Once upon a time in the most northeast corner of upstate New York there was a sleepy little town called Westchester County. And in this county, there was an unassuming stretch of land. And housed on this land was a school for gifted youngsters. There were students, of course, of all shapes, sizes, and talents and professors of equal variety. The founder of the school, Charles Xavier, or Professor X as some called him, had established the school as a place of learning as well as a sanctuary for wayward waifs, lost souls, and mutant outsiders.

Maybe that's why she stumbled upon 1407 Graymalkin Lane rather than a 7-eleven. Perhaps the school had known she was lost and broken and thus guided her through some unknown frequency, bringing her to its rolling grounds and protective stone walls. Maybe it would accept her and keep her safe, in spite of the life she had already lived. Maybe she would finally reclaim her identity within it's welcoming halls. Maybe.