Notes: This is set back in 1971 which was when the marauders (James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin) attended Hogwarts, and will continue on to the first Wizarding war, so you will not see characters such as Harry or Draco, so if you came here looking for some Harry x Kurt or whatever you people ship these days then leave now ;)

Santana Lopez looked lazily out of the train carriage window with an unnatural boredom for a young witch on her first train ride to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The constant rattling of the train and unpredictable jumps prevented her from going to sleep so she instead chose to let her vision blur the passing trees into a big stream of green. The slim, pretty blonde sitting next to her, Quinn she said her name was, hadn't stopped making snide remarks in the hour they had spent riding there. And what was worse was that a short fat boy with watery eyes and a ratty appearance kept staring at her when he thought she wasn't looking, it was pathetic. Her circumstances were not the best.

"I supposed I'll be in Gryffindor like the rest of my family" Quinn sighed tragically, Santana tried her best to ignore her breathy voice "What about you Lopez?"

"My family are all Slytherins" she muttered fervently, not really wanting to associate with a Gryffindor girl. Actually she didn't really want to associate with this girl in general.

"I would love to be in Slytherin, you're guaranteed to be successful if you come from there" she nattered oblivious to Santana's annoyance "I would choose success over fame and glory any day"

Santana was about to snap at her to shut up until a scraggy, doggish looking boy with dark tangled hair sauntered into their carriage and smirked at Quinn.

"Hey gorgeous" he winked then turned to eye Santana "You're not too bad either"

Santana grimaced in disgust and continued staring out of the window. Nobody seemed to like quiet or had the ability to realize that Santana was at a point where any further disturbances would encourage her to pull out her wand and jinx everyone on the goddamn train.

"I'm Sirius black, thought maybe you girls might want to join me and my mates for some food or something" he said, arrogantly leaning against the carriage door.

"Sorry, I don't talk to tramps" Quinn sneered though his flattery clearly had an effect on her. Santana didn't even talk to him.

"Umm...can I come?" The ratty boy asked meekly, the girls had forgotten he was there.

"Sure I guess" Sirius sighed in disappointment. He had come for girls and would go back with a lame looking kid; James was seriously going to take the piss on his pick up skills.

Then the train jerked violently, Santana's face smashed into the window and Sirius fell to the floor banging his head against the seat. When Santana opened her eyes she saw someone had tripped through the door and onto her lap, a gangly blonde girl with a note attached to her back, 'Brittany Stupid Pierce'.

"Sorry" she apologized shyly quickly stepping off Santana, who seemed quite justifiably pissed.

"You should watch where you're going brainless" Quinn snarled "This school isn't for people who" –

"Honey, how about you do yourself a favour and shut up" Santana growled. The only thought that was going to keep her sane was that hopefully they wouldn't be in the same house and therefore she could naturally hate her as a rival house.

The shy gangly girl had clear blue eyes and smiled softly at Santana who could only look back at her with curiosity. She liked to analyze people, and this girl's sweetness was quite endearing. Suddenly she realized a barrier could finally be made between her and Quinn for the final half an hour of the trip.

"I'm Brittany" she said quietly "thanks for saving me."

Santana blinked in surprise then shrugged her shoulders. "Santana, and its fine, sit here if you want"

Quinn gave an indignant look of absolute horror then huffed and turned away from Santana completely. Brittany looked torn; she wanted to get to know more people but quite frankly Quinn petrified her "I have friends waiting for me, thank you anyway"

"Suit yourself" Santana yawned turning back to the window. The Brittany girl skipped out of their carriage and Sirius followed her like a slobbering dog.

It didn't really matter to Santana, she didn't really care. Still she felt a little disappointed; it would have been nice to talk to someone that wasn't a total prick. Even if she agreed with most of what Quinn was saying she didn't like it when people announced their opinions to the world and didn't know when to shut up. Brittany seemed more like a listener, and if there was nothing to listen to, someone that could be content to sit in silence.

"They let some awful shit into this place" Quinn said, quickly forgetting Santana's previous insult towards her, "almost makes me wish I had gone to Beauxbatons"

"Me too" Santana growled.

She could hear her own heartbeat as the worn out material was placed on her shining raven hair. Santana had never felt more vulnerable or exposed in her entire life.
The only thought running through her head as she felt the sorting hat vibrate against her skull was "what if I'm not good enough?"

"Ah yes I see..." the ancient hat rumbled thoughtfully "there's only one house you have your eyes set on isn't there?"


"I think it suits you entirely but perhaps you will find a better fate through a different house?"

Please no...

"Very well then" the battered hat sighed, "Slytherin!"

