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"You heard me.", Nora said.

"But why me?", Zee asked.

"Hasn't she already done enough?", I added, moving closer to Zee, who sat next to me on the couch, located just a few feet from my desk.

"She has, but this isn't optional. An angel of love went rouge and is set on destroying Zenon, here. I sent you those visions of your future to try and get you to realize something was wrong.", the plump woman replied.

"Wait, those were my future?", Zee asked, he eyes wide.

"Sure were, cherie.", Nora said in reply.

"Darling, what's wrong?", I asked, seeing Zenon look out the window and back at me.

"In the visions she sent, we were married and we had a daughter. We're moving. My child won't be near giant spiders, snakes, of any of these cliffs. That's way to dangerous.", she said quietly, but firmly.

The words hit me like a cosmic blast. I married Zee, and we had a child? If that was the future, then how in the hell will I explain this to Danica and Gran? Either way, Zenon was right, no child could be safely raised at Nova Linda Cove.

"You have a point, love. We can look into that while you're here, deal?", I replied, smiling as she nodded.

"So why is this angel of love set on destroying me?", Zenon asked, calm as still water.

"Twenty-two years ago, this particular angel, Regulus, was in love with an angel of fate. Her name was Zenon. She was a blue eyed blonde, and she looked a lot like this Zenon. Zenon loved Regulus too, but her love for children was far greater. She saw a young prince slowly dying and had to stop it. She stole his ring of love and forced Mark and Astrid Karr into a mood of passion. This resulted in Astrid's pregnancy. Regulus was the angel of love for the Karr family. He knew it wasn't his doing, so he went looking for his ring. Zenon was at the prophecy book, making a prophecy. She was in mid trance when he entered. Regulus yelled and broke her trance. He wanted that ring bad enough, he was going to kill her to get it back. She fought back hard, but froze when she touched the book that all prophecies go into. She finished what she had said, and was killed by Regulus. She died at 11:32 A.M., November 6, 2036. Her death caused you to be born, and for Prince Proto Zoa, here, to wake from his coma.", Nora said, looking at us, causing our mouths to drop.

"What did the prophecy say, Nora?", Zenon said in almost a whisper.

"A girl with golden hair, sapphire eyes, and Zenon's own name sake was half of the pair to bring down her killer. The second half said that it was the lover of the girl, an English prince, who was to be saved from death by the girls birth. Zenon, you're that girl, and Proto Zoa, you're that prince. Regulus escaped and he plans to destroy all of the other angels. If angels are no more, love will fail, things like near death experiences can't be stopped, spirits will be stuck, with no angels of death, and it would be plain rude to kill me.", Nora said, plenty of sass in her voice.

"Well, how do we even know where this guy is?", Zenon asked, as I tried not to laugh at her last remark.

"His last movement that was tracked was in London. He's been there for almost nine years. No movement out of the country was made as far as I know. I'll find you if anything else happens.", she told us, vanishing afterwards.

"Well, this summer just got a whole lot more complicated.", Zee said, leaning against me.


I have no clue how long I sat there and listened to Zoa tell me everything was going to be okay. But I do know that I eventually fell asleep. The weird thing was, I didn't have a dream about Vega. It was as different from the others are possible.

There was a car crossing a bridge. In the car, there were seven people: little girl, whose brown hair was in pigtails, talking to a teenage boy, who seemed genuinely interested in what the girl was saying, two men who wore military dress uniforms, two women, who were dressed in really fancy dresses, and lastly was the driver, who wore a simple uniform with a coat of arms on the shoulder.

As the car reached the middle of the bridge, a loud explosion sent it into the river below. The boy grabbed the girl and tried to swim up, but the others were not so lucky. One of the two men had a shard of glass sticking out of his chest, the other man had a deep gash on his throat. The two women were unconscious, most likely due to the slab of concrete that had hit them in the head.

That was when I saw it, the diamond tiara atop one of the women's head. She was Zoa's mother, the princess. The tiara looked as if it was made of crystallized flowers, and it sparkled at light, defracted by the water, hit it.

That's when I realized my dream was changing yet again. I was looking at an unconscious teen boy, and there was the little girl, sitting on the edge of the bed, humming "The Galaxy is Ours" while looking at the boy.

The scene split and I saw a second screen of sorts. It showed a woman, obviously in labor.

Right as the baby was born, the boy woke up.

"Gran, Zoa's awake!", the little girl cried.

And as she said this, the new mother said, "Her name is Zenon Lily Karr."

