Title: Not Our Sammy

Author: Luna Knyte

Genre: Romance and Angst

Rating: M (for swearing, mention of abuse, over using of alcohol and drugs, and violence)

Pairings: past-established Sam/Harry- Harry and Dean friendship.

Summary: Dean never really knew what happened behind the closed doors of his brothers and best friends relationship. He knew deep down that it wasn't the paradise it had been in the beginning when they were both shy and lovey-dovey. But he didn't really want to know he supposed. He wanted to believe that everything would be alright and that he'd have both family and friends. So he let everything slide. Even after coming back from hell. But after finding Harry again after him disappearing Dean can no longer ignore anything, and neither could Sam, he'd make sure of that.

Inspiration: Toxic Fools' "The Little Things" and "Never You"

A/N: Really it was just some thing that entered my head after reading some really angst stories and whatnot. Hope you like.

The Impala's roaring engined died down as Dean pulled into one of the many motels that they're used to dwelling in for the night. Dean looked over Sam who had been silent the whole ride back from the woods.

It was the night of a full moon and they had just hunted down a werewolf. Even with the most experience hunters, something that has been done before, no matter how many times, never loses its dangers. Yes, they were used to the cold, the dark, and the paranoia. They knew what to expect and were as ready as a hunter could be. And to their Winchester credit it was all mostly simple. Shoot it down with silver, decapitate, and salt and burn it afterward for good measure. Watch out for the claws, but most importantly, never get bit.

In fear of the last threat Dean needed to push Sam out of the way before the big bad wolf took a bite out of him. Of course being that they had been on higher ground their descent wasn't so graceful. Tackling Sam out of the way, plus slamming into a tree to stop rolling down hill was not the highlight of Dean's night. Only good thing(for him anyway)was that Sammy was there to break his fall.

Once they were back on their feet, anger and pain now fueling them, the rest of the night was done in the most hunter professional ways and the werewolf was dead.

Dean and Sam got out of the car and headed to their room. Dean groaned as he removed his guns and jacket and pants. He was sure he'd have some bruises by morning. He heard the door to the bathroom close and he muttered, "Geeze, can't even let a guy call dibs anymore..."

Dean knew that Sam was depressed, hell! he was too. In another two months give or take, it'll be about half a year since Harry had left. It was a huge blow to both of them...hell it was a big blow to Bobby, Ben and Lisa too!

Harry had gotten to know all of them and had made their way into all of their hearts.

They had first met Harry a short while after the incident with Jessica, Sammy's deceased fiance, and a little before reuniting with their father. Harry had been in trouble with some demons. They wanted to recruit him but he wasn't going to join forces with the light of them. So Harry, like them, was a nomad. It was shortly after a somewhat nasty battle between them and the YED who had decided to pay them an unexpected visit that they learned what was so special about Harry.

He was born with magic!

They were all skeptical at first, had wanted to hunt him down even, but then the YED had claimed that he wanted Harry because his magic was pure, and a helluva lot more powerful. Harry James Potter was a natural born wizard. He hadn't made any deals with any demon, didn't need to sacrifice babies, or kill anyone to get what he wanted done. He just spoke in Latin, waved his wand, and presto!

That had been Sam's initial attraction Dean thought. Sam was a geek when it came to understanding and knowing things. The supernatural was no different, but until now he stayed away from it as much as possible because it involved too much evil. But Harry wasn't evil. He was able to give Sam all types of supernatural information, show him spells and potions and charms, all without there having to make any deals, sacrifices, or anything. And Sam loved it...Sam loved Harry!

And Dean? Well, Dean had been very skeptical. His dad had always told him to never trust anything supernatural. That it would get you killed in the end. And most of the time he was right, but not about Harry.

Harry trusted Dean as much as Dean trusted Harry.

The same thing was for Harry who had been warned about hunters before taking a trip across the pond. To the good Witches and Wizards, hunters, especially the Winchesters were like the boogeyman to them.

The mistrust last a while, but it all change one night Harry was ambushed by what Dean later learned were "Death Eaters", Dean saw the way Harry was hunted, saw the ounce of fear in his eyes that tried to sneak in there, only to be stomped on by something...something Dean himself was forced to develop at an early age. Dean isn't sure if it has a name. Its a mixture of heroism, bravery, determination...and yet that wasn't what it was. It was the tiredness in Harry's eyes, the same look he saw in his fathers eyes, that Dean's attitude change about Harry.