Santana smirked and made her way down to her house table with the emerald serpent banner that cheered in approval and welcomed her with applause. It was such a relief to the young girl that she was chosen to be in the house of snakes, after all her bloodline was as pure as a unicorn and cunning ambition was certainly a trait she conceitedly possessed. She thought of how proud her parents would be.
The dark brunette took a seat next to an older, sly faced boy with a long silver pony tail and expensive looking robes. A Malfoy for definite, he gave Santana a devious smile and patted her on the back.

"Well done," he extended a hand in greeting "I'm Lucius, one of the prefects"

"Santana" she replied coolly shaking his hand.

"Remus Lupin!"

Santana watched with mild interest as a disheveled boy with patchy clothing walked gingerly up to the sorting hat. It was obvious to her that such a beggar would never make it into Slytherin. The hat barely sat over his brow of his shrunken head. She saw a paranoia lurking in his eyes, as if he expected the sorting hat to spit him back out.


Santana caught Lucius sneering in a most unattractive manner; he leaned over to her and whispered in her ear.

"Not like we would want him in our house anyway right?"

She sniggered and waited patiently for the names to all be called. She had already seen Quinn (much to her misery) who had sat with her on the train apartment, surprisingly join on opposite sides of the Slytherin table and the boy Sirius that had shamelessly flirted with her had joined the Gryffindor table. Santana could tell she was beyond ecstatic. An effeminate boy and big nosed girl that had been next door to them and wouldn't shut up had both been placed in Gryffindor and the Asian couple that couldn't keep their hands off each other on the way there, got into Ravenclaw. It was all quite boring once all she had to do was watch and wait for them all to get sorted. Then finally something interesting happened for her.

"Brittany Peirce!"

The tall blonde girl she recognized from the train stood up abruptly and knocked over several people in the process. A few laughs echoed through the hall and she blushed a bright red. Then halfway to the hat she tripped over her robes and crashed face first into the ground. Every house, Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw erupted into laughter and she continued her walk with humiliation towards her inevitable Hufflepuff fate. Even though Santana herself had been unable to hold back a giggle she felt a hot burst of anger swell in her chest when Lucius insulted her.

"What a moron, I feel sorry for Hufflepuff, they get all the idiots"

Santana didn't reply to his nasty comment, the girl was a bit of a ditz but really it was quite charming, in a way. Whatever.

Once the sorting was finished the odd, long bearded headmaster gave some prolonged, boring speech that Santana didn't really listen to about the school standards and crap. It didn't sound very important anyway. Then the feast began, Santana had never seen so much food in her life. She half listened to Lucius's pratty remarks and Quinn's snobbish opinions whilst watching a transparent ghost 'the Bloody Baron' surveying the people she would be spending a year with. From far across the other side of the hall, her eyes caught onto the familiar blue ones from Brittany the new Hufflepuff girl. Santana for the first time in her life wished she that wasn't a Slytherin.

~ 5 Years later ~

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Santana glared at the first year Gryffindor students who cowered away in fear of the notoriously bitchy Slytherin. Her green and silver tie was hanging loosely from her neck and a shining Prefect badge was pinned onto the front of her black robes. At first the idea of being a prefect seemed kind of lame and dorky but Santana soon realised many badass advantages came with it.

"Well?" she snapped impatiently.

"W-We were just trying to go to the common room" one of the braver ones stammered.

"No you were running there, and had I not noticed, you would have run into me, do you see where I'm going with this, brats?" She snarled viciously.

"We're sorry; we swear we won't do it again" the same one whimpered.

"I think I may have to subtract a few points from Gryffindor" she threatened harshly.

"Come on now Santana, I don't think there's any need for that."

Santana spun around to see Brittany standing behind her with an amused smile. She was wearing the Hufflepuff uniform of a yellow, black tie and the badger crest on her robes. She looked bright and beautiful as always, a ray of sunshine. If it had been anyone else Santana would have told them to mind their own business but she had always had an uncontrollable fascination for the cute blonde witch who always seemed to be around. They had never spoken of things more than a simple 'hello' or 'hope you have a good day', it would be unusual for a Slytherin to associate with anyone outside of their own house, but Santana always wondered about her, always stole glances at her from the corner of the classroom. There was just something about her that caught her attention.

"You little snots better thank Godric Gryffindor that Brittany was here, now scram" she growled watching them scamper away in terror.

"Remember how we were in first year?" Brittany chuckled, her musical laugh floating down the hall.

"I swear they get more annoying every year" Santana complained idly.

"Yeah maybe" Brittany murmured in thought "Well I guess I'll see you in charms, right Santana?"

"Yes, of course" Santana replied politely. With that Brittany skipped happily down the corridor and disappeared in the twisted moving staircases.

At times Santana was tempted to have a full conversation with Brittany but it would be unnecessary and weird. After all, once you go into a pattern of only having limited greetings for five years what reason could you have to break it? They had no substance to go off of to become friends and it was just unorthodox in many more ways. Each time the thought came to mind Santana reminded herself of this, and that if Brittany had ever wanted a friendship with her why wouldn't she have initiated it?

