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"I was on my own
I was doing just fine
when you came in my life
I was in to you
You were feeling me too
It was all a good time
You turned me upside down
Turned my world around
Everything was alright
Now I'm having doubts what your all about
And I'm losing my mind

To blind to see it
To in love to believe it
What your doing to me..

When its all about you
What about me
don't I deserve to be happy?
I spend all of my time giving you mine
that's not the way that it should be
When its all about you
You forget about me
You cant change what you cant see
When its all about you
When its all about you
when its all about.

Everything you say
Everything you do
Its gotta be about you

You drive a fancy car like your some big star
Now I got a clear view
So you say its like this
But you do it like that
Now you got me confused
Your looking at yourself
Like your something else
I got nothing to lose

Come on Give me your best shot
Give me anything you've got
Its never gonna be good enough for me…

When its all about you
What about me
Don't I deserve to be happy
I spend all of my time
Giving you mine
that's not the they that its should be

When its all about you
You forget about me
You cant change what you cant see
When its all about you
When its all about you

I'm looking at you
Your looking at me
I'm walking away but you don't see
What you got is all you need
Best things in life are always free
All you wanted was yourself
don't care about me or no one else
don't care about me or no on else
didn't matter to you
don't matter to me
that's how its gotta be

When its all about you
When its all about you

When its all about you
What about me, don't I deserve to be happy?
I spend all of my time
Giving you mine
that's not the way that it should be
When its all about you
You forget about me
You cant change what you cant see
when its all about you
When its all about you
When its all about you
When its all about you

These lyrics played as Zenon Karr ate lunch with her boyfriend, Sage Borealis. The blonde twenty-two year old stopped to think, as Sage went into another rant about some obscure cause he was all for. The song fit their relationship. He was always talking about what he was working on, what he liked, and what went on in his life. She hadn't even had the time between his rants to zap her best friends, whom were all very far from here.

"Sage, I'm breaking up with you.", she said, coming out of her thoughts.

"What? Why?", he asked.

"All we ever talk about is you and your life. We've been dating almost four years, and you know what, I doubt you know my favorite color.", she said, trying to not get annoyed at him.

"Red?", he stated more as a question, thinking of her hot pod's color.

"It's silver, Sage. Red is my second favorite color. That's what I'm talking about. You don't know even the simplest things about me. Tell me three things. One, How old was I when I moved to my Space Stay? Two, how do I fall asleep after I have a viral dream? And three, who is my best friend, who was born, raised, and still lives on Earth?", she replied, fighting back the tears.

"Ten, on your side curled up in a ball, and Margie?", he replied, wincing a little.

"I was right, you do know nothing about me. I was five, I turn on 'The Galaxy is Ours' by Microbe, and Proto Zoa, who knows all of that. He doesn't even think that hard about it. That's what any person who loves me is like. It's over. Go find someone else who doesn't care about anything but you.", she nearly yelled, doing a 108 turn and storming off to her Aunt Judy's house.

It was nice that her aunt and uncle let her live with them during her first year of college, but after that year, they didn't want her to leave. Well, Dasha didn't want her to go mostly.

Entering the main room, Zenon burst into tears.

"I come all this way to see my favorite space girl, and you burst into tears when you walk through the door?", a British voice said.

"Zoa?", she asked.

"The one and only.", Proto Zoa answered.

"You're still crying, Zee. I know how to make you stop.", he whispered.

"Huh?", Zenon answered.

"Hiding out, all alone,
Wrapped up in my fear.
Only you, see right through,
Make it look so clear.

A fiery Nova,
Rolling over,
Blasting in to space,

A blazing comet,
Smiles upon it,
Your stelanarious face,

Wake me up, shake me up, race me to the stars,
So much to know so far to go the galaxy is ours.
The galaxy is ours my girl
The galaxy is ours.", he sang softly, holding Zenon close to him.

"I missed you, Zoa.", she said quietly.

