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Title: Dealing with the Pressure

Name: Layne Faire

Pairing: Jasper - Edward provides the fuel for his fantasies

Rating: M (as all good wanks should be!)

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight and Jasper; I just borrow, use, and abuse him for my own self-indulgent little pleasures.

Thanks and love to nails233 and butterflybetty who indulge my pervalicious flights of fancy.

Dealing With the Pressure

The sound of my slamming locker door reverberated through the deserted hallways. Of course they were deserted. Everyone else in the free world was off enjoying the unseasonable temperatures, while I spent an hour in detention with Mr. Banner for snapping someone's ass with a towel. Absolute bullshit in my book. Then again, I would have been in deeper shit if anyone knew the real reason why I'd done it in the first place. My free show every afternoon would be over if the truth ever got out.

Edward Cullen. Yeah, it was his ass. But I only did it because I knew he'd turn around, and when he did, I'd get another view of my favorite piece of eye candy. That's right - Edward's thick, uncut cock, jutting proudly from its nest of bronze curls. His dick is the stuff that wet dreams are made of. I should know, since it's fueled more than a few of mine. The entire female population of Forks High School wanted to do him, the guys wanted to be him. Me? I'm batting for the other team, and I guarantee the ladies have nothing on my mad skills. Too bad for me, though. With his track record of conquests among the willing young ladies, Edward's preference was obvious. But hey, a guy can dream, right?

Storming out to my truck, I noticed a piece of paper tucked underneath my windshield wiper. I unlocked the door and tossed my books across the seat before pulling it out. My twin sister, Rosalie, had left me a note.


When you get done kissing Banner's ass, head straight home.

Dad opened the pool and the gang is all hanging at our place.

Alice will be there, you can thank me later.


Fucking great! The last thing I felt like doing was fending off Alice. She's cute; don't get me wrong, but uhm, yeah NOT my type. Rose knows I'm not interested in Alice, even if she doesn't know WHY I'm not interested in her, but she still keeps inviting her to join us for shit. The only benefit I could find to Alice being around would be that it also meant Edward would be there, too. He never let his little sister go anywhere alone.

I pulled out of the parking lot to head home, thoughts of Edward in my pool running through my mind. Visions of water running down his sculpted abs and wet board shorts hanging low on his hips were enough to bring The Major to attention, like the good little soldier he was. Palming the crotch of my 501s, I adjusted my growing problem. With a groan, I knew I'd need to take care of it before I joined everyone out at the pool. Sporting wood in board shorts would only draw unwanted attention. Pulling into the driveway, I left my school stuff in the car. With only six days until graduation, a day's missed homework wouldn't damage my near perfect grades.

Walking through the front door, I heard a loud shriek from the backyard, followed by the sounds of splashing. Music wove in amongst the noise, adding to the party atmosphere. Most of us were days away from freedom and we were celebrating early. Through the screen door, I saw him. Ignoring the ladder, he pressed his hands down on the deck, hoisting his body out of the water. The muscles in his shoulders rippled with the effort, his triceps bunching, then releasing when he settled down to sit on the side of the pool. My mouth went dry at the sight of rivulets of water dripping from his hair, to cascade across his chest, before following the line of hair into his shorts. I licked my lips, dying to follow the water down his body. My dick twitched in response, threatening to split the frayed seams around my favorite pair of button flys. With a groan, I stumbled upstairs to my room, planning to take matters in hand.

Kicking the door shut behind me, I docked my iPod, cranking a playlist I'd created for just such an occasion. Motley Crüe's "Ten Seconds to Love" pounded out of the speakers, Vince Neil's growl heading straight to my already throbbing dick. What? Hey, the images I use to get off may be different than most eighteen year old guys, but I AM still an eighteen year old guy. My whole life revolves around making The Major happy. Besides, the noise covers up when I forget to shut up; I sure as hell don't need company when I'm flogging the log, know what I'm saying?

Walking across the room, I dragged my faded black Nine Inch Nails t-shirt over my head, before tugging at the waist of my jeans, the well-worn buttonholes easily giving way. Reaching the bathroom, I shoved the faded denim down and stepped out of them, my rigid cock springing free to bob up against my tensed abdomen. Moisture had already begun to accumulate on the reddened tip. Palming the head to gather it on my hand, I pushed the door almost closed, before stepping over to the window that looked out over the backyard…and the pool. The track changed on my iPod, "In Your Room" by Depeche Mode filling the air. While my hand languidly stroked down the pulsing shaft, my eyes sought out the object of my obsession. Focusing on only him, I watched him walk the edge of the pool, his wide shoulders tapering down to narrow hips. His shorts had slid down from the weight of the water, the dimples at the top of his ass begging for my tongue to dip into the divots.

I picked up the pace, my fingers pressing into the large vein that ran the base of my shaft, my hips starting to thrust into my tight grip. I braced my hand against the wall, supporting my weight while the tension mounted, coiling low in my stomach. When Edward stopped to bend over to talk to his sister, I moaned at the sight of his ass outlined by the wet shorts. Blood rushed through my body, hazing my vision. Over the roaring sounds in my ears, I heard the music change tracks again, heavy breathing and moans filling the air from "Get Down Make Love". I leaned my head against the wall, moving my hand down to cup my wrinkled sac. My balls were drawn up tight to my body, each tug on them tightening the coil inside me. Letting go, I pulled the lube out of the medicine chest. Dribbling some across my fingers, I double-fisted my twitching cock. My hands moved in unison while I watched the leaking tip slide in and out of the tight tunnel created by my grasp.

Closing my eyes, I let my mind wander down paths I didn't often indulge. My hands became Edward's puckered hole, wrapping around me like a glove, while I took him over my bathroom sink. Widening my stance and resting one foot on the closed commode, I took my balls in hand again, my index finger teasing across my own opening. A strangled groan escaped my mouth, guttural curses filling the room, drowning out the opening riffs of "Primal Scream." My hips snapped into the side of my hand while each thrust and stroke became increasingly erratic. The muscles in my thighs clenched, my toes curling into the carpet underneath, when I slid my lubed finger into my ass. Releasing a hissing breath, I eased in and out searching for the sweet spot that would push me over. Oblivious to everything else, I focused only on the tingling sensations racing down my spine. With a deep thrust of my finger and a tight stroke of my fist, the world shattered, Edward's name falling from my lips. Withdrawing my finger, I grabbed the windowsill for support. Dragging my eyes open, I watched hot streams of cum shot paint stripes across my stomach, my hand still working up and down my pulsing shaft. I was dragged out of my orgasmic high by the sound of someone clearing their throat. Turning to the now open door, my dick still in my hand, my eyes widened to see Edward standing there.

Embarrassed as fuck, I tried to shove the door shut, but his hand shot out to stop it. It was then I noticed his own erection prominently outlined by his wet board shorts. But it was his words that chased the embarrassment away.

"Thank the fuck, Jas! I've spent the last six months trying to figure out how to get your delicious lips around my dick."

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