Harry was an outcast, like them, but even though Harry was younger than both him and Sam had the same tired eyes of his father. His obsessed with the hunt, ex-marine, war veteran father. Dean understood Harry's light sleeping habits, his paranoia that rivals theirs. Later Harry confided in Dean that all of his life he had been hunted...that it just never stopped.

The door to the bathroom opened to reveal a refreshed Sam, already redressed and ready to go.

"Where are you going?" Dean asked.

"The bar," Sam replied quietly.

"Wait up, I'll go with you," Dean said.

"No thanks Dean...I don't want any company," Sam answered.

Dean looked at Sam with a deep frown, "I don't think so Sammy."

"Its Sam, Dean. And I didn't ask for your permission. I don't feel like hearing anything from you right now," Sam said and without waiting for a response from his brother, left.

Dean's eyebrow twitched and his face showed his annoyance. Sighing, Dean headed for the shower himself. No use trying to go after Sam when he was like that.

As Dean washed himself, his mind wondered back to his previous thoughts.

After making a truce and starting to actually act civil towards one another they realized how much they had in common. They both loved Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Aerosmith. Plus they had the same eating habits.(When they first went to a diner Harry had been the first to order and his order was: a double bacon cheese burger with extra everything on it, a side of fries, a chocolate milkshake, and a piece of apple pie.) Though that was when they were out to eat. Once they were at Bobby's or visiting Lisa and Ben Harry would take over the kitchen and his cooking was amazing!

Sam and Harry then started acting weird around one another and after watching their attempts become painful to him, Dean just told them to fuck and get it over with already! Dean wasn't really sure what exactly happened but the week that followed they were like a newlywed couple. Granted a weird one, I mean Sammy with his freakishly tall self, Harry being a wizard, and the supernatural that hunted them and the supernatural they hunted, they were very weird...plus other reasons, but they were a couple nonetheless.

Harry had met their father a few times. The first couple of times they had kept their relationship a secret, but later it was revealed. Their dad wasn't necessary pleased, well to everyone else he wasn't, but Harry...he's a special guy.

Maybe it was his spunk, maybe it was his own stubbornness that rivaled their dad's, maybe it was his hero like stupidity that he bumped heads with the Famous John Winchester, but somehow he had gained their fathers approval. That! Was a surprise and miracle all in it self.

Lisa had once told Dean that maybe their father approved of Harry because he was different but in a good way. Harry, unlike Lisa and Ben, was able to travel with them. Was able to fight and defend himself against what was out there. Harry knew worse things out there than the brothers did, Harry could act the normality that Sammy wanted, but still kept him in the line of the family business that their father wanted. Being with Harry meant that they both won and John was able keep both his sons and this time...this time without the hate.

Dean let the idea nest in his mind. He liked it. He liked it a lot. And for a while it was true.

Yeah they hunted, fought baddies, unburied graves, and all that nightmarish stuff, but on the side they were the most normal they had been in years. Harry and Dean would talk about music and cars and Harry's world and other stuff while the three of them were together, and while Sam had Harry all to himself they were like a regular couple. They did what they needed to do, but also had everything that they hadn't had before.

And Harry had given them that.

And then Dean went to hell.

After he had returned he noticed the changes immediately. Harry was thinner than he remembered, and boy was that kid scrawny to begin with. His skin seemed even more pale, and his eyes were surrounded with darkness. When he had returned and Harry hugged Dean...call it his older brother instincts, but it was something odd about that hug.

It was relief, which was understandable, but there was something more. With the relief came something more. A desperation, a need of protection, and the exhaustion... !

It really kicked Dean in the ass. Harry had been a war hero, a war warrior, a war veteran, and yet the vibes that he was getting from him where that of a frighten child that fear the monster in the dark and wanted nothing more but his big brother to make it go away.

Getting out of the shower, that line was engraved in Dean's mind...

"Make the monster go away..." Dean whispered.

Inside his mind Dean knew the name of the monster, his mind knew it, but his heart refused to say it.

Time passed and Dean noticed the change. Sam would spend more time with him hunting than with Harry. He would ignore Harry's calls and text's, would leave their place in the middle of the night to go to the bar and not return, maybe for hours, maybe for days. And as odd as it seemed to Dean, Sam was on full out denial that anything was wrong. Harry was his best friend and after not standing it anymore Dean wanted some answers, but what he got was his little brother who refused to admit anything remotely wrong. And guilt still ate away at Dean because he had let things slide.

