"Not Your Mama's PBJ

Pen-name: LaurieWhitlock

Title: Starting over

Word count: 9,715

Rating: M for language

Pairing: Peter/Bella/Jasper

Summery: Edward left Bella moves to Georgia to start her life over after she realized that the Cullens won't be back. One night she's rescued by someone with a connection to her past

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Stephenie, Friendship-between Peter and Bella, Romance between Jasper and Bella, Char will be mention but not seen or heard from Beta by myagrace


Edward left me… I can't believe it, he just up and left, what happened to loving me forever? What happened to my forever with him? I don't blame Jasper for lunging at me, it's in his nature to go after blood, and after all I'm a meal to all of them. I think that Jasper was only trying to protect me from everyone except perhaps Carlisle. I looked into Jasper's eyes and I didn't see hunger but fear… I think. Why I don't know? For Edward to just leave me like that is unacceptable, it was an accident nothing more. He must have another reason for not wanting me in his life.

I thought all of this while pacing around my room 2 days after the Cullens left town. I had already screamed and cried now I was on to anger. I was angry at Edward for leaving me alone in a forest at twilight knowing that I would try to follow him and with my great sense of direction get lost, angry at Carlisle and Esme for making me believe that I was apart of their family and that they loved me, angry at Emmett for claiming I was like a sister to him and I was angry at Alice for claiming to be my best friend and then just leave me without even a goodbye. I was also angry at myself for believing everything that they ever said to me.

The only two people that I wasn't angry at were Rosalie and Jasper. I wasn't angry at Rosalie because she never put on any airs claiming to love me or that I was like a sister or best friend. I wasn't angry at Jasper, even though the others most likely are; it was just something that was second nature to him. I'd asked the others to tell Jasper that I didn't blame him but I knew deep down inside me that they didn't tell him.

Now to figure out what to do with my life, I knew that I didn't want to move back in with my mom and Phil. I also knew that I needed to start looking in going to either collage or university but where and what to study were two big things that I needed to answer. I wondered if Charlie would have any suggestions, it wouldn't hurt to ask him tomorrow because for now I was exhausted and needed to sleep.

1Year later

I was currently living in Atlanta, Georgia attending Georgia State University, studying English with a minor in history. I remembered that when I had my talk with Charlie about what to do with my life he told me straight out go and see the world, get out of Forks, don't go back to Phoenix go somewhere you've never been before. So that was what I did, I applied to many different colleges and universities and got accepted to almost all of them. Then I just had to decide where to attend, I had a hard time and it eventually came down to writing my top choices down on paper and putting them in a bowl and picking one it. A little childish but hey it was getting late and I needed to pick somewhere.

I accepted GSU and got an apartment on campus and moved here in the middle of August. I was also able to find a job at a book store a couple blocks from campus. I started school and was excited to be experiencing something new. I still had days where I missed the hell out of the Cullens and wondered where they were, what they were doing and if they ever though of me. I forgave Edward, understanding that he did what he did so that I could have this life here. I made new friends and dated once in awhile but nothing became as serious as what I had with Edward.

I was walking home one night after working the late shift at the book store when my life took a turn I thought it wouldn't go towards again.

I had this feeling that I was being followed but since it was a Saturday night and this was an area where there were a lot of students hanging around at the local bars, clubs and honky-tonks I didn't take any notice to the feeling. I stopped to tie my shoe when all of a sudden there was a hand over my mouth and another one on my arm dragging me into the alleyway. I was scared to death about what was about to happen. I prayed to anyone that would listen and tried to remember what Charlie taught me about defense while my attacker was running his nose along my collarbone and his hands over my body. I was whimpering as his hands got lower and started to unbutton my jeans.

I knew that I was about to become a static when all of a sudden I heard the most amazing sound in my life only I didn't think that it was real or where it was coming from. It was a small growl that slowly started to get louder and louder. Before I knew it, my attacker was gone I was too scared to open my eyes right then, so I just listened to what was going on around me. I heard a body being thrown, the growl only getting louder and angrier. Then I heard something that sounded like sucking.

All too soon the alleyway got quiet but I knew that I wasn't alone. I knew that I needed to open my eyes and get the hell out of the alley before anything else happened to me. So I slowly opened my eyes and came face to face with a beautiful blond hair male, human-drinking vampire. I let out a gasp at the sight of his eyes but for some reason I wasn't afraid of him. He gave me a smirk and said,

"Hello Sugar."

I just stared at him and he just waited for me to say something.

"You drink from humans." It wasn't a question more of a statement.

"So you know what I am?" he said with a southern accent.

"Yes. I once knew a whole coven of vampire before they left me."
I guess he could see the sadness on my face because he said,

"Why don't you tell me about it?"
"I would but I need to get home."

"How about I take you home and you can tell me then?"
"I don't know…"
I was wary about him, seeing as how he was a human drinking vamp and all, but I had this weird feeling that he wouldn't hurt me.

