I sadly do not own Glee or any of the awesome characters, they all belong to the wonderful Ryan Murphy and co. I do, however, own Olivia.

a/n Quinn's parents died at the beginning of senior year, leaving her and her four year old sister, Olivia behind.

Chapter 1

Quinn enters the choir room with Olivia's hand in hers and instantly knows something is wrong. Santana, Mr Shue and Rachel are standing in the middle of the room, the rest of the glee club surrounding them, looking apprehensive. As she got further into the room, Quinn notices that their teacher is standing between the two girls with an arm spread out towards each of them. Santana looks furious and she opens her mouth to, no doubt, insult the shorter girl but she is stopped by Olivia who wrenches her hand out of Quinn's and runs to the latina, wrapping her tiny arms around her legs.

"Hey, pretty girl," Santana says to the child, picking her up. She throws Rachel a look that clearly says this isn't over and walks over to Quinn, much to the relief of a very flustered looking Mr Shue.

"Everything okay?" Quinn asks her girlfriend, leaning forward to give her a soft kiss on the lips.

"I'll tell you later," she answers, her eyes indicating towards Olivia. Quinn nods and leads them to the back row of chairs amongst the rest of the glee club who had settled into their chairs. Santana feels herself calm down as Olivia leans back against her and Quinn puts her arm around her. She can sense Rachel glaring at her, I''ll deal with the dwarf later she thinks to herself, leaning into Quinn's side.

"Alright guys, sectionals are coming up so we need to start thinking about song selections," Mr Shue begins, walking to the piano and leaning against it, "and we need to start thinking about who will be singing the solo."

Of course, Rachel's hand flies up at this, causing a sigh to escape from all of the glee club apart from Finn, who is gazing lovingly at her.

"Mr Shue, I would be more than happy to do the honours," she says to the unsurprised teacher.

"I don't want the hobbit to sing." Everyone turns to look at Olivia, most with amused looks on their faces. Santana smirks proudly.

"Olivia you can't call people names," Quinn reprimanded her gently, looking the small girl in the eyes. "And you don't have to repeat everything Santana says," she adds, shooting Santana a reproving look.

"But she made you sad," she says with a cute pout, referring to the fact that Finn left Quinn for Rachel. Quinn smiles at her little sister and pats the child's knee.

"I'm not sad anymore sweetie," she says, giving Santana a meaningful look which causes the latina to smile softly.


"Am i in trouble for calling Rachel a hobbit?" Olivia asks her older sister as she straps her into the back of the s.u.v. Quinn sighs and looks at her sister.

"No, but don't do it again," she says, kissing Olivia's forehead and climbing back out the car, closing the door softly and getting into the driver's seat next to Santana.

"You coming to my place or am i taking you home?" Quinn asks her.

"I need to go home for a little bit, keep my mom happy but i'll come over after dinner," the latina says, clipping her seat belt in. Quinn nods and does the same. She starts up the car just as Olivia starts her usual chatter about kindergarden. She listens to her girlfriend converse with her sister and it warms her heart. The girl who was there for them both when their parents died, the one who had put the smiles back on their faces, and the one she couldn't llive without. She still thought about how lucky she was to have Santana in their lives.