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Teach Me One Last Thing

Part Eight

No matter how she tried, things never went according to plan when it came to Mafuyu's predictions about her life. When she was little, she was positive she would live peacefully as a bunny that only ate sweet cakes. But then Mafuyu realized she was human and rabbits didn't eat cake. When she was a little older, she was sure the older boy next door would save her kidnapped toy rabbit. But then Mafuyu learned that boy was way more terrifying than those bunny kidnappers and she had to rescue the doll herself. When she was even older, she was certain new high school would give her the ideal life of a typical schoolgirl. But then she discovered her life wasn't meant to be normal.

So when she had to go on two dates with different guys on the same night, she really shouldn't have been too surprised when her expectations were destroyed and molded back together in the strangest fashion. Yet, she was. Fortunately, she was not the only one in this bizarre affair.

"We need to make sure these dates are close enough so you can easily switch between the two, yet far enough so they won't notice each other." Banchou and Hayasaka just left Mafuyu's place, and now she and Takaomi were discussing the plans of the next night. It was getting late for her, but she was sure the next day would be even longer if they didn't figure out their scheme for tomorrow. She considered just spilling the beans to both Kenkawa and Banchou. It would be a lot less work than all this sneaking around Takaomi was concocting. Yet, that way seemed kind of hard too…

"Trust me, it gets really bad when they realize you don't have a small bladder," Takaomi remarked off-handedly, as he situated himself at Mafuyu's kotatsu table.

"Wait, have you done this before?" Mafuyu asked, disbelieving, as she also sat down. Takaomi cleared his throat before continuing.

"…Anyway, why don't you schedule Okegawa to meet you at the movie theater first, then have dinner, and tell your other boyfriend to do the opposite."

"They're not my boyfriends." Mafuyu replied, slightly offended by Takaomi's dubbing of the dates as her boyfriends. She really didn't want that—Takaomi making false assumptions about her just because he thought he knew the world. He opened his mouth to retort, the smirk on his face, but the eyes a shade darker. However, at that moment, Mafuyu's cellphone got a message.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I bought tickets for the new Nekomata-san theme park in town. Meet there at 7. -Okegawa

"You're kidding me." There was no way this thing existed. How that dull, silly, although somewhat cute, cat was popular enough to warrant its own theme park was a wonder. Mafuyu wouldn't be too surprised if beds were all around the place, just to catch the bored to sleep people. Though she didn't particularly care for Nekomata-san, she did understand Banchou's love for him; a manly man was allowed a cute side too.

"Let me see," Takaomi reached over and took her phone after seeing her jaw drop. "I can't believe they actually made an amusement park for that stupid character."

"Takaomi! That's too far away! I can't make it between there, the restaurant, and the movie theater!" Instead of alleviating Mafuyu's worries, Takaomi blankly stared at her for a moment…then proceeded to start typing on her phone.

"Hey! Don't text him back!" Mafuyu stretched herself across the table to snatch her phone, but Mafuyu's futile small arms were no match for Takaomi. "What are you writing to him? Takaomi-kun!" Once he was done, he tossed the phone back, hitting Mafuyu's face before dropping into her lap.

"All done." Mafuyu began to make her move to throttle the jerk across from her, but was interrupted. Takaomi was one lucky man.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Sounds way more fun than going to the movies. I'll meet you there at 730 ;) You still didn't tell me if you like chocolate or flowers better. -Kenkawa

Mafuyu was slightly relieved at Takaomi's fast thinking. However, her old worries were replaced with new ones. "So I'm taking both of them to the amusement park? Isn't that a little risky?" Mafuyu was sure the chances of them running into each other was higher there.

"A little. But if it's as big as I think it is, you'll be fine. You have Internet on your phone?"

"No. Too expensive."

"Alright, I'll look it up then." Takaomi pressed some buttons on his fancy cellphone, and Mafuyu waited in anticipation.

"Just as I thought," Takaomi said as he held his phone out for her to see its content. It was a map of Nekomata Land theme park. It existed. "If you start at one end with Okegawa and do the same with the other one—"

"Kenkawa," Mafuyu corrected.