"You won't try to drain me?"
"Ha, ha no Sugar I won't drain ya."
"My name is Bella, not Sugar."
"I'm Peter, but I'm still gonna call ya Sugar."

"Its gonna be my nickname for ya."
"Where are you from?"
"Originally Texas, but currently livin here now with my mate and brother."

"So what brings you here to Georgia?"
"How about we go to your place where we can be more comfortable and talk there."

So we walked back to my apartment silently and once I opened my door, Peter went to sit on the couch and I said,

"I'm gonna make something to eat and then we will talk."
"Go right ahead Sugar, I'm just gonna see what I can find on TV."

So I walked into my little kitchen and made myself a tuna sandwich. I was gonna eat it in the kitchen but I guess Peter must have knew what I was doing because he said,

"No since hidin in the kitchen Sugar, I can still smell it weather you are next to me or not, so come on out and sit with me."

I huffed because I knew he was right and it made be feel stupid for even considering that eating in the kitchen would be better, I grabbed a can of Pepsi and made my way out to the living room and I sat on the other end of the couch. I ate in silence, while Peter watched the TV. I was a little surreal to be eating again with a vampire in the room. Once I finished eating I took my plate to the kitchen then after taking a deep breath I walked back into the front room to start my talk with Peter.

Peter's POV

"Ready to talk Sugar?"
"Yes. What do you want to talk about?"
"Well how about you tell me how you know what I am and how your not afraid."
"Well as I said, before I moved out here, I lived in Forks, Washington with my father, and while there I met a coven of vampires but they were different from you."
"They were animal drinkers." it was a statement not a question.
"Yes, how did you know?"
"My brother was forced into the diet by the family that he lived with."
"Oh I see."
"So tell me more about this coven."
"Well there were seven of them, all mated except one; the one that I fell in love with."
"You fell in love with one?"
"Yeah. His name was Edward and I thought he was the greatest thing in the world."

As soon as she said his name I knew right away who she was, who she was talking about and the fact that the Major was my brother, but I guess she wasn't told about me or Char because she had no idea who she was talkin to. I figured that the only way to see what she thought about all of them was keep her talkin about them so that is what I did.

"Tell me more about them, Sugar."

"Well I don't really like talking about them, the way they left me still hurts."
"Have you ever talked about it?"
"No, not really."
"What's that mean?"
"Well my friend Jacob, I told him."

I was floored she went and told a human that she knows about our world. She must have seen the look of horror on my face because she said

"No its ok, he's not human."
"Well what is he then? A vampire?"
"Um… no."
"Well then what Sugar?"
"He's… um…. a werewolf." she whispered.

"Well shit girl, you really know how to get in with the supernatural beings don't ya."
"He was the one that told me about the vampires."

"Come again."
"Yeah he sorta told me."

"Mind tellin me about that?"
"I thought that you wanted to know about the Cullens?"
"I do but I want that story also."

"Alright I'll tell you about the werewolves, and then finish telling you about the Cullens."
"Alight Sugar."

She then proceeded to tell me about how she got her old friend to tell her about the tribal stories and how she noticed things about the Cullens and figured out what they were. She then went on to tell me all about the Cullens. How she thought of Carlisle and Esme as second parents, Emmett the big brother she never had, Alice her best friend, Edward the love of her life or so she thought at the time. Rosalie and how she wished that she would have liked her and of Jasper how she wished that she was able to talk to him more because he seemed like a great person. But he was kept away from her because of him not being in control of his blood lust. She was yawin by the end of her description and I knew that I had to let her get some sleep.

"Sugar I can see how tired you are so I'm gonna get goin."
"Will you come back again?"
"If you want me to."
"Yes would love to talk to you again. I've yet to find out about you."
"Alight Sugar, how about next Saturday?"
"Sure sounds great to me."

"Ok then Sugar I'll see you then."
"Bye Peter."
"Bye Sugar."

She walked me to the door and after another good night, I left and made my way back to our house on the outskirts of town. I wondered if Jazz knew what she knew. I ran all the way back to our house and walked in the door. I noticed that Char wasn't home I guess that she went for a hunt and Jazz was sitting on the couch watching the late news.

"Where've you been man?"
"Oh with a new friend."

"What's that, code for your hunts now?"
"No I didn't drain this one. I actually saved this one."
"Don't look so shocked asshole."
"So who is this mystery person?"
"Nope not tellin ya yet."
"What are ya hidin man?"
"In time you'll know if said person wants ya to know."
"Whatever asshole."

Two months later


Ever since that day that Peter rescued me, he and I have been hanging out once a week always on a Saturday. I loved Peter, not in a romantic way, more like as a brother. He was funny, but also told you like it was, he didn't sugar coat anything. He also just knew shit. I found out that he was only a couple of years older then me; he was 26. He would take me to different places in Georgia; he said that I needed to see all of the state and not just the campus, my apartment or the bookstore. We talked about everything except who his brother was. Anytime I asked him about who his brother was, what he looked like or if I would ever meet him he would always say,

"In time Sugar."

