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In the Middle Again
SasoxDei ItaxDei

Chapter 1: What was that?

cring. cring.

"Ugh..." Deidara stretched his arm and shut of the alarm clock.

"That thing is really annoying eh?" Sasori said from behind Deidara and placed his arm around his waist.

"Good morning Sasori-danna, un"

"Morning" Sasori crawled up to Deidara and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Deidara smiled.

"We should go to the kitchen, I'm hungry, un" Deidara stood up.

"Uh, yeah...go ahead I'll rest for a little while longer"

"Ok, un"



munch. munch. munch.

Hidan slammed the fridge's door open and ate all the chips he could find.

"What the hell are you doing, un?"


"Heh? Oh, you..." Hidan stuffed the trash back into the fridge.

"Konan's gonna kill you if she finds that, yeah"

"Like I care."

"So...uh...just why were you doing that? un"

"No reason really...just hungry.."

"Oh, un"

"Wanna hear a story?"

"Um...ok...i guess, un"

"Last night I was just walking down the hall, heading to the kitchen to grab a drink..."

"And then? un" an interested Deidara asked.

"I heard a strange noise...It went something like 'Oh...Deidara...uh...uh...Sasori-danna...'" Hidan mocked.

Deidara turned tomato red.


He hit Hidan.

"You eavesdropper!" Deidara yelled "Don't listen to stuff you shouldn't hear! un"

"Hahaha! What can I say? Oh -ah maybe we should ask leader to soundproof the hideout! o-or maybe get earplugs for every Akatsuki member!"

"Stop it! un"

Sasori walked in

"You two are so noisy"

Deidara went red once more with the thought of he and Sasori in bed last night.

"S-sasori-danna he.." Deidara pointed to Hidan "eavesdropped on us last night, un"

"L-last night?" Sasori went red "You son of a bitch!" Sasori went over to Hidan and tried to strangle him, but failed.

Konan, Zetsu and Tobi went in.

"What's with all the racket?" Black Zetsu asked.

"By the looks of it they're talking about last night." White Zetsu stated.

"Last night?" Konan asked.

"Yes, it was so noisy in Sasori and Deidara-sempai's room! Tobi couldn't sleep!" Tobi complained

Konan pinkened and chuckled "So they already did 'it' huh..." Konan chuckled more.

Sasori and Deidara were so red the others could almost feel the heat.

Kisame and Itachi walked in.

"Sasori and Deidara look hot" Kisame stated "I mean not hot, hot...i mean like literally hot."

"Oh they're fine" Hidan said teasingly "They're just embarrassed of the little incident last night."

"What incident?" Kisame asked.

The other members who knew giggled.


Deidara ran to him and covered his mouth "Hidan don't you dare tell them! un"

Hidan scoffed and removed Deidara's hand like it was nothing, then wrapped his arm around Deidara.

"Dei-chan, maybe we too could do 'it' sometime..." Hidan smirked.

Kisame's eyes widened "They did 'it'?"

"Mm..hmm..." Hidan nodded

Kisame stared into space.

Sasori put one hand on Deidara's shoulder, the other on Hidan's, He shoved Hidan off and pulled Deidara towards him

"No way in hell is he doing 'it' with you"

Hidan smirked "but why not? don't be so selfish Sasori-san! let's share him!"

Sasori glared at him "No!"

As Sasori and Hidan continued arguing, Deidara glance over to Itachi who was leaning by the doorway gazing at him with bedroom eyes.

Deidara looked away, and blushed.

Next Day

Deidara was walking around the hideout

"Dei-chan" A subtle voice reached his ears, 'Sasori, un?' Deidara thought 'No, there's only one person who would call that in such manner, yeah'. Deidara looked over behind his shoulder "What is it Hidan? un" he asked demandingly.

The 22 year old caught up to him

"Don't be so grumpy Deidara-san, I was just messin' with ya" Hidan said as he patter Deidara's shoulder "I just need to confirm something"

Hidan brought a confused Deidara somewhere where no one could hear them.

"So, remember how I helped you be with Sasori, with all my might?" Hidan asked.

Deidara rolled his eyes

"Well, I hope your not gonna put all my effort to waste"

Deidara tilted his head

"I saw you blushing at the way Itachi looked at you"

"ch. I don't think so, I never blushed cause Itachi never looked at my in any type of way, maybe that look was meant for Kisame, he was close by after all..yeah"

Hidan pouted "As expected, even after you and Sasori got together you still can't stop denying the truth...but kudos, your lying has gotten better, before you'd do such shitty stuff like, blush, stutter...that kind of crap.."

Deidara glared at him "Hate to break it to you Hidan, but I wasn't lying, un" He said angrily

"See!" Hidan exclaimed "You've even added emotion into it! kinda...uh...turns me on..."

Deidara blushed oh so slightly "Go away Hidan, un" Deidara walked forward

Hidan chuckled "Whatever" he said teasingly.

A week later. 7:00 am

Deidara and Sasori's room.

Sasori stood from his bed "Time for breakfast...you comin'?"

"I'll come later..." yawn."Go ahead, un" Deidara replied.

"Oh all right...but don't be long..." Sasori kissed Deidara's forehead goodbye and left.

Deidara stared at the ceiling 'I don't get it, un...why do I feel like somethings missing?..." Deidara thought "I thought I'd be complete with Sasori by my side but..." Deidara stood up and stretched his arms 'Nah...maybe I'm just tired...maybe sleep is whats missing...yeahh...'


Everyone was already there except Deidara

"Deidara, late as always..." Hidan said

"tsk." Deidara took the seat beside Sasori, that happens to be in front of Itachi and beside Hidan.

As everyone started eating Deidara played with his food

Sasori looked at him "Aren't you gonna eat that?"

"hmmm?" Deidara looked at him "Oh...I don't feel like it, un"

"You should"

"I don't feel like it, danna...un"

"Oh come on now Deidara" Hidan teased "Listen to you danna"

Deidara glared at him

"Deidara-sempai! Sasori-san is right, breakfast is a very important meal!" Tobi yelled

Deidara covered his ears


Deidara looked up, and saw a calm Itachi looking at him

He slightly blushed as he covered his face with one hand

"You should at least eat a little" Itachi calmly said

"tch. Whatever, un" Deidara started eating as the others continued as well

poke. poke.

"Dei-chan..." Hidan whispered in his ear "...What was that?"

At first Deidara was startled, but quickly became annoyed "What was what? you annoying ass, un" He whispered angrily

Hidan just smirked

Deidara glared at him, then looked in front and saw Itachi staring at him

Deidara held his blush as much as possible 'Why is he...?' he thought
"What? un" He said bluntly

Itachi just shooked his head and continued eating


"And you said you didn't feel like eating" Sasori said as he pointed down to Deidara's plate

It was shiny clean, no food left

Deidara blushed of embarrassment 'So that was what he was staring at...yeah'
"I didn't realize I was that hungry, un"

Sasori chuckled

Deidara smiled

"Or you know..." Hidan whispered "...maybe you just ate cause the weasel told you to..."


Deidara hit Hidan's head "Shut the fuck up, un"

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