"—you'll be able to cut through here and keep both of them away from each other." There wasn't a smirk present on his features, yet Mafuyu could tell Takaomi was satisfied with his plan. She had to admit it sounded like a good plan to her as well, but she didn't want to gratify him so easily. It was bad enough when he was satisfied and she didn't like it, as with most of his schemes at Midori Ga Oka. So, she settled for an impassive, mild reaction.

"It sounds like it can work."

"Of course it will." Ah, there it was: the smirk quirked up at her dismissive response. Mafuyu bemusedly glared at him and his smugness, yet she couldn't really bring herself to feel too offended. In an attempt to end their silly glaring war, she asked Takaomi a question she almost forgot to mention.

"So what exactly did you mean when you said wingman?"

"Don't you know what a wingman is? I was sure you've seen some of those trashy American sex comedies, seeing your taste in film," Takaomi quipped, obviously still disappointed with her choice of Evil Monkeys and Alien-Cowboys on a Plane. Honestly, Mafuyu thought his standards were just too high; it didn't help that he thought her taste was so low either.

"No!" she jibed back, slightly hurt at the sentiment, not the accusation—she had seen the one about pie.

"Basically, I'll be there to keep a lookout on one of them while you're with the other one. It's like a spy, but less cool."

"Can't I do that part instead? That sounds cooler to me."

"I think they would be able to tell I'm not you."

"You never know," Mafuyu lamely argued.

"Nice try," Takaomi teased as he ruffled her hair. Mafuyu tried to look miffed, but she couldn't hide the smile breaking out. His trademark smirk grew a little softer, wider as well. Somehow, they ended up staring, goofy grins enveloping their features, for a moment that grew too long. Time stood still, and she didn't even realize he stopped messing with her hair. It almost felt like it was happening somewhere else to someone else. His hand lightly tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, lingering there in that infinitely long moment. There was something in his eyes that was softer, not the usual sadistic or even angry glint she witnessed many times; it threw her off and Mafuyu couldn't help but stare at him even longer in a vain attempt to decipher those subtle eyes.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Mafuyu's cellphone received a message. The moment ended. Takaomi dropped his hand, immediately shoving it into his pocket. He averted his gaze quickly, while he loosened his tie with his other hand. Mafuyu shook her head out of its mindless bliss and checked her phone.

Chocolate or flowers? –Okegawa

Mafuyu sighed aloud, not getting a clue about why her choice of chocolate or flowers was of the utmost importance. She lifted her head, full of lackluster, only to see Takaomi staring at her again. A part of her was so tired from this long, busy, emotional day that she could've easily fallen into the lure of staring at him with a dreamy look again. Mafuyu wished she could make a pillow out of Takaomi's arm and use that for bed. Fortunately, Takaomi was not so prone to dazing off again.

"Well, it's been quite a night, Mafuyu. Get some sleep; we've got a long night tomorrow." Mafuyu was most definitely tired—she took that last part of his statement as meaning something else. She could only hope tomorrow would be less strange than this.

Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz.

Mafuyu could've sworn that was her doorbell. She twisted in her bed to peek at her clock; it was about 10:00, far too early to wake up on a Sunday morning. It was probably some pesky salesman or someone just as unimportant. She shoved her face into her pillow, feeling the light touch of sleep covering her again.

Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz.

Alright, who was this jerk trying to force her out of bed so damn early? Mafuyu flung her covers off, and stomped to her front door to give this ingrate a piece of her mind and possibly a bit of her fist as well.

"Took you long enough. Ready?" Mafuyu should have expected Takaomi's smug face to greet her once she thought of 'jerk'. And who was her favorite jerk? Mafuyu tried to conger up a smart remark, or even just a coherent sentence in her groggy mind, but none came.

"Hmm?" The monosyllabic sound was all Mafuyu could muster at the moment.

"Alright, hurry up." Takaomi pushed his way into her apartment, set himself to lounge at her kotatsu table, in the same spot he occupied last night. "I'll wait for you to change," he said as he stared at her expectantly, tapping his fingers on the table.

"Umm… Takaomi-kun," Mafuyu simply turned around to lazily glare at him from her position by the door. She crossed her arms in hopes that it would signify some of her irritation. "What are you doing here? It's only 10:00. You're like…" Mafuyu tired to count the hours on her finger, but lost track after six. "…A lot of hours early."