Even when he saw bruises on Harry that hadn't been there before and knowing that Harry hadn't been on a hunt, seeing how Harry would flinch and back away from people's touches, as if scared he'd be hurt, and how the fear he once saw because of Death Eaters that had been so minuscule that only a paranoid man like Dean could see, increase ten fold, and at the sight of ...them.

But he ignored it all. Everyone did. It was betrayal in a sense. They all saw it happening, yet no one did anything. No one stopped it or tried to help. They all just turned their cheek to the other side. And finally Harry couldn't take it anymore and he left.

Sam had returned home and after a salt and burn, and tried to find Harry. They had been...on their best terms for the first time in a long time, and Sam thought that maybe they could spend the entire night making it up to one another. With a goofy smile on his face he had gone to search for his Wizard only to find the house empty. Frowning Sam settled himself in their old bed and waited for Harry to come back. Hours passed and Sam was becoming worried. When he finally couldn't stand it anymore he decided to answer nature's call. And that's when he noticed it. Harry's things from the bathroom were missing. Blinking in surprise Sam walked into their bedroom and slowly, almost as if deactivating a bomb, opened their shared closet, only to find Harry's half empty. Fear settled into his stomach and like a madman he ran through the house in search of any trace of Harry...but there were none. To make it worse, Harry shared their lifestyle, their paranoia, everything. If he didn't want to be found...he wasn't going to be found. Even while having Bobby look for him.

Back in Black went off and Dean picked up his cell. It was Lisa.

"Hey baby," Dean greeted softly. He was tired, and his mind was really depressing him, but he didn't want Lisa to worry.

"Dean," Lisa said in a voice that let him know something was wrong.

"What is it? Are you and Ben okay?" Dean asked immediately.

"We're fine Dean," Lisa reassured and Dean let out a breath of relief, but then asked, "What is it then?"

"Remember how you told me that sometimes there would be phone calls I would get hearing about relatives with names... ?"

Dean did remember telling her that. After explaining a bit of their life to Lisa he had mentioned that they couldn't always use their real names so they used alias'.


"Well there was a call from a hospital calling about a Henry Black," Lisa all but whispered.

Lisa had befriended Harry and loved him right away. She felt a motherly need to protect him, and he was amazing with Ben. She knew a little something about Harry. Like his Godfather's last name being Black.

"Harry..." Dean whispered and confirmed Lisa's thoughts. "Where?"

Lisa had given Dean the directions to the hospital and had left a note to Sam explaining things. The Impala had only gone so fast a few other times, and most of the time it was life or death...Dean was glad it was the dead of night and near the middle of nowhere, it made it easier to get to Harry.

Even if Harry could hold his own Dean still worried that the wizard could have been dead.

Arriving at the hospital Dean used the name Lisa had told him to use. Going to the nurses station he asked for a Henry Black.

"Oh yes, the doctors would like to talk with you actually," the nurse said.

Frowning, Dean nodded. A graying doctor in his late years came up to Dean and smiled a reassuring smile, the kind that Dean has learned is the one given in an attempt to ease bad news.

"You must be Dean Black," the doctor said, a hint of an accent on him.

"Yes, Henry's cousin," Dean replied. They had similarishly close traits to pass that off.

"Well I was wondering if you could clear some things up for us," the doctor said.

"I can try," Dean said already thinking of every piece of information Harry has told him about himself.

"Thank you. Has Henry had any of the following illnesses? Chicken pox, measles, asthma, allergies, or any of the sort?" the doctor asked.

Dean thought back. They had mindless conversation to pass idle time and awkward silences.

"Well I know that Henry doesn't have asthma or any allergies. But I can't answer too much of his history. Our dad's were brothers and after a nasty fight, they never spoke again. Henry and I didn't know about one another until my uncle died and told Henry about us. We've only had a few years to get to know each other," Dean explained.

"Ah I see. Well...would you know if there was ever any substance abuse?" the doctor asked.

Dean frowned and answered immediately, "No. Henry isn't that kind of person."

The doctor sighed, "Mr. Black ,Henry was admitted here after being revived due to an overdose."

"Revived? He was dead? !" Dean exclaimed.

"For a moment. It was touch and go...the substance in his system is quite odd. Can't really be identified. And even after being here for almost a day now, still hasn't left his system at all. It's similar to heroin but not. And...that's not all," the doctor's face grew grimmer, if possible.

"What?" Dean asked though he wasn't sure he really wanted to know.

"I have to ask this because it somewhat obvious...what was Henry's sexual preference?" the doctor asked.