"I missed you too, darling.", the rocker replied, kissing the top of the blonde girl's head, using one of the British pet names she'd become used to.

"So, why are you here?", she asked.

"I tried to zap you, but you never answered. I thought I was the one who no one could reach. Nebula told me she couldn't reach you either. Margie and Cassie were at a loss of words when they found out. Zee, what happened?", he replied, seeing the tears beginning to fall from Zenon's eyes.

"That jerk! I broke up with Sage today. He was always going on about his obscure causes. He didn't even know my favorite color, or who my only friend who was born of Earth who still lives on Earth is.", she said through her tears.

"That's easy, silver, and me. Anyone who knows and loves you knows that. Dasha lives part time in space, so she doesn't count, right?", he said, smiling as a smile flickered on Zenon's face when he said the right answers.

"Yeah, but unlike most people, She gets the fact that we understand each other better than anyone else. I love that about Dasha.", Zenon replied, resting her head on Proto Zoa's chest.

"I also came to see you because Nebula threatened to kill me, which I believe she can do, if I didn't tell you something. She said it had to be done by the time I leave on tour this summer.", the rock star said, causing Zenon to laugh at the mental image of her best friend killing her other best friend.

"What could be so important extreme that Neb threatened you?", Zenon asked.

Instead of answering her question, Proto Zoa just kissed her lips gently. Zenon, momentarily taken by surprise, kissed back.

As they broke apart, they both spoke.


"I love you, Zee, more than anything."

Zenon was quiet. He was her idol for years, her crush since she was ten, a good thirteen years older than she was, the only constant, non-family, male in her life, and she loved him.

"I love you too, Zoa. And, for the record, that interview your ex-girlfriend gave, she was so wrong. You are a stellar kisser.", Zenon replied, kissing him again.

Proto Zoa couldn't help but smile at that. He only wished that he didn't have to go on tour. If he wasn't, he'd invite her to Nova Linda Cove for the summer.

"You know, it's inky that you'll be gone all summer, Zoa.", Zenon said, her head resting on his chest, again.

"I was thinking the same thing, love.", Proto Zoa replied.

"Do you have a list of tour spots?", Zenon asked.

"Yes, right here.", the rock star replied, pulling out his zap pad and pulling up the list.

"Okay, the show in Maui, the show in LA, and the show in New York are the ones I can go to. Well, If I have the money for tickets, since, well, I still have to buy Dasha's birthday present, and then I planed to visit Nebula in Maui, and I'm supposed to meet up with Margie and Bronley in New York.", she said, her brain going into crazy mode major.

"Zee, darling. Don't worry about any of it. I'll get you the tickets, and I'll make sure Neb, Margie, Bronley, and Dasha all get tickets too.", Proto Zoa said, giving her a smile.

"You know me too well. I just hope this all works out.", she said, not realizing the plan forming in Proto Zoa's head.

Zenon fell asleep on the couch as she listened to stories about Prot Zoa's family vacations he took with his parents as a boy. As soon as she was asleep, Proto Zoa picked up his zap-pad and zapped Nebula.

"Hey, PZ! Did you tell her?", Nebula asked upon seeing his face.

"Yes, I told her. And before you ask, she feels the same way.", he responded.

"Well, did you find out why she hasn't zapped us in a mondo long time?", she asked.

"She broke up with Sage today after realizing that he only cared about his obscure and pointless causes. She spent so much time listening to him that she rarely even spoke to Dasha and they live in the same house.", Proto Zoa replied, slightly angry that anyone would do that to his Zenon.

"Cetus-Lupeedus, that sounds bad. Is she going to any of the concerts on the tour?"

"Yes, Nebula. The tickets don't go on sale until in the morning, so I'm going to call up Lester and get two for the Maui show, three for the New York show, and six for the Los Angeles concert. I set up the a perfect plan. She spends the next two weeks, until the tour starts, with me at Nova Linda, she'll spend two weeks with you in Maui, and she can spend two weeks in New York with Margie and Bronley, and then the last two weeks before she has to go back to school, she'll be back in LA, and all of you, including Cassie, are supposed to surprise her then, by going to the concert for Dasha's birthday.", he said, watching Nebula's face light up.