After awhile I learned not to ask him because I knew that I would always get the same answer. Peter had called me yesterday and told me that he was going to take me hiking today. Seeing as how we haven't done that in all the Saturday's we spent together, I tried to tell him that I was a klutz but he told me not to worry that he wouldn't let me fall.

At 10am, there was a knock on my door and I knew that it was Peter. I opened it and gave him a hug.

"Hey Peter."
"Hey Sugar, ya ready?"
"Yep just let me put my shoes on and then we can go."
"Alright Sugar."

"So where are we going?"
"Oh just a little place that I like to go."
"You'll protect me right?"
"Of course I will Sugar."
"Good. Alright let's go."
"Come on then."

So we walked out of my apartment and after locking the door we went downstairs and climbed in to his beat-up 68 white Ford pickup. It reminded me of my old truck that I left back at Charlie's. We drove for a good half an hour and then came to a stop outside a forest. There were hardly any cars around. It was an overcast day, the only type of day that Peter could be out and I figured that that was the reason that there was hardly anyone around. Peter looked over at me with a smirk and said,

"Ready Sugar?"
"Yep let's go."

I walked over to him and he took my hand and we walked into the tree line. The first time that he touched me it felt like home, I didn't realize till that time how much I had missed holding hands or touching a vampire. It seems silly, I know, but it was a comfort to me. I confided this to Peter and he just chuckled and said that anytime I wanted to I could hold his hand. When I asked what Char would say, he told me not to worry, that she knew I was no threat towards her.

We walked and walked deeper in the forest. I was glad that I was with a vampire because I knew for sure that I would have gotten lost. By noon we came to a little clearing and I saw a blanket and a picnic basket already sitting there.

"When did you have time to do this?"
"I didn't, Char did before her hunt."

"Will I ever get to meet her?"

"I'm sure you will Sugar but she has some business to attend to back in Texas that she has gone to take care of."

"And what about your mystery brother."
"What about him?"
"Will I ever meet him."
"In time you might, maybe sometime soon."

Stupid yoda vampire never giving a person a sentence that makes sense and not have the person try to figure out what he's talking about I thought

"Is this as far as we are going?"
"Nope this is just a rest spot for the human."
"Ha, Ha very funny."

I stuck my tongue out at him and went to sit on the blanket and looked into the basket to see what was packed. There were a few sandwiches and a bottle of water and juice. I ate in silence while Peter lied next to me on the blanket. After I ate Peter said,

"Ready to trek on?"

"Yep. Are we taking this stuff?"
"No I'll come back for it later."
"Okie dokie."

Peter stood up and then helped me up and we started walking again. We walked for another hour or so and soon we were coming threw a break in the trees, Peter was threw first and when I came threw I gapped at what I saw standing there. It was a beautiful log cabin with stone walls coving the lower half, a beautiful stone staircase, tons of windows, a balcony over looking one side of the house and I could see a hint of a beautiful garden in the backyard. There were tress on all sides and I could hear a river flowing not to far off.

"Do you live here Peter?"
"Yep Sugar I do."


I was sittin in my study, readin one of my many civil war books when I smelt Peter comin out of the woods. What I wasn't expecting, was hearing a heart beat. He never once brought a human home before. He always fed on them wherever he found them. I felt awe, amazement and wonder comin from the human, I guess said human like the look of our house. I put my bookmark in the page where I was and made my way downstairs once I heard Peter and said human comin closer towards the house.

I was gonna make sure that that idiot that I call a brother wasn't gonna bring that human in this house to drain; it would be too much for me to handle. Even though Alice divorced me once we left Forks after what happened at Bella's birthday I never went back to huntin humans, I couldn't stand to feel their emotions so I stuck with drinkin the blood of animals. There was a time that Peter tried to get me to go back to the human blood, but after the fight, we got into it and I tore his arm off he never bother me again about it. Why now all of a sudden did he bring a human home?

As I step out of the side door, that was when the scent of the human fully hit me and I couldn't believe what I smelled. Strawberries. And I knew immediately who was walking with Peter. One Isabella Swan, the human that my stupid ex brother broke her heart when he left, who only pretended to love her but in reality she was only a passin fancy. Don't get me wrong, he did care for her but it was more like what you felt for a distant cousin.

They were half way to the house now but she had still yet to recognize me. Her emotions were still of awe and wonder and also a little excitement. I knew that Peter already knew I was standing here so I said to him, to low for Bella to hear,

"What the hell man?"
"Don't worry Major, everything will come to light soon."
"Does she know?"
"Nope" he said popping the p.

I didn't say anything else and after a few minutes they had gotten close enough for Bella to see that I was standing here. As soon as she saw me her heart rate picked up and there was a touch of fear in her emotions but the determination was stronger. When they were five feet from me they stop and I knew that I had to say something.

"Hello Isabella."
"Hello Jasper."
"What brings you here?"
"Well Peter was taking me hiking and we ended up at his house."

