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Marcus studied the deck plan plate intently. Since the group arrived into the dimly lit and fogged up area, Dylan had told them to rest for a short time, and told the college student to help him finding a map of the deck. Marcus found it soon enough, covered in soot. The student wondered if some sort of fire had just burned through the deck. If it did, he didn't want to stay long in this deck.

"What did you got there kid?" Dylan asked, appearing –quite suddenly –behind him.

Marcus almost jumped in surprise. "Dude! Don't do that!" Dylan gave him a look. "It's the deck plan." The young adult explained. "And we're currently in the Night Club area."

"And the nearest vertical access?" Dylan inquired.

Marcus pointed at a staircase-shaped image on the deck plan. "It's here, and it's the closest one from where we are currently. And if we climbed four decks from this stair here, we will arrive on the lowest deck, you know, the one that is just above the waterline."

Dylan nodded. "Alright. Let's get the others," he started to walk back to the group. "And get moving."

Marcus looked at the soot covered plate one more time and followed the older adult quickly as he was falling behind. But before he could reach the professional gambler, a dark figure appeared out of nowhere and the college student slammed into the figure. Both of them fell down with an audible 'THUD!'

As he tried to stand up and figure out who had he slammed into, Marcus heard several shuffling footsteps and a sound of a man. "Jenn! Are you alright?"

The person who Marcus slammed –or rather, slammed by –answered, "Yeah, I'm alright." Marcus identified the person as a young woman from the sound of her voice."

"Sorry there. I can't see a thing properly in this fog." Marcus said.

A short silence, then the man asked, "Another survivor? Well, where are you from?"

"The Ballroom."

Another silence, then…

"Ball-ballroom?" the woman practically shouted. Marcus felt a pair of arms grabbed his shoulder. "Are there other survivors from the Ballroom? Is there a man called Robert Ramsey in there?"

"Wh-whoa! Calm down lady!" Marcus said at the same time when the man from earlier said, "Calm down, Jenn!"

Then, two more voices are heard from the other end of the corridor. "Marcus! Where the heck are you dammit!"

"Well Dylan, are you sure that here is where you last saw the college student?"

The second sound quite startled Jenn, as she turned around and squinting her eyes at two dark figures. "Dad?" she whispered. "Daddy?"

The person on the left tensed up. "Jenn?" His voice was graveled with age, and was filled with surprise and joy as he spoke. The woman ran up to the man, who hugged her and sighed in relieve and happiness. "Oh God. Oh, thank God!"

The two hugged for a while before they stopped and looked at the rest of the survivors who had gathered around. The man who stood beside Jenn began to tell what happened after the ship capsized to Dylan. The Night Club in chaos, the passengers panicked, an explosion which killed most of the survivors in the Night Club. They managed to find four more survivors, a Spanish woman named Elena Gonzalez; the club's bartender, Rick Hawkers; a high school student called Alyssa; and the ship's crew member, Jane. The six of them managed to move out from the club, just in time before it was engulfed with flames.

"So…" Marcus began. "Where are you guys heading?"

The man, Christian, looked uncertain. "Well, our plan is to find Jenn's father in the first place," he nodded at the older man Jenn is holding hands with. "And, uh… we didn't think of any after that."

"Well," Dylan said, looking at Christian. "I think that you should follow us. We're going to the bow."

Jane, the crew member looked at Dylan when she heard the word 'bow'. "Excuse me, but what do you mean we're going to the bow?" she asked in a thick British accent

Dylan turned to the female crew. "Well, Miss, I think you should know that." The man sighed when Jane looked confused. "We are going to try to get out from this damn ship from the bow thrusters, which, we believe, is above the water level."

Jane seem to contemplate Dylan's plan in her mind. "But won't the bow be submerged by seawater by now? The bow thrusters are located directly below the anchor bay, which could easily flooded by water given the position of the ship."

Marcus looked at Dylan, who seem to realize something. "You didn't think of that little detail did you?"

"Shut up."

"So what now?" Marcus asked.

Dylan was silent for a moment. After a minute of thinking, the man walked to the deck-plan-plate and ran his fingers on the plate, going up and down from the decks on the plate. Then, he spoke. "We don't know if the bow is submerged or not do we?"

