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Jane, Maura

What Do You Love About Me?

It was Friday late after work. Jane and I were laying in her bed cuddling.

You see Jane and I are finally an official couple after the incident were she shot herself. Sadly we had to have friend and family point out that we are really in love, and not just best friends. That was a long and emotionally ordeal, but in the end I got Jane by my side under she no longer wants me. Which i hope and pray is never, even though I don't believe in God or any higher power, but that discussion is for a different day.

We're just laying there silent with my head nestled in her neck, while she runs her fingers through my hair. I love it when she does that. Cause I know she does it unknowingly, but I also know she does it with love.

Out of nowhere Jane says,"Maura what do you love about me?"

I don't really have to think about that question there's so many thing to love about Jane it's hard to narrow it down.

Well Jane there's so much to love about you. Your loyal, honest, extremely brave, you put people above yourself, and you would do anything for your family. Like I don't know maybe shot yourself.

Why do you keep bring that up, and I didn't do it for my family I did it for you and Frankie he could have died.

Yes, Jane I know, and your right I won't bring it up again... today.

Thank you... hey wait a minute what do you me today?

That doesn't matter right know. Jane?

Yes, Maura

Why did you ask me what I love about you?

Cause I'm afraid you're going to grow tired of me, and find somebody like that bastard Garrett Fairfield. Somebody who can give you everything you ever wanted.

Language, Jane and your all I ever wanted. You and your family showed me love when nobody else had.

Didn't Garrett love you? Weren't you engaged to his snotty ass?

No, he didn't love at least not like you and your family does. He loved me more as an accessory were he could show me off to his friends. And yes, sadly we were engaged, and that was the worst mistaken of my life. As you repeatedly say he is a "bastard."

Oh my god did the great Doctor Maura Isles just curse. Somebody call the press this is ground breaking news.

Oh shut up you curse all the time, and I was just quoting you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah excuses excuses in all the years I've know you I don't think I have ever heard you curse. It's kinda hot.

Why thank you, Now, Jane?


What do you love about me?

Really Maura what's not to love about love with your whole heart, your the smartest person I know, your always teaching me new things, and you could have chosen anybody in the world to date, but in the end you chose me. I hold your heart just as you hold mine.

Thank you Jane I really need to hear that. I'm just so afraid your going to get tired of me and my Google talk than break-up with me.

Oh Maura takes never going to happen. I love you too much to ever let you go. It'll be a cold day in hell before I ever even consider breaking up with you. And besides i think when you go Google it's extremely adorable. Your also as good as going to college. Which is also a bonus so I will never break- up with you over that.

I love you too. And the same goes for me I want you by my side for the rest of my life if possible.

When have I ever been able to deny you anything you have ever asked me.

Let me think about that for a second... um half past never.

Exactly. I love you, Maura

I love you too, Jane. I always have and I always will.

Jane and I share a passionate kiss the fall back into our comfortable silence.

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