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Chapter 3: I'm Right your Wrong, The Silent Treatment
Part 1: Truth or Dare?

sigh. 'I should've known Hidan would do this...un' Deidara thought as he played with his clay 'I don't get it, did I really blush when Itachi looked at me? I didn't notice...yeah...maybe I was just surprised that he'd actually look at me that way...yeah, thats probably it...un'

Just then someone barged into the room

"Sasori-danna?" Deidara smiled "I haven't seen you much today...un"

"Deidara..." Sasori said "Is it true? Hidan really kissed you 3 times? You really kissed back twice?" Sasori questioned

Deidara's expression change into a more serious one "How...did you..know that? un"


"Well...it's true...are you mad? un"

"What do you think?"

Deidara looked down

Sasori chuckled

Deidara looked up, confused a bit

"Do you really think I could get mad at you? guess you don't know me all to well"

Deidara smiled

"But you could've at least told me..."

"Sorry, un"

"It's not like you cheated or anything..." Sasori smiled

Deidara reached out and kissed him "Thanks...un"

Sasori smiled

"I've go to go...leader sama called...un"


Itachi and Kisame's room

"Itachi-san" Kisame called


"What do you think of an evil organization with two love birds playing house?"

"hmm..? you mean Sasori and Deidara?"

Kisame nodded

"Well...I don't know, I don't mind it"

"Well I think its kinda ridiculous"

"hn. Well you probably think the same about our Fake-God-Leader, Angel paper girl with death God jutsus, Venus Flytrap, Psycho killer who believes in a God no one has heard of, some selfish guy who's made out of sewing material, an over-reacting-super-annoying lollipoped faced kid, and a fish who has mood flings"

"Wow, you put a lot of emotion into that, but me? really? mood flings? what about you? a guy who wants his brother to kill him for such a reason"

Itachi stayed silent

"Did that hit the spot? oops, sorry"

"hn. Anyway point is, we have many people here who aren't exactly evil"

"Right...but I still don't think we should have a couple within the Akatsuki"


"I should be the one asking that"

"What do you mean?"

"I know you like Deidara"

"What made you believe that? I mean, cause... I never really thought about it"

"Are you serious?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"So you don't like Deidara?"

"He's attractive but like I said, never really thought about it, since you know...He's got Sasori"

"Oh well, hey, you wanna play spin the bottle later?"

"Okay...I guess"

"Leader-sama, you called? un"

"Yeah, umm...you think you could give me some pills?"

"Pills? what pills? un"

"You know...the one that makes you loosen up and all"

"You mean drugs? why? un"

"It's for the game later tonight,"

"What game, un?"

"Truth or Dare, Spin the bottle...how ever you call it, I need to get through every dare they throw at me! oh um...you joining?"

"If everyone else is...yeah"

"Great, so you'll get me the pills?"

"Umm...yeah sure...whatever"

Kakuzu and Hidan's room

"Hey Kakuzu, do you still meet with your dealer? un" Deidara asked

"Well-" Kakuzu was cut off by no one other than Hidan

"Oh my, could my dearest Dei-chan be using drugs?" Hidan teased "Now thats unexpected" He wrapped his arm around Deidara

"What? un" Deidara brushed Hidan's arm off "No! it's for leader, he needs them! un"

"Leader? What for?"

"For tonight, un"

"The game?"

Deidara nodded

"That fucking little cheat! ch. What a fake! I don't need any of those shit to get through such a game! hmph!" Hidan crossed his arms

'Geez' Deidara thought 'What a baby, un'
"Whatever so uh, Kakuzu? un"

"I can give it later tonight..."

"K thanks, un"

Hidan waited 'till Deidara left
"Hey Kakuzu, you think you can give me some of those shit too?"

"Hidan, I'm not giving any to you, those things are dangerous, you're dangerous enough, so, no"

"Oh come on! then why does leader get to fu-! ah, hmm..., You're not giving them to me cause it's dangerous? aw...you actually care for me don't you?" Hidan teased

"Shut up"

"Yes, you really do care, I'm immortal remember? you should know that a drug won't kill me off"

'Fuck' Kakuzu cursed in his mind 'Forgot about that'
"I just forgot, It doesn't mean I care for you"

"Oh come on..." Hidan poked Kakuzu "Just say it"

"Go away" Kakuzu pushed Hidan off

Hidan laughed "Man! You mortals are just too easy!"

"Me, mortal?"

"Yeah, just because you have 5 hearts, doesn't mean you're immortal, you can still die, unlike me"

"tsk. well thats not gonna happen"

"Heheh, if you say so, but, you're still easy"

"Shut up"

Hidan just laughed again

Deidara looked all around but he still couldn't find the person he was looking for, Tobi. He wanted to ask him about what Hidan was plotting.
Deidara suddenly felt the urge to look up, and he did. And there he was, Tobi, hanging upside down on the ceiling, looking at him.

"Hello Sempai!" Tobi waved then jumped off the ceiling, back onto the ground

sigh. "Tobi want to come with me? I have some dango, un"


Deidara's room

Deidara was holding a plate of dangos and Tobi sat around the kotatsu

"Here, un" Deidara placed the plate on the kotatsu and pushed it a bit on Tobi's side. He then sat across the masked man

"Yum!" Tobi quickly grabbed a stick and started eating it

"So, Tobi...Why exactly did Hidan make you ask those questions? and how does Sasori know about it? un"

"Well.." chew. chew. "I'm not supposed to say, but.." chew. "I'm guessing the plans off or something" gulp. "I could tell you"

"Okay...so why did Hidan plan that? hmm...?"

