This is the first time I had ever tried to make a Bella and Alec story, so I hope you all like this, I had gotten some people asking me to make this so, here you go, my best at making this.

Bella's Pov

I watched my enemy ready to attack at any given moment, at the same time analyzing all his weaknesses, and getting ready to counter any one of his attacks.

Felix came charging me with a serious frown on his face, but growled in frustration as I pinned him back to the ground for the eighth time in a row.

Caius sighed.

"Ok, time out for you Bella, let's give Felix a break for a second." Caius said glaring at Felix in disappointment.

"Alright." I nodded, and went walked back to the waiting audience.

I sat down nicely on Alec's lap, smiling as he wrapped his arms tenderly around me.

"Very impressive Bella, you have to teach me to fight like that." Demetri said with a smile to me.

"I don't think so, wouldn't want you to know all my little tricks now would I." I said raising an amused brow at that.

Alec chuckled at that, and kissed the back of my head.

"As clever as always my sweet." He said, making my dead heart flutter at his words, and I grinned as I turned a little to look at him.

A cleared cough from in front of us made me turn to see Caius, and Felix looking impatiently to me.

"Come on, let me try again." Felix said looking eager to get back to it.

I sighed, and got off of Alec, quickly giving him a kiss. He kissed me back, cupping my face gently as his lips creased mine.

"Be right back." I said with a wink to him.

He chuckled. "You better be."

I walked back over to Felix, and Caius looking curiously at the both of them.

"Alright Bella, now let's work on you're powers for a while." Caius said not looking very interested at all, mainly looking tired from having to keep Felix motivated to keep fighting me.

I nodded calmly.

"Ok, what do you want me to do?" I wondered.

"I'm going to have Felix attack you, and you are to make him do something completely different." Caius said seriously, and I nodded.

Caius gave Felix a nod, then he was charging after me, with a low growl.

I closed my eyes, and quickly pulled at a rubber band, stretching it over me, then letting in slowly sink into Felix's body, making him freeze right in front of me.

Slowly I made he feel like dancing, and he began to dance in the most ridiculous way possible.

The other's were laughing as they watched this, even Caius cracked a smile at it, but as soon groaning as I let Felix go, and he began hitting at the ground in anger.

He wasn't used to be constantly beat, nor was many of the others when I first came here.

"Alright Bella, you and the others are feel to go, see you all back here in twelve hours." Caius said picking Felix up with one hand, and giving him a push to the others.

I gave him a playful bump.

"Better try next time." I grinned, and he rolled his eyes at me with a smirk.

"Hell no Bella, you know that was all just luck, I let you beat me." He said waving his hand.

I laughed at that.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot." I laughed, and quickly walked over to Alec, taking his smooth hand in mine, and gasping at the small tingles I got at the contact.

"Ready to hunt?" He asked smiling at me before kissing me on the forehead, and leading me out of the Volturi training room. Jane was following closely behind up, with a content smile, as she glanced between us.

Jane had made it quite clear that she was glad her brother was happy with me, and we made both each other happy, but I shivered at the pain she would put me through if I ever broke his heart. But I knew I would never do that, it's not even possible for me to love anyone more then Alec, he is so kind, he knows me better then I know myself half the time, and he was always there for me, what better man was out there.

"Sure," I shrugged, and with that we were out getting ready for our dinner.

We would have to be quick, Aro was expecting company, lots of company, all the well none vampire around would be there, Aro's top guard members would also be there which included me, Alec, and Jane.

I was nervous to meet these new vampires, I heard many stories about one vampire group in particular, the Cullen's, they only drank the blood of animals, how could this even be possible, I would make sure to ask one of them during the dinner.

I just hope I wouldn't end up embarrassing myself, or anyone one else at the meeting, sometimes I was prone to disaster, even as a vampire.

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