Some News...

So for the end of One Of The Guys, what happens with each pairing is:

Carphanie - Basically Stephanie confesses to Carlos that she has feeling for him and he basically freaks out about it and starts freaking out and saying that he knew that she was into him, even though she didn't admit it. (The way that I figured the Carphanie pairing would really go.

Jameo - I was going to have it where Jo basically gives James a dinner date from hell, but he realizes that she wasn't being herself and demands to know what is going on, and she feels bad and tells him the truth. For a few days they don't really talk to each other and then James finally figures out why she was so upset and apologizes to her for it.

Lella - Logan is jealous (of course) of Rhuben and Dak, which is exactly what Rhuben wanted. But he turns the tables on her, knowing that she was fake dating Dak, because he knew her so well he could tell that she wasn't into him in the slightest. (IE she didn't show any of the signs that he recognized when she's into someone) and confesses his feelings for her as well as Rhuben confessing her feelings for him.

Kiley - Kendall gets overly jealous of WayneWayne and Riley together, although he can't tell that she's doing it on purpose to make him jealous. But Riley gets annoyed of having to fake date WayneWayne and is the only one to blow the plan by going over to Kendall, kissing him, and confessing to everything that Jo and the other girls had planned. Then Kendall tells her that he likes her because of the fact that she can hang out with the guys and chill and then be girls whenever she wants to.

Wamille - What happens there is that she is stuck in the guys' locker room after a game of hockey (since she's still masquerading as 'Cam') and accidentally sees all of the guys naked, which causes her to flip out and reveal that she is in fact Camille. Then through teasing circumstances, she and WayneWayne admit their feelings for each other.




There ya go! :D So, long story short, I've gotten ideas for the rest of the Boys and Girls series to start them up again. It'll be four stories long, but they're all standalones from each other, so they're not directly connected other than being in the same series. The next one that's coming up is Any Kind Of Guy which is a story from the boys point of view. Then the next story goes back to the girls and then back to the guys again. I don't know how long it'll be until it's up, but it'll be a while. Thanks guys!