The dream switched back to the boy and little girl. An old woman entered the room, along with a doctor. The woman walked up the stairs that led to the bed. The girl moved to sit next to the boy, and the woman sat on the edge of the bed. The doctor sat in the chair that was at the desk.

"Gran, what happened? Where are Mum and Dad? How long was I out?", the boy asked, blinking his eyes.

I noticed his eyes. They were the same warm brown color that I knew and loved. This boy was my Zoa.

"Mon Cher, your parents and Nikki's, they didn't make it. The bomb blew up the bridge, and you barely made it, yourself. It's been nearly nine months since that day. I'm sorry, petite amie.", the old woman said, two tears gliding down her face.

"No!", Zoa shouted.

"Zoa, don't yell at Gran!", the girl, Nikki, admonished.

"Well, other than a bit of shock, you seem just fine, Your highness. I am truly sorry for your loss, and the same to you, Princess Danica, and to you, Your Majesty.", the doctor said, bowing and walking out of the room.

"Darling, your parents will stated that you were to have these.", the Queen said, handing Zoa two boxes.

In the boxes were his mother's tiara and a silver ring, with six small diamonds set around one large diamond.

"Your mother wanted to give these to you when you had found the girl whom you would love for the rest of your life, but insisted that if she could not, that you got them as soon as possible.", she replied, smiling at him softly.

Zoa leaned forward and wrapped his arms around his cousin and his grandmother.

"I love you, Gran. I love you too, Danica.", he whispered, tears falling down his face.

I shot straight up and looked around. I was in my room, and my clock read 5:50 A.M.

I got up, went into my private bathroom, and splashed my face with water.

After I dried my face, I walked to the kitchen. I knew there was no real hope for getting anymore sleep. I got a glass of water and leaned against the counter, thinking about the dream. Was that really what happened?


Zenon went ahead and showered, then fell asleep on the couch, only to be awaken a few hours later by Proto Zoa.

"Zee, it's time to get up.", he whispered softly.

She woke and her dream flooded back into her memory.

"I had another dream.", Zenon said flatly.

"What was it about this time?", Proto Zoa asked.

She told him, watching his face fall as he took it in. All the former crown prince could do was pull Zenon into a hug.

"Are you okay, Zoa?", she asked.

"I should be asking you the same. You saw five people die, you saw your own birth, and you saw a broken family in mourning mode extreme.", he stated simply, kissing the top of her head.

"Yes, but I just told you how your parents died, in detail.", Zenon retorted.

"True, but why don't we just let this go for now. Any ideas on where we might move to?", Proto Zoa asked, grateful to change the subject off of himself for once.

"I was thinking LA. I like it out there, it's mondo warm, and I wouldn't have to be so far from Dasha.", Zenon said, glad to talk about something other than angels and death.

"And that would put me closer to Lester. Maybe LA is the best option.", he replied.

In the end, they picked the house that they could agree upon. After breakfast, they decided to watch an early this-century movie. It was called Phantom of the Opera.

As the credits rolled, Zenon turned to Proto Zoa.

"He still loved her, even though she was dead.", she whispered, tears streaming down her face.

"That's what true love is. She loved him, but she thought he had been killed. He loved her, even though she left him. Christine DaaƩ and the Phantom have a love that I admire.", he replied, kissing the top of Zenon's head.

"Do you hear something?", Zenon asked, looking out the window suddenly.

"Sounds like laughing. Oh lord, that's Danica.", Proto Zoa nearly yelled, hurrying towards the door.

"Zoa, are you forgetting something?", Zenon asked, half sarcastically, holding his zap pad out for him.

"Oops. Thanks, love.", he said, taking it from her, and walking out to his cousin.

Zenon followed and couldn't help but laugh.

"Proto Zoa, you turn this thing off now!", Danica yelled through her laughter.

"I am, Danni! If I was told that you were coming to visit, I'd have left it off!", he yelled back, typing in the code.

"What happened? I say that, because that only seems to be on when you want to be alone, which is only when you get depressed.", Danica replied.

"Well, I'm not depressed, but I did want to be 99.9% alone.", he said.

Zenon let out a soft giggle and turned to go back inside.

"I know you're not trying to sneak back inside, darling.", Proto Zoa said, seeing Zenon out of the corner of his eye.

"Isn't she the girl you know who was born the exact moment you woke up after the accident, Zenon?", Danica asked.

But before Proto Zoa could answer, another voice broke in.

"Well I'm glad we're all on the same page now."

"Nora, did something happen?", Zenon asked, a little worried.

"We have a lock on Regulus, and, chrie, it's not pretty.", the angel answered.

"Where is he?", Zenon nearly growled.

