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-At Billy's house-

The three bestfriends sat on the usual couch in Billy's living room in front of the tv. Grim was watching his favorite horror dramas while munching on chicken legs. Billy…was being Billy. And Mandy yawned.

"Hey Mandy! I'm BORED!" the orange haired boy complained.

Mandy ignored him and kept staring (evilly) at the tv.

"Hey Mandy! MANDY! MANDY! MANDY! MANDY! MANDY! MANDY! MAAAAAANDDDDYYY!" Billy screamed, while poking her arm repeatedly.

"For the love of chicken legs, WHAT is it boy?" Grim screamed back, "Can't you see am trying to watch mah favorite show mon?"

Mandy glared at both of them, "You idiots are too loud."

Billy poked her arm AGAIN.

Mandy's eye twitched. She turned to her bestfriend, "What. Is. It?"

"Why don't you smile more Mandy?" Billy asked with a huge grin.

Mandy raised her eyebrow while Grim gave him an incredulous look.

"Are you out of your mind boy? Last time Mandy smiled we got sent to an alternate dimension!" Grim shuddered, "As powerpuffs"

Mandy shuddered as well, "You see Billy, there are these things that are called, 'universal constants', which should REMAIN constant, and if ever these constants are disrupted…well, things wouldn't get pretty" She crossed her arms.

"So?" Billy asked.

Mandy rolled her eyes, "So, two of these 'constants' is you being stupid, and me not smiling"

Billy made a big 'O' with his mouth, and nodded his head quickly.

"Good. So, don't try to do anything stupid" Grim said sternly, "Or maybe, it's 'don't do anything smart' Gahaha!" the bag of bones laughed as he walked towards the kitchen to get more chicken.

Mandy was about to stand up as well, when she felt a hand grab unto hers.

She looked at the owner of the hand, his eyes staring at hers, "I wouldn't mind if we were sent to Dexter's Laboratory, or Cow and Chicken or whatever Mandy, seeing you smile is worth all the trouble in the world! Even the whole universe!" he grinned widely.

Mandy raised her eyebrow at him, and pulled her arm away from his grasp. She turned around, her cheeks turning a faint color of light, extremely light, pink yet still pouting. "You're such an imbecile."


-Mandy's house, evening-

Mandy lied down on her bed, with an arm over her eyes, and the other one over her stomach. She felt exhausted.

And in pain.

But what caused it?

No, don't get her wrong, Mandy knows what pain is. Hell, she makes Billy and Grim undergo a lot of pain on a daily basis. She's like, a pain expert. Well, at inflicting it.

So what was wrong with her?

She thought back to what had happened today. Hmmm, what could it be?

Her thoughts immediately drifted to a certain redheaded boy. Ah. That's right. Today she saw Billy with Mindy. The two idiotic redheads were talking. They were laughing.

Still, Mandy doesn't understand why she felt bitter about it. Two idiots laughing at something idiotic. That was natural, though really stupid. So why is she so mad?

When Mandy saw them laughing, she felt her left eye twitch. She turned around, walked away, went home to her room and lied down on her bed. Without a word to Billy.

No. It was not jealousy. She was sure of it. It was something deeper. She felt…well, she felt betrayed by the redhead. I mean, really. How dare the boy laugh with a snotty brat like Mindy when she wasn't his bestfriend! Mandy was! And besides! Even though Mandy ignores him all the time and scoffs at him they were still bestfriends, she stills considers him one. Mostly a slave maybe, but a friend nevertheless.

Mandy sighed.




Mandy peeked out the window and saw the very boy she was thinking about, throwing pebbles at her bedroom window.

"PSSSSSSST! Maaaaandy!" he whispered. The boy threw another pebble.

Mandy opened her window before the redhead threw another one. "What is it Billy? It's 10 in the evening!" she whispered angrily.

Billy got a ladder from nowhere and climbed up to Mandy's window.

"Uh, well…why did you just leave without telling me?" Billy pouted.

"Tch, why does it matter?" the blonde replied.

"I don't know. It's just, we ALWAYS walk home together! That's like, a universal constant! Too!"

Mandy scoffed at the ridiculous notion.

"Well? Are you gonna tell me?"

"I just felt like it" Mandy shrugged.

Billy's jaw dropped, "Seriously?"

Mandy nodded.

Billy sighed sadly, "Oh, well I guess I'm sorry for disturbing you Mandy", he said as he went down from the ladder.

Mandy felt a pain again. When Billy reached the ground, "Billy…" she started to mumble.

With an indescribable speed, Billy was in front of the girl again. "Yep?" he said with gleaming eyes.

"Nothing." Mandy said. She snorted at the boy's reaction.

Billy giggled. "Well, I guess see you tomorrow then?" He smiled.

Mandy nodded.

Billy once again climbed down the ladder. He gave one last look at Mandy and waved her good bye as he carried his ladder back home.

Mandy watched the retreating figure as it disappeared in the darkness. She closed her window and lied back down on her bed.

The pain was gone.

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