"Our house."
"Yes that was what I meant, but of course at the time I didn't know that you were the mystery brother of Peter's."
"Mystery brother, huh."
"Yes, he never told me about you, only about Char."
"I see. Won't you come in so that we can talk?"
"Yes thank you."

I walked in first; I knew that this was going to be an interestin conversation. I wonder if she still cares for that idiot that hurt her or if she hates me for takin him away from her. I guess only time will tell about what is to come.


When we were half way to the house I saw someone standing in front of it. I knew that it was a vampire by the stillness. But through my human eyes, I couldn't make out who it was. When we were almost to the house was when I noticed who was standing there, I could feel my heart speed up and I was also a little afraid but I was determined to face him, or rather them if they were all back. I wondered why they sent out Jasper. Jasper still looked as beautiful as ever; like all the Cullens. His hair was a little longer but his eyes were still that beautiful gold color. We exchanged a few words and then he invited me in.

Jasper went through the door first and I followed in after him; I noticed that he had a great ass and it looked great in those tight jeans that he was wearing but I knew enough to mask my emotions so that Jasper wouldn't feel the lust that I was feeling. He kept walking until we got to the sitting room; he sat down in one of the big comfy looking black chairs and pointed me into the one next to him. I took that seat and Peter went to sit on the couch.

"So, Isabella, what brings you to Georgia?"
I've never liked being called Isabella but the way that Jasper said it with the hint of his accent made it all the more better.

"I'm here at the university studying English and history."
"I see, and how is it that you've come to know my brother?"
"He saved me one night from someone who was trying to rape me."

All of a sudden the room was heavy with anger and I guessed that Jasper must have been projecting, I wonder what made him so mad the fact that I was almost raped or that Peter saved me from that fate. Then as soon as the anger came it went just as quickly and replaced with calm and a hint of sadness. I was totally confused by this point. I looked over at Peter and he had this smirk on his face that just said 'I know something you don't know'.

"I'm sorry Isabella for not reining in my emotions just now."
"I understand Jasper. Please don't think that you need to explain yourself. I guess that it must be hard for you at times to keep it under control when something affects you deeply."

"Yes Isabella. At times my empathic abilities get so hard to control. I thank you for understanding."
"Of course Jasper."

"So, Peter had rescued you and then what happened?"
"Well as soon as I was trapped in that alleyway I closed my eyes so that I wouldn't see what that TRUE monster was about to do to me. Anyway, once I opened my eyes, Peter was standing in front of me and I knew in an instant what he was because of his red eyes. But I wasn't afraid of him."
"You weren't?"
"No Jasper, I wasn't. I just got this feeling that he would never hurt me. Why, I don't know."
"What happened next?"
"Well we talked for a bit, he wanted to know how I knew about vampires and I told him about the coven that I used to know, not knowing at the time that you are his brother. I asked him some questions but because it was becoming late he offered to either finish the conversation at a later time or that night."
"So where did you go? Because I know that he didn't come home right away."
"I have an apartment, not to far from where he saved me, and I offered him to come back with me where we could talk. We went back and I told him all about the Cullens and how that son of a bitch left me."
"I want to say that I'm truly sorry for what happened at your birthday party, Isabella."
" Jasper stop, I knew that night, just like I know now; when you lunged at me that you would have never hurt me. I looked in your eyes and it was like you were trying to protect me, but the "family" only thought that you were going to harm me."

"I must confess to you Isabella that I wouldn't have lunged because of a small amount of blood. But I was battling the bloodlust of everyone else in that room and also, you are the singer of Edward and that made his bloodlust ten times bigger. I was trying to protect you because I was afraid that Edward would lose control."

I was really enjoying talking to Jasper. When Edward and I were dating he never let me near him for fear that he would, as Edward put it, 'lose control'. I noticed that Peter was no longer sitting with us; I decided to get more comfortable so that I could continue talking to Jasper. I put my feet under me and turned my body more so that I could see Japer better. I was tired of answering questions it was time for Jasper to start answering questions that I had.

"Your turn to start answering questions, Jasper."
"What would you like to know, Isabella?"
"Are you the only one here or are the rest of them here also?"
"You don't have to worry Isabella. I'm the only one here."
"What about Alice?"
"Alice and I decided that it was time to go in different directions."
"But I thought that you were mates?"
"No Isabella, when I first met Alice she told me that we would be together but we're not mates. Our true mates would come to us one day."
"Why didn't you go back to drinking from humans?"
"As you know I'm an empath."
I nodded my head for him to continue.