"To see if you really like Itachi-san" burp. "And he was right, Sasori knew cause Hidan let him in on it but-"

"-Wait wait, what? What do you mean he was right? I don't like Itachi that way!...and Sasori...knows? ye..ah.." Deidara stayed silent staring into space, while holding his breath, like some kind of suicide attempt

"Oi! Sempai! Sempai!" Tobi grabbed Deidara's shoulders and shook him rapidly. "Sasori doesn't know about the Itachi part!"

Deidara took a big sigh of relief then glared viciously at Tobi "YOU IDIOT! THAT WAS A JOKE! un"

"It didn't sound like one"

"Well it was! now please leave, I'm done with you, un"

"Can Tobi take the leftover dangos?"

"tsk sure, go ahead, un"

Tobi smiled, took all the leftover dangos, then left

Deidara just sighed 'It was a joke, wasn't it? un'

At night

All the members were gathered on the circle except two, one of them just came in.

"Deidara-chan, seriously, do you even try to be early?"

"tsk. I'm here ain't I? and don't call me that, un" Deidara turned to Kakuzu "Where is it? un"

"Because of your tardiness Kakuzu took the initiative to give it to leader already" Hidan pointed to Pain "see.."

Pain was stuffing his mouth full of chips

"I see, yeah" Deidara said as he took a seat between Konan and Zetsu "Uhm..where's Sasori-danna? un"

"He's on a mission, he'll be back by tomorrow..." Konan informed

"Oh...um...okay" Deidara felt kinda uneasy playing truth or dare without Sasori, there wouldn't be anyone to stop him for doing ridiculous stuff

"Okay so, the only rule is that you leave everything that ever mattered to you OUT of this circle, even relationships, Deidara" Kisame said

Deidara scoffed "You don't need to tell me that, un"

"I guess not, but don't come begging for mercy later on"

"Yeah, yeah"

"Okay I'll start" Kisame grabbed the bottle and spun it, it pointed to Konan. Kisame sweat dropped (anime style xD) "So...um Konan-sama...truth or dare?"

"Truth" Konan said bluntly

'Of course she'd pick that' Kisame thought "Uhm...are you and pain-sama dating?"

Konan glanced at Pain, who was still stuffing chips into his mouth "No, I wouldn't know what I was on if i did"

"heheh..." Kisame nervously chuckled as he handed her the bottle

Konan spun the bottle and it landed on Tobi "Truth or Dare?"

"Dare me! Dare me!" Tobi exclaimed

"Okay..." Konan lifted her index finger and pointed to Hidan "punch him" she said bluntly


"Wha-? Why?" Before Hidan realized it a fist was approaching his face


Hidan caught Tobi's wrist before he was able to land a punch
"You don't honestly think a little fly like you could hurt me?" Hidan said then threw Tobi onto the wall (In a comedic way)

Kisame's eye twitched "Let's move on" He said as he gave the bottle to Tobi who was rubbing his head

"Hidan-san, that hurt you know" Tobi said as he took the bottle from Kisame's hand

Hidan just shrugged

"I wonder who I get to land on!" Tobi shivered in excitement

"Just spin the damn thing, un" Deidara said

"Okay!" Tobi spun the bottle and it landed on Itachi. Tobi jumped up and pointed to Itachi "Just who I wanted it to be!" Tobi yelled "So, Itachi-san, Truth or Dare?"

"Dare" Itachi said

"Perfect!" Tobi gave a thumbs up "I dare you to kiss Deidara-sempai!"

"You're kidding!" Deidara yelped before anyone could react "I can't do that!"

"ahem. ahem." Kisame 'coughed'

"You shut up!"

"A dare's a dare right, Ita-san?" Tobi questioned

Itachi sighed then started approaching Deidara

Deidara stopped him when he pulled his hand out "Wait!" Oh, and did you notice? Deidara felt so uncomfortable that he forgot to say his infamous 'un'
"Does he really have to?"

"Don't worry Deidara-san" Pain spoke "We won't tell Sasori-san"

"Yeah" White Zetsu said as all the other members nodded in agreement

"b-but...tch...f-...fine" Deidara mumbled, everyone heard it though

As Itachi approached him, he shut his eyes and clenched his fists, a few seconds later he opened his eyes only to find Itachi's face right in front of his. Deidara backed up a bit and blushed furiously, he placed his hand on his cheeks to cover it up, "I-I can't" He looked away

"My, My...this game turned out to be more interesting than I thought" Hidan whispered

Deidara looked up at Itachi, wrong move, Itachi was gazing at him with 'eyes full of glee, as if he was looking at naive juvenile' Deidara thought, this made him blush more

"Hey Kisame, maybe you should sprinkle some water on Deidara" Pain said "I mean seriously, he's burning"

Kisame ignored his 'high'leader

Itachi took away Deidara's hand from his cheek and pulled it a bit to make Deidara closer

Deidara's eyes widened, he regretted it, the moment their lips touched, the moment his tongue traveled into his mouth, yet he felt complete, like nothing could ever destroy the moment, knowing better, he didn't kiss back, he wanted to but he didn't, he had to stop he was in utter bliss, but he loves Sasori, and he wished it to stay like that, So yeah, he pulled away, face still red he said "Y-you're turn to spin...un"

Itachi nodded as if nothing had happened

As the game progressed lots of laughs and noise were heard throughout the hideout. Deidara was still petrified with what had happened earlier, but he didn't want the others to feel down, just because he was being a kid. So yeah, the night turned out pretty great

Next Day.

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