Not understanding exactly what that had to do with anything Dean answered cautiously, "Well...he played for the same team if that's what you mean."

Sighing again the doctor said, "I really can't say if I was fearing you were going to said that or not."

"Why?" Dean demanded.

"Henry was awake for some time after we restarted his heart," Dean cringe at that, "and...well, he seemed traumatized. Like in a panic state, hysterical almost. The way some patients who have claustrophobia get when they're in an enclosed space, and...well there was some very big hints in abuse. Upon further examination there were scars and wounds found all over his body...some of the psychologist from the psych ward came down here and they are prepared to confirm rape as a diagnoses."

"Stop..." Dean held out his hand, "Please...just stop."

The doctor nodded and gave Dean the time to get his bearings together.

"Is he okay now?" Dean asked.

"Well, like I've mentioned we're not sure exactly what this drug is, but its powerful. It's keeping him very obscure. He's also very violent when others touch him so we've been force to sedate him." Dean nodded in understanding, "But perhaps the face of someone familiar will help him regain some lucidity." the doctor offered with a warm smile. Dean tried to return it but failed. And the doctor sighed for what seemed like the umpteenth time in their conversation. "Though I have to be honest with you Mr. Black, in Henry's condition its not as simple as slapping on a band aid and letting it heal on its own.

"From the few moments of his lucidity your cousin seemed to have a severe case of PTSD. I've been around for a long time Mr. Black...if that is your real name. With what Mr. Potter has done in his past and whatever the hell happened to him recently...Well I'm not sure if full recovery is possible."

"How do you know who he is?" Dean asked.

"His scar made him famous...there's not another like it, or him. He's been fighting evil since he was one year old...no matter if that be the supernatural or natural kind," the doctor said.

"Do you know him? Personally I mean?" Dean asked.

"...My granddaughter, Hannah, went to school with him and married one of his friends. I've heard things about him. Though now a days its mainly rumor...To think of what that boy has been through." shaking his head the doctor said, "It was only a matter of time before he finally broke."

Running his hand through his hair and blinking back the forming tears and humorlessly asked, "That bad, huh?"

"Medically he's not supposed to be allowed out of here," the doctor began and then looked over his shoulder and dragged Dean into Harry's room. Looking to where the doctor had looked Dean looked and saw some suites, "Whenever there is any sign of anything like child, domestic, or any type of abuse to the degree that Mr. Potter is in the feds are forced into the situation to look into the matter."

Dean groaned in frustration.

"You will need to give a short statement. Just saying that Henry disappeared without you knowing what happened. Add in the story about your fathers, and that you'll take care of Henry. It should be enough get them away for tonight. I'll discharge Mr. Potter later..."

"But you said he's not allowed out of here," Dean said.

"I said he's not supposed to, but that substance he used isn't muggle drugs. If he stays and awakens enough they'll demand things he can't answer and I doubt he has the strength of apperating out of here, let alone take care of himself. I'll give you some medicine and some potions I have in stock, plus some instructions for you...Mr. Potter has done a great deal for our world...its about damn time we returned the favor."

Smiling a small smile Dean said, "Thank you...you knew to call us didn't you?"

Smiling a small smile of his own the doctor said, "His headmaster and I were once friends in school...and you know how all old people know one another...and we always know what we're doing."

After giving his statement to the police, which was torture because somehow they kept on insisting Dean give more information. About an hour later Dean emphasized that part of not knowing Henry until recent years and Henry disappearing about half the year ago, oh and that they were family!

Finally it was after two in the morning and the doctor helped Dean sneak Harry out into the Impala. Easier with the fact that something majorly wrong was just so happen to happen in the top floor. The doctor gave Dean his personal cell number in case any...odd, things happen that needed unrecorded medical attention. Plus also a few numbers that were apparently some of Harry's friends who either didn't know he was alive or didn't know where he was and could do with some closure.

Making his way back to the hotel Dean's face furrows with irritation and gloom. Instead of going all the way back to his hotel room with Sam, Dean gets another place. He knew that eventually he had to go get Sam so he called Lisa and asked to come and help care for Harry. She answered at the second ring and told him that Ben and her where on the way.

In the mean time Dean made Harry as comfortable as possible on the rigidity old bed that squeaked under Harry's weight, though there wasn't much.

Dean pulled a chair next to the bed and just watched Harry. He sort of remembered doing this for Sam when he was younger and ill. Damn those times were easier. All he had to do was protect Sam...now shit is so complicated.

