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Teach Me One Last Thing

Part One

Mafuyu Kurosaki could hardly believe three years had gone by since she first came to Midori Ga Oka Academy. Yet, the sakura trees blossomed, her classmates hugged and cried into each other's shoulders, and she turned 18. Mafuyu barely grasp the fact that only three years ago she transferred schools and cut her yankee hair; that she tried to become a girly girl, but instead turned into a cross-dressing girl; that she first met her best friend, Hayasaka, and countless others like Yui and Banchou who were in no shape or form girly girls (well, most of the time). Most of all, Mafuyu rediscovered her old friend—no, her childhood hero—Takaomi Saeki.

So many things happened at this run down school. And now she's leaving. She could sense the tears threatening to bubble up, but swallowed them down. There was one last thing she wanted to do before she left.

Mafuyu made sure to squeeze the life out of Hayasaka with a monster hug, and catch Yui and give him a proper goodbye. Somehow she managed to say goodbye to each and every one of the many friends she made at this place. Well, she still had one last person to see.

"Hey, Mafuyu." She turned around, and of course, a certain sadistic teacher scared her and made her reel back a meter with his sudden appearance. "What's your deal?" Takaomi looked at her quizzically, still with that ever-present smirk peeking through his expression.

"Nothing," Mafuyu stuttered out, quietly. She had planned carefully what she would say to him when it came time for her to graduate and move on. Now that he was actually here, staring down at her, Mafuyu felt her words slip away. Even so, she continued on, not remembering a single line of her premeditated goodbye.

"Takaomi-kun, there's something I want to ask you," Mafuyu managed to murmur out. He didn't reply, instead only offering his usual blank, somewhat condescending stare.

"Um, how do I put this…" She rubbed the back of her head, hoping maybe some of her words were come back to her.

"Are you alright? You're being quiet, and your face is red." What a way to make a girl feel at ease! Still, she kept her embarrassment from erupting, and persevered…that is until he put his hand on her forehead to gauge her temperature. There was no way she could build up to her last request now. No, she was forced to blurt it out in one go, or else she would never end up saying it. Mafuyu pushed his hand away, looked straight into his eyes, and secured her stance.

"Takaomi-kun, I want you to teach me one last thing." Now there was the next part, the hard part. She gulped down her fear. Then yelled so nearly anyone in a 100-meter radius could hear, "Teach me how to kiss!"

The wide eyes came not only from Takaomi, but also from everyone else standing near them.

"Wow, you must really be burning up, Mafuyu. Let's take you to the infirmary," Takaomi quickly recovered. He grabbed her wrist and dragged her away from the watching, whispering crowd of students, teachers and their families partaking in the graduation celebration. She noticed they were heading towards the infirmary after a while, though. Actually, they were heading towards the abandoned building where she fought countless fights in the past years. He stopped in front of the doors, looked around for any witnesses, and then glared down at her.

"Did you just scream now to the entire school that you want me to kiss you?" As amusing as it sounded to Mafuyu, she dared not chuckle with the death stare Takaomi was giving.

"No…" Somehow she could tell that his glare intensified without even looking at him, "I said I wanted you to teach me how to kiss," Mafuyu peeped out.

It took several moments for him to reply, whether it was from embarrassment or anger, she couldn't tell. When he spoke, Takaomi kept his poker face and simply said, "Why?"

"Well, um… that is… uh—" In a flash, Takaomi balled his fist in her collar and even quicker, Mafuyu responded, "I wanted to know how to do it right before I go out into the world, so I wouldn't be an idiot, and you're the only one I know that I know knows how to do that!" He released her from his hold, just as calmly as before.

"Somewhere in those jumble of words, I think I understood your reason," Takaomi replied in a calm manner. He looked away from her for a moment, almost as if he was seriously deciphering her words. His steady gaze moved back to Mafuyu, who was most certainly a bright cherry red now. "Nevertheless, I can't do that, Mafuyu." His expression was serious, but for once she could tell that it wasn't meant to be mean, but sincere. Now that she word vomited her reasons, she wanted to know his. Mafuyu expected that answer from him, but not in this calm, honest demeanor he was using now. She was prepared for being smacked on the head or thrown across the school, or at least severely glared at for a longer period of time. She wanted to know why he responded to her controversial request like he did.


"Isn't it clear as to why? I'm your teacher and much older than you. It's not right." Takaomi almost looked flustered to her.

"But that's why you should do it."

"What? Did you hit your head today or catch something? You're not making any sense."

"No, it makes perfect sense, Takaomi-kun!" She gazed up at him earnestly, unwavering; it almost made Takaomi loose his cool. "You've taught me almost everything important to me. I learned how to fight, how to never give up, how to do math, how to go after what I want, all from you. Kissing's a pretty important part of life too, isn't it?" He was silent again for a moment, but this time, he didn't look at her. Could he be really contemplating her request? Was her argument that convincing!



"Look, do you want me to do this or not?"


"Alright. Lesson number one: close your eyes." Mafuyu obeyed quickly. She even puckered out her lips, even though she wasn't sure if that right. Well, he would show her the right way either way…that is if he ever says anything else! What was taking him so long? She didn't want to open her eyes, for fear that she'd see either his death stare or his kissing face (which may not be so bad). Yet, Mafuyu was always so impatient. She opened her eyes.

Running down the road almost out of sight was Takaomi Saeki.

"Get back here! TAKAOMI-KUN! KISS ME, DAMMIT!"

To be continued