"Well before I started the 'Cullen diet', I did drink from humans but it was difficult for me, seein as how I can feel their emotions while I was drainin them."
"What was your past like?"
"I had a very different 'upbringin' compared to the rest of the Cullens. It's not a happy tale, but I guess none of ours are really."
"Would you tell me?"
"I was born in what is now known as Midland, Texas. In 1863 I joined the Texas Calvary, I was 17 but I told them that I was 20. I rose through the ranks and I became the youngest Major, even without takin into account my true age. I was put in charge of escortin the women and children out of Galveston. It was night time and I was riding back to Galveston after escortin a group of all women. Most of the children were all out of the city by then. I came upon 3 of the most gorgeous women that I've ever seen. Now bein the southern gentleman that my mama and daddy raised me to be, I knew that I needed to assist them. I dismounted from my horse and went over to them. That was when my life had changed. The one in the middle, Maria, was the one that turned me. For three days I burned with the venom running threw my body changin my human features into the ones that you see now. Once those three days were up I was scared, confused, thirsty and a million other emotions well maybe not a million but you get the idea. It took a few days for Maria to realize that I was an empath. She told me that I was now a vampire that humans were our food source and that she changed me because she was buildin an army so that she can take any land that she wanted in the south to have ample feedin grounds. So basically it was a war inside of a war."

I was in awe and I'm sure that Jasper could feel it as well, besides the fact that that was the most that he has ever said to me; even longer then when he was trying to ease my fears about the family when James was hunting me. What I was most in awe about was his life before becoming a Cullen or Hale, or whatever. I could almost picture human Jasper; I figured that he must have looked the same then as he does now except for the gold eyes and pale, hard, cold skin. I was also sadden for the hell that he was put threw and I was so proud of him for being able to get out of hell and become the man that he is now.

"Isabella, I can feel all of your emotions but would you mind explaining them?"
"I'm feeling awe for what you did for your country and how proud that your family must have been for you. Sadness for the hell that you were put through and what your family must have went through when you were declared MIA. And proud of you because even thought it was hard and you must have struggled a lot, you were able to pull yourself out of hell and become the person that you are today, sitting across from me."
"Thank you, Isabella."
"What for?"
"For bein you, for bein the most trustin person, apart from Carlisle, that I know and for bein strong and for exceptin my past, even though it wasn't a great one."
"What you were then is nothing compared to who and what you are today."
"You amaze me Isabella."
"I told you my history and you accepted it right away. Whereas compared to Alice and the rest of the Cullens, they took a lot longer to see what I was then, doesn't dictate who I am today."
"You mean that Alice didn't trust you?"
"For the longest time no, even though she saw my past. I still don't know if she fully does today or not."

I was starting to get very pissed at that and it scared me. Why should I be so concerned that Alice didn't even trust the person she claimed to love? How could that bitch pretend that everything was alright, when she most likely couldn't even stand the sight of him? I don't know who is worse; Maria for what she did to Jasper or Alice for pretending to care for him. All of a sudden there was calm and my anger disappeared, I didn't even realize that I closed my eyes but when I opened them I saw Jasper kneeling in front of me with a concerned expression on his face.

"Darlin, please tell me what has you so angry. I've never felt such emotions comin from you."

It wasn't lost on me that he called me darlin or what it did to my stomach to hear it. But I knew that I needed to answer him, so I would dwell on it later.

"I'm angry, Jasper, that someone who claims to love you could just pretend that they understand you. I can't believe that both Alice and Edward treated the both of us as if we were fragile and that we couldn't make a decision for ourselves. That they had to do it. It hurts me to realize that you, like me, were lied to by the people who we thought truly loved us. I think that the both of us are better off without either of them."

Jasper just looked at me for the longest time after I finished my mini rant. He probably thought that I was crazy and that I didn't understand who Alice was. I tried to keep myself calm while Jasper just stared at me. After a few minutes he spoke.

"Your right."
"Your right in everything that you just said about Alice and Edward."
I could hear the sneer in his voice. I didn't talk because I didn't think that he was finished yet.

"They strun us along only pretendin to care about us. Love is about understandin the other person and acceptin them for what they did in the past realizin that who they were then is not who they are now. You know there were times when I could feel fear or disgust comin from her when I had my shirt off."
"Why Jasper?"
"Well there are still some things that I haven't told you about yet."
"I would like to know all about you, if you are willing to tell me. But please don't feel like you need to if you're uncomfortable."

"I'm not uncomfortable. I would love to share everythin with you but I'm afraid that what I tell you - or rather show you, might make you run for the door."
"Jasper. I don't know what it is but I could never leave you over something that you said or show me."

I reached out slowly and covered his hand with mine that was resting on the arm of my chair. As soon as our skin touched, there was an electric current that ran from my hand up my arm and all threw my body. I had never felt anything like that before, not while touching Edward, Jacob or Peter. I looked at Jasper to see if he felt it also. The look on his face confirmed that he did I wanted to ask him what it was, but first I wanted him to show me whatever it was that he wanted to show me. So even though I was shaken at what had just happened, I knew that I needed Jasper to finish telling me what he was about to say.

"So Jasper what was it that you wanted to show me?"

"You said that you wanted to show me something, what is it?"
"Oh right."

He took a deep unneeded breath, never took his hand from under mine and then said,

"I became Maria's second in command once we figured out what my gift was. One of my many tasks was to train and dispose of the newborns once their strength wore out."
"What do you mean, 'when their strength wore out'?"
"When a human is turned into a vampire, they are known as newborns and because their blood is still in them, as well as the venom, they are very strong. That strength last for about a year. Once that year is up, and if they have no gifts, they are killed off. Since Maria never let the ones with no gifts go longer then a year, I always had to create more vampires."

