Title: Hard to Resist You

Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Edward & Jacob

Rating: M (eventually)

Warnings: language, smut, drama, fluff

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, just having a little fun with them…

Note: I posted this story for fellow writer, JudasForever ~ it was written years ago (before I really knew the characters well). It had never been published online.

NOTE: Much explaining to do, I know. Had major surgery and doing much better now. Thank you all for the well wishes and I hope to get back to writing. As you remember from the last chapter, Jane had just shown up at the Cullen front door

Chapter Eighteen: The Storm before the Calm

At first Esme didn't know what to say. She stood there fighting to find the right words. Alec's sister, Jane, was standing at her door. This was, by far, the most dangerous vampire Aro could send. Esme was speechless.

Jane then crinkled her nose, "What's that smell? Are there werewolves on your property?"

Esme grew frightened. She smiled, "One moment please…Jane…one moment." Esme turned around, "Children! Children, could you please come here!"

The 'children' had been out on the patio when Esme called out to them. Instantly they stood up feeling fear emanating from their mother.

Alec looked at Seth, "My sister is here."

Jacob and Seth didn't know what to do, but Edward immediately nudged them, "Go in the forest. Go to Bella's. Go anywhere, just get out of here." He kissed Jake on the forehead and pushed him a bit. Then the Cullens, along with Alec, went inside the house.

Seth pulled at Jake's arm, "Let's go. Come on." Seth had heard awful things about Jane from Alec. Alec had said his sister was cruel and enjoyed inflicting pain on others. As much as Seth wanted to stay and protect his imprint, he couldn't help but feel fear.

But Jacob was worried about Edward and his family, "What if something happens? I've got to stay to help them."

"Your imprint ordered you to leave," Seth reminded him. "Look, Alec can handle her. I'm sure of that."

"And what if he can't?"

"It'll only be harder for him if she finds out we're here!" Seth squealed tugging at Jake's arm before he hopped over the deck railing and began to run off into the woods. "Come on!"

Against his will, Jacob left with Seth and fled into the forest toward Bella's house. They didn't know where Leah was, but hoped they would cross her path along the way.

Inside the house, Jane entered the living room eyeing it with curiosity. It was very nice, very modern. Nothing like the Volturi headquarters which was decorated with a more 16th century theme. Jane did a small circle taking everything in. She wondered where the werewolves had gone. After Esme called for the others, the smell slowly vanished. Jane suspected the wolves had left.

"Sister," Alec smiled reaching out to hug her.

"Brother," Jane offered him a reserved nod, kissing him on both cheeks. "We had not heard from you and started to worry."

"Aro worry about me?" Alec raised his brows. "I'm fine. The Cullens have been quite hospitable."

Jane frowned after taking a good look at the color of his eyes. She took a hold of his chin pulling his head down slightly to have a better look, "You haven't fed properly. I suppose Carlisle Cullen is forcing you to keep off human blood?"

Alec shrugged, "I'm used to it now. It's not so bad."

"It's not normal," Jane refuted showing her disapproval.

Alec changed the subject, "So…how are things? I'm sure all is well?"

Jane nodded, "Of course, everything is fine."

"Did you come alone?" Alec asked wondering if Felix was near by.

"Yes," Jane answered. She then looked at the Cullens who were standing near the dining room table, "I caught the scent of werewolves when Mrs. Cullen opened the door. What were they doing here?"

It was then that Carlisle came out of his office smiling warmly at Jane, "How nice of you to call. We weren't expecting you."

Jane stared at him with no expression, "Thank you. Alec did not know I was on my way. I was just inquiring about the wolves. We're you and your family fighting them?"

Alice stepped forward with a small grin, "No - they must have caught your scent when you arrived. We saw them briefly in the woods and then heard Esme call for us. They ran off."

Jasper walked up to stand with Alice adding to the conversation, "It's normal for them to be on the alert when another vampire, other than us, comes to Forks."

Jane nodded, "I see. However, aren't they supposed to stay within the boundaries of their territory? Why are they allowed to access to your property so easily?"

"They've been a little uneasy since Esme was attacked," Carlisle replied. "The wolves came upon some nomads on their own land recently and my family and I helped to chase the strange vampires off. No doubt the wolves must still be on the look out for them."

"Oh," Jane dismissed it all. But she grew more interested in the nomads, "Did you speak to these strangers, Alec?"

"No," her brother shook his head. "They were last seen heading north probably to Canada."

