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Chapter 64

Quinn smiles gratefully, accepting her coffee from Kurt as he joins her at the small table tucked in the corner of the busy coffee shop. She glances down at Caleb as he sleeps in his stroller, adjusting his favourite stuffed animal so that it's no longer about to fall off of his lap. She and Kurt usually meet here at least once a week and, this week especially, Quinn is glad for the distraction.

"So, how are you doing?" Kurt asks kindly, scooting his chair closer to Quinn's.

"I'm okay," Quinn shrugs, "it's just been a stressful week. Santana's doing a lot worse than I am. She comes home tired from work and instead of getting a chance to relax, she's either talking to her mom and dad about where they should scatter Adam's ashes, or calming Brittany down because she's terrified about having the baby with Adam, or dealing with Olivia. Everything is just a mess right now," Quinn sighs.

"What's going on with Olivia?" Kurt questions with a frown.

"She's been acting out a lot," Quinn sighs, "both at home and at school. Things have been hard for her recently, I guess it's just been too much for her. We have no idea what to do, I mean, we tried talking to her about it and she seems to take it all in but then the next day she gets herself into some sort of trouble again. It feels like all we're doing is punishing her for something, and I just wish she'd open up to us," Quinn murmurs. "She even has an attitude with Santana a lot, most of the time she saves the attitude for me but Santana's been getting a whole lot, too."

"Well she always talks to you guys once she's ready," Kurt reasons gently.

"Because Adam would reason with her," Quinn states softly. "He wasn't just her uncle, you know, he was her friend. She'd talk to him about things and he would listen and give her advice and remind her that she has two moms who would happily let her just rant about things that were bothering her. She needed that person who was outside of the house to give her a fresh perspective."

"I'm sorry, I wish I knew what to suggest," Kurt says softly, reaching out and laying his hand on top of Quinn's. "It's a total cliche but things will get better, it just takes time."

"Yeah, I know," Quinn sighs. "She's supposed to be going to Lima for a couple of days with Santana but I just don't think it's such a good idea anymore. What with Olivia's recent behaviour and Santana's fuse being shorter than usual, I don't think I'd ever see my daughter again," she states with a light chuckle.

"Why don't you go with them?" Kurt suggests, "Blaine and I could take care of Caleb. The three of you could go for the weekend. Santana can help her parents and Brittany, so could you and it could be good for Olivia to spend some time with them again."

"That's actually a good idea, I guess I could mention it to Santana tonight. It would be good for us to be able to give Olivia all of our attention and try to talk to her about how she's feeling."

"I'll talk to Blaine but I already know he'll be okay with it. At least this way, you guys don't have to miss anymore work and Olivia doesn't miss more school," Kurt reasons. "I'm not saying it's a magical fix, but it could help."

"Yeah, you're right," Quinn sighs. "I'll talk to Santana."


Santana sighs in relief as she rolls the car to a stop outside of Olivia's school. She had been halfway home when she remembered that Olivia had soccer practice after school today, meaning Olivia wouldn't be able to ride the school bus home. She hopes that Olivia is in a much better mood today than she had been yesterday, Santana really doesn't have the energy to argue with her today. Santana watches as Olivia walks towards the gates of the school, surrounded by her teammates and Santana notices that not one of them is female. She had been sure that Olivia had mention there being a couple of girls on the team. Olivia smiles when she spots her mami and jogs over to the car, opening the door to the passenger seat.

"Nice try, baby girl. Sit in the back," Santana states firmly, shaking her head in amusement as Olivia sighs and climbs into the back. "How was practice?"

"It was fine," Olivia shrugs.

"Where are the other girls?" Santana questions as she pulls out into the road.

"They quit ages ago, I'm the only girl left on the team," Olivia explains. "There's only, like, five girls in the whole league."

"They're not too rough with you, are they?" Santana asks in concern, glancing at Olivia through the rear view mirror.

"No, mami." Santana doesn't question it further, just because she's concerned about how little Olivia is compared to the boys doesn't mean she should make Olivia worried about it.

"How was the rest of your day?" Santana sighs when the girl hesitates, it means she's about to hear something she won't like. "Olivia.." she prompts, reminding herself to keep her frustration under control until she finds out what the problem is, and hears Olivia's side of the story.

"I got in trouble," Olivia mumbles, chewing on her bottom lip.

"Go on.." Santana replies calmly.

"I had to stand outside the classroom," Olivia murmurs.


"I argued with my teacher about homework," Olivia admits after a short moment. "But, it wasn't my fault, I thought it was due tomorrow," she quickly adds. Santana sighs heavily and glances at Olivia through the mirror again.

"Did she send a note home?" Santana questions quietly, Olivia nodding. "Fine. We'll talk about it when we get home, your mom and I will read the note and we'll go from there." The rest of the journey is spent in silence, Olivia knowing it's best for her to keep her mouth closed before she lands herself in more trouble, Santana doing her best to stay calm while she's still driving. She rolls her eyes when Olivia jumps out of the car as soon as it rolls to a stop, watching as her daughter jogs straight into the apartment. Santana sighs as she follows after Olivia, wishing they could have just one night without having to tell her off. Santana wanders into the kitchen to find Quinn making dinner, and she smiles before pressing a gentle kiss to her wife's lips.

"Hey, how was your day?" Quinn asks, wrapping her arms around Santana's waist.

"It was alright, I was pretty busy for most of the day. How was yours? Did you and Caleb meet up with Kurt?"

"Yeah, it was nice to leave the house for somewhere other than work," Quinn says with a smile. "Olivia ran straight to her room, did something happen?"