"PZ, she will love that. Wait, what's going to happen when she finds out you have to go to London the day after the LA concert. It's supposed to be the last one, so if you can't spend time with her, she'll know something's going on. And if Zenon's angry, it's pretty viral.", Nebula said, biting her lip.

" Neb, calm down. I have to tell her about that. As far as the band knows, I have to visit family, and that's it. I'm really going to my cousin's wedding. Danica is like my sister, and if I don't go, she'll go viral, if I do, Zee will go viral, so I was thinking I'd take Zee with me, and introduce her to Danica at the wedding.", the Brit answered calmly.

"That may work out for you, PZ. I guess I'll see you in two weeks?", Nebula asked with a smile.

"Yep, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Zee's waking up. Got to go, see you then, Nebula.", he said, ending the call.

Zenon sat up and saw her, smiling at the thought, boyfriend walking back over to her.

"So how long was I asleep?", she asked.

"Only about twenty minutes. Zenon, I have to tell you something.", he replied, sitting down next to her and pulling the blonde back into his arms.

"What is it, Zoa?", she asked.

"My cousin, Danica, is getting married the day after the LA concert. I have to leave for London at five the next morning to make it on time. She's like my little sister, and, if I'm not there, she will kill me. Mostly because since our parents' deaths happened when we were so young, the two of us, grandma, and our Aunt Andromeda are the only family we have left.", Proto Zoa said, a little bit of worry in his voice.

"Well, if you have to go, don't let me stop you.", she said, slightly saddened by the news.

"Zee, before you go all depressed mode major, I have a plan on how you can spend your summer. The tour starts in two weeks, so until then, and I already talked to Dasha, your aunt, and Commander Plank, you can stay with me at Nova Linda...", he explained the entire plan to Zenon, minus the surprises at the end.

Proto Zoa had to leave not to long after that, but Zenon promised to be at Nova Linda Cove the next day. So before bed, she made sure she was packed for her almost two month long vacation.

As she slept, Zenon's dream began to change.

Proto Zoa walked up to the back of a chair. In the chair, a little girl sat, playing with dolls.

"Zoom, zoom, zoom.", he sang, smiling as the girl sprang up and turned around.

"Daddy!", she cried, jumping into his arms.

"I missed you, Vega.", he said to the girl.

"I missed you, Daddy.", Vega, the girl, said.

Vega was little, no more than three. She looked like Zenon did when she was that young, except she had her father's brown eyes. Her hair was pulled up into pigtails and she had a necklace that spelled out her name in diamonds.

"Where's Mommy at, Vega?", Zoa asked.

"She went for a walk. Dasha's in the kitchen.", the little girl said.

The door behind the two opened and Zenon herself entered.

"Mommy!", Vega cried, seeing her mother walk in.

Proto Zoa turned around and saw his wife. He set Vega down and pulled Zenon into his embrace.

"I'm home, love. I missed you like crazy.", he whispered into her hair.

"I missed you too, Zoa. I love you.", she whispered back.

"I love you too, Zee. And don't you ever forget that.", he replied, softly kissing her lips.

As Zenon woke, she felt that same eerie feeling she'd had after the incident with Selena. Could some spirit or other entity be sending her a message? Was that a dream or a vision? Would she really have a daughter with Proto Zoa?

At breakfast, Dasha could tell that her cousin looked a little off. She waited until her mom was doing the dishes and her dad had left for work before she dared to ask Zee if everything was okay.

"Zee, what's wrong?"

"You remember those dreams Selena made me have?", Zenon asked.

"Yeah, did you have another moon dream?", Dasha replied.

"No, but it was similar to those. I felt that the dream was supposed to tell me something.", Zenon responded, the tingling feeling of Proto Zoa's lips on hers ever present.

