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Chapter 7

Sam smiled as he watched Dean swimming in his lake. It was incredible to see a mer in their native environment. Dean was so happy and free and Sam sort of envied him for that. He couldn't remember ever being so free, even as a little kid. Dean spotted him and grinned and then Sam was joined on the shoreline, Dean sitting beside him and their fingers intertwined. Dean hesitantly lay his head on Sam's shoulder and Sam smiled, wrapping his arm around him. "I could get really used to this." Sam murmured and Dean glanced at him.

"Is that bad?" He asked and Sam shrugged slightly.

"I can't stay here forever Dean; I'll have to get back on the road eventually."

"Why? Why can't you stay here?" With me. Dean finished silently.

"Dean….." Sam sighed and ran his free hand through his hair. How was he meant to explain to Dean when his only experience of hunters was being kept on display as a trophy?

"Please." Dean whispered, nuzzling into Sam's neck and Sam swallowed. Oh boy. "Stay with me." He pleaded and Sam closed his eyes, imagining what it would be like if he did stay. To finally live a sort of normal life, maybe get a place in town or fix the cave up more. It was tempting, oh so tempting, especially with Dean doing that!

"Dean….." Sam trailed off as Dean actually nipped at his throat gently. Sam gently pulled back from Dean and stared into the incredible green eyes. "What's this about Dean?" He asked and the merman looked away. "Hey, come on, talk to me." He whispered and Dean swallowed.

"Don't want you to leave me." He admitted.

"Why?" Sam pushed. Dean bit his lip and looked down again. "Dean?"

"I…it's not safe for you." He answered evasively and Sam stared at him. "Don't want to be alone again, like you." He whispered, barely audible.

Sam frowned, not safe? "Because of my mixed blood? Not many people know about that Dean." He assured the merman gently. He could understand Dean not wanting to be alone anymore; the road could be a very lonely place too. But could he really stay for good? His Dad would never have understood if he did but he thought Bobby would. "I…..I don't know Dean."

Sam stared at the ceiling, arms beneath his head as he lay in bed. He wondered if Dean realised just how tempting his plea was? Sam was tired of it all, the constant travel, the fighting. He'd always wanted to just live somewhere and maybe this was his chance. But what exactly did Dean want from him? Sometimes Sam got the feeling it was more than friendly companionship, like when Dean had nipped his throat. That had definitely felt like something more and honestly….it had felt good. He couldn't want that with Dean…could he? Dean was male and not even the same species! Then again did that really matter? It wasn't like Dean was a vampire or something. He wasn't dangerous or anything. He was probably the best friend Sam had ever had and that meant a lot. Could he risk that? Did he want to? And if he stayed, how long till someone or something tracked them down? He would be putting Dean in danger. Then again there was no way to know how many people Trent had told so maybe staying would make Dean safer. Urgh! He was so confused.

Dean stared up at the moon through the water of his lake, hating the fact that Sam was in town and not the cave. He liked it better when he was close by. It felt safer for them both. But it wasn't just that, he missed Sam when he wasn't around, even if he was in the water and Sam was on the shore it was still better to be close. He was scared Sam would leave now, afraid he had pushed too much, said too much. He didn't want Sam to ever leave though. He liked Sam a lot more than he should, than he ever had liked anyone else. Not that he really knew anyone else. He just knew he wanted Sam at his side for the rest of his life and now he may have ruined it.


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