"Yeah," Santana nods, walking out to the hall and grabbing Olivia's backpack from the middle of the floor, where Olivia had dumped it, and carrying back into the kitchen. "She said she got in trouble today, her teacher sent a note home," Santana explains, unzipping the backpack and peering into it. She freezes and Quinn notices that her wife's eyes become misty.

"What is it?" Quinn asks, her brow furrowing as she gazes at Santana in concern. Santana shakes her head, not trusting herself to speak, and pulls Olivia's soccer jersey out of the bag. She holds it up for Quinn to see. "Twelve? I thought she was number eight?" Quinn states in confusion.

"She was," Santana murmurs, her voice thick with emotion. "My dad told her that Adam wore number twelve when he played basketball, she must have asked to change," Santana says in awe. "How the hell does she do it, make us furious and then proud as hell in the space of a few minutes?"

"She's a special girl," Quinn chuckles lightly. "Although I bet she wishes we read the note and then found this," she adds with a smile, causing Santana to laugh. Olivia appears in the doorway, hovering awkwardly. "Hey, babe," Quinn murmurs gently. "When did you change your jersey number?"

"I asked my coach yesterday, he gave me it today," Olivia responds quietly. "I know it's not basketball but..."

"It's perfect," Santana cuts her off, walking across to her and pull the girl into a tight hug. "Your uncle Adam would love it..I love it," Santana states with a tearful smile.


"Really. It's a beautiful gesture, pretty girl," Santana nods, kissing Olivia's forehead.

"Does this mean I'm not in trouble anymore?" Olivia asks with a grin, Santana chuckling and rolling her eyes.

"Why don't you show us where you put the note and we'll read it before we make tha decision," Santana tells her. Olivia's shoulders slump and she unzips the front compartment of her backpack, pulling out the note and handing it to Quinn, who is closest to her. Quinn quickly scans it with a frown.

"Incomplete homework assignment and argumentative. Okay after a cool down period and apology was offered," Quinn reads aloud, "No further action will be taken if the assignment is completed and brought to school tomorrow."

"I'm sorry. I just got a little mad because I really did think it was supposed to be due tomorrow," Olivia murmurs. Quinn looks across at Santana, silently asking if Olivia had said anything different from the note while they were in the car, Santana subtly shaking her head no.

"Okay. Well, first things first; you need to keep better track of your homework. You have a homework diary, use it," Quinn states firmly. "You'll get this assignment, and whatever homework you were given today, finished after dinner and I think an early night will do you some good," she adds, looking at Santana. "Anything you'd like to add?" Santana nods and steps forward, laying a firm smack to Olivia's behind.

"I don't want this happening again," Santana says sternly. "Your attitude has been terrible lately, both here and at school. You're getting off lightly this time, you won't next time," she adds in a warning tone.

"Okay," Olivia nods. "I'm sorry."

"We know you are, baby girl," Quinn murmurs gently. "I know you're confused, and sad, and mad but you can't keep causing trouble at school and arguing with your mami and I," she states. "Why don't you go wash up for dinner, try and be quiet because Caleb is asleep." Olivia nods and grabs her backpack, smiling at Santana and accepting her jersey back before trudging out of the room.

"Caleb's asleep? Isn't it a little late for a nap?" Santana asks with a wince, thinking about how late their boy will be up tonight.

"Yeah, I know," Quinn sighs, "I tried to keep him awake but he was determined to fall asleep. Sorry, it was a losing battle."

"Don't apologise," Santana shrugs. She's not going to argue with Quinn about it. Afterall, it had been Quinn that was with Caleb all day; not her. "Listen, I need to talk to you about something later."

"I need to talk to you, too," Quinn chuckles. "Wait until we get the kids into bed."

"Okay, cool," Santana smiles, "I'm gonna go change," she adds, pressing a soft kiss to Quinn's lips.


Santana breathes out a content sigh as she leans back against Quinn's chest, both of them relaxing in the warm water. It had been so long since they'd been able to relax in the tub together; maybe Olivia earning herself an early night is actually a good thing. For them, anyway. Quinn smiles and wraps her arms around Santana's waist, her hands resting on Santana's toned stomach.

"This is nice," Quinn murmurs, Santana humming in agreement as she rests the back of her head on her wife's collar bone. "So, what did you want to talk about?" Quinn questions, lightly brushing her lips against Santana's temple.

"You can go first," Santana murmurs in response.

"Okay..um Kurt gave me an idea today," Quinn begins. "He thinks that you should still go ahead with your plan to take Olivia to Lima for the weekend, and he thinks I should go, too. He and Blaine would look after Caleb for us," she explains.

"I think that's a good idea," Santana agrees. "When would you want to go? This weekend?" she asks.

"Yeah," Quinn nods, "I mean, there's no time like the present, right? What's your thing?"

"Well," Santana searches for the right words, "my thing is kinda like your thing but more permanent."


"We all miss the people back in Lima and Olivia is clearly struggling, we've been struggling..maybe we should think about moving back there," Santana murmurs.

"Babe, we moved out here for a reason," Quinn states softly.

"I know, but things are different now," Santana sighs. "I'm not saying I definitely want us to move back to Lima, but I think we should at least think about it," she explains. "Most of our friends are there, our niece will be there and the people our kids look up to are there."

"I guess it's something we should discuss," Quinn concedes. "And I mean really talk about it, all cards on the table and just hash it out." Santana nods, grateful that her wife is actually taking this seriously and thinking about it. "What I will say, though, is that whatever we decide has to be permanent. The main thing is making sure our kids are settled and happy, we can't just move them around all the time. It's either Lima or here. We need to decide and stick to it."

"I agree," Santana states softly, craning her neck to look up at Quinn. "No matter the decision, it has to be permanent," she echoes. It's a huge decision, one that can't be taken lightly. One that has to be best for all of them.

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