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"Ahhhh!" a scream pierced the cool morning air. It was high-pitched and bordering the line of… girly… What's more, it originated from our friend, the mighty Red Commander's room.

"My hair! My beautiful, beautiful hair!"

Genesis gaped at the mirror as he stared at the blonde locks, his eyes red and swollen from crying. It hung in long greasy locks (compliments to Zack's Genesis's-day-wrecking genius). He grabbed the matted locks, nearly yanking them out of his head. "Nooo! Who did this?"

Angeal came into the room to investigate the meaning behind the scream that had his puppy waking up far earlier than normal in a way too morning-happy mood, then stepped back in shock, his lips forming an 'o' shape of surprise as his eyes were greeted with a familiar, yet unfamiliar Genesis look-alike stranger staring desperately at the mirror.

"Umm… Genny?" he stepped forward.

Genesis, in turn, shrunk back. "No! Don't look at me! I look horrible! Oh, how will I manage to look presentable in time for the meeting?"

Angeal tried, and failed, to console his childhood friend. "Um, well, Genny, the meeting is in two hour's time… You could try to wash it out or get some dye-remover or something…"

Tears welled at the corners of his friend's azure eyes.

"Yes! I tried everything! I've tried washing it out, with both shampoo and conditioner, but neither of them work! And I don't want to go outside – I look hideous! It's so horrible, 'Geal. How could anyone do this to me?"

Angeal's mind was immediately cast to someone who would, and could – Zack. Boy, was the puppy in serious trouble.

Suddenly, Angeal found himself in a tight embrace as Genesis flung his arms around his neck, his verbal melodrama finally over. Tears ran down his face as he blabbered nonsensically about his good looks – and how they'd been cruelly ruined.

Angeal awkwardly hugged the auburn-haired Commander back, tactfully hiding his small grin of amusement as he attempted to calm the red-cloaked man down.

Little did they know that they were being watched… and recorded…

"Hi-five, guys, for a job well done!" Zack laughed as he watched the ever-continuing drama – it wasn't like Genesis would be done weeping and moping over something so trivia for a few hours yet. Angeal attempted to console the formerly auburn haired Commander on the screen. "So… who's our next victim gonna be?"

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