"Pity no names where taken," Jane tisked. "I would have liked to report their attack to Aro. How many of them were there?"

"From what we saw, there were four of them," Alice replied.

"Men or women?" Jane inquired.

"One woman, three men," Esme answered.

"Is there any reason to think they might be newborns?" Jane continued.

"They were not newborns," Alice shook her head. "Of that, we're sure."

"Any idea what they were after?" Jane persisted.

"No clue," Emmett said.

"I wonder why they attacked Mrs. Cullen," Jane looked at Alec. "Rather odd, don't you think?"

Alec nodded.

Jane's eyes locked with her sibling. It had been a long time since she'd seen in her eyes. In a rare moment, softly smiled at her brother, "And what of you? Have you battled any wolves lately?"

"Why do you ask that?" Alec chuckled.

"You smell like one," Jane replied erasing the smile from her face.

"They were close," Alec shrugged.

"I would like a word with you alone," Jane told him.

He agreed and gestured with his hand to the front door. Alec opened it and stood back for his sister to go first. Before he closed the door, he looked at Edward and winked reassuring him that everything would be fine. Edward nodded once back to him. Alec and Jane walked out onto the porch and down the steps to the yard. She stayed silent for a while as they walked before eyeing her twin brother closely, "Who is this wolf you are taken with?"

Alec stopped walking, "What wolf?"

"Do not lie to me," Jane glared at him. "I'm your sister, I know."

He wasn't sure how to answer. He stayed quiet.

Jane sighed and started to walk again, "I knew something like this would happen. I knew if you'd come here alone you'd be seduced by these unnatural people. You haven't the strength or wisdom to be here by yourself."

Alec did his own glaring, "What? I'm strong enough, sister and quite wise. I'm wise enough to know that being here is the best thing that's ever happened to me."

His sister stopped walking again, "And getting yourself involved with a mutt can be considered the best thing that's ever happened to you?"

He thought for moment before answering, "Yes."

"Oh God," Jane huffed as she continued her steps. "This is absurd. How could you find a creature like that alluring? You'll be damned. You know the Volturi does not approve of that kind of relationship. This is like us being burned all over again. Your shame will taint my reputation."

Alec grabbed her arm, "So your main concern is not me, but yourself. Let me tell you something, dear sister, I have no intention of tainting your saintly status with Aro. I could care less. But I do care for this wolf and his safety. That is why you won't say anything to Aro about this."

Jane snickered freeing herself from his grip, "I do not take orders from you, brother."

He pulled her again with a threat, "Then you'd better start."

She gazed at him with wide eyes shocked at his demeanor. He'd never been cross with her or her with him. They'd always been close. Now with the arrival of this mangy mutt, Alec's view of his sister had changed. He was more akin to protect 'it' more than her. She wanted 'it' found and killed before her brother slipped any further into this depravity.

"How dare you threaten me," Jane said in a strained whisper.

"You're a danger to this new life I have acquired," Alec glared. "I will not lose everything for your selfish ambitions."

"I'm not the one being selfish here," Jane replied.

"But sister," Alec smiled sarcastically. "You have always been the selfish one. I have contented myself to bask in your shadow all my vampire life. And quite frankly, I'm sick of it. It ends now."

Jane pulled away finally, "And just how to you think you're going to persuade me to do as you please?"

He didn't say a word. He simply looked at her. She stared back at him for a response for a few seconds before collapsing on the ground. Her eyes were open, but she could not move. Alec had used his powers on his own sister. He had no other choice.

"Oh no," Alice gasped as her and the family watched from the house.

"Not only has the shit hit the fan," Emmett sighed, "but it has splattered on our entire continent."

"He wouldn't have done it unless he had to," Edward said still watching. "She must have figured everything out."

"I think I need to take a much needed vacation," Carlisle looked at Esme.

"I think you better relocate us to Mars," Emmett shook his head.

Jacob and Seth reached Bella's house and were relieved to see that Charlie's cruiser was not there. The last thing Jake wanted to deal with was the officer's questions. He was more concerned with the Cullens. No doubt Jane was there to find out what her brother was up to, but her presence was a threat to everyone nonetheless.

Jacob told Seth to stay put as he scaled the wall and tree next to Bella's window. It was open as expected and he was surprised to see Bella sitting on the floor with Leah.

"What are you doing here?" Leah asked Jake.