Another hour passed in silence, so many times did Dean have to check Harry's pulse to make sure he was alive, before Harry finally groaned and opened his eyes a bit.

Instantly panic was in them and he started to flail around and Dean tried his best to keep him calm without scaring him anymore. Once Harry saw Dean, he instinctively clung to him.

To his credit Harry didn't cry, he just...calmed down completely.

"Harry?" Dean asked tentatively as he got on the bed to make them more comfortable.

"Hm?" Harry replied.

"You okay?" Dean asked quietly as he stroked Harry's back in comforting motions.

"You're here, so I'm safe," was Harry's replied.

Smiling at how much Harry, his best and only friend, trusted him, Dean said, "Yeah...nothing's gonna hurt you. Still sleepy?"

"No...I'm tired, but not sleepy," Harry's voice was so quiet and small...it was odd.

"Think your up for some questions?" Dean asked.

"Do I have to?" Harry whined.

"Yes," Dean said in an authoritative voice but still gentle.

Sighing Harry said, "Fine..."

Dean didn't want to out ask about the bruises or addiction, so he went for something else, "Where have you been?"

"I retraced my steps from when I first got here," Harry replied laying back down on the bed. Dean went back to his chair.

"Where is that?"

"When I first got here I stayed in New York for a bit. I then moved west little by little. Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Colorado, Nevada, California..." Harry murmured.

"What have you been doing?" Dean asked.

"At first...it was easy. Hunting was like second nature to me...I needed it because after everything...that's all I had. Nothing but war and blood and pain..." Harry said in a voice so empty of emotion...so vacant and tired...

"That's not everything you have Harry. You've got me, and Bobby, and Lisa and Ben...and Sammy," Dean whispered.

Harry gave a tired, humorless laugh, and said, "No Dean, I don't got Sammy."

"Course you do," Dean replied.

Harry shook his head violently, "That man who wears Sammy's clothes is not my Sammy! My Sammy was never like that!"

"Like what, Har?" Dean asked.

"...I dunno..."Harry's British accent got really deep then, "He's just not the man I met. Not the Sammy who's eyes would sparkle when he was going to learn something new, the Sammy who blushed deeply and avoided eye contact when we talked about any type of sex, the Sammy who always looked troubled when we were doing something illegal for the sake of the hunt...Not the Sammy I loved."

"He's had a rough time Har..."Dean said lamely.

Harry's laugh then was maniacal, like a hyenas, "HA! Ben and Lisa had a tough time...I had a tough time...Sam...he...I don't know what the hell happened!"

"When did you start to do drugs Harry?" Dean asked strictly and bluntly.

Harry turned to look Dean right in the eye(Harry's pupils were massive), and instead of seeing the guilt and shame Dean thought he'd see, he saw something else. He saw a smugness and a cold indifference he never wanted his best friend to have.

"It made things...easier!" Harry said in a simple happy obvious under the substance voice.

"Made what easier Harry?"

"The new Sam, duh," Harry replied as if was so obvious.

"What exactly happen between the two of you?" Dean asked. Dean never really knew what happened behind the closed doors of his brothers and best friends relationship. He knew deep down that it wasn't the paradise it had been in the beginning when they were both shy and lovey-dovey. But he didn't really want to know he supposed. He wanted to believe that everything would be alright and that he'd have both family and friends. So he let everything slide. Even after coming back from hell. But after finding Harry again, and in such a state, Dean can no longer ignore it all.

"After you left...he was depressed...that was understandable. You were his world...I...I was supposed to be the one to be there for him. To make him remember that he wasn't alone...that eventually the pain will subside...that we could make it out together...

"But no! No no no no no! It wasn't like that...No he had a demon bitch!" Harry swore and sat up only to fall back down again, "He cheated on me...repetitively with that bitch as he grew more and more addicted to her fucking blood! He had already been drinking...but it just got worse, Dean...

"After the first time we fought I ended up in the hospital...the nurse knew though. I could tell. The way she looked at me with pity...the way she glared at him...trying to get me to tell her the truth and trying to keep him out of my room...I guess she just sees it too much to know what it looks like..."

Longing, fear, desperation, and complete lost was in Harry's eyes as he grabbed Dean's arm and begged him to understand, "I didn't rat him out Dean, I swear! I said I got in a fight in a bar because I was gay...

