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Roy Miller was used to being alone. He almost enjoyed it; but the nagging loneliness was always to close for real comfort. Simon certainly helped; he was the younger brother that he had never had, but he didn't quite fill the hole. June filled it absolutely perfectly. She was sweet and confident, but was having a hard time coping. Drugging her was necessary, and he found that he liked carrying her around like a hero carries the helpless damsel in distress. Still, it was a bit boring with her out nearly cold; he missed her companionship. It was in one of the lulls of their great escape when he realized something:

June needed a bathing suit for his island.

June needed a bikini.

Roy just so happened to have one.

He glanced at her; she was still asleep. She wouldn't be able to change, so the task was left to him.

His lucky day.

Sitting her upright, he pulled off her jacket and nearly tossed it overboard. Next, he undid all the buttons on her blouse and reverently pulled it off of her, taking a moment to enjoy her pale, flat stomach and perky breasts in her black push-up bra. He let the shirt fall to the floor, completely forgotten. Stroking her shoulders, Roy had to make a decision: either unfasten her bra first, then put of the bikini top, or to put the top on first and then unfasten the bra. A weaker man than Roy would have whipped off the bra, but that wouldn't be decent thing to do. Roy had been taught better than that by his father and the Eagle Scouts, and he wanted to undress June when she could remember it. Sighing, Roy tied the top part of the top around her neck and fit it so that it would be snug on her neck, feeling her soft blonde hair. He made sure that he tied it so that it would fit well without choking her; then tied it in the back. Running his fingers down her spine very slowly and gently, Roy felt for the clasp of the bra, unhooked it, and gently tugged it out from under the top, just brushing the bottoms of her perfect boobs with the tops of his fingers. Sliding his hands lightly down her stomach, he carefully undid her pants and shimmied them down her legs.

A thong? A lacy thong? Roy thought to his self and raised an eyebrow. Never would have pegged June for a thong type of girl. His hands hooked under the edges of her thong, and he pulled them off as well; trying to look anywhere else but June's thighs, hips, calves breasts... Roy shook himself mentally and quickly, before he lost all of his willpower, he put her feet through the bottoms and pulled them up, not taking anytime to be delicate. Her skin was warm and smooth, and Roy's fingers lingered on the tops of her thighs. June moaned in her sleep and slumped back a bit. Roy jumped up and went to his place at the front of the boat, making sure they were still on course.

"Almost there," he told her with a smile as she sat up and looked at him, then slumped back down again.

"What am I wearing?" She was so adorable when she was mad, it just made Roy's grin bigger.

"A bikini."

"And how did I get in the bikini, Roy?" Her tone was deadly.

She's pissed. "I've been trained to disarm a bomb in pitch black with nothing but a safety pin and a Junior Mint." He couldn't resist adding, "I'm not saying that's what I did." He couldn't say that he reaction surprised him, and it was worth nearly getting hit to see the look on her face. He chuckled to himself as she stalked off into his jungle and heard her mutter, "…not saying that's what I did… Junior Mint…"