"I could ask you the same question," Jacob replied with a frown as he stepped into the room. He turned around and gave Seth the okay to come up. In seconds, the young wolf was inside.

"Hey Leah, what are you doing here?" Seth questioned.

"I asked first," Leah glared.

"You didn't ask me first," Seth challenged her.

"I asked him," Leah pointed to Jake.

"What's going on?" Bella stood up walking to Jacob who looked nervous.

Jacob sighed, "Do you remember Jane?"

"Alec's evil twin," Bella nodded.

"She's here," Jake said.

Bella looked at her window.

"No, not here," Jacob clarified. "She's in Washington. She's at Edward's house."

"Oh God," Bella looked down with worry. "Poor Edward."

Leah scoffed, "That bloodsucker will be fine."

Both Jacob and Seth gave her a dirty look.

She corrected herself, "Sorry, I mean…those bloodsuckers." Leah began to laugh.

"No," Bella knelt down to her. "You don't understand. Jane is dangerous. She's evil. She has the ability to give her victims the illusion of burning alive."

Leah stopped smiling, "Holy shit."

Bella nodded, "Her and Alec were burned at the stake when they were human. It was Aro, the head of the Volturi, who stopped it and made the twins vampires."

Leah looked up at Jacob irritated, "Then what the hell are you doing here?"

"Edward ordered me to go," Jake snapped. "I wanted to stay."

"Alec can handle her," Seth put his hand on Jacob's back. "I know he can."

"If she tells Aro about you and Jacob," Bella stared at Seth. "Oh God, this could be bad."

Seth shook his head, "Alec won't tell her. He'd never do that."

Suddenly Jacob's cell phone rang, it was Edward.

"What happened?" Jake asked quickly.

"Alec knocked her out," Edward replied.

"What?" Jacob almost dropped the phone. "He hit her?"

"No," Edward closed his eyes getting confused. "He used his powers on her."

"Oh shit," Jacob whispered knowing the situation just went from bad to worse. "Are you okay?"

"Yes," Edward replied. "For now."

"Should we come back?" Jacob asked.

"No," Edward shook his head slowly. "No, it's safer for you over there. You, Leah and Seth need to stay put. She caught your scent and was questioning us. We managed to skirt around it, but she's not stupid. She's suspicious."

Just then Alec walked in with his sister in his arms, "You need to sign for this." He smiled not able to stop laughing thinking of a FedEx delivery.

Emmett started laughing too as Rosalie smacked him.

"Dude," Emmett tried to stop busting up. He crossed his arms and lowered his voice, "This is serious."

Edward held the phone to his ear, but spoke to Alec, "Did she say something that worried you enough to do that?"

Alec laid her down upon the couch and stepped back observing her, "She knows that I am involved with a werewolf."

"You told her?" Edward asked him completely shocked. He could hear Jacob losing his mind on the other line.

"She just knew," Alec looked at Edward. "I told her that she couldn't tell Aro and she pretty much said she didn't take orders from me. I had to do it."

"Why didn't you deny it?" Alice asked.

Alec chuckled, "I tried to. She saw right through me."

"How long is she gonna be out like that?" asked Jasper staring at the girl.

"As long as I want her to," Alec replied folding his arms.

"I suppose keeping her that way forever is out of the question?" Edward asked as he turned around to talk to Jacob who was frantic on the other line. "I'm gonna talk to Alec more. Don't worry. I'll call you later."

Jacob sighed squeezing his eyes shut tight, "I love you."

Bella looked at him hearing the boy say those three important words.

"How romantic," Leah sneered rolling her dark eyes.

Edward smiled, "I love you too. Everything will be okay. I promise."

"I don't see how, but I'll trust you," Jake replied weakly.

"It will," Edward reassured his wolf.

They said good bye and Jacob reluctantly sat upon Bella's bed sulking. Leah eyed him with a glare annoyed by his over-the-top love for the vampire.

"You're a goner Black," Leah teased.

He looked at her like she was an insignificant bug, "I'm perfectly fine and happy."

"You don't look like it," Leah pointed out. "You look miserable and sappy."

"That's cause you're in the room," Jacob came back.

Bella snorted trying to hold back laughing.

Seth laughed, "Oh! That's a good one Jake!"

"If your precious bloodsucker says everything will be fine, believe him. Stop whining and freaking out like a girl," Leah growled.

"I do believe him," Jake frowned.

