Date Written: 30 July 2012

Date Published: 30 July 2012

Word Count: 393

Dedication: Sudden inspiration when I really should be getting to sleep.

AN:/: If you spot any errors don't hesitate to tell me. :D

Really, in all of Tajima's blunders, this had to be the biggest.

What could be so bad that it topped all others previously, you may ask?

Easy. He'd lost Mihashi, but that wasn't the worst of it. Not in the least. He'd lost a drunk Mihashi. In Tokyo. So, no real need to reiterate the severity of his situation should an unnamed, cranky jackass find out about said misplaced Mihashi.

The other teammates (Hanai of course having been selected to derail Abe with "captainly duties") scoured various sections of the city. The. Effing. Huge. City. Well, at least the portion within a mile radius of the last known location.

What d'you mean how'd he get lost? Weren't you paying attenti-oh. Oops, my bad. You weren't there...suffice it to say that invoking Abe's name in the actual dare did strange things to the pitcher's thought process. A wonderful story, but the urgency of the situation demands that it be told at a later date. If Tajima survived the next few hours...He really hoped he could find Mihashi. A bat to the teeth didn't sound too appetizing.

Tajima forced himself to stop and take a breather from his minutes long run. He doubled over, arms wrapped around the chest that felt like it would explode and implode in the same instant. After a few minutes he straightens and begins yet another run. He doubles and redoubles his sector, until he collapsed onto a bench and couldn't move another inch.

Night had fallen. Well, more like twilight, but whatever. Either way, Tajima's worry for his comrade doubled an infinite amount of times. Who knew what could happen to him after hours?

He whipped out his phone, dead set on calling the cops when a splash of sandy brown hair caught the corner of his eye. He glanced down the alley by the bench to double check. The brief relief at finding Mihashi turned to a vengeful one. While it figured that Abe would be the one to find his battery partner, they obviously hadn't figured that Tajima would find them, if the way Mihashi had Abe pressed to the wall and damn near mewling was any indication.

His phone found new purpose in snapping a few incriminating pictures for future blackmail before he sent out a mass text to his teammates.

'Abe found him.'