"Kurt...?" Blaine's hand closed around the younger boy's wrist, and Kurt turned back to catch a frantic look of terror spreading across Blaine's face. "I love you..."

"...Run" Blaine breathed. Confusion filled Kurt's mind, and he grasped his lover's hand once again. "Run." He stated firmly.

"Kurt, get away from there," called the older man from the doorway. The younger boy glanced back and forth between the two companions before settling on Blaine's panic-stricken eyes.

"RUN!" he shouted, and Kurt scrambled to release himself from Blaine's grip. But it was too late.

Blaine's hand tightened around Kurt's arm and his head flew back, mouth wide and nostrils flared. The thick black smoke funneled into his body and the grip tightened.

Kurt clawed at the hand that held him. He was vaguely aware that the man in the doorway was yelling for him to get out, but his mind was already wild with fear and he could not shake his captor. He glanced back up at Blaine's face as it snapped forward.

"He told you to run, boy" snarled what had once been Blaine's kind and gentle mouth. His eyes were black as coal and hard as obsidian, no whites remaining. He bore his perfect white teeth in a pained sneer.

Above his head Kurt saw the white chalk pattern glowing a hot red. Through the hand clenched around his wrist, Kurt felt the vile energy surging beneath Blaine's skin and fighting the binding inscription. That diabolical energy swelled and Kurt was ensnared in the demon-possessed arms of his lover, a knife blade pressed to his throat.

"Now, you will free me! Or shall I cut this one to ribbons as well?" It crowed to the older man in the doorway, now joined there by his brother. "...or worse..."

He no longer struggled lest he land himself with a slit throat, but a shudder ran Kurt's body, nonetheless, to consider what could possibly be worse than being bled to death.

"You make a pretty pawn," it hissed, seductive and sickening, into Kurt's ear, and Kurt felt the hot black smoke licking at his cheek. The demon smoke twisted in, deafening him as it slipped into his body.

Paralyzing him to everything but fear...

A/N: I have been itching to write some Kurt/Blaine horror since I discovered that Demon Blaine is apparently a thing. I believe it's written "demon!blaine" or some such like that. Anyway.
Written while listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, particularly O Children and Lovely Creature. Vaguely implied Supernatural Xover. This is meant to be a sort of crack/oneshot, but maybe I'll be pursuaded to continue after I've gotten further along with YWAMH.
R&R, concrit, etc is most welcome and appreciated. Cheers!