"You mean seven hours?" He teased, but didn't make any other efforts to poke at her slowness. "Well, we needed to do some shopping before tonight," Takaomi replied as if it was obvious what his reasons for this were. They were not.

"Why? What's wrong with my normal clothes?" She defended, pulling at her nightshirt that was at least two sizes too big. Takaomi rubbed his chin and looked at her with his knowing stare that was usually followed by an eerily accurate statement.

"Mafuyu, was what you wore last night the nicest thing you had?"

She did nearly spend an hour trying to find something nice to wear. And she needed to do laundry if she was going to wear that outfit again. "…Maybe…"

"That's why we're going."

"Fine. Just don't ogle me like last time." Mafuyu made her way back to get changed, but stopped at the doorframe of her bedroom when Takaomi asked her to elaborate.

"Last time?" By the look of it, he actually didn't get the cue. Mafuyu didn't know how he could've forgotten about how he broke the Usa-Chan Man mask, nor how after that they had a little fashion show and created Natsuo. She thought he might at least recall the tease he made about her legs. Well, in his defense, Mafuyu realized it was a couple years ago and Takaomi was kind of getting old. She wanted to make a jab out of that thought, but she still wasn't quite awake yet.

"Yeah. Remember when we were trying to find a replacement for Usa-Chan Man after you broke the mask? There was the police outfit and the sailor one." The confusion stayed on his face for a moment longer. Then, for only a split second, his eyes widen with remembrance, before he concealed it with his usual nonchalant expression. Takaomi looked away for an instant before he flicked his gaze back to her and answered.

"Yeah. I remember," he answered rather stiffly, curtly. What was up with that response? Ever since she asked him to help her with kissing and dating, Mafuyu could've sworn he had these moments of acting really weird. What on earth could it be? Was he just stressed from running the school, or perhaps it was something she didn't know about? Mafuyu didn't realize she was still standing at the door, staring at him, until Takaomi spoke up again.

"Look are you going to get ready… or do I have to help?" Takaomi murmured darkly. See! That's what she meant! One second he was cold and the next she could swear he was flirting with her. Fortunately, Mafuyu regained her senses before embarrassment could get the best of her.

"No! I'm going, I'm going." Mafuyu closed the door behind her and released a breath she didn't realize she was holding. This was weird.

Somehow Mafuyu was at a nice, fancy department store on a Sunday morning, and somehow she was trying on at least a dozen dresses, and somehow it was a man that made her do all of this. Mafuyu knew she was a tomboy, but still—having a guy pick out your outfits was a little off-putting. However, once after the first three outfits, she didn't doubt Takaomi's taste so much. In fact, she was sure all of these outfits made her small chest look bigger…or maybe Takaomi was really just a pervert.

"How about this one?" Mafuyu asked as she stepped out of the dressing room with a white-stripped blouse and red skirt. For a girly outfit, it was surprisingly comfortable and, like she said, her boobs looked better.

"No…" Yet again—at least a dozen times now—Takaomi said no to a reasonably good-looking outfit. Mafuyu couldn't decide if his taste in women's clothing or blockbuster movies was more ridiculous. She went back into the dressing room and sadly took off another perfectly nice outfit. A moment later, she reappeared wearing a dark green romper with a creamy yellow sweater and brown-leathered belt. Once again, Mafuyu thought her chest was much nicer in this than anything else she owned at home…maybe she was the perverted one?

"This one?" Mafuyu asked again, giving a twirl around at Takaomi's prompting. After a sigh and drop of the shoulders, Takaomi replied.

"Nope." Mafuyu made sure to glare at him extra hard this time. His taste in women's clothing is way more ridiculous. Frustrated, she threw on another outfit, a white lightly ruffled blouse with a pink skirt. As much as she cringed at the sight of pink on her body, again she liked this outfit. Maybe she would ask if the skirt came in another color.

Mafuyu flung open the curtain of the dressing room, and sauntered out. In a second flat, Takaomi gave his rejection. "No way."

That was it!

"Takaomi-kun, we've already been here for almost two hours; one of these outfits has to look good," Mafuyu argued as she inspected herself in the mirror. What was his problem? Why are there so many clothes to choose from? Mafuyu cursed the fashion gods and Takaomi.

