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Prelude to Disaster

Homeward bound to Southampton, England, the 1,232 feet long MS Poseidon that set sailed from New York, America at 9 a.m this morning after a three week long Christmas cruise around the Carribean, suddenly founds herself in a midst of disaster as a colossal, 170-foot rouge wave crashes and rolled her from side to side. The all night New Year Gala held in the ship's Dining Hall, Night Clubs, Ballroom, and other places on the ship is instantly turned into a catastrophic mess as passengers and crews are thrown to the starboard side of the ship as it capsizes, bumping into everything in their way. Emergency calls are cut off as water crashes and flooded the bridge, communication area, and most weak parts of the luxury liner, drowning everyone who are inside the decks, leaving everyone alive injured, shocked or worse. Then, the capsized Poseidon plunged into total darkness and chaos.

But not for long

The MS Poseidon is a newly registered ocean liner built by the Grand Atlantic Lines. The company is inspired to revive the long lost history of the ocean liners in the past, after Cunard's R.M.S Queen Mary 2 is launched. Plans are brought by the company's most trusted architect one month after the launching of the Queen Mary 2. Constructing began shortly. The news spread quickly in England, and then, the world. Rumors spread around that the ship built by the company is going to be the world's largest ship, which is true, until the world's largest cruise ship arrives: the MS Oasis of the Seas. But size is not a priority for the company now. They planned that the Poseidon will be fast and luxurious, capable for housing 4,100 passengers with 1,536 crews and officers. Like any other new ships, the Poseidon does not have any rudders. Instead, four azimuth thrusters (new types of propellers that are way more efficient from the old ones. Azimuth thrusters can rotate 360 degrees easily) are used. The ship is also equipped with tunnel thrusters in the bow and the stern (of which the latter is located just meters away from the azimuth thrusters).

The Poseidon have five night clubs, two outdoor swimming pools, one gigantic theater, two cinemas, one huge dining hall, six restaurants, ten bars and cafes, and a beautiful ballroom. There are many beautifully furnished suites and cabins. The ones on the upper decks are equipped with verandas. Only a few cabins in the lower decks have verandas. There are a total of six suites, each of them took two decks of the ship. The first floor consists of a living room, a kitchen, dining room, and a veranda. The second floor is mostly bedrooms with two bathrooms at each end. The suites are located on deck 14, overlooking the outdoor cafe (located on the stern of the ship) and the sea. Right now, only two of them are occupied. Inside Suite 1402, two young adults are sitting close to each other on a comfy recliner, facing each other.

"When?" one of them asked

"Tonight" the other one replied with a smile.

"Yeah, when tonight?" Christian asked again, wanting to get more detailed answer from his fiancée.

Jennifer Ramsey only replied simply. "Please. I'll tell him."

The two lovers broke over from their sitting position when the door clicked open. An old man entered the room, holding a curled up newspaper.

"Hey kids, how're we doing?" the man asked, placing the newspaper on top of a polished marble kitchen counter.

"We're fine sir." the blonde haired man answered.

"Christian." Robert Ramsey remarked. "Please don't call me 'sir' 'cause I felt old." Christian shuggered. Robert looked at his daughter, catching the nervous look on her face, and began speculating.

"Jenny, what were both of—"

"Dad, we're just sitting. People sit."

Robert is going to say something again when Jenn cut him off.

"Don't you think that there's gazillions of places to do what you're thinking?"

"Jenn, I'm simply saying—"

"Stop. I'd enough of your patronizing tone. Very through with it." With a heavy sigh, the young woman ran towards the staircase that leads into the second floor of the suite. A sound of door slamming close is heard seconds later.

Robert took a sip of wine. "Is she like this with you?" he asked Christian.

The Grand Lobby is one of the most dazzling places in the ship. Located near the bow, it has a large, gold embossed opening that stretched to the Roof Deck on top. A glass dome covered the 'well'. Curved stairs connected every level of the opening. Aluminium-and-glass railings prevented passengers from falling down to the floor below. Like any passengers in the ship, Elena is simply awed by the beauty of the thickly carpeted floor, carved, wooden covered walls, and dazzling things on the ship. The Spanish woman is wearing a denim shirt over her black turtleneck and jeans. Her long dark brown hair is made into a bun. Elena sighed and starts walking to her cabin when her cell phone rang. She took the silver Motorola out and looked at the number on the screen, and answered.


"Elena! How are things going?" asked a voice from the other side of the line

Elena paused. She recognized the cheerie voice. "Maria? How did you get my new number?"

"Your brother." Maria replied. Maria Alonzo is Elena's cousin, and best friend. Both of them lived together in their childhood. Like Elena, Maria has big hazel eyes and dark, straight brown hair.

"Oh. So… how's Ro—oof!"