"That must have been hard on you."

"Very much so."

"I'm sorry."
"Thank you, Isabella. Have you ever seen Edward without his shirt off?"
"No I haven't."
"Well what I have to show you might shock and frighten you."
"What is it Jasper?"
"Seein as how you are human you might not be able to see quite as well as a vampire would but you will see some of them."

He stood up and instantly I felt the loss of his hand, he turned on the lights that were around us and then he pulled off his shirt. I stared at his body, he was ripped and there was also a very noticeable V that led into his pants. But that wasn't the only thing that I noticed. I slowly stood so as not to make Jasper run, and walked towards him. As I got closer, I could see hundreds of tiny silver scars, like the one that was on my wrist from James' attack. Jasper had his eyes downcast as I got closer to him. There was barely any room in between us. I lifted my right hand and I began to slowly trace all of the scares that I could reach. They were all over his torso, arms and some on his neck. I was saddened that he was hurt. In an instant, before I could even blink, Jasper was away from me and across the room projecting hurt, remorse and sadness.

"Jasper what are you doing over there?"
"I felt your sadness Isabella and I couldn't stand being exposed in front of you any longer."
"Jasper, you misunderstood my sadness."
"What do you mean?"

I began to slowly walk across the room so that I could be closer to him. He was backed into a wall, and thankfully didn't move as I got closer to him. I raised my hand and put it on his cheek and waited until he looked me in the eyes. For some reason, he didn't feel that cold to me. He leaned into my touch and once he finally looked at me, I said,

"I was sad because someone hurt you. I can't bear to see you hurt over something that you were forced to do."

"I can tell you that all of the vampires that marked me, met there end. I've never lost a fight."

"Jasper, I have a question for you."
"Another one?"

I could hear the teasing in his voice. I knew that I've been asking him a lot of questions but this one was going to drive me crazy if I didn't ask him.

"Yes another one but I may have more depending on the answer."

"Alight darlin, what's your question?"
"I want to know ?" I said in a rush.

"Isabella, I may be a vampire with super hearin but would you mind repeatin what you just said."
I took a deep breath knowing that I wanted this answer and asked him again.

"I said, why am I suddenly so protective of you and what was that spark between us when I put my hand on yours?"
I blushed at having said all of that and averted my eyes from him, hiding behind some of my hair.

"Isabella, lets go sit down again and I'll tell you."
"Alright Jasper."

I started to walk towards the chairs but before I could get too far, Jasper took my hand in his and I felt the spark again. We walked back to the chairs and resumed our seats. I waited for Jasper to answer my question. I didn't have to wait long till Jasper started to talk.

"Isabella, you are not alone in what you are feelin. I also feel the same way about you. I've only ever experienced these emotions three other times between Carlisle and Esme, Em and Rose and Peter and Char."
"What does it mean Jasper?"
"That we, darlin, are mates."


After I told Isabella that we were mates she just sat there, but I gave her time to process that. I wondered how she would react. What she would say and if she would even want to be mated to me, the God of War. I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn't notice that Isabella was kneelin in front of me till I felt her warm hand touching my face. I looked down at her and she had the biggest grin on her face that I've ever seen her wear. I returned it, knowin that the last time I smiled this big was before I was a vampire.

"Jasper, you're my other half."
"Yes darlin, now and forever. Our souls connected a long time ago but because we ignored all of the signs and because we never touched before now, we didn't know."

"Jasper is this real or am I only dreaming. If I AM dreaming, please don't wake me. This is the best dream ever."
"Oh my sweet Isabella, this is not a dream. It's so very real. I can't bear the thought of ever being apart from you again. I want you with me forever."

"Forever, forever or forever, until I die?"
"Forever, forever my love, if you want."
"Oh Jazz, I want forever, forever with you, my mate."

"Good, because I couldn't bear to be apart from you."
"Neither can I."

I looked down at her lips and then back to her eyes, she nodded her head. I leaned down and softly pressed my lips to hers, her lips molded to mine as if my lips had previously known hers and we were just reconnecting. The kiss started out slow but the lust, love and passion that were passin between us, made our kiss become more frantic with want and need. I hated to pull away from her soft lips but I knew that she needed to breathe. I place feather light kisses along her jaw, while pullin her up to sit on my lap so that I could wrap my arms around her and then made my way back up to her lips to kiss her again.

Based on my past and what Alice did, I thought that I would never know true love. But leave it to Peter to be able to go out and find my mate and not even tell me. I bet that fucker knew as soon as he laid eyes on Bella. My sweet, sweet Bella, what she would become to me. I should hate him for keepin her away from me for all of this time but I know that I can't because he brought me to who I was meant to be with since I first woke up to this life. He once told me that because I saved his mate, that he would save mine and at the time, I didn't believe him but now I do. Because if he wasn't in the area, god only knows what would have happened to my Bella if that vile human had touched a hair on her body.

