This story is the sequel to Elementary Love. So if you clicked this, I'm glad, but you should totally read Elementary Love first! A lot of this probably won't make any sense without it! But if you did read Elementary Love, I hope you enjoy Rapid Eye Movement!

So yeah... I'm writing this author's note five years after writing this and...

Yes. This story is terrible. I know, I'm really not proud of it.

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To anyone who has given me constructive criticism, I really appreciate it. My writing was really childish then, but I have been getting better (I hope).

Thanks for reading regardless, and thanks for all the reviews and favorites!

Chapter One: "Sorry, but I Don't Know What You're Talking About"?

It was weeks after Spencer Reid had confessed his love to Aaron Hotchner. While nothing had changed and everything had seemed normal, Reid felt odd. Odd is a word that could describe many things, but Reid wasn't sure what context to use it for.

Did he seem bothered by the fact that Hotch never brought up Reid's feelings for him again? No, that couldn't have been it. Reid wanted things to stay this way; it would be a huge risk to talk about, considering if anyone besides his six teammates found out, Reid would be transferred on the spot.

But…Reid only wanted things to remain the same because it was in his and everyone's best interest. What he really desired was something else…

He wanted Hotch. Really bad.

Sure, Reid had confessed his love to Hotch, but then Reid told him to not worry about responding to it. He figured that Hotch falling asleep on his couch had been a better solution than Hotch staying awake and Reid pestering him for an answer.

But Hotch didn't have to act like Reid never confessed his love for him. It was driving him insane.

Reid felt it would be out of place to confront him about it. Hell, he wouldn't even know how to go about doing it. But he had to do something or else he was going to lose it.

What a mess.

What should I do? Reid asked himself, eyeing the picture of Hotch he (for some reason) had on his desk with a quizzical look. He frowned.

"Kid, if you stare at that picture like that longer, you might burn a hole through it," Derek Morgan chuckled as he approached Reid's desk.

"Morgan, that's absurd. That's not even physically possible," Reid quickly averted his gaze to the sparkly glitter pen Penelope Garcia accidentally left on his desk earlier that morning.

"What's troubling you? Hotch?"

Reid almost perked up at his name, but somehow kept his composure. "Sort of. I just wish he…would acknowledge…"

"Reid, didn't you tell yourself you wouldn't be bothered by it?"

"I-I know! It's…it's just difficult to deal with."

"Hmm…" Morgan curled his mouth. "What if you talk to him? I mean, not about your feelings, but just about…anything. Anything you want to talk about."

"W-what?" Reid dropped Garcia's pen, which he had been spinning between his fingers.

"You know, like, invite him to dinner or something."

"W-what?" Reid said much louder than was necessary. "L-like a d-d-da-?"

"Not like that," Morgan smiled. "I go to dinner with Garcia sometimes. Those aren't dates, just casual outings with each other."

Reid raised an eyebrow. "Morgan, that's you and Garcia. That's different. Very different."

"Reid, lighten up! I'm just trying to help."

"F-fine! But I don't even know what we'd talk about!" He flew out his chair and darted toward the break room. That was when Emily Prentiss walked over.

"What was that about?" she glanced back at the break room, indicating she was talking about Reid.

"He thinks I'm trying to set him up on a date with Hotch." Morgan said.

"Well, were you?"

"No…" Morgan chuckled. "Maybe."


"I can't help it! He's like a little girl with a school crush! It's driving him nuts that Hotch is treating him the same exact way he always has. Reid is craving Hotch's attention. All I suggested was that he invite him to dinner to talk."

"Rossi says we shouldn't encourage anything…"

"What are they gonna do, make out? I just wanna help him out."

"I know…" Prentiss watched Reid as he fumbled to make coffee. "Spencer wants things to remain normal, but he really likes Hotch. Even a genius like him will crack from the…pain."

Morgan and Prentiss sat in silence for a moment.

"Oh," a light bulb went off in Morgan's head. "I think I'm gonna go talk to Hotch."

"What?" Prentiss sounded confused. "What are you going to say to him?"

Morgan winked. "Reid she wrote."

"Knock, knock!" Morgan announced as he walked in Hotch's office.

"Come in," Hotch glanced up from his paperwork. "Oh, well I guess you already did."

"Sorry," Morgan raised his hand, "were you busy?"

"It's fine." That was a no. "What is it?"

"Are you gonna have any free time soon? Like this weekend or something?"

Hotch blinked. "Morgan, I'm always busy."

"C'mon, Hotch," Morgan rolled his eyes, "take a break."

"What is it you want me to be free for?"

"You wanna go to dinner?"

Hotch blinked again. "Are you asking me out?"

"Bwahahaha!" Morgan burst out laughing. "No, of course not! I'm not the one asking!"

"Well then who is?"

"Your friend Reid."

"Reid?" Hotch slightly cocked his head to the side. "Why Reid?"

"He just wants to talk to you."

"Talk? About what? Is something wrong?"

"Hotch, you ask too many questions. Nothing's wrong, it's just casual conversation."

"…What? Don't we have enough casual conversation here?"

"Hotch! Do I have to be literal about it?" Morgan wanted to facepalm himself. "Reid wants to spend some time with you. Just you!"

Hotch's face was distorting in more and more confusion. "What? Why would he want that?"

Morgan actually did facepalm himself. "Reid…it's driving him crazy that you're acting like he never confessed to you. I mean, it's understandable that we shouldn't make it know anyone else, especially Strauss…most definitely Strauss, but the kid's about to go nuts."

"…Confess? Confess what? A crime?"

This was seriously about to turn into a Coulda-Had-A-V8 moment. "Hotch, Reid confessed his love to you. I can't…I can't get any more literal than that."

Hotch's face turned to a look horror so fast, Morgan actually recoiled. "What?"

"Whoa! What's wrong?"

"…How do you know about that dream I had three weeks ago?"