An: Just a little oneshot I thought up...would love it if someone could turn this into a Novella. *hinthint*

"Alright team. This is a simple exploration mission. There is a newly discovered cave in a high-traffic area. We've been chosen as the team to scout it out." Kakashi says to the three Genin in front of him.

"Yatta! A new area! I bet no one's been there before! And it'll be full of dangerous beasts that we'll have to defeat to complete our mission! Kakkoi!" Naruto yells, excited.

"Naruto. Urusai." Sasuke says crossing his arms over his chest.

"Teme!" Naruto growls. In an instant Naruto's fist is up and read to pound some sence into the Uchiha-teme.

"Naruto! Leave Sasuke-kun alone!" Sakura shreik as she smacks Naruto across the head. "And Kakashi-sensei! You need to be a little more punctual! You are supposed to set an example!"

"I do set an example. Do as I say not as I do, ne?" He responds with a smile. Sakura huffs and moves to harping on Naruto.

...hours pass...

"And Naruto! How many times do I have to tell you-!" Sakura's rant continues.

"Maa maa. Can't we all just get along?" Kakashi asks as they approach the cave.

"Not with that Baka." Sakura says huffing and turning her head from Naruto to look at her beloved Sasuke.

"This is going to be awesome'ttebayo!" Naruto yells pumping his fist into the air.

They enter the cave and immediately there are two paths to take.

"Hmm...we could do this the long way, all four of us sticking together and take twice as long to finsih...or we could split up..."

"Split up!" Naruto replies immediately. Kakashi glances at his teammates who shrug.

"Okay then. Sakura, go with Sasuke, and take the left path. Naruto, you're with me down the right. You know the signal if something goes wrong or you find soemthing. Remember this is just a reconnasince mission, there shouldn't be too much trouble."

"No trouble, as long as I'm not with that Baka." Sakura huffs under her breath, but it is heard by all three of her companions. Sasuke smirks and Kakashi sighs.

"I thought girls were supposed to be made of sugar, spice and everything nice...Love and Peace and all that." Naruto mumbles to himself after they split up to search the cave. Kakashi and him split up once they reach an inner room, Kakashi on the right side, Naruto on the left. Naruto kicks a rock in mild frustration which bounces off the wall. A sudden grinding sound fills the air.

"Naruto! What did you do?" Kakashi accuses.

"Nothing sensei!" Naruto calls from his half of the room. Something shiny catches his eye and he moves towards it. His eyes are locked on what looks like...a gun. His hand automatically reaches out to pick it up when Kakashi appears next to him, with his hand around Naruto's wrist.

"Naruto. Didn't I tell you not to touch?"

"No. Sensei, you didn't." Naruto deadpans, his curiousity burning.

"Well, I should have. Don't touch. We don't know what that is. For all we know it's a boobytrap."


"As your commanding officer, Do. Not. Touch. It." A distress signal from Sasuke and Sakura distract Kakashi enough that Naruto has time to reach out and grab the gun. Naruto freezes, eyes wide. Kakashi turns and catches him with the gun in his hand, he looks on the verge of being angry, but just sighs.

"Lucky for you Naruto, that didn't do anything. Now, put it down and let's go. Sasuke fell into a sink hole and Sakura isn't strong enough to pull him out." Naruto doesn't respond. "Naruto? Naruto!" Kakashi calls grabing his student by the shoulders. When Naruto still doesn't respond, he begins shaking him. Naruto snaps out of his trance.

""Love and Peace...""

"Naruto? Are you okay?" Kakashi asks wondering about the strange sounds coming from his students mouth. Did he have Dysphasia? He didn't hit his least that Kakashi saw.

Naruto pauses and blinks Kakashi into foccus. "Ah hahahaha! Of course I'm okay Kakashi-sensei. I'm the great Naruto! Let's go rescue Sasuke-Teme!"

The rest of the mission runs smoothly. On the return to Konoha, Kakashi keeps an eye on Naruto, but he is his usual silly self. After the mission report Kakashi hangs back.

"Hokage-sama. I must report that Naruto had a strange reaction to an item found in the cave."

The Hokage raises a brow. "What item, and what was his reaction?"

"It was a silver piece, it looked like an old projectile weapon...lost technology. He froze completely and was unresponsive for several moments."

"And after?"

"He was...normal."

"Keep an eye on him, for my sake..."

"Of course, Hokage-sama.


The gun...unlocked memories of this Vash the Stampede guy. The story goes something like this...

Vash and Knives were brothers, created from a Plant. Plants were man-made lost-technology that could work miricles if the conditions were right. The brothers were Night and Day, Vash fought for Life and Love, and Knives fought to kill the 'unworthy' humans. Knives created a plot to kill the humans, who were spreading out into space. He only managed to kill their surrogate mother, Rem, turning Vash against him. Rem saved the humans, and Vash treasured her lessions and words, almost to the point of idol worship.

They fought many battles and in the end, Vash returned victorious. He beat Knives, without killing him. But Knives took his own life so Vash wouldn't win. Vash couldn't take the greif and dissappeared for several years. Finally on the brink of death, Rem visited him and told him to get his ass over to Meryl and to be happy. Vash never did learn if Rem was a hilucination or not. He ended up reproducing with using the last of his life-energy to give her a child. All of Vash's descendants are part Plant, and because the Plant genes are dominante, they didn't dilute as time went on. I am just as much Vash's son as his biological son was, and my father before me, and his father before him.

After Vash and Knives died, and their stories were passed into legend, people began seeing the Plants as sentient beings. In return the Plants created water and oxygen in plenty. Soon Oaisis and seas began to spread across Gunsmoke, in a few centuries forests began growing in abundance. The Plants became so strong they began handing out gifts to children born and raised near them. These children were cherished and their gifts became hereditary. Quickly children with massive powers were born, children who would become the 9-tailed beasts. They took on spirit-animals to become immortal. Summon animals came about when the people forgot the source of thier gifts. Animals were blessed with gifts in their stead, partially as a check to the human's power. Few humans remembered about the Plants and their history, but those that did, continue to do their best to keep the Plants happy, who remain content to produce for the masses.


The next morning Naruto wakes up early, earlier then the rooster's crow, children on sundays, and the morning paper. He begins his morning by meditating on the very important concepts of Life and Love...for three seconds. After three hours of technique training, and a quick stop at a clothing store, he goes to the Team Seven training ground.

"Ohaiyo Sakura-chan!" He calls happily as he trips and falls into her.

"Naruto-baka!" Sakura yells punching him on the top of his head. "Watch where you're going!" She pauses for a moment, on the brink of saying something...before she turns at the sound of Sasuke coming down the path. He 'hn's at his teammates before the three settle in for a long wait.

Not even Kakashi notices that Naruto's footsteps are different, that his right side is weighed slightly differently then the day before. And no one thinks to comment on his jumpsuit's abrupt color-change from orange to red...