G-Gundam- Naruto challenge

Naruto has survived the war and is immortal. In this challenge Naruto is the founder of the shuffle Alliance. The dark Gundam has been defeated and the 14th Gundam fight is starting. Even though The dark Gundam has been destroyed an evil organization has been formed to resurrect as the Neo Dark Gundam. The conditions must be is that Naruto can use his Ninjutsu in his Gundam though his interface. He must face the current Shuffle Alliance at one time in the fanfiction. The members are Chibodee Crocket, Argo, George, Sai, and Domon. If you must have a paring it must be Naruto and Allenby from Neo Sweden. Naruto can fight for any nation including Germany that lost a pilot from the previous war. The winner of the Gundam fight can be Domon the current champ or Naruto. This is my first challenge hopefully someone takes it. Ask me any questions in my e-mail at Fanfiction and I will answer.