I knew that we needed to talk about of future, but first it was time to get my darlin, my life something to eat. I didn't want to leave her embrace because she just felt so right in my arms, like she was made to fit me. But I knew that I would have to take her to get something to eat, seein as how we don't have human food here.

"Darlin, as much as it pains me to say this, we have to untangle ourselves because I can hear your stomach grumbling and we need to get you fed."
"Mmm, but Jazz I don't wanna."
"I know my love, but we need to and then we have to talk."
"About what?"
"Our future."

I could feel the happiness coming from her when I said 'our future' and I had to agree. I liked the sound of that also. She reluctantly let go of me, we stood up, and just then Peter walked in.

"I've brought dinner for Bells, and also a change of clothes because I have a feelin that you two don't want to be apart yet."

She left my side and went over to Peter and wrapped her arms around him to give him a hug which he returned. I could feel the growl buildin in my chest but I knew that I had to fight my protective nature because he was my brother, her friend and I knew that he would never hurt her, if he wanted to continue livin that is.

"I'm so glad that it's the weekend and I don't have to worry about class. Thank you Peter for bring me to my mate, for getting me dinner and also for letting me stay the night here with you both so that Jasper and I can talk more."
"You're welcome for everything, Sugar."


I took the bag containing food from Peter, gave Jasper a quick kiss on the check and then went in the direction that Peter pointed me in for the kitchen. I passed a lot of doors on the way to the kitchen and I knew that I had to have either Jasper or Peter to give me a tour of this place. I got to the kitchen and got started on my supper. Peter had bought me a pre-made salad, some lunch meat, cheese and bread. After I made a sandwich and tossed the salad, I sat down at the island. As I was eating, my mind began to wander, and as it did, I realized that my life truly did start over. Before Edward, I took care of my mother and juggled time in between Charlie and Renee. And then when Edward came into my life, everything was about him. When he left, my life just crumbled, because I didn't do things for myself when I was with him. I let him control everything, from what I wore and ate, to who I spent time with. I thought that my life started when I finished high school and moved out here to go to college, but I was wrong. It didn't start until Peter saved me that night and brought me back into the world that I always belonged in, and to my true mate.

I knew that Jasper wanted to talk to me after I ate and I knew what my answer was going to be to his question. I wanted to be changed but first I wanted to finish out this semester. There was only two more months left. I would be sad having to say goodbye to Charlie and Renee but I knew that Jasper was it for me. I couldn't see myself with anyone else. I thought that what Edward and I had was real, but now I see it wasn't. Because there was never that spark between us and it was always a forced conversation. But talking with Jasper just came so naturally, like breathing.

I finished eating and put my plate and bowl in the sink. I would wash it later and made my way to my forever.


Once Isabella had finished eating she came to find me, I was sittin in my study not far from the kitchen. I knew that unlike a vampire she couldn't smell me out, that Peter was up in his room on the phone with Char and also I didn't tell her where I would be so I could only assume that the pull was leadin her to where I was waitin for her. She turned the knob on the door and when she walked into the room it was like an angel stepping in. Rose may think that she was the most beautiful in our family, with her long blond hair, long legs and perfect clothes and features. But she could never take away from the beauty that is Isabella. Isabella may be a klutz and a danger magnet, but she is beautiful none the less. Her long brown hair and chocolate eyes were only the start of her beauty. I was roused out of my thoughts by her beautiful voice.

"I'm ready to talk now Jasper."
"Well then, by all means come in darlin."

She entered the room and came around my desk and sat in my lap as if we have done this a thousand times before, instead of it being the second time. I knew that she had already agreed to be turned but I needed to know when. So I asked her, and she told me that this semester was over in two months and that she wanted to be turned then. I agreed happily and then asked her if she was ready to say goodbye to her mama and daddy. She said that it would be sad but that she couldn't live another day without me in her life, now that she had truly started over in life. I knew that I also wanted her to become Mrs. Whitlock; something that Alice never wanted even thought she wanted to marry me. I wanted it to be a romantic proposal and done when she was least expectin it so I had to hold my tongue at the words that were ready to bust from my lips at any given moment.

It was late and I knew that Isabella was gettin tired so I slipped her off my lap, took her hand and lead her up to my - our bedroom. I pointed her in the direction of the en suite bathroom and she went to get changed. She came out, got under the covers and I climbed on top. No words were said because we let our emotions do the talkin for us. She was on her side with her back pressed against my front. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her as close to me as I could without havin her lay right on top of me. Just before she drifted off she turned her head and gave me a passionate kiss and with a mumbled goodnight, my darlin fell asleep in my arms where she would be forever more.


