This story is a three chapter GrellXSebastian story. I warn those who read it Chapter 2 can be dull but it ties into the lemony goodness of Chapter 3. Read, Review, and Enjoy! Flames will be used to roast weenies.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Final Order


The day was going so well until Sebastian found out what he'd be doing the next day. He found out when he was bringing the young master his afternoon tea.

"By the way, Sebastian, Grell will be coming here tomorrow to collect you." Ciel said while sipping on his tea. Not one to seem fazed in front of his master he resisted the urge to shout.

"Why would I have to go with him?" Sebastian asked.

"While you were out collecting leads on the missing girls case, I offered Grell a full day alone with you in exchange for hypothecation of me. You are to follow his orders the same as you would mine, this is and order." Sebastian placed his hand on his chest and bowed.

"Yes, my lord."

The next morning Sebastian helped Ciel get dressed knowing that he wouldn't be able to tie his shoes when Sebastian left. Then he issued strict orders to the other servants to be sure the mansion would still be standing when he returned. He heard the carriage pull up to the mansion and knew he couldn't escape any longer. As soon as he had closed the door he found himself in the crushing embrace of the red-headed reaper.

"Ah Sebas-chan. I finally get you all to myself, and you can't run away. Now come on, I've got a lot of things to do today." Sebastian noticed that he wasn't overwhelmed with nausea at the sight of Grell, but he just chalked it up to relief because he was getting away from the craziness he had to deal with at the manor. He helped Grell into the carriage and then settled in himself. He Tuned out Grell's excited ramblings and relaxed watching the countryside roll by. He was startled out of his thoughts by Grell calling to him.

"Sebas-chan we're here." Sebastian shook the last of the stray thoughts from his head and helped Grell out of he carriage. As Sebastian rushed to the front door he notices Grell's house looked similar to Ciel's just slightly smaller and red. Sebastian smiled at the predictability of it as he opened the door.

"Sebas-chan can you go find Ronald for me? Will gave us paperwork to do over the weekend. I'll be up in the study."

"Yes, my lord." Sebastian said kneeling. Click. He looked up to see that a camera had materialized in Grell's hands.

"Who are you to be calling a lady 'lord'? Anyway this picture will be a nice one to add to my collection." Smiling, Grell turned and walked away his heels clicks echoing. Sebastian stared after him not knowing why and then went to find the rookie reaper.

After hours of whatever they were doing in there Ronald and Grell emerged form the study and went to eat the lunch Sebastian had just finished preparing.

"Sebas-chan, Ronald and I will be out for a while there's still many things he needs to learn."

"I shall have dinner ready by the time you return." Sebastian said as Grell and his protégé left. Sebastian was struck dumb at the fact that while Grell had him all to himself, he wasn't clinging to Sebastian with every fiber in his being.. He shook his head free of these unnecessary thoughts and continued his work.

Sebastian heard the carriage pull up and he rushed to get the door. He was shocked to find himself slightly disappointed that it was only Ronald.

"Sutcliffe-senpai said he'll be in in few minutes." Sebastian sighed and took Ronald to the dining room. Just has he got Ronald Seated Grell came in with an excited grin that he quickly concealed. Right after he finished eating, Grell was back to his old self, following Sebastian everywhere just to watch him work. Eventually Grell grabbed Sebastian and roughly pulled him into a random room.

"Sebas-chan close your eyes I've got a surprise for you~." Sebastian was hesitant to do this for he had an idea of what this "surprise" was. He heard Grell walked across the room, open a door, close it, and walk back.

"Okay~! You can open your eyes." Sebastian was even more wary by now but he opened his eyes anyway and he melted.

"Meow." Looking up at Sebastian from the red-heads arms was an adorable tortiseshell kitten with intense green eyes.

"She's all yours Sebas-chan. I wanted to give you something to say thanks for spending the day with me even though you hate me." Grell said while handing over the kitten with tears in his eyes.

"I don't hate you, you're just overpowering." Sebastian thought to himself. Grell and him spent the rest of the night Playing with the kitten and trying to come up with a name that would fit, they eventually settled on Mephisto. They were shook out of their fun when they heard the clock chime 11:00. Grell, once he realized the time, let himself out and readied for bed. Once he was comfortable under the covers Sebastian came in.

"Is there anything else you need?" Sebastian asked

"Hmm. How bout a good-night kiss, Sebas-chan?" Grell asked. Then giggled to let Sebastian know that he wasn't serious. Sebastian chuckled as well and put his hand on Grell's head with a heart-melting smile and left without a word leaving Grell to try to keep his nose from bleeding onto his bed.

Grell was relatively quiet the next day as Sebastian rode back to the Phantomhive manor. He didn't say anything until they arrived as Sebastian started to exit the carriage. Grell grabbed Sebastian's arm.

"Wait. I picked you up at 9:00 exactly, it's 8:57. I have one final order." Grell looked at Sebastian with nervousness shining in his eyes. "Marry me." Faster than Grell could blink Sebastian had pulled him out of the carriage and into a gentle embrace. He lifted Grell's face so he could gaze into the emeralds that were Grell's eyes.

"Yes, My lord." and he sealed the order with a kiss.