"God," Leah rolled her eyes again. "All the freakin' drama that has come into our lives since Bella fell for that leech. And now you're with him and all this shit is now at our backdoor. Ridiculous…"

Jacob stood up towering over the bitter young woman, "If you don't want to associate with Edward, fine by me. Get lost. I don't need your help Leah if all you plan to do is bitch and complain. But that is what you do best, isn't it?"

Leah stood up to him almost nose to nose, "I'm only here to protect Seth, not you."

"Stop it!" Bella broke them apart.

"Jeesh," Seth shook his head pulling his sister away. "Talk about drama Leah."

"I am not the problem here," Leah looked at her little brother. "He is."

Jacob sneered, "You'll always be a problem Leah. You are a permanent pain in my ass."

"Likewise," Leah glared at him.

Bella snickered, "Be careful you two…your behavior toward each other reminds me of how Edward and Jake use to talk. Now look at them."

The idea that Leah and Jacob could fall for each other made the two wolves turn white. Seth giggled up a storm falling on the bed.

Jacob's mouth dropped, "Oh, hell no Bella! There is no way I'd ever be with her."

"Jesus Christ," Leah made a face. "I'd rather be dead."

Bella just nodded.

"You would be dead," Jake frowned. "I'd kill you before anything could even start."

"Don't bother," Leah hissed. "I'd kill myself."

"Good," Jacob glared.



Bella nodded at Seth, "It's started already."

Seth went along with the teasing, "Hey, you might get Edward back."

Bella giggled, "Bonus."

Jacob's eyes widened, "No…no, that wouldn't happen."

"Now you know how I felt," Bella just stared at him. "Scary isn't it? The thought of losing him. It hurts to think about it. A panic feeling fills you, huh? I know that feeling."

"He didn't deserve you," Leah said to her.

Jacob glared at Leah again. She defiantly glowered at him in return and then looked at Bella with a single nod of her head.

Bella smiled slightly with a weak laugh, "I'm not sure about that. I think I didn't deserve him. My love wasn't strong enough to keep him."

Jacob closed his eyes, "Bella…"

"No it's true," the girl sighed. "Yours was strong enough though. Kudos."

"Well, it's good you didn't waste any more love on him," Leah told her.

"Fuck off," Jake snapped. "You're so goddamn bitter 'cause Sam dumped your


"Yeah," Leah full on hollered at him. "For my cousin! How fucking humiliating is that?"

"But you allowed it to leave you as frigid as ice," Jake yelled back. "You walk around here like everyone owes you the privilege to be a raving bitch. We're supposed to be sympathetic to your scars…well, bullshit."

"I'm not asking for your sorry ass sympathy!" Leah snarled feeling herself growing more and more angry.

Jacob looked over the edge as well, "Don't you fucken phase in here! Take it outside!"

"I'll take you on outside you son-of-a-bitch!" Leah pushed him.

Bella got between them, "Stop it! Now!"

Seth pulled at Jake, "Hey…cool it. Jake, calm down."

Bella nudged Leah back, "Don't do this. Don't let yourself get this angry. It's not worth it, you said so yourself. Just let it go."

"I don't think any of us should phase," Seth warned. "Sam might be on the look out. We don't want him around."

"Too late," Paul jumped in the window from the tree outside Bella's window.

Jacob instantly pulled Seth further behind him to protect the boy, "What do you want?"

"Sam wants to talk to you," Paul told Jacob.

"It's a trap," Leah was quick to say. She shifted her eyes between Paul and Jacob oddly protecting Bella.

"No trap," Paul scoffed. "I don't know what he wants, but I know it's not trouble."

Jacob snickered, "Like you'd tell me the truth."

"Are you coming?" Paul asked Jake.

Seth looked around worried for Jacob to leave with the hot headed Paul.

"If he goes, I go with him," Leah added.

"You can come," Paul replied to her a shrug.

"Seth stays here," Jacob said.

"No," Seth protested. "I'm going too."

"No you're not," Leah frowned. "Stay here."

"I'm not a baby," Seth growled.

"Close enough," Jacob looked at him with a firm expression.

Seth huffed and shook his head.

Paul began to climb out the window, jumping down with ease to the ground below. Leah took a look at Bella and jumped down as well. Jacob climbed out last. He got ready to jump when Bella grabbed his arm, "Be careful. Edward's gonna kill me for letting you go."

Jake smiled, "I'll be fine. Seth Clearwater, you take good care of Bella."

Seth nodded still a little miffed he didn't get to go.