"Leaving Windsor Castle preparing to set out on a course for Nova Linda Cove.", Nora said in a dead serious tone.

"Okay, Zoa, do we have a plan?", Zenon asked.

"How long do we have?", Proto Zoa asked Nora.

"He doesn't intend to kill you yet, mostly because he doesn't know you're you. I'd say you have time to get away from here.", she replied.

"Right, Zee, go get packed. You have to get out of here no matter what. It's you he wants dead.", Zoa said.

Zenon didn't move.

"He wants you too. All he needs is one of us dead to stop everything. I'm not leaving without you. Don't even try to guilt me into it, because I've seen our future, and I'm focused on what's best for Vega, not me or you.", she nearly yelled, glaring at Proto Zoa.

At her words, the rock star fell into thought about his words. If she left and he died, his daughter wouldn't even exist. If he let himself get killed, he'd be killing a precious little girl, his precious little girl.

"You're right, love. I'm sorry. But just the thought of you being in danger makes me panicky major and I think minor.", he replied.

"It's okay. But I think we should all leave while we have a chance.", Zee replied.

"Where would we go?", Zoa asked.

"Remember who you're talking to. I'm sure Neb won't mind it if we're early.", she replied.

"You're right, but what about Danica?", he replied.

"She'll either have to come with us or go back to England. You talk to her. I have to call Nebula.", Zenon whispered, walking off.

Proto Zoa sighed and turned back to Nora and Danica.

"Look, can I at least get a description of Regulus?", he asked.

"Sure. Height: 6'2'', weight: 183lbs., hair color: black, eye color: dark brown/black. Here's a picture.", Nora replied, waving a hand at Danica's purse, causing a picture to fly out and land in Proto Zoa's hand.

"Danni, who is this?", he asked his cousin.

"Arcturus Kelly, the man I'm engaged to. Why?", she responded.

"Because he's a liar, cherie.", Nora interjected, cutting off Proto Zoa, who was trying to respond.

"Excuse me?", Danica asked.

"Yeah, he's a psycho, who if I ever get my hands on I will murder, because he's after my Zenon.", Proto Zoa growled.

"Actually, the term is rouge angel, but that works too.", Nora said calmly, leaving as she finished.

"So you think he was using me to get to you?", Danica said after twenty minutes of explanations.

"With one of the two of us dead, he couldn't, or rather can't, be stopped.", Proto Zoa said, while trying not to think about a dead Zenon.

"Wait, if he want's you dead, he'd have been watching you for a while. He'll know your next move before you do. You have to be careful, Zoa. Don't go to any of Zenon's friends, your friends, or any family whatsoever. Wouldn't that be best?", Danica asked.

"No, hiding isn't the answer, and I know that Zenon isn't likely to let me just sit back and watch as he tries to get to and hurt me like he plans to by using you. She knows a lot more than you think. Zee is incredible. She is the only person I know who can trick grown men into admitting their darkest of secrets, plus she is the last person you want to play poker against.", he replied, not noticing the blonde behind him.

"Really?", Zenon asked.

"The stars, like diamonds, up above our heads, are fallin'

I know that wishes come true

Your voice, across the universe you were callin'

Like a song from out of the blue", he sang softly, kissing the top of her head.

"But you're right. You aren't going to pull another disappearing act and leave people wondering where you are. The only way to stop him is to strike head on. But don't do anything rash like when Numbar snuck on the wonder bus.", she replied, fighting back a smile at the memory, as was Zoa.

"Am I missing something?", Danica asked.

"Four years ago, I was in the Extreme Teen Supreme competition. The man running it was Patrick Numbar, who was trying to establish a settlement on the moon. Well, as my friends and I loaded everyone on the wonder bus, Numbar tried to seek on. He was caught by Zoa and, as a result, he left with a black eye, broken nose, and a busted lip.", Zenon said, failing in hiding her laughter as she walked into the kitchen.

"Just for seeking on the wonder bus?", Danica asked.

"Well, that, plus he was trying to order Zenon around, called me old, and then he stole my ice cream!", Proto Zoa replied.

"Ice cream?", Danica asked.

"He was upset about not being popular and being called old, so he hid in a corner and ate ice cream.", Zenon replied, walking back to Proto Zoa with ice cream.

Proto Zoa saw the ice cream and pouted. He hated it when she teased him.

"Here, you big baby. Don't spill that!", she said, handing the ice cream over.

"Thank you.", he replied, kissing her cheek.

Danica looked at the exchange and sighed. Her relationship was nothing like this. Why did Zoa get the better end every single time.

