Bella's Pov

The meeting dragged on, and on for I know hours, but I couldn't say it was the most boring meeting ever, I was able to watch many of the others demonstrate their powers for all to see, and some were very interesting.

"Bella how about you show you're powers." My father said with a proud smile to me.

I stood up with a small smile.

"Sure thing." I said with a nod, and slowly I raised my hands up, and focused my energy on the strange boy named Edward, and began to control his actions.

I suddenly made him climb on top of the dance and do the cha cha slide.

Everyone was now roaring in laughter as they watched him dance, and soon a had almost everyone on the table dancing with him.

When I finally let them all go, they stood up there in shock, and amusement.

"Wow, that is one useful power." Someone laughed as they all got off the table.

I watched as Aro chuckled at this.

"Yes, and her powers are still developing, once she has fully mastered her powers she will be an extremely powerful vampire." He said patting my hand, and I grinned.

I was just glad it made him so happy, I didn't care about my powers, I just cared about making the others happy, as long as they were happy I was happy.

"Indeed she will be." Carlisle said looking at me with curiousness, and interest.

"So I will be hoping many of you will stop by for a visit before the next centaury meeting, as always I would like to know would anyone here wish to stay?" Aro asked with a curious smile.

At first it was silent, but I watched Edward raised his hand.

"I would like to stay…" He said, but it almost sounded as if he really didn't want to. Well that made no sense, if he didn't want to stay why would he?

Alec tensed at this with a glare, as did some of the others from the guard. For some reason most of the guard didn't like Edward very much it appeared, maybe it was because of his powers of reading their inner most thoughts, or maybe it was just the defiant look he had to him, it was like he was willing to stand up for just about anything that he believed in.

The pixie type one looked at Edward with a pout but spoke up reluctantly.

"I will to." She said seriously, but just like Edward she didn't seem to want to either.

"As will I." The blonde haired boy said that was sitting beside the pixie one.

Aro looked shocked, but beyond happy.

"Excellent, I'll send for you're rooms immediately." He said, and snapped his fingers, causing three of the maids, to go off running to the empty rooms.

"What has changed you're minds might I ask?" Aro asked with a raised brow to each of them.

Edward shrugged, making sure to keep his eyes away from me.

"Just decided to try something new." He said lowly.

Carlisle looked at the three of them with understanding.

"We will come and visit often." He said looking a little sad.

"I'm sure well will come visit you to Carlisle." The pixie said hugging him.

My heart warmed at the love this family showed for each other, it confused me as to why they would split up like this to just become part of the Volturi, which it was obvious they didn't want to at all, so why the heck are they joining?

"Splendid, any one else wish to stay?" Aro wondered, but all was silent, so he nodded.

"Well thanks so much for coming, see you all soon I hope." He said with a sigh, and I watched as everyone was quickly out of they seats, and half of them was already gone.

It was pretty amusing how people feared us so much, but I guess they really should be, we aren't the safest people to be around.

The family of gold eyes all hugged each other before they split up, finally everyone was gone, and Edward, and the other two vampires slowly walked over to us.

"Edward, Alice, and Jasper part of the Volturi never thought I'd see the day…" Jane said with a flat voice.

So that was their names.

I took Alec's hand as we now stood up, and walked over to the new members.

"Well I guess we'll see you tonight for the ceremony, be prepared. Alec said with a uninterested look.

I nudged him, making him look at me, and his eyes suddenly filled with life, and brightness, as he smiled down at me.

"It's really easy and simple, just be calm, and tell the truth." I said to them with a small smile.

Edward slowly smiled at me as he listened to my words.

Alec wrapped his arms around me glaring at them.

"Well, were off for a hunt, I'm guessing you aren't coming." Alec said raising a brow at them.

They all flinched at this, and shoo their heads.

"Nah, we aren't thirsty at the moment…" The boy we I guess is Jasper.

Alec, and Jane shrugged.

"What ever, bye." Jane said, and we all turned and left.