"That's an order," Jacob said to the boy.

Finally Seth sighed, "Yes sir."

Jacob smiled at Bella one last time and then jumped down. Both Leah and Jake looked up at Bella and Seth before they ran off with Paul into the woods.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Seth told Bella. "I think we should call Edward."

Bella felt her stomach tighten. He was gonna kill her. She wasn't looking forward to seeing Edward's angry glare and seeing him frantic about Jake. She nodded to Seth, but felt her body tense up.

She picked up her cell phone and dialed his number. On the other end at the Cullen house, Edward gazed down to see Bella's name light up the screen.

"Hello? Bella, is everything okay?"

"Ah…" Bella stammered.

"What happened?" Edward's voice became alert and he stood up.

"Jake got into it with Leah," Bella began as she bit her bottom lip.

"And?" Edward cold heart began to beat once again with worry. Alice knew right away her brother was upset and walked to him to listen in the conversation. Alec, Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper stood close by.

"Paul showed up," Bella changed her nervousness to biting her finger nails.

"Was Sam with him?" Edward asked, his voice higher and growing impatient.

"No," Bella replied. "Paul said Sam wanted to talk to Jacob. Leah said she wouldn't let him go alone. She and Jake went off with Paul to meet up with Sam. Seth is here with me."

"What?" Edward hollered.

"Don't yell at me," Bella whined. "I couldn't very well sit on Jacob to make him stay."

"Yes you could!" Edward growled.

"The plot thickens," Alec said aloud as Jasper, Alice, Emmett and Rosalie looked at him.

"What the hell do we do?" Emmett held up his hands.

"Panic," Edward closed his eyes. He glanced over at Jane who was still deep under Alec's spell. She stirred, but did not open her eyes. If they could keep her that way for the next few days, it would make things easier.

As Jacob and Leah followed Paul through the woods still in human form, their conversation softened. It was far better to join forces together than to be angry at one another and face an ambush. Jacob looked over at Leah to ask her something quite serious hoping she wouldn't get mad, "Why did you choose Bella to go to?"

Leah glanced at him, "Doesn't she seem like the obvious choice?"

"Yeah," Jake nodded. "But I'm still surprised you confided in anyone."

"I didn't confide in her," Leah corrected. "I just picked her to hang out with."


"Because we understand each other," Leah answered as she looked up trying to gage where Paul had walked off to. "Fucken Paul, can't he slow down?"

"I'm sure he could care less if we get lost or not," Jacob sighed.

"He should care," Leah sneered. "His ass is gonna be on the line if he doesn't bring us back to Sam."

"Oh funny," Jake chuckled. "He's supposed to do as his alpha says, but you always give me a hard time."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I'm your alpha now," Jacob glared.


"So…you're supposed to do as I ask of you," Jake gave her an incredulous look.

"Ask nicely and I will," Leah smiled with a sharp edge of attitude.

"Bitch," Jacob laughed.

"Until the end you bastard," Leah shoved him.

Jacob looked around before asking her one big question, "Do you have feelings for Bella?"

Leah stopped walking, "What?"

Jake turned to speak as he past her, "You heard me. Are you interested in Bella in any way?"

Leah suddenly laughed, "You're impossible, Black. First you pine for Bella and deal with the bullshit she had for Cullen, then you shift your affections for a bloodsucker and now you're worried I'm after little, Miss Muffet. Make up your mind, mister. Do you want her or him?"

"I want him, but I still love her," Jake answered. "Just in a different way."

Leah eyed him, "You want her on the side?"

"No!" Jake made a face insulted by her words. "I don't want anyone to hurt her."

"Like you did?" Leah folded her arms.

Jacob glared at her, "Don't start."

"I'm not," Leah smiled a little.

"Just answer my question Clearwater," Jake stood firm.

Leah shrugged, "I care about her."

"How much?"

"Okay, okay…" Leah huffed. "She's whiny and spineless, but I like her. She's…cute."

"Did you imprint on her?" Jacob stared at Leah with wide eyes.

"No," Leah stared back.

Jacob began to walk again, "Like you'd tell me the truth if you did."

"Duh," Leah followed him walking behind. "You'd be able to tell."

"Does she know how you feel?" Jake asked terrified at the answer.

"I don't know," Leah replied with irritation.

"What are your intentions?" Jacob cringed as he waited.

"Nothing," Leah responded. "I'm just friends with her."

"Yeah, but do you want more than that?"

