Some non-consensual (sort of) m/m sex and mild bondage in this chapter. Not that I expect you to stop here, but just so you know. (Also apologies to those of you who read the early version of chapter 3, there is a bit of a repeat because I later realized that this scene belongs in chapter 4.)

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Aziraphale reappeared in his own room, with shaking hands and trembling knees. A nice cup of tea, that was what he needed. Of course he was shocked and upset by what he had experienced – what angel wouldn't be upset by the devastation about to be unleashed on the church? The temptation scene he had just experienced would be repeated thousands, millions of times across Europe through the centuries. He forced his thoughts away from the temptation scene he had in fact, so vividly and personally experienced, and especially from the gloriously naked form of the demon who had done the tempting. Demons were supposed to be tempting, damn them, that was part of their job description! "Not personal, nothing personal," Aziraphale chanted to himself as he tried to make himself some tea.

In the end he was too shaken to accomplish the simple task manually and settled for miracle-ing himself a strong cup with a dash of whiskey in it – to settle the nerves, purely medicinal, naturally. He had downed half of it and was steadily working on the rest when he realized abruptly that he was not alone.

A hissing voice came from behind him, "Ssssso, my dear angel," for the first time the endearment that they both used regularly sounded uneasily in Aziraphale's ears. "What did you think of my technique?" A scaly black hand with talons slid around from behind him and appropriated his cup. "Mmm, nice touch with the whiskey. I'll have to remember that for later."

Aziraphale cleared his throat, "Crowley, ahem, that was most, er, educational…"

"Wassssssn't it though? I thought you'd like it." The hissing was becoming disturbingly pronounced.

Aziraphale tried to turn around and face his opposite, but found himself pinned with one taloned hand pressing into his chest and a rope of some kind around his neck from behind. "Crowley?!" He squeaked indignantly, "This is not at all the action of a gentleman!"

"No, it isn't. But then again," the hand was rubbing up and down his chest slightly, "I'm not a gentleman, or indeed a man of any description. I'm a demon, remember. I have finally decided to take what I have always wanted from you, since you won't give in to temptation."

"Crowley! I don't want… I don't want you like that!"

"Perhaps not," the voice sounded slightly sad at the confession, "but I want you, and I can make sure you enjoy it – you know I can."

"Evil is not stronger than good, you know." Aziraphale said, somewhat pompously. "I can fight you off you know."

"Ah, but I don't think you will," the dark voice brightened a bit at this statement. "It's part of my plan you know. Evil wiles and all that. I've got you imprisoned with my tail, and if you were to fight me off you would hurt me, perhaps even discorporate me and then you would have to face another demon at this critical time in the development of the church." There was a deep chuckle. "No, no, it is definitely in your line of duty to sacrifice your innocence for the good of your job – your ability to thwart is greater when you are familiar with the one you are thwarting. Better the devil you know, I believe is the expression…" The scaly rope around Aziraphale's neck tightened, pulling him backwards and uncomfortably off balance. "Come here, my dear angel – because I certainly intend to…"

Aziraphale found himself being dragged backwards by his neck to his own bed, and forced to sit. He stubbornly refused to cooperate and finally with a hiss of irritation the demon just used his claws to shred Aziraphale's clothing. Pinpricks of claws across his chest forced the angel onto his back, to lie stiffly inert with the restraining rope still around his neck. "You know I won't give in to temptation," he stated flatly. "So what do you think you can accomplish?"

"Oh, I've given up tempting you. You are quite correct, you are incorruptible. Beautiful, but far too good for me." A wistful sigh. "But as no-one minds having what is too good for them, I intend to take you anyway." A dark chuckle followed this sentiment. "And, as I believe I have already adequately demonstrated, I know the… ummm… ins and outs of the human body quite well enough to make yours co-operate." A fingernail started tracing a ticklish line up the inside of Aziraphale's thigh towards his stirring erection. "See? I can turn you on even without your co-operation." The was self-evidently true as Aziraphale's body responded to the same touches which his host had just experienced to such devastating effect. The echoes of the other man's climax thrilled along Aziraphale's human body in memory, and he felt himself weakening. "Just so long as you are clear that this is by compulsion and without my cooperation…"

"Sssssssscertainly, my dear." Two clawed hands were now stroking up his legs. "You just lie back and think of… heaven." That amazing tongue was now being deployed against him, and Aziraphale realized that he had no recourse but to lie back and suffer.

Seeing that he was resigned to his fate, Crowley quickly took some loops of material and secured Aziraphale's wrists and ankles. Then he stood back to admire the view. Very nice. Aziraphale still had his eyes closed and his face averted, but Crowley noted the swelling erection and the slightly increased speed of Aziraphale's breathing.

