Hola, readers. Maybe I was hallucinating-it happens, okay?-but in one of the Hunger Games books, Katniss mentions that once when she had twisted her knee, Gale had carried her home. Then something about sneaking out late at night to the woods, and huddling under blankets. Pardon me, if i'm speaking nonsense. Can somebody please find this page in one of the books?

The pain is blinding. For a moment, I just lie there on my side, unmoving. It takes five seconds for Gale to leap down from the tree, landing right beside me.

"Katniss," he whispers, his hands flitting above me, searching for the cause of the pain. When he brushes his hand against my left knee, I cry out in pain. It's unintentional, of course. I hate showing weakness, but the only person who sees me is Gale. If I can't suffer in front of him, than whom can I suffer in front of?

It's late afternoon by now—we had been sitting in that tree for so long, waiting for game to pass by—Gale and I have had multiple kills already; two rabbits and three squirrels. All of which are in my game bag, sprawled a few feet away from me.

"You're knee," Gale continues, "It's broken?"

"Twisted, I think," I reply.

I roll onto my back gingerly and take a deep breath. Gale clutches my arm as I try to rise to my feet. Immediately, pain shoots through my knee. Before I can collapse back onto the ground, Gale's arms wrap around me and he pulls me to his chest.

"Well, isn't this convenient," I mutter.

Suddenly, I'm thrown over Gale's shoulder, swiftly but gently.

"Wait, what—"

As Gale leans over to retrieve my game bag, my head hovers over his shoulder, just inches from the ground.

"Put me down!" I hiss.

"Are you insane? You can't even stand up straight!" he protests.

"Gale." I repeat.

He sighs and carefully sets me down.

I balance on one foot, still holding onto his arm.

"It's a half an hour walk back to the Seam. Do you think that you're able to handle that walk?"

"No," I admit.

The smallest of smiles appears on Gale's face as he scoops me and we slowly make our way back.

As we head back, I start thinking, I could get used to being carried around all the time.

I still have my bow in hand, and my quiver is slung across Gale's back along with my game back and his own bow.

"Gale," I say.

"Yeah?" he asks.

For the first time, I realize how close his face is to mine. For a moment, I just stare at him and he stares back.


Gale smiles again and I rest my head on his shoulder.

I don't like to depend on people. They always disappear when you need them the most. But I have a feeling that Gale won't be going anywhere.

At least, not without me.

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