"She's hot"

Santana rolled her eyes at the ogling portrait of a young medieval wizard and headed briskly towards the library. Yep, head bitch of Hogwarts hangs at the library; it's where all the hardcore kids chill these days.

At one of the tables was the 'golden group' which consisted of the Gryffindors, Man Hands, Porcelain, Tater Tots, the Hufflepuffs, Frankenteen, Stubbles Mc'Cripple pants, froggy lips and the Ravenclaws the Chinky Changs. Santana knew very few of their real names, and if she did it was only because they were especially annoying. She promptly avoided them and went to the back where the only people she could constitute as 'friends' were staying.
Quinn, Severus, Wilkes and Evan were waiting for her having a hushed discussion; she threw herself down next to them and scowled. Santana enjoyed none of their company, Quinn had become less talkative and more tolerable as the years went on but Wilkes and his stuck-up best friend Evans were still irritating as ever. Severus was a mystery, intelligent though quite aggravating due to his grudge and hatred towards Potter and his stupid friends. He was all he ever talked about Potter this and Potter that, his obsession drove Santana insane.

"You're late" Severus, her fellow prefect observed.

"I was talking to someone, or do I need any permission to do that Severus?" Santana retorted coldly.

"Of course not" Severus replied shortly, "who were you talking to?"

"Oh for Christ's sake Severus" she spat, "I was talking to Brittany, the Hufflepuff girl!"

"I don't know why you would even bother wasting breath on those people" Evan said haughtily "they're all muggle loving scum."

"Shut it you twat" she cautioned "anyway it's not like we're buddies or anything, I just said hello."

"She's probably a blood traitor" Quinn stated frostily.

"Whatever, I just said hello then left, I can do what I like" Santana huffed.

"Just remember Santana, those are the type of people that oppose the Dark Lord and all he stands for, so you're either on his side, or theirs. He wouldn't let you make excuses" Wilkes warned darkly.

"How can you give me this bullshit when for years he was completely drooling over the Gryffindor mudblood?" She accused harshly.

Severus's black eyes flashed dangerously though he didn't say anything. His lip curled angrily into a snarl but he didn't dare defend Lily in the presence of his friends. He composed himself and let Evan speak for him.

"Severus saw the error of being acquainted with such distasteful company; he no longer associates with it"

Santana just stared at them with her mouth gaping. How dare they tell Santana Lopez who she is and isn't allowed to speak with? She didn't give a shit what blood linage they came from how dare they try to tell her who she could speak to.

"Screw this, I'm leaving" She kicked back her chair and stormed furiously out of the library. When she passed by the Golden Group Big Nose stood up and raised her hand nervously.

"Good morning Santana" –

"Shut it Goblin fingers!" She snapped back at Rachel, the Gryffindor Head Girl. She heard them grumble under their breath about her. She didn't care, her anger blindly continued until she got to her charms class with Professor Schuster.

"I can talk to whoever I like" she muttered "I can do whatever I want"

"Santana, so glad you decided to join us today" the handsome curly haired professor said brightly, like he actually meant it. Santana rolled her eyes and took a seat around the back. Brittany a couple of desks away gave her a small wave.

"Ok guys as I said before, we are going to move on from N.E.W.T.S revision and try some new material that I think you guys are going to enjoy, it's quite a fun charm that causes people to act upon their desires" the charms professor grinned and Santana could tell that he had done this class before and the result had been rather amusing, "now the pronunciation of this is 'desiderio deditionem' say it with me please class"

He got the whole charms class to chant it back and forth a few times before he was satisfied.

"The wand movement is a very simple slash to the left then point, practice it a few times before you think you're ready" he instructed "then pick a partner to practice on, preferably someone you get along with because I would rather not have to send students to Madam Pillsbury because of your desires to punch your partners"

Santana got the verbal and movement down easily but she kept doing it anyway. Nobody ever liked being her partner for any lesson. Then when she glanced at Brittany who was struggling with both the verbal and the movement she decided she would prove to herself that she could do whatever she liked. It seemed quite fitting to the lesson.

"Do you need some help?" she asked Brittany quietly.

Brittany looked up in surprise then turned her head slightly to check that Santana was talking to her. When she realized the Latina Slytherin was indeed speaking with her and offering her services she bowed her head bashfully.

"Yeah but I don't want to bother you, I'm just having some trouble saying 'desidreeno detitimen' or whatever" she mumbled.

"Just break it down like we were taught" Santana explained patiently crouching down to Brittany's level "des–id–eh–rio ded-it-i-o-nem"

" that's not right" she moaned in frustration "sorry, I'm kind of stupid"

"Just try again" Santana encouraged. Brittany's tongue kept tripping but eventually she could almost say it correctly.