Leah stopped walking again, "I want more than that. I want to get close enough to fuck her."

Jacob felt his blood turn to ice, "What?"

Leah smiled and punched his arm, "Ha-ha…gotcha!"

"You crazy, stupid bitch, you better be joking!" Jacob came unhinged.

"I guess time will tell," Leah raised one brow.

Jacob felt his heart drop. He loved Bella, but just not in love with her. He knew Edward felt the same way. They wanted her to be happy, but wanted some type of control as to who that involved. Being protective over her was something that they could not deny. If Leah intended on making a move on Bella, Jacob would have to throw some rules down. Otherwise, Edward would make Leah an object to stomp his shoes on.

"Hello Jacob," a familiar voice said.

Jake saw Sam before him. He had Jared and Paul to his sides while Embry and Quil stood in the background looking rather strained. "Sam," Jacob gave him a single nod.

"Where's Seth?" asked Jared looking around.

"Safe," Leah replied.

Paul snorted, "From who? From us?"

"What do you want?" Jacob changed the subject.

Sam stepped forward and noticed Leah shifted her body in his direction, "Relax. I'm not going to fight him."

"You want me to chill," Leah said. "Then distance is the key."

Paul snickered, "Looks like your alpha is slightly unprotected. It's five against one."

"I doubt Quil and Embry would fight us," Leah said back defiantly. "And I can take you two pussies any day."

"You can't take Sam," Jared smiled missing Leah's smart ass remarks.

Leah gave him a look, "Jacob can take him and have him for dinner."

This time Jake smiled.

"I doubt it," Sam replied with a sigh. "This is not why I've summoned you."

"Summoned?" Jacob sneered. "I'm not a fucken servant to you anymore Uley. After you tell me what the hell is up, I will be the one to decide what to do."

"The nomads are back," Sam announced.

Jacob's felt his face chill, "What?"

Leah's mouth dropped, "Jesus! Don't we have enough drama already? If this was a fucken novel, I'd kick the writer's ass!"

"A writer would be pretty desperate to have you as a character," Paul laughed pointing at Leah.

"Fuck off," Leah growled.

"Okay enough," Jacob held up this hands. "How do you know the nomads are back?"

"We picked up their scent," Jared answered back.

Leah squinted her eyes looking at Jacob, "I wonder if that Jane creature has anything to do with this?"

Sam was immediately interested, "What Jane creature?"

Jacob sighed, "A member of the Volturi turned up at the Cullen house. She is pretty sadistic and dangerous as hell."

"You killed her?" Sam asked.

"No," Jake replied. "Her brother knocked her out…I mean, he used his vampire ability to stop her from harming anyone."

Leah shook her head, "This shit is getting crazy, Jake."

"I know," Jacob covered his face with his hands feeling tired at what may lie ahead for all of them.

"What do you want us to do?" asked Sam.

Jacob uncovered his face to gaze at his former alpha, "What?"

Sam shrugged one shoulder, "We're two packs, but we should work as one. It's your call. What can my pack to do help yours?"

Hearing this Quill and Embry smiled nodding their heads.

Leah slammed her fist in her hand, "Track the nomads!"

Jacob agreed, "But keep a safe distance. I know Elina wants revenge on me. I figured she wouldn't be able to stay away."

Sam chuckled, "Then she'll probably end up doing something stupid."

Jake nodded, "Yeah, but that's the dangerous part…she's very smart. She's had enough time to think of the perfect plan to get me. I just hope it doesn't involve hurting the people I love."

"Ah," Paul waved him off, "I'm sure your boyfriend is fine."

"Not just him," Jacob corrected. "I'm talking about everyone I love."

"So what do you think this Volturi bitch wants?" Jared asked.

"She probably wants to know what her brothers been up to," Jacob answered. "Other than that, I have no clue."

"So now what," Quill folded his arms over his chest, "we just sit around and wait for the other moccasin to drop?"

Embry laughed.

"Dick," Paul teased.

Leah rolled her eyes.

"No way," Sam told them. "We comb this forest and watch every move of those bloodsuckers. If they make one step toward Jacob, we attack."

The pack agreed hollering and slapping their hands. Jacob stood there silently saying a prayer that everyone would be safe knowing full well the twisted logic that governed Elina's mind. Everything was coming so quickly and all of it was as serious as it can get. How he and Edward would get out of this one was beyond his wisdom, but he trusted the Cullens and knew that Carlisle would do everything possible to help.