Crowley decided for this first encounter (and oh yes, there would be more) that the scenario they had both just enjoyed would bear repeating. He kissed and nibbled at Aziraphale's nipples, which tensed up in gratifying response. He flicked his forked tongue slowly down Aziraphale's chest and even more slowly over his stomach, noting the eager tensing of the muscles as he moved lower and lower. At the same time (convenient that) he was using his tail to tickle up the insides of Aziraphale's thighs. It was annoying that Aziraphale would not cooperate, but he impatiently shoved the angel's legs apart against the mildest of resistance, giving him access to all of the warm, delicious body splayed out beneath him.

He backed off for a moment, not to resist temptation of course, but to prolong it. He glanced wistfully at the angel's beautiful face, which was still turned resolutely away from him. But despite the apparent denial of the position and the still-closed eyes, Aziraphale's lips were moist and slightly parted and his breathing was definitely faster. Since angelic beings don't breathe in order to consume oxygen, Crowley took that as a very good sign of Aziraphale being fully present in this body and in the emotion of the moment.

Letting his demonic side surface for a moment, Crowley grasped the angel's chin and forced his head around. Why should he put up with the denial of anything he wanted? Having forced the issue, he may as well enjoy every part of the delectable being quivering below him. He leaned down and pressed his scaly black lips to the angel's pouting red ones. They both gasped with the unexpected shock that thrilled through them. They had kissed several times while inhabiting various bodies, but this was different. Each of them in their own bodies, kissing each other, took the whole experience to a new level. Aziraphale's lips parted and his back arched up, seeking closer contact. Crowley instantly responded by clasping his hands on both sides of Aziraphale's head and invading his mouth with his tongue.

After a few minutes of gloriously warm and wet mutual exploration, Aziraphale made a noise which was not exactly a complaint. Crowley lifted his head enough to look down at the angel's face.

"Crowley, I didn't realize your lips would be warm." The angel said, blinking in surprise.

"What, did you think I'd have cold blood like a snake?" returned Crowley.

"Well, yes, actually." Aziraphale gave a charming little blush. "I had wondered what cold lips would feel like…"

Crowley grinned. "So," he drawled, "you *were* thinking about kissing me!"

"Not as such," protested the angel. "I just wondered what cold lips might feel like on warm…" he looked away from Crowley's face.

Oh, ho! So that was where the wondering was going! "Well," purred Crowley, "why don't we experiment a little? Demon lips on angel…" he trailed off and dragged a claw suggestively down Aziraphale's torso, and felt his erection leap in response. Suiting deed to the thought, Crowley leaned down and kissed the tip of Aziraphale's weeping cock. He then wrapped his tongue all the way around the shaft and dragged the rough surface excruciatingly slowly towards the tip. By the time he flickered his forked tongue across the head, both of them were frankly panting.

Aziraphale moaned wordlessly, and Crowley decided it was time for the delicious denouement of his little scene. Snapping his fingers he caused a little pot of prewarmed and semi-liquid paraffin to appear beside the bed. He was a traditionalist in some ways, and if it had been good enough for their first encounter, he did not see any reason to change. They were not in the same body this time, however, or not yet…

He retracted his claws and slopped a generous amount over his fingers, then used both hands to simultaneously slick up both his own shaft and Aziraphale's. The angel gasped and shuddered under his firm grasp, helplessly jerking his hips into the air. Suddenly Crowley was swept away with lust and could not wait any longer. He positioned himself above Aziraphale and in one smooth motion impaled himself deeply and felt the angel's glorious cock slide home inside him. Judging that Aziraphale was not yet ready for full penetration, Crowley folded the tip of his tail down as small as it would go and delicately inserted it inside the angel's warm body. He stroked the small nerve centre just right, and Aziraphale bucked and moaned again. Crowley rocked himself on Aziraphale's cock, leaning back just a little to adjust the angle and hissed with pleasure as he hit the sweet spot.

They were both nearing the climax as Crowley gripped the bucking angel's body with his knees and rode him hard. He stroked Aziraphale gently internally, pressing deliberately on the bundle of nerves just made for pleasure. He wished Aziraphale could stroke his jutting erection, but that was not possible with the angel's hands bound as they were. Another day perhaps.

Crowley reached down with his still slick fingers and stroked himself in time with his tail thrusts. He slowed his movements as he felt himself nearing the edge, then gave one firm squeeze and crashed down onto Aziraphale's chest as the waves of pleasure washed over him. He could feel his internal muscles stroking Aziraphale, then the angel was gasping and crying out and there were quick pulses of seed spurting warm inside him.

Crowley lay still on Aziraphale's chest, listening to their breathing and heart rates slowing back towards normal. With a flick of his finger they were both clean and dry, and Aziraphale's blanket floated up to settle over both of them.

"I say, this is all very pleasant and all, Crowley, but I don't suppose you could release my hands before you go to sleep, could you?" Aziraphale murmured in his ear.

"Mph," mumbled Crowley with another flick of his fingers. "There. You can go wherever you like."

"Oh," sighed Aziraphale, "I don't think that's necessary. I'm pretty settled here right now. Just wanted to move my right arm a bit." He lowered his arm to settle in the middle of Crowley's back, just between his wings.

Then they were both asleep.


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