"Oh. Sorry." Dylan Johns said. The man had bumped into the woman. Elena smiled weakly." I'll call you later." She said to Maria on the phone and she disconnected the call. "No worries." Elena said to the man in front of her. Dylan is wearing a dark blue jersey and training pants. His upper body is sweating from the afternoon jog he did just now.

"Quite a lobby isn't it?" Dylan asked, looking around him.

"Yeah. It is very beautiful."

"Sorry to bump you just now." Dylan remarked.

Elena sighed and replied. "Well, accidents happen don't they?"

"You've got a point there." Dylan chuckled and he looked around again. "Well, I'd better get going. See you around?"

"Yeah. See you around." Elena said, talking out her cell phone again, dialing Maria's number., while Dylan ascends the huge staircase of the Grand Lobby.

Two rooms after Jenn's suite, Conor James is literally wrecking the expensively furnished room. The young boy threw everything out from the drawer, wardrobe, and he moved armchairs, end tables, and every furniture aside. This action of course, drew the attention of his mother, Maggie James. The woman's shocked expression changed into anger in a millisecond.

"Conor! What are you doing?" Maggie yelled.

"My PSP is gone!"

"Your PSP?" Maggie asked. The young boy nodded whilst throwing out all of his clothes out from his small suitcase.

Maggie looked around and spied a metallic blue gadget below a king sized bed. She crouched down and took out the device. Smiling, she lifted it up to the air. "Did you mean, this thing?"

Conor turned around quickly and his face brightened. The boy rushed to take his device from his mother's hand. "Thanks mom! Where did you find it?"

"It's below the bed." the woman pointed at the gap between the extremely comfortable bed and the carpeted floor. "Next time, place your belongings carefully, okay dear" The 10 year old boy grew red. He nodded anyway and he placed the PSP beside the flat screen TV and began helping his mother tiding things up.

Then, there's a knock on the door.

"Yes?" Maggie called, walking to the sleek mahogany-carved door, opening it. A steward is standing on the other side.

"Ms. James?"

"Yes. What is it?"

"This is a letter from your husband." The steward handed a thick envelope to Maggie.

"That would be ex-husband." The woman correcter.

"Oh. My apologies." The steward cleared his throat. "There will be a New Year party down in the Grand Ballroom. An outdoor party will also be held on the Sports Deck. There will be fireworks there. The Nightclub is also available, with the Main Dining Hall on Deck 5. And if you are interested, a Pool Party will be also held on Deck 10's indoor pool. All parties are going to be held on 9.30."

"Thanks for the information…" Maggie trailed off, looking for the steward's name tag. But she found none.

"White. Chief Steward Trent White." the steward replied. He gave a nod and went to the other suite.

"Mom, I wanna see the fireworks show!" Conor exclaimed once his mother closed the door.

"I don't think so honey. I'm a bit uncomfortable with winds." Conor grumbled. "Hey, I bet that the Ballroom party will be as much as fun. It's a pretty huge room you know." Conor didn't respond. Maggie sighed. "You can bring your PSP too." Hearing the words, the boy lit up. Maggie chuckled slightly.

The Boat Deck of Poseidon also serves as the open Promenade Deck. There are quite a few passengers enjoying the sun on the deck, including Lieutenant Mike Rogo. The 47 year old man is simply leaning on the railing, enjoying the breeze when his cellphone rang continuously. At first he ignored it, hoping that the ringing will stop soon. But it kept ringing on and on. Grumbling a little, Rogo took the cellphone out from his jeans and answered.

"Mike Rogo speaking."

There's a pause.

"Oh. Linda!. How are you and the kids doing?" the man's face brightened. "Yes. I'm on my way home. I'm sure the kids missed me a lot." he added.

"Well yes, they are." Linda Rogo replied from her house. Her 14 year old son is busily watering the plants. "You know, Ray had been interested in gardening lately." she said after looking at the boy.

Mike chuckled. "Really? Well that's interesting." the man sighed. "How about Sally?"

Linda chuckled. "Sally? She had learned how to run yesterday, and she is running around the garden with her doll now."

"She could run before she walked?" Mike laughed, amused by the news his wife gave. "Perhaps she will become a runner."

"Yes. I think she will."

Rogo sighed and looked at the sparkling waves below. "Well, you know? You should be here Linda, the ship's amazing. It's a huge one. They even got a large spa here." the man moved his legs and started walking into the deck. "Yeah, I bet you'll enjoy this trip. Hey, why don't take the kids on a vacation to Greece sometimes. It'll be fun! I know you'll enjoy it."

"That's a great idea darling." Linda answered. "Call me when you arrived back to England. I love you."

"I love you too. Bye sweetheart."

"Bye." Linda said before she disconnected the line and went off to she her little daughter who is playing with his brother.

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