Danica didn't realize she'd said that out loud until her cousin looked up.

"You really think I get the better end, Danni?", he asked, shocked at her words.

"You have everything, Zoa! I can't remember a time where I was better off than you.", she replied, racking her brain for any memory that contradicted her statement.

"How about now? Your life isn't in danger, you're still young, and you aren't worried about someone trying to kill the only person you ever loved romantically.", he replied, getting up and walking off.

"Zenon, what have I done?", Danica asked.

"I'll go talk to him, but you have to understand, after yesterday, he can't take much more. Here, you need it more than he does.", she replied, handing the untouched ice cream to the queen-to-be.

Walking down the hall, Zenon stopped in front of Zoa's bedroom door. She pressed the over ride code and turned the voice control system off.

"Zoa, are you okay?", she asked, entering the room.

"No, I'm a wreck. I can't seem to go five minutes without getting the mental picture of you dead.", he said, breaking finally and tears flowing freely.

"I'm not going to die, Zoa. If I made it out alive the last three times, I'm going to be fine this time.", she whispered, sitting next to him on the edge of the bed.

"What I said back there was true. You are the only woman I've ever loved.", Zoa said, taking Zenon's hand in his own.

"Really?", she asked.

"Yeah, and I never told anyone this, but I realized I loved you when you came out here to find me when everyone else seemed not to care. That proved to me that there was someone out there who still cared. And finding aliens wasn't to bad either.", he replied, smiling a little.

"You knew that for seven years and kept it to yourself?", she asked, still a little shocked that he knew how he felt for that long.

"Yes, but only because you were so young at the time, still are in my opinion.", he replied, beginning to ramble.

"Zoa, why would you go through all that we went through, watch me go out with different guys, if you knew you loved me? Better yet, how?", Zenon asked, knowing she had kissed both Orion and Sage in front of him.

"There was an old saying my mother taught me. 'If you love someone, let them go. If they love you too, they'll come back.'", Zoa replied, giving Zee a week smile.

"So you just kept thinking about that saying, hoping I'd come back to you?", she asked.

"Well, that and I kept this with me.", he answered, taking a piece of paper from his pocket.

Zenon saw it was a picture Margie and taken of the two of them the last time they had all gotten together on Liberty. Zenon was dressed in earth clothing(a white tee and blue jeans). Proto Zoa was wearing something similar(jeans, a blue tee, and a jean jacket).

"You still keep this with you?", Zenon asked, feeling touched that she meant so much to him.

"It's my favorite picture of you.", he responded.

"Because you're in it?", she replied jokingly.

"No, because I'd never seen you look that happy.", he replied.

"Of course I was happier than ever. I had all the people that mattered to me in one place.", she replied, but she was cut off by Zoa's lips on hers.

When they broke apart, Zenon looked over at Proto Zoa.

"Feel better now?", she asked.

All the rock star could do was smile. She truly had no idea.

As they returned to the living room, Danica was nowhere to be found. However, there was a note.

Zoa, I'm headed back home, mostly to protect you. Don't come to London until the day of the wedding. It will be better this way.


"What are we doing now?", Zenon asked.

"Do you just want to stay here, or go on to Nebula's?", Zoa asked.

"Well, she is expecting us, and I do miss her.", Zenon replied, her choice obvious.

"Then let's get packing.", Zoa replied, walking back to his room.

Half an hour later, they were debating on how they were going to get to Maui.

"I just don't think we need it. The wonder bus might attract unwanted attention. We can take any other vehicle there, deal?", Zenon said, her firm tone not faltering once.

"Okay, you win, but I'm driving.", Zoa replied, picking a set of keys from the key rack, which belonged to the Ferrari.

About half an hour later, Zenon began to fall asleep. As she did, a vision came flooding into her head.

Danica was washing the ice cream bowl when the front door opened. She walked out to see who it was and gasped.

"Arcturus, I thought you were home. Why are you here?", she asked.

"Don't play games with me, Princess. Write a note to your cousin, telling him you're fine and going home. Tell him not to come to England until the wedding, which you, my dear, won't live to see anyway. Not even that precious little kitchen boy can save you.", the rouge angel said.

"What did you do to Leo?", Danica asked alarmed.

"Nothing, but he won't know to look for you in the old dungeons, will he? Just like your cousin and the meddling brat he's in love with.", Regulus replied smoothly.

Without another word, the two left Nova Linda Cove.

Zenon sat straight up and turned to Proto Zoa.

"We have a problem. Danica didn't walk out of Nova Linda at will. She was kidnaped.", she said, telling Zoa all about the dream.

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