Final Chapter: Thank You for Being With Me

"So, Gabrielle survived?" Prentiss asked for confirmation.

"Yes, and she's going to be taken back to England to be jailed there," Hotch said.

"Good. Now at least we know she's not in the same country as us…" Morgan sighed in relief.

"So, what about you two lovebirds?" Garcia squealed, almost too loudly in the bullpen. Some heads turned to face the group of seven.

"Shush, Garcia!" Reid his hand over Garcia's mouth. "Do we want to let the whole office to know? Or Strauss?"

"Why don't we go in Hotch's office?" JJ suggested.

The team shuffled into his office and closed the door.

"Come on, now! It's been now many weeks now? You just got back to work, Spence, and I haven't gotten much of an update on this." Garcia scoffed.

"None of us have," Morgan said. Everyone turned to face Reid and Hotch, who were standing opposite to the rest of the team.

"U-um…" Reid stuttered, not knowing what to say.

Hotch hugged Reid from behind and smiled. "Well, does this do anything for you?" Reid blushed.

The three girls squealed while Morgan chuckled and Rossi rolled his eyes.

"Keep that up and Erin really will find out…" Rossi said.

"I just did that on purpose," Hotch let Reid go. "There's your answer."

"I-I love…Aaron…very m-much…" Reid scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Oh, I already knew that much! Spencer, you are so cute!" Garcia threw her arms around Reid and squeezed.

"Not so hard, Garcia!" Hotch warned.

"Oops!" Garcia let go and poked Reid's chest. "I guess you're still… a little injured. But if I can't hug Reid, than Hotch can't either!"

Morgan chuckled.

"A-anyway…" Reid turned his head. "Just remember to keep this a secret!"

"Of course," Prentiss nodded.

"So naughty, Reid!" Garcia laughed.

"H-hey!" Reid stomped his foot. "That's not funny!"

The rest of the team then began laughing, even Rossi who smiled and let out a chuckle. Behind all of the laughs, everyone was just glad that Reid was okay and that Gabrielle was finally gone. And even better, Hotch and Reid were together now. Hotch had moved on from the loss of his wife and Reid didn't have to worry about Hotch not returning his feelings. All was good.

Hotch grabbed Reid's hand. Reid turned to face him and Hotch leaned closer to him.

"I love you…" Hotch whispered.

"…I love you, too…" Reid whispered back and blushed.

The team continued laughing together, and life continued on. Reid clenched his grip on Hotch's hand.

Just the way he wanted it to be.

And it's finally over! I can't believe it's over already. As for the name of my stories (if anyone cares. I normally put a lot of thought into naming my stories…), Elementary Love was named as such because of Reid's feelings for Hotch seemed like what a small child might have for a cute girl in their class or something. Didn't it feel that way? I mean, I made him so ridiculously clumsy and it was like he had some kindergarten crush on him more than he was actually in love, considering Reid had never been in love before (we're gonna skip over Episode 18 of Season 1..) And Rapid Eye Movement, well, that was kinda described last chapter. Hotch's supposed "dream" about Reid's confession. Dreams occur in the REM stage of sleep. Anyway, I'll stop aimlessly rambling now. I hope you enjoyed it! As a reflection to the title to this last chapter, thank you for staying to read it all!