I vowed to stop, once I gained control.

I was so happy, I could finally touch people. I could hug my friends, kiss my loved ones,...make love. My poisonous, vampiric skin was gone, and I vowed I would never use it again. I would live a normal life, just like I'd always wanted. It was still there though, and I could feel it. Every now and then I forgot that I now control it and I flinched away from someones touch.

After gaining control, I realized how big of an ass Remy was. I left him. I went to college, became a doctor, hoping to make up for all of those I had inadvertently harmed by simply touching them. I met Kitty again, who had also out-grown her boyfriend, Lance.

As the two of us caught up, something happened between us, I'm still not sure why, but we kissed. It was the confusing beginning to our ten-year relationship.

An hour ago, everything fell apart.

A group of anti-mutant radicals had somehow discovered that Kitty was a mutant. She didn't have a chance to phase when one of them snuck up behind her and plunged a knife into her back. I attacked the man, and using old lessons from Mr. Logan, I snapped his neck.

Running to Kitty, I held her in my arms as she bled out, unable to stop the bleeding long enough for help to arrive.

She knew she was going to die, she held her hand to my cheek and smile before uttering in a voice weaker than I had ever heard, "Do it."

For the first time, I broke my vow, absorbing her memories, her thoughts, her power, and what little of her life remained.

Thanks to gaining control over my power, I am now able to access hers at anytime, and I used it.

I went back to the institute, became an X-man again.

I use the power I once vowed never use again. I use it so that what happened to Kathrine, to my wife, never happens to anyone else again.


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