"Des...iderio?" Brittany looked back at Santana for approval who nodded for her to carry on, "deditionem, yeah?"

"Yeah, that's great work Brittany" Santana praised happily to the grinning blonde "can you do the slash and point?"

Brittany gave her a little demonstration of her very enthusiastic slash and point. Santana chuckled and shook her head slightly.

"That's good but maybe tone it down a little, and it's supposed to go down to your left" Santana explained good-naturedly, Brittany only looked confused.

"I am doing it to my left though, see?" she did it again to make her point.

Santana gently took her left hand and held it for a second.

"It's this one" she smiled, her touch lingering for just a second too long. She let it go awkwardly then cleared her throat a little "Guess maybe you should practice now huh?"

"On you?" Brittany asked uncertainly.

"Yeah, go for it, hit me!" Santana shrugged then quickly rethought it through, what actions might she subconsciously be suppressing? She had seen some people picking their noses or scratching their ball sack whilst telling their partner that it didn't seem to have worked. What if she did something like that?

"If you're sure!" Brittany excitedly pulled out a long ivory wand that sparked at the tip when she carelessly wove it around.

"That's holly right, about twelve inches? What's the core?" Santana asked, eyeing the masterfully Ollivander crafted wand.

"Yeah that's right, a unicorn hair actually. I was so glad it chose me" she said, stroking the wand affectionately then positioning herself in front of Santana "are you ready?"

"Um...yeah?" the Slytherin gulped, bracing herself valiantly "Go!"

"Desiderio deditionem!"

The tip of the wand shot a thin, feeble, blue, stream of light towards Santana's heart. She could definitely feel it, her chest felt like it was glowing with warmth way after the seconds of light had left her skin and her head felt a little numb. If you had asked Santana to do a math equation after that she wouldn't have even been able to give you her multiples of eight. However, she felt light and safe, like being wrapped up in a blanket or someone's arms.

"Santana, are you okay? Did it work?" Brittany gasped as the previously tense, cautious girl started sniggering a little to herself.

"You know what Britt I don't think it did, can I call you that? Anyway whatever you did was completely fucking awesome" Santana smirked lazily "Oh and your eyes are really pretty"

"Thanks Santana" Brittany laughed awkwardly "are you sure you're okay?"

"Absolutely, can I have a go on you now?" she pulled out her ten and a half inch blackthorn with a thestral tail hair centre and readied herself.

"Wait, Santana!" Brittany halted the unsteady witch, then whispered nervously "I would prefer it if you didn't practice on me"

"Why not? Oh I geddit, what secret desires are you not wanting to act upon?" Santana winked over exaggeratedly earning a puzzled look from Brittany "Is there someone you want to beat up or something? Who is it, I'll beat their ass, I feel like a fight"

"No Santana it's not like that" Brittany pushed the girl back into her seat and spoke softly in her ear "It's me that would get hurt"

"I wouldn't let that happen" Santana said quite seriously without even knowing what the hell she was talking about "anyone who ever tried to hurt you would end up at the bottom of the Hogwarts lagoon"

"Don't be silly, it's just the spell" Brittany giggled

"No I mean it Britt, I promise that if anyone gives you trouble I'll go all" –

Santana bared her teeth and made loud roaring sounds that her not enchanted self would be mortified witnessing. Brittany broke into hysterics and Santana joined in with her. She felt different to the way that she had felt her previous six years of school, maybe (probably) it was because of the spell that was making her act like a demented werewolf but she wondered was it something else. Maybe because she was holding a conversation with someone who she didn't despise? Or was it all her sub conscience screaming at her that this girl was supposed to be her friend?

"Britt, I think that you should totally go out with me!" She slurred," I don't have any friends really, and you always seemed interesting so can I take you out sometime? "

It was a few hours after Brittany's excited nod and calling Professor Sylvester an old, cruel, ugly bitch after passing her in the corridor thus earning herself a month's detention that the enchantment haze started to fade and Santana realized what she had done.

I know that a lot of various people would think of this as a lame idea. Let me try to explain myself to the fanfiction community.
I am someone who would consider myself to be a Slytherin. I am a very ambitious person and there isn't much I wouldn't do to get to where I want to be. And I was a little disappointed with the end of the Deathly Hallows. Where were the fighting Slytherins?
That's right, there wasn't any. Sure we had the excellent redemption of Severus Snape but surely there must have been one or two Slytherins that didn't want to be ruled by the Dark Lord and were able to put aside their differences to fight together in the final battle.

Then it occurred to me, what if there were, however they were under so much pressure as Slytherins to submit to these beliefs that it blocked all other forms of thought? What if a Slytherin struggled with what they believed in, because it was what they were brought up with but it just seemed wrong. How would they deal with this?

Then those of you who are asking me why I would explore this idea through Glee? I felt like writing about Glee. Please review!