Drabble Collection: Wonderswan Games
-by Ajora Fravashi
Disclaimer - I do not own Digimon, nor am I in any way linked to Bandai or Toei.
Note: This is a collection of drabbles of various ratings, pairings, and content. All warnings will be given in the header at the start of each drabble. Any offensive content can be skipped over.

Title: Tag
Game: Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers
Rating: General
Word count: 300 on the dot.

Note: My first drabble, originally posted on 2006/04/10
Note 2: Most people who have played Tag Tamers have shoved Wormmon in the cloak room or Reload Machine (both are storage areas) the moment they could get away with it, because Wormmon is a really sucky fighter. It's even a recurring joke in many Japanese doujinshi based on the games. I just wanted to have him interacting with the other stored-away/abandoned/set-aside-until-needed digimon.

"I'm sorry, Wormmon, but it's for your own good. You'll just get hurt otherwise."

With that, the door closed on Deramon's cloak room.

Wormmon's antennae wilted at the implication. He knew he wasn't a good fighter, but Ken already had two other digimon making up for his lack of power. He thought he'd be okay. He could sit behind and cheer them on, or offer them quick healing disks if either of them got wounded. It must not have been enough. After just a few areas wrested from Millenniumon's control, he was being retired for something faster, more powerful, and better able to protect Ken.

His antennae now dragged on the floor.

"You're the human's partner," called out the high-pitched voice of a baby digimon. He turned back to see a choromon staring up at him with beady little crimson eyes.

Wormmon's voice faltered despite himself. "I don't think he wants me as a partner."

Another baby, this time a mokumon with a smoky finger stuck in its mouth, spoke up. "But aren't you here to per-... pa-... protect us?"


The choromon's tail-tip sparked in excitement. "You gotta be! The human said he was gonna send someone to protect us from the big bad digimon!"

He blinked blankly as he surveyed the room. Everyone here was a baby, so perhaps Ken didn't tell him everything. "I guess..."

The younger babies burbled in glee at his acceptance. He watched for a while as they dispersed to play amongst themselves, content to remain by the door until an unfamiliar voice whispered at his side.

"It's not so bad here," the zurumon said. "Just play with us and help us forget that there's a war outside."

Wormmon's antennae perked. Perhaps he could be useful after all. "Hey, who wants to play tag?"