A Place to Call Home
Dobby/Myrtle freeverse

i n v i s i b l e
ghosting hands over floaty arms
but you're not there
are you?

light up the night sky
dotted with stars
and you float among them
for a place to call h o m e

that is, until you find him
he's not attractive, really
and if you compare him to oh-so-glorious Draco
he's n o t h i n g at all

but he's sweetsmartnice
a breath of fresh air in this self-absorbed life
his eyes hold the misery of years&years
and in the bathroom you hold tons of conversations
about life & love & misery

but most of all misery
because the two of you know it far too well

he's rotten, you're sure your classmates would say
but you've never cared what they thought
M o a n i n g M y r t l e
it's obvious how you got your name

so maybe humans don't pay attention to you
but they're rotten anyway
you're s p e c i a l in his eyes
(and so what if he's a house elf?)

you notice his bad treatment
and the horror in his eyes
you sign up for SPEW
but you're a GHOST
so what can you do?

you just have to watch him fadefadefade away
into the ghosts of the dark night

it's not until a few days after his {death}
that you even learn that he's g o n e
but he is, he really is

if ghosts could cry, you'd be s o b b i n g
you run down to the Black Lake for solace
{but there's no one to hold you when you cry}

you end up visiting his grave
and you leave a bouquet of flowers
worthy of a hero

because he was the bravest hero of them all
and he gave you a place to call h o m e

A/N: Just letting you know that I'm sane and this was a response to Rachel's (lost in your lies') dare.

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