"Well, what was it about?", the teen asked.

Zenon explained her dream and watched as Dasha's face turned from content to surprise.

"You and PZ had a daughter and I was in your kitchen. Nothing real odd, except that it seems like it's the future, not just a metaphoric shout of 'Hey, over by the Sea of Tranquility!"', Dasha said with a smile.

"It was probably nothing, and besides, you know my track record is one of the inkiest. Greg broke up with me once I left for Liberty. Orion went into loony mode major and cheated on me, causing Magrie to slap him across the face. And Sage only cared about himself. Zoa probably will realize, in about a year, that he doesn't love me the way he thinks he does. I mean I'd love for it to work out, but I'm not sure if anybody can be there for me longterm major.", Zenon said, not noticing the shaking of her cousin's head.

"PZ's different, Zenon. He knows the real you. Greg mainly knew you as the girl from the formerly named Wyndcomm space stay. Orion knew you as the girl who saved the renamed Liberty space stay from Wyndm, destruction, and the aliens. Sage was too self absorbed to care about you in the slightest. His thoughts were only of his causes and getting the poster child for saving the universe on his side for all of those causes. On the other hand, PZ know the real Zenon, the one who beat him at poker when she was thirteen, the one who went looking for him while others just talked about it. Zee, haven't you ever noticed how he sings to you when you're at one of his performances?", Dasha nearly yelled, causing her mother to walk back into the room.

"Girls, what's up?", she asked.

"Zenon thinks her relationship with Proto Zoa is doomed based on her past three boyfriends.", Dasha answered.

"Zee, honey, Dasha's right. He loves the real Zenon, not the Zenon that others take you for. Plus, you've known him longer than you've knew the other guys when you started dating them. You're the only person I know who can't fail a test on Proto Zoa except for the man himself.", Judy Plank answered.

"Really? You too?", Zenon responded.

"What's his full name?", Dasha asked, knowing the answer herself.

"It',s according to Zoa, a weird first name, a normal, centuries old middle name, and an Enlish last name; his name is Proto Zoa Michael Rose. His favorite color is silver. His birthday is March 5th. He hates greasy, deep-fried foods that 'might mess up his stelar figure', and okay you're right!", Zenon began ranting, but stopping only when she noticed the two Plank women laughing at her.

Zenon said her goodbyes and left for Nova Linda Cove.

Reaching the gate with the private property sign on it, Zenon took out her zap pad and typed in a code. The gate opened and she went through.

Most people thought it would be insane for a young blonde to go down a path that held giant spiders, snakes, and who knew what else, but hey, it's Zenon.

After typing in the code for the force field, Zenon went over to the nearest window and saw Proto Zoa asleep, his head on his desk, papers strewn all over his office. Giggling to herself, Zenon parked her hot pod in the garage. She then, after turning the force field back on, walked quietly to Proto Zoa's office.

"Zoa, I'm here. Time to wake up.", she whispered in his ear.

The rock star woke and blinked several times.

"Sorry I wasn't awake, Zee.", he said groggily.

"Don't be sorry, Zoa. I got here a little earlier than I thought I would. What are you writing?", she replied.

"I was listing ideas of what to do for Danica's wedding. She's like my sister, so I don't want to let her down. Plus she will have the power to bar me entry into England.", Proto Zoa replied, biting his lip the second the sentence left his mouth.


"What do you mean by that?", I asked, seeing how he reacted to his own statement, meaning something was inky.

"Well, you see, darling, before I was a rock star, I was a prince. I abdicated the throne to Danica. After the wedding, my grandmother is stepping down and Danica's taking over. If she wants me to be barred from England, all she has to do is ask Parlemient nicely. No one can say no to her. Well, I can, but only just.", he replied, not wanting to look me in the eyes.

"Zoa, why didn't you ever tell me?", I asked, taking his hand in mine.

