Yay Chapter 3 ^_^ I'm so happy that I finished it. WARNING: contains graphic images of a sadistic demon getting freaky with a masochistic Shinigami. Now that that's out of the way, Onto the show. ^_^

"Can I open my eyes now Sebas-chan?" Grell asked anxiously.

"Not yet, just a second my dear." Sebastian said. Grell, sitting up in Sebastian's arms, felt Sebastian enter a room and close the door. Sebastian then set grell carefully down.

"Okay, now." Grell opened his eyes and found himself in a beautifully decorated room. the walls and bed were in a beautiful red and black. And there was a little black dresser next to the bed.

"Oh, Sebastian, it's beautiful." Grell said twirling around, taking in the room. He faced Sebastian, smiling.

"I'm glad you like it my dear." Sebastian said. He crossed the room taking Grell into his arms, kissing him passionately. Grell sighed into the kiss, snaking his tongue out to entwine with Sebastian's. Sebastian pulled away, admiring the light blush on Grells face. Sebastian then hurled Grell onto the bed forcibly.

"Sebas-chan, So forceful." Grell said, sitting up. Sebastian pushed him back down, roughly grabbing him by the throat.

"You don't know the half of it." Sebastian said pressing down on Grells throat. Grell squirmed happily, struggling for air. Sebastian released him, smiling.

Sebastian pulled a length of rope out from the dresser, quickly tying up his lover. Sebastian ran his hand down Grells chest and started stripping himself. Once he was down to his underwear he kissed grell working his way down Grells chest. He took one of his perfectly pink nipples into his mouth swirling his tongue around it, loving the sounds Grell was making. He gave the same treatment to the other nipple. Sebastian went to Grells neck biting down and drawing blood. Grell yelped in ecstasy as Sebastian licked away all the blood. He kissed Grell who blushed deeply as he savored the coppery taste of his own blood.

"Please Sebastian. . . I-I can't take it. . ." Grell said breathily.

"So impatient." Sebastian said sliding a finger into the waistband of Grell's underwear. In one swift movement he pulled them off, freeing Grell's fully erect member. Sebastian licked the tip, smirking. Grell moaned softly.

"S-Sebastian. . ." Grell whispered "P-please. . ."

"What is it, my dear?" Sebastian said, taking Grell into his hand, stoking slowly.

"I want you. . . so much. . . AH!" Grell said, his mind blurring slightly.

"How much? Show me how much you want it." Sebastian said, trailing up Grell's torso, leaving occasional bite marks. "Beg for it, and i might oblige."

"Sebastian. . . AH M-Michaelis! I do not and will not beg!" Grell said glaring at Sebastian.

"Oh well that's too bad." Sebastian took his hand away and pulled away. he sat next to Grell, smirking.

"N-no. Sebastian don't stop." Grell said desperatly. "I-I need you."

"Then beg for it." Sebastian whispered. Grell closed is eyes tightly.

"Please, Sebastian? Oh god please. I need it, I need you." Sebastian smiled and knelt over Grell. He slowly took Grell into his mouth. Grell bucked his hips, moaning loudly. Sebastian kept working hard and fast.

"S-So. . . warm. . ." Grell said, panting heavily. "I-I'm so close." Sebastian upon hearing Grell say this pulled away. He ignored the small squeak of protest, and started sucking on his fingers. Once they were wet enough he slowly pushed one into grells entrance. Grell winced in pain and Sebastian kissed passionately. He then added a second finger slow stretching Grell's entrance. Once he believed Grell was stretched enough he pulled his fingers out. Sebastian grabbed Grell's legs lifting them onto his shoulders.

"Now this might hurt a bit, but it'll be okay." Grell nodded and Sebastian slowly pushed into him. Grell winced but managed to hold on till Sebastian was all the way in. Sebastian waited till the pain on Grell's face faded away and he slowly pulled out and back in. Grell moaned lightly, his moans growing louder as Sebastian moved faster. Grell cried out loudly when Sebastian hit his sweet spot. Sebastian then continued to slam into that spot each time.

"Oh god! Sebastian I'm so. . . c-close!"

"Me too." Sebastian said. Grell arched harshly as he came, spraying the sticky fluid on both of their stomachs. After one last thrust Sebastian came as well. Pulling out he gently untied Grell, who rolled over into Sebastian's arms.

"I love you." He whispered, quickly falling asleep.

"I love you too." Sebastian said pulling Grell close and slipping into sleep as well.