Two months later

I was a week away from the semester ending I was swamped with final exams and studying for the ones that I needed to take first. I was currently sitting in the library, supposed to be going over my notes but I was thinking over the past two months. Ever since finding out that Jasper and I are meant to be together, we have spent every moment that we could while I wasn't studying, together. Jasper, being the amazing person that he is, helped me with my studies, seeing as how he knows everything. He is really great. I can't stop gushing about him to the couple of best friends that I made here. When I came back that Monday after seeing Jasper and learning what we are to each other, I couldn't keep the grin off my face, so I had to tell them something. And they could tell from my reactions when I talked about him, how much I truly loved Jasper. They were so happy for me that I was able to find someone as great as he is.

I shook my head from my thoughts knowing that I needed to finish studying because Jasper had a special night planed for us. He was taking me to a restaurant and then we were going to take a walk. I didn't know what the occasion was and Jasper wouldn't tell me anything about why he was doing this, just that I needed to wear the new dress that he bought me.

Once I was finished studying, I was sure that any more my brain would be fried, I made my way back to my apartment. I showered, shaved and when I was done I got out put on my blue strapless bra and matching panties. I walked out and over to my closet to get out the garment back that was hanging on the rack. I walked back over to my bed and after placing the bag on the bed I unzipped it and pulled out the full length one shoulder blue dress. There was a rose on the fabric that made up the strap on the shoulder. It flowed all around me, like it was made of the finest silk known to man. There was also a pair of blue peep-toe heels that luckily, even thought I still had klutz moments, I could wear. Peter gave me a beautiful gold heart necklace and a gold chain heart bracelet. When I asked them why they got all this for me they told me that they didn't need to have a reason to do it they just wanted to.

I got dress and then pulled my hair up into an elegant bun and put on some lip gloss, and a little eye shadow and mascara. As soon as I was done there was a knock on my door and I knew it to be Jasper. I grabbed my blue sparkly clutch purse and went out to open the door to greet him.

"Hello Jasper."
"Wow. Darlin you look absolutely beautiful."
"Thank you Jazz."
"Are you ready?"
"Yes, I am."
"Great, then let's go."


Isabella looked breathtaking - if I had any breath to take, that is - in that dress. I knew that as soon as I saw it, I had to get it for her because that was the dress that I wanted her to wear when I asked her to marry me. Everything was ready. I made sure to get us a table far away from everyone at the restaurant, and then afterwards, we were going to go for a walk. There was a little park not to far away that had a fountain and I was going to ask her then to become Mrs. Whitlock in front of the fountain. I had the ring for weeks now it's a platinum four carat, pear shaped ring and I knew that it would look elegant on her finger.

We got to the restaurant and even though I had to eat human food it was worth it because I knew that soon Isabella would be like me. After dinner we went for our walk and as soon as Isabella saw the fountain she loved it. It had spotlights turned on it so that it highlighted the Angel that was the statue. We walked over and Isabella sat down on the fountain wall and just took in her surroundings. I knew that now was the time to ask her because she was so at peace with everything. Without her noticin, I slipped down to one knee; I then took her hand in mine and said,

"Isabella I have something to ask you."
She looked down at me and as soon as she saw me on one knee, her free hand flew to her mouth. I could smell the faint salt of her tears that was ready to fall at any minute.

"Yes Jasper." She crocked
"Darlin the first time that you came into my life I knew that there was somethin special about you. But at that time I didn't know what it was. I enjoyed your company when you came over to the house, even though we hardly talked, but your presence alone was enough for me. When we left you, I was hurt. I thought that it was because you were like a sister to me but now I know differently. That day that I saw you walkin towards my house, I was the happiest and also the most scared man in this town because I was happy to see you again but I didn't know why you were there. To find out that we were mates made me the happiest that I've ever been. And the past two months have been the greatest. I'm here now, askin you to share many more months like that with me in our forever, as not only my mate, but as my wife. Isabella Swan would you do me the honor of becomin Mrs. Whitlock?"

"Yes Jasper, oh yes a million times over and a million times more. I would be honored to become Mrs. Jasper Whitlock!"

I opened the ring box and show her the ring and that was when the tears started to flow freely. I slipped the ring on to her finger, happy to know that she was tying herself to me in every form possible. I then stood up and had her stand as well and gave her a kiss that was filled with all of my love, my hopes and dreams for our future.


I couldn't believe what Jasper was saying. I knew that without a doubt that my answer was going to be yes, because I wanted to be tied to him in every way.

The ring was absolutely gorgeous. It was a pear shape and it fit my finger like it was meant to be there all along. I couldn't wait until the semester was over, as well as the change, so that Jasper and I would be able to start our forever. Even though Jasper and I kissed many times before, it was nothing like this kiss that we shared now. Not only was it sealing the proposal, it also held all of the love that we shared for each other. Our hopes and dreams of what was to come.

I was finally getting everything that I ever wanted. The perfect man who knew me inside and out and better then any person, a loving family, though I still haven't met Char, and all of the love and happiness that I ever wanted. I hoped that I would be able to reconnect with some of the Cullens, either before or after my change because I really missed Em. I would have to talk to Jasper about that but not tonight.

Tonight was about us, the beginning to our forever and I couldn't wait to start it.