"Mafuyu, they all look good," Takaomi told her as he came up behind and looked at her through the mirror. "It's matter of whether or not they're right for the occasion."

"I think just wearing clothes will be good enough for the occasion." She glowered back at him through the mirror.

"We've gone through all of this work just for tonight." At this point, Takaomi placed his arms on her shoulders, and earnestly looked back at her in the mirror. "I want to make sure you get it right." Mafuyu moved her gaze back up to his face out of the mirror, and gave him a stern look. He returned it back just as intently.

"…Okay, this is the last one." Mafuyu didn't know how or why she let Takaomi talk her into these things. True, this wasn't necessarily dangerous or secretive, but it was almost just as bad to her. She was so disillusioned with the situation, she didn't even pay attention to the outfit she put on—well, she knew it was a dress because it was the easiest one to put on.

When she reemerged, Mafuyu pricked her ears, waiting for the dismissal again. She walked over to the mirror, ignoring his reaction. After a long moment of silence, she prodded him on. Perhaps it was so bad he couldn't bring himself to say no? "What? What is it? Please don't say you don't like this one either."

When he didn't answer to even that, Mafuyu turned around to face him. "Takaomi-kun?"

The expression on his face surprised her, even though she had just seen it not too long ago. It was that strange softness in his eyes again. His mouth was slightly parted, almost as if it was waiting for a breath to escape. However, this moment was fleeting, and Takaomi quickly regained his composure. "Yeah, this one will work," he finally answered casually as if he didn't just gawk at her like she was some exotic, extinct dodo bird.

Mafuyu needed to get to the bottom of his weird behavior.

She didn't remark on his strange reaction until after he bought the dress (though, she tried to dissuade him from doing so after hearing the price tag) and were walking back to Strawberry Heights. It was a simple, dark blue dress. Sure, it cut across her chest in a nice way, and the length ended a little above her knees, but she didn't understand the grand fuss for it. They were only a block or so away from home before Mafuyu figured out the perfect way to confront him.

"You've been acting weird, Takaomi-kun." Pure eloquence, or so she thought. Why beat around the bush when she knew going in for the kill was the best way to undermine Takaomi? Of course, he tried to remain calm and collected, but if she knew him as well as she thought she did, he would try avoiding the question with some half-assed answer.

"It's been a weird day. Usually girls bring their guy to the mall, not the other way around."

"That's not what I mean," Mafuyu replied seriously, not happy with his aversion.

"What do you mean then?" Takaomi replied evenly, not sure if tone was completely mocking or not. No, it seemed almost guarded, like he didn't want her to prod on.

"…I don't know. You've just been weirder today…like when you looked at this dress… and when I reminded you of that time I dressed up before," Mafuyu ended solemnly. She looked up from her walking feet to gauge his reaction. It was eerily still, and this usual coolness seemed to evaporate. He almost seemed nervous? Another weird response, what a shock, to Mafuyu. With that sentiment, she remarked on it.

"…And now…" Takaomi, somewhat surprised, looked back at her in disbelief. Maybe he wasn't so used to people peeking underneath that cool exterior he kept so well? Mafuyu was starting to like the results she was getting. It was weird, but somehow gratifying.

"You're looking into things too much. Stop worrying." Mafuyu wasn't going to fall for his petty excuses just yet.

"I think it's you who's worrying too much. I wasn't the one who wanted to get a new outfit for tonight."

"I'm just leveling the playing field, Mafuyu. I want to make sure you're well prepared. Don't forget this is a bet we've made."

"Yeah, and as I recall, you betted against me," Mafuyu pointed out as she stopped walking and blocked his way. Takaomi stopped and looked at her warily; a part of her knew she was losing her hold on him as the smugness began to radiate.

"That's what you think," he answered cryptically, as a dark smirk eased its way onto his features.

"Isn't it that what I should think?" Mafuyu accused back, grabbing at the front of his shirt. Her patience for his odd behavior was wearing thin. She gripped even tighter when he looked above her head, behind her, and smirk grew wider.

"Well, look at that. We've made it back," Takaomi lightly noted as he broke away from her lock and continued on his way home. "I'll see you later tonight, Mafuyu-chan."

To be continued