I leaned in Alec's side, as I looked up at him.

"Why do you all hate the Cullen's so much any way?" I wondered.

Alec stroked my face now as we stopped, letting the others go ahead without us.

"It's nothing really to personal, two powerful groups of family's always have competitive feelings towards each other, the Cullen's are the second biggest coven of vampires, and they have powers that we don't so we have always thought of them more as rivals, and we often never are friendly with rivals." Alec explained, wrapping one arm around me while the other cupped my face, and his fingers traced my lips tenderly.

I understood this, but it was to hard for me to think of anything when Alec was this close, desire coated my eyes as I looked at him.

He shared this look, and soon our lips were locked in a passionate kiss.

Alec hitched my legs up around his waist, and slowly pulled me into a random room. I smirked in eagerness as I pressed myself against him, sticking my tongue into his mouth.

He growled lowly at this, and soon our tongues were battling for dominance.

To many people vampires saw Alec as shy, quiet, but also scary, powerful, and someone to be afraid of, but I knew better, I saw the other part of him.

I moaned as I felt his lower half pushing against me, making me rock against him.

My hands quickly went to his shirt, ripping it off him quickly, and letting my hands run down his perfect chest.

Alec moaned a little at my touch, and quickly had my shirt off, snapping my bra off with one finger, and kissing down to my breasts.

I locked my legs tighter around him pushing myself closer as his mouth went to my nipples, sucking them, driving me completely nuts.

When he finally pulled away from them I almost whimpered at the loss of sensation, but my hand went down to his zipper, and his pants were off in seconds showing his large erection.

I became more wet at the sight of it, and began to bounce up and down on it with a teasing smile.

He groaned, and his hands went to my butt squeezing it closer to him, and bucking against me.

"You don't play fair Bella." He purred, and I laughed at how strained his voice sounded.

I slowly slid down from him, getting on my knees in front of him, and I began to kiss up his length, making his breathing increase.

I ripped his boxers off, and slowly began to lick up his shaft, grinning at the moans he was making now, and how he was clutching at the wall, his fingers going right through the wall.

I took him all in my mouth bobbing up and down in quick fast motions, and soon his hands were in my hair making me go to the right speed and angel to go perfect for him.

So fast that I didn't even see it Alec had me up, and on the bed, hovering over me with lusty eyes.

I nodded to him, and he quickly entered me, filling me with pleasure, and I began to grind him.

He met my hips at every thrust filling us both with a pleasure that couldn't be described with words.

I could hear the bed shaking with the roughness of our thrusting, but I didn't care. My fingers dig into his back, probably breaking a humans back if he had been human.

My breathing was ragged, along with his, and as we both climaxed together I flipped him over and rode it out making mini explosions of pleasure to happen over and over again.

Finally when he pulled out of me I sighed contently, and laid down beside him under the covers.

He wrapped an arm around me now, with a calm smile.

"Amazing as always my love." He said watching me with a happiness that warmed my insides.

I giggled.

"You were to bad yourself." I said reaching up and kissing his neck.

Then we just sat there, and talked for a while, I don't know how long we stayed like this but to so we had to go.

"If Felix finds out what we just did in his room he'll freak out again." Alec said with an amused smile as he sat us both up.

I sighed, and nodded with a smile.

What could I say though, Alec and I were the closest couple in the Volturi, when it came to our physical relationship it was just as strong.

I just hope that nothing will ever come in the way our are little piece of happiness. But I couldn't help but think of the world out there, not being a member of a guard, but having a normal life, were I'm sitting on a porch swing with Alec, sipping at ice tea, and watching our children play around us. I felt knots growing in my stomach at the thought, I had never admitted this to any before, but I yearned for that type of life, but I was afraid that Alec wouldn't. He seems to love his role here as a guard of the Volturi, and isn't at all interested in a boring ordinary life. I couldn't risk our relationship on telling him my desires, I was happy here with him, he was all I needed.

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