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Setting the Stage: Ok this is going to be where Billy Black is a distant cousin to Sirius Black and Narcissa Malfoy. This is going to be set right at the end of Order of the Pheonix and then going to the beginning of New Moon.

Ages: I changed them a bit and Harry is going to be 16, going on 17 at the beginnning of New Moon. I know that is totally wrong but it is going to happen. Draco is 17, everyone knows Edward is 17, Jacob is 16.


"No! No Sirius! No!" Harry screamed as Kingsley held him back as he watched his Godfather fall through the veil. Ron and Hermione watched on in horror, ignoring their opponents to look at the scene in horror as Bellatrix Lestrange let out a maniacal laugh, mocking Harry. Harry growled at her, watching through watery green eyes as she ran out of the room chanting, 'I killed Sirius Black' before turning to look for his friends only to find them yelling for help, but Harry couldn't help them- not when she killed Sirius. Harry hissed, yanking himself from Kingsley's grip and running after the woman who had killed his only family left.

"I Killed Sirius Black!" She screamed joyously as she twirled throughout the Department of Mysteries.

"Expelliarmus!" He yelled, "Stupefy!" he fired off, hitting Bellatrix in the back. She let out a yelp before collapsing on the floor, smiling gleefully at Harry who had his wand pressed to her face.

"Aw, is little Potty Wotty angry? Aw is he sad because I killed wittle Sirius Black?" she mocked.

"Do it Harry," a voice spoke in his ear, sending shivers down his spine, "you know the spell, Harry. Use it." the voice egged again, encouraging him. Harry began to pant, he didn't want to do this. He hated Bellatrix, he wanted her to pay, to gasp, and cry out as Harry tortured her. He could feel his scar tingling as these feelings washed over him, pleasre filling his body before he froze. These were not his feelings, he did not want to feel this, this wanting to cause pain, to cause sorrow... to murder.

"Aw, can't do it wittle Potty?" she cackled at him. Harry placed his head in his hands, he could feel Voldemort's presense, feel his presense in the back of his head. No... Harry thought in response to the voice that was pressuring him. I don't wanna fight anymore... he thought pitifully as he dropped to his knees in front of Bellatrix, tears watering in his eyes. His wand rolled out of his limp hand, onto the tiled floor rolling from his person.

"I don't wanna fight anymore." was the pitiful whisper that exited from his mouth. Bellatrix let out another insane laugh and Harry couldn't bring himself to care, he just let the bone-chilling laugh wash over him as if he didn't even hear it. Harry raised his, seemingly, broken jade eyes to look into the malicious red slitted eyes that studied him from behind Bellatrix. "I don't want this." he whispered brokenly, "No more death." he begged with a whisper that stopped Bellatrix's laughter. Harry curled his arms around himself, as if he was cold, shivering.

"Interestin-" the dark lord began but was interrupted by Bellatrix's insane laughter, mocking Harry because of his pitifullness. "Crucio." The dark lord raged, angered that Bellatrix would interrupt him as if she was more important than he, himself. "You dare interrupt your lord so carelessly Bellatrix? Do I not deserve your utmost respect?" Voldemort asked angrily.

"I'm s-sorry my lord! I beg your forgiveness! Potter's," she spat as if the name left a bad taste on her tongue, "pitiful display for pity is disgusting!" Voldemort peered down at her with hard, amused eyes that seemed to see right through her.

"Do you not want to fight?" Voldemort's voice washed over him like thick velvet, as if seducing him for an answer.

"No more fighting." Harry practically begged.

"Bellatrix, keep the light wizards busy." Voldemort ordered and Belaatrix practically bounced to her feet, seemingly, unaffected by the Crucio that the Dark Lord threw at her. Voldemort extended his hand to the booy that was sitting on the floor, shivering madly. "Come with me Harry. You won't have to fight anymore." He promised with a smirk that taunted his lips. Harry just stared at the pale hand that was laid out in front of him. It was as if God had dropped a way out of hell right in front of him. Harry figured it was a trap but he didn't want to watch anymore people die because of him.

If he fell gracefully from the picture maybe the world would accept defeat better than they would when he was the savior of the light. Something he never wanted to be.

Harry cocked his head at the hand curiously as the people in the background began to scream at him to stop. He ignored them though. His jade eyes turned from the hand and sought out the wide-eyed, terrifed, and revolted look of his 'friends'. Except for Ron and Hermione whose body's were laying less then twenty yards from his feet thanks to Lucius Malfoy and Stan Shunpike. Curiously enough, their deaths werent as mind boggling to him as Sirius' was. It was if they didn't matter to him, but he knew while he was numb now the only death that would matter was Sirius'. Later, he imagined, was when the truth- the severity- of their deaths. Harry's pale, scarred, hand reached up to Voldemort's and touch it lightly, as if to see if it was just a dream.

He never expected the soft, gentle grip the Dark Lord reassured him with a he pulled him into his billowing black robes.

Harry knew he shouldn't have looked back at the crowd but he couldn't help himself. He saw the betrayal and hatred forming in their eyes- the eyes of those that were supposed to love him. And in Bellatrix's black coal like orbs he only saw elated happiness and triumph as Harry was apparated away with a loud, powerful 'pop'. He knew that image would forever haunt his dreams.

Ok, now that is the prologue of this story, i know some harsh things in there a bit of a rocky start Heart of the Beast is totally being redone, a few bits and peices like the last one. I have no idea if Stan Shunpike was a later on Death Eater or if he was always one reguardless but there you go. I'm hoping to redo alot of the errors and I hope this beginning helps you see the inside to Harry.

He is broken because he lost the last family member he CONSIDERED family he had left besides Remus Lupin who-as you all know- will accompany him. The deaths of Ron and Hermione haven't hit him yet because he was still numb for Sirius' death he watched them die after Sirius was killed before running after Bellatrix, I didn't describe that on purpose. I hope I portrayed Voldemort's demand for authority correctly as well as Bellatrix's need to obey and please Voldemort.

I hope i portrayed Harry's actions considerably well as well because as you know from my author's note at the beginning, Harry is only a 16 year old boy who been abused, neglected, and now lost all that he could lean on. He will NEED to be healed and such.

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