"After that he didn't touch me for a long while...but he was just a cold and mean...I just...I just couldn't take it anymore...I went to my part of town...the shady part...and when I got back home...it was so empty...it reminded me that I had lost again...people left me...I remembered that I wasn't good enough so that was why Sam had walked out the door every night to be with that bitch...but...but...it made me forget about that...about Sam and hunting and...everything...it took me to memories...the better ones...I liked it..."

Dean's eyes were glassy with tears, and his cheeks were stained with them, "You OD'd Harry..."

"I know!" Harry exclaimed sounding happy about it, and had he not been so out of it Dean would have slapped him for it, "But I didn't die." Harry said sounding annoyed.

Dean groaned, "But that's a good thing, Har."

"No its not!" Harry replied childishly, "If I had died he would have been too disgusted to be with me...he wouldn't have touched me..."Tears rolled down his eyes, not of sadness, but of pain, "I begged him to stop...I didn't want to...not when he was so pissed off drunk!Not when he wasn't thinking of me...He was saying her name! I just grabbed the vile next to the bed and chugged it all down...it's only supposed to be a squirt for a few hours of not being lucid, but the whole thing...it was too much...and yet...not enough..."

More tears fell from Dean.

"Hey Dean?" Harry whispered.

"Yeah Har?" Dean whispered back.

"Am I a bad person?" Harry asked.

Choking back a sob, Dean replied, "Course not. You're a hero...and my best friend."

"Then...why?...Why am I alone? Why does everyone I want to trust betray and leave me? I must have done something bad Dean...the universe is punishing me for something..." it broke Dean to hear Harry speak like that...there weren't anymore tears. But his voice was hollow and void of all life. Then Harry have a short chuckle, "Heh, maybe God just really hates me..."

"NO!" Dean screamed.

Harry turned to look at Dean, his gaze foggy, as if he had been daydreaming and had forgotten Dean was there. Then he smiled, "You're right...you didn't leave me Dean...You even came back from Hell...You're a good friend, mate."

"You damn well better believe I am...And so are Lisa and Ben. They're gonna be here in a while to look after you while I go take care of something," Dean replied as he violently wiped away his tears.

"I like Lisa and Ben...you're lucky you have a good family Dean. And they love you...you wanted to hide from them, but you couldn't...and they didn't leave...they're always there waiting for you. Good or bad times..." Harry rambled.

"Yeah, they're awesome...and they're there for you too," Dean said.

"You think so?" Harry asked.

"I know so," Dean answered.

Harry yawned, "I think I actually am tired Dean...mind if I get a little sleep?"

"Not at all, buddy."

Harry smiled and closed his eyes. "Hey Dean?"


"Do you think we'll ever find our Sammy? I miss him." But didn't hear Dean's reply because he quickly fell asleep.

Looking at what was left of his best friend Dean frowned and replied, "I don't know Har...I've got no idea where our Sammy is."

Silence engulfed the room again. Dean back at his post watching over Harry, his over protectiveness on overdrive. Lisa and Ben arrived a few hours later. They were relieved to see Harry again. While Ben sat next to Harry and combed through his hair Dean explained everything to Lisa.

Then he was on the road again. It took about another hour for him to get back to his hotel room where Sam was. When he walked through the door he was ambushed by his little brother.

"Where is he? !" Sam demanded and grabbed Dean by his shoulders.

Forcibly removing Sam's hand from him, Dean asked, "Where's who?"

"Harry! You left a note saying you might have found him!" Sam exclaimed.

Dean silently cursed, having forgotten that. The older Winchester didn't reply but instead held a manila folder out to his brother.

"What's this?"

"The reason I've been gone all night," Dean replied.

Sam skimmed over the report but looked confused, "I don't understand."

"What's not to understand? Henry Black overdosed, he was covered in wounds, and, oh, this was just the cherry on top, has history of being raped!"

Sam looked silently at Dean and Dean whispered, "Read his description..."

Name: Henry Black

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Black

Gender: Male

As Sam skimmed over it once more something caught his eyes that made vile rise in his throat.

"Lightning bolt scar on forehead."


"Yeah...Harry," Dean said.

Rage rose in Sam and he let out an animalistic roar, and then raged filled eyes zeroed in on his brother and demanded, "WHO DID THIS TO HIM!"

"Who did this?" Dean repeated, then laughed a bit and shook his head, "Who did this, he says..."

Dean grabbed Sam and pulled him into the bathroom.

"You want to know who's responsible for Harry's condition? Well he's right there!"

Sam stared eyes wide into his own reflexion. Self disgust, guilt, shame, and dread entered him as his legs gave in on him and he crumbled into a fetal position and he cried.