Charlie," I told him as I stepped forward to place the flowers on his grave. Before standing, I remove the flowers from mine and take them to another lonely looking grave.

"It was good to see you again, Bells. Take care," Jacob told me.

"You too, Jake. Tell Seth I said 'Hi'." Jacob nodded before walking off to a car.

I knelt down at Charlie's grave again.

"I guess this is good-bye, Dad. I am glad that I could stay in touch for so long. I want you to know I love you and not to worry about me. I am happy. Edward takes good care of me. Say 'hi' to mom, Phil, Billy and Sue for me. I love you." I stood and Edward pulled me into his embrace.

"Thank you, Charlie, for giving me the best and most important person in my life. I am keeping my promise. I am keeping Bella safe and I am showing her how much I love her, everyday. Enjoy your rest, Chief, you have earned it." Edward squeezed me close. After a moment he spoke to me. "Ready to go, Love?"

"Can we go to the meadow before leaving?" I asked pleading with him.

"Wherever you run, I will follow." Edward smiled. I took that as a yes and bolted out of his arms and started running towards our special place. I heard Edward laughing lightly as he chased me there. He caught up and slung me on his back.

"Mine." I purred, kissed and nipped his neck as I clung on to him.

"For all eternity, my Love. Hold on spider monkey." I squealed as he picked up the pace.

The End!

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