Everyone nodded slowly, trying to guess what the blonde haired man is thinking. "We have to try to get to the Broadway, here," Dylan pointed at the deck two floors above theirs. "It's a long corridor running the length of the ship which connects the bow and the stern."

"So if we found that the bow is submerged, we try the stern instead?" Marcus asked, catching on. Dylan nodded.

"Alright, let's get everyone moving!"

"Hey, what are you doing?" Connor asked as he approached Dylan, who was standing in front of a pair of doors, looking at it intently.

"Thinking." Came the reply. "You?"

Connor tilted his head slightly. "Thinking." He answered at last. Then, he asked. "What are we thinking actually?"

Dylan chuckled at the kid's question. "See this door?" Connor nodded. "It will lead us to the Grand Lobby. The question is," he looked at the door again. "What's behind it."

The man made a quick move at Connor's hand which had been moving to grab the door's handles. The young boy looked at Dylan questioningly. "Easy there fireball." Dylan released the boy's hand and took out a bottle of water from his jacket. "Watch." He said as he opened the bottle and splashed some water on the handle. It hissed as hot steam erupted from the metallic surface. Connor paled and backed away. Dylan then looked around the corridor, searching for something to open the door safely.

"Honey, don't run from me like that." Came a voice from the other end of the corridor. Maggie arrived with the rest of the group.

"What's up Jones?" Robert asked.

"Feel the heat coming from the door?" Dylan took out a piece of broken mop from the floor. Robert looked at the double door and did feel the heat coming out from it. "Flash fire." The ex-firefighter concluded.

"Maybe." The other man replied and positioned the mop horizontally as Robert took the nearest fire extinguisher. "Ready?" Robert nodded. "Everyone stand back." Robert said. "On , two, three!" The door was pushed open with the mop on the third count and Robert shoot the contents of the fire extinguisher on the same time, preventing the fire on the other side to spread into the corridor.

"Luckily it's not a flash fire." Robert commented as the group moved carefully into the burnt hallway.

The whole group stopped as they took the scene in front of them. It was like looking at a large, decorative well with fourteen balconies that had been struck by a large tsunami. Pieces of furniture are everywhere. Sea water cascaded down from several decks below and above the group. The gigantic glass dome that once stood on top of the dome had disappeared from view as water had flooded four decks below them. The most bizarre thing that stood out from the scene is the elevator's railing that had collapsed from its place and landed a deck below them. The elevator is still attached to the rails, but the glass wall had broken off. And it looked pretty unstable.

Christian, who had his cuts treated back on the corridor, looked at the bridge, contemplating if it could hold a few people on it. The young adult decided to risk it, and jumped down, earning a loud bang from the impact of his shoes with the metal rails.

"Chris! What are you doing?" Jenn yelled.

"I think it could hold." Came the reply.

"Christian, come back here!" Robert glared at his going to be son-in-law. But Dylan held him back. "No. Stay there. Or… come back here and take Connor with you."

Maggie looked at the gambler like he had grown two heads. "What!"

"I'm sure it's safe, Maggie." Dylan assured.


"We don't have much time Maggie. The ship had started to sink and this is the only way up." Dylan said.

Reluctantly, Maggie handed her son to Christian. They moved carefully through the railing, gripping the sides of the curved steel as support. Soon enough, both of them managed to climb to the other end, which is a deck over their previous one.

" Alright everyone gather up, climb down to the rails carefully, two to three people at one time." Dylan yelled. Slowly, but surely, the group moved through the bridge and arrived on the other end. Two tremors shook the bridge, but it remained on its position.

Soon, it's only Jenn, Gloria, Nelson, Robert, Victoria, and Dylan left. Jenn climbed down with Victoria and Nelson to the bridge first. Robert remained behind, making sure that the bridge would stay strong as his daughter crossed to the other side of the lobby.

"Jenn, don't look down, okay." Robert said when the three passengers are on the middle of the bridge. Jenn shut her eyes tightly when she peeked down through an opening. It is a long way down to the waters below.

Then, something made her heart stop, as the other passengers froze with fear. Several bangs rang down the lobby, like bullets being shot.

"What was that?" Victoria asked, voice trembling.

Time seem to stop as the bridge suddenly gave away with an earsplitting crash. Robert could only watch, horrified as the bridge snapped in half, taking his daughter and two other passengers with it.

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