"I was afraid that you'd think I didn't care about my country at all. I was also afraid that I couldn't get you to calm down long enough to listen to why I did I did.", Zoa said quietly.

"You should always remember that I'll always listen to you. Go ahead and tell me.", I responded, sitting on the corner of his desk.

"When I was thirteen and Danica was four, our parents were killed. A bomb went off as we crossed the bridge leading to the castle we lived in. Danica couldn't swim, so I held her close. A beam broke as I got back on the bridge and I was knocked out cold. I woke from a comatose state a few months later, on November 6, 2036.", he said, causing me to gasp.

November 6, 2036, was the day I was born. Vega Omega that was weird.

"I checked the records the last time I was on the Liberty Space Stay, and well, I woke the moment you were born. When I told her, Danica went on some rant but it was in Japanese, and that was the language she learned that I didn't.", Zoa added, looking up at me, half smiling, half on the verge of tears himself, as was I.

"Cetus-Lupeedus!", was all I could say after hearing that, knowing that my own parents knew and never told me.

"When I woke, Danica was humming a tune that I used later in life. It was the tune of 'The Galaxy is Ours' which by far is one of the oddest things, if I do say so myself. My grandmother told me what happened and Danica just cried into my chest the whole time. When I was eighteen, I learned to play guitar, which I'm pretty awesome at. After listening to a few old songs from my parents' adolescents, I went to my grandmother and told her I wanted to be a musician, not a king. She told me that my father knew I didn't want to be king, so she let me leave. I came to America and met up with Lester, who is the entire reason for Microbe's exitance. You know everything after that.", Zoa said, wrapping up his monologue.

"So it was more or less fate that woke you up that day, I met you, and now we're together.", I responded, giving him a weak smile.

"Maybe, but Zenon, I want you to remember that I'll always love you, no matter what.", he said, almost quoting my dream.

I decided not to tell Zoa about my dream just yet. But if it happened again, I'd tell him. However, seeing as how I drove straight to Nova Linda, I was tired, so, after telling Zoa I'd help him out later, I went back to the room that had been mine since my last visit. Saying my name was the only way to get in.

Once again, I had a strange dream.

There was Vega, lying in a bed, holding Proto Zoa's hand.

"Daddy, I can't go to sleep. I'm not tired.", she said, letting out a yawn.

"That doesn't sound like someone who's not tired. I know how to prove you're tired, Vega.

Visions of your pretty face

Send me into hyper space

Caught up in a Planetary whirl

Breathing in your give me air

I'm living off your solar flare

Could you be my super nova girl.", he replied, singing softly to her.

Vega was asleep almost instantly. Zoa smiled and kissed her head.

"Good night, Princess.", he whispered, closing her door behind him.

Zoa walked into another room, where to my surprise, I was.

"She's finally asleep I take it?", dream me asked.

"Yes, love, Vega is asleep.", he replied, kissing dream me's head.

"Maybe I can get some sleep now.", dream me said, letting out a soft sigh.

"Come on, let's go to bed.", Zoa said, leading dream me out of the room.

I woke with a start and looked over at my clock. It wasn't even eight yet. Quickly, I went to find Zoa, whom I bumped into halfway down the stairs.

"I was about to wake you up.", he said, smiling at me.

I smiled back and decided to tell him after dinner.

Okay, it was time to tell Zoa about the dreams. We were back in his office, trying to figure out what he should do for Danica's wedding.

"Zoa, remember the dreams I told you I had when Selena was trying to get me to stop Numbar?", I asked.

"Yeah, what's up, Zee?", he asked in return.

"I think I'm having something like those again. But this time, it feels more like it's visions of my future, not a calling card.", I told him.

"Well, I'm glad you got the message, cherie.", said a voice from a corner of the room.

"Who are you?", I asked quickly.

"Calm down, and I'll explain everything. I'm an Angel of Fate. My name is Nora, and I'm here to help you save the world.", the woman replied.

"